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July 2013
26308644Oestalan sector - thread 2/tg/ has a name for the place! the first system gets fluffed out a bit more. Orks, Eldar and Tau, oh my!Oestalan_Sector, Dark_Heresy, homebrew, Warhammer_40k2013-07-30 0 
26321505Oestalan Sector thread #3In which the first system is fluffed out, personalities are introduced, and the crusade begins.Oestalan_Sector, Dark_Heresy, homebrew, Warhammer_40k2013-07-30 1 
26328720Oestalan System Thread 4In which we argue about what should or shouldn't be put in the setting, flesh out the crusading force and begin work on tau and mechanicus forcesOestalan_Sector, Dark_Heresy, homebrew, Warhammer_40k2013-07-30 1 
26339134Oestalan Sector Thread 5New xenos, new heresies, new stuffOestalan_Sector, homebrew, Warhammer_40k2013-07-31 0 
August 2013
26369599Oestalan Sector Thread 6In which people continue to make the super-serious-homebrew-sector that's totally better than the Tiji Sector. They do this by making nothing of value and arguing about tripfags.Oestalan_Sector, homebrew, Warhammer_40k, seriously learn how to tag2013-08-01 0 
26378286Oestalan Sector thread #8Aeternus Mechanum empire fleshed out and a drawfriend contributes an awesome map of the sector.Oestalan_Sector, Dark_Heresy, homebrew, Warhammer_40k2013-08-02 0 
26403040Oestalan Sector thread #9Additional discussion on an Eldar craftworld and the Ten Kings pirate bandOestalan_Sector, Dark_Heresy, homebrew, Warhammer_40k2013-08-04 0 
September 2013
27109692Oestalan Sector Building Thread 10Oestalan sector generation returns, with a massive wave of fluff, and generally much more constructive than before. Oestalan_Sector, Dark_Heresy, homebrew, 40k2013-09-11 1 
27181870Oestalan Sector Building Thread 11Once again, the Oestalan Sector rides forth. Much fluff is generated. More is needed, but PROGRESS!Oestalan_Sector, Dark_Heresy, homebrew, 40k2013-09-13 1 
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