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March 2021
4670851Kenshi Monogatari Quest - IYou are Hiroshi Nobuyasu, samurai of the Hiroshi. Just as you begin your warrior's pilgrimage, trouble strikes when you least expect it.Kenshi Monogatari Quest, Samurai, KismetQM2021-03-31 5 
April 2021
4719800Kenshi Monogatari Quest - IIAfter competing in the Moriyama Spring Tournament, you set off for Mekura-Ji temple with Tadatoshi to train in the ways of blind combat. Kenshi Monogatari Quest, Samurai, KismetQM2021-04-25 2 
June 2021
4798092Kenshi Monogatari Quest - IIIYou conclude your training at Mekura-Ji temple and head to Nimmyo, where you meet some interesting people and a familiar old threat?Kenshi Monogatari Quest, Samurai, KismetQM2021-06-07 2 
August 2021
4907946Kenshi Monogatari Quest - IVYour fierce training with the Higanbana Troupe in Nimmyo continues, all while you mix with the Taira lords and deal with an old threat.Kenshi Monogatari Quest, Samurai, KismetQM2021-08-07 2 
January 2022
5078086Kenshi Monogatari Quest - VI(Thread V link here) The Kikotei Tournament commences in earnest. THE FINAL THREAD.Kenshi Monogatari Quest, Samurai, KismetQM2022-01-06 1 
March 2022
5160960Records Of Honour - IThe tale of Guan Ling, the Yellow Exorcist, who travels south to investigate a profound evil.Records Of Honour, Xianxia, Wuxia, KismetQM2022-03-19 1 
July 2022
5306089Jade-Sworn Quest IWei Rudan, after being fired from his job, logs onto JSQ to meet an interesting player... Is he friend or foe?Jade-Sworn Quest, Wuxia, Xianxia, KismetQM2022-07-21 6 
November 2022
5427077Jade-Sworn Quest - II Tensions with the Ebonwill rise, culminating in a fearsome battle at the gates of Ximen. Skyfrost reveals his motives.Jade-Sworn Quest, Wuxia, Xianxia, KismetQM2022-11-25 1 
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