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May 2015
39735937Paranormal Investigator QuestYou're Rachel Li, college freshman, and you're heading to a brothel on a job offer to see if fae actually do exist.Paranormal Investigator Quest, Collective Game, fae2015-05-04 14 
39757020Paranormal Investigator QuestIn which you ask lots of questions and learn more about your shady employer.Paranormal Investigator Quest, Collective Game, fae, RL2015-05-05 10 
39796259Paranormal Investigator Quest 3You do some college stuff and investigate a puking girl.Paranormal Investigator Quest, Collective Game, fae, QM RL2015-05-07 10 
39839644Paranormal Investigator Quest 4In which you try to help zombie girl, but then posting goes down.Paranormal Investigator Quest, Collective Game, fae, QM RL2015-05-09 7 
39978918Paranormal Investigator Quest 5You help Liza more and make friends with her, then head back to HQ.Paranormal Investigator Quest, Collective Game, fae, QM RL2015-05-16 8 
40231857Paranormal Investigator Quest 6You talk with Liza and investigate the whole zombie thing, then have talk together with Alice.Paranormal Investigator Quest, Collective Game, fae, QM RL2015-05-28 7 
June 2015
40415329Paranormal Investigator Quest 7We finish up investigating Liza's thing, and then incoming timeskip.Paranormal Investigator Quest, Collective Game, fae, QM RL2015-06-06 5 
40747621Paranormal Investigator Quest 8The timeskip begins and takes a lot longer than expected, thanks to a certain storage closet.Paranormal Investigator Quest, Collective Game, fae, QM RL2015-06-22 7 
July 2015
41289560Paranormal Investigator Quest 9You finally call Summer.Paranormal Investigator Quest, Collective Game, fae, QM RL2015-07-18 6 
September 2015
42745552Paranormal Investigator Quest 10More experimenting with powers, and then party time.Paranormal Investigator Quest, Collective Game, fae, QM RL2015-09-27 5 
November 2015
43862481Paranormal Investigator Quest 11Attempts to pump Mark for information, aborted due to poor quest start timing.Paranormal Investigator Quest, Collective Game, fae, QM RL2015-11-28 2 
43873725Paranormal Investigator Quest 11 ContinuedWe finish talking with Mark and arrive at Alice's house.Paranormal Investigator Quest, Collective Game, fae, QM RL2015-11-29 4 
July 2016
48328430Paranormal Investigator Quest 12Shorter session. Some exploring around Alice's house, and the start of new spooky investigations.Paranormal Investigator Quest, Collective Game, fae, QM RL2016-07-18 4 
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