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June 2015
40548119Penal Regiment Designation: /tg/ - The Crusade Continues>Our... adept Guardsmen prepare for an attack on a Chaos bakery >The Vostroyan Liaison Officer wants to find the man who stole his sweetheart's picture >The Commissar just gave up >There's some Tallarns around here somewhere doing Emperor knows what A demonic dough monster rises and a lone guardsman makes a brave sacrificeGuardsman Sergeant Joe, Guardsman Lieutenant Joe, Bakers Legion, WarChef Boyzrdees, Guardswoman Kal Teest, Vostroyan Regiment Liaison Alexandr, Tallarn Roughrider Lieutenant Aaliyah, Chimera Sacrifice, Valhalla all shiny and crome, Warhammer 40000, Guardsmen quest, Penal Regiment Designation: /tg/2015-06-12 12 
40617073Penal regiment designation /tg/: another inspectionThe regiment is deeply in ork terriroty and has problems with folding tools and special memberscollective game, penal regiment designation /tg/commissar gaurun, cpt notaneldar,lemming, gibbers, stephen meltaman, Sergeant KommandoInDisguise, james, ruh2015-06-15 5 
40756036Field kit inspection penal regiment /tg/Another field kit inspections sees sora taking the penal regiment to purge church desacrated by chaos confectioneryfield kit inspection, penal regiment designation /tg/, collective game, ruh, grenadier sahar, palatani sister theresia, gary the catachan, ruh, gibbers, peasant2015-06-23 5 
40901015Penal regiment /tg/ - field kit inspection - ibram gaunt is my waifu editionThe penal regiment /tg/ is sent to a space hulk to clear out a maximum of genestealers before the karskin can come in and sweep all the glory. Gibbers descends more fully into madness, a Cadianite turns out to be a disciple of nurgle and voxes the sororitas to the displeasure of the commissar, who was just inviting the quartermaster to a drink if they survived the ordealcollective game, penal regiment designation /tg/,commissar gaurun, gary, ruh, lemmings, gibbers, gary the catachan, cadianite, palatine sister theresia, captain alexandr mikhailovicht, quartermaster nihaonyan2015-06-29 5 
July 2015
41027807Penal regiment /tg/ - field kit inspection - fucking this again editionThis time the regiment is facing off against Chaos spawn, as they are joined by the Inquisition, sister Theresia and the navigator, while a plot appears to stow away the commissar to safety.field kit inspection, penal regiment designation /tg/, collective game, ruh, lemming, gibbers, palatine sister theresia, navigator elena, inquisitor vilhelm, quartermaster nihaonyan, commissar gaurun2015-07-05 8 
May 2016
92797The Legend of Peter Titmouse 2Legal TroublesOkk, Collective Game,Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-05-11 20 
112503The Legend of Peter Titmouse 3I can't move my legs Okk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-05-11 20 
154317The Legend of Peter Titmouse 6A mana storm forces Peter and Gnat to take shelter in a spooky mansionOkk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-05-22 20 
171740The Legend of Peter Titmouse 7Peter and friends are stuck in an endless hallway with a terrible monster. Okk spends most of the thread at work.Okk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-05-26 21 
186225The Legend of Peter Titmouse 8They're still in the haunted mansionOkk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-05-29 20 
June 2016
266305The Legend of Peter Titmouse 9Harmony cooks some eggsOkk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-06-20 20 
282793The Legend of Peter Titmouse 10Peter puts on a hat.Okk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-06-24 20 
296557The Legend of Peter Titmouse 11Harmony reveals her dark past, and Gnat talks a bit about her father. Then the party encounters a lizard. Okk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-06-27 20 
July 2016
310045The Legend of Peter Titmouse 12Peter tries to train a lizard. Then the party arrives in Casino City.Okk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-07-01 17 
August 2016
459048The Legend of Peter Titmouse 13Gnat is stressed about being around Chad.Okk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-08-19 9 
487002The Legend of Peter Titmouse 14Peter goes to the public libraryOkk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-08-28 5 
September 2016
513779The Legend of Peter Titmouse 15Peter vs. The King of RatsOkk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-09-08 2 
November 2016
802753The Legend of Peter Titmouse 16Okk craps out after two updatesOkk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2016-11-15 2 
April 2017
1393685The Legend of Peter Titmouse 17Peter has a civil conversation with Lady JerricaOkk, Collective Game, Comics, Gnat, Peter Titmouse2017-04-27 4 
April 2024
5947502The Isekai Inquisition 1 Princess Lorina de Lindan decides to join the Isekai Inquisition after being expelled and heartbroken. Maybe it wasn’t the smartest choicThe Isekai Inquisition, StrangeQM, Isekai, designated waifu, 2024-04-21 12 
June 2024
5985566The Isekai Inquisition 1Lorina head's north to the city of Ivern to hunt Strangers, reconnect with old friends, and totally not die along the way.The Isekai Inquisition, StrangeQM, Isekai, designated waifu, anime2024-06-02 5 
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