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April 2015
39629280Republic Commando Quest 11Chief wakes up on a Republic ship and gets to learn the situation with his squad and learns of Yna's situation.Collective Game, Republic Commando Quest, Whiskey, Remove Clankers, Return2015-04-28 20 
May 2015
39709356Republic Commando Quest 12Chief lead Sierra Squad on a mission to save Agent Itaka, but something happens that can bring grave ramifications for the Team of Commandos.Collective Game, Whiskey, Republic Commando, Remove Clankers2015-05-03 11 
39728408Republic Commando Quest 13Chief and Joker deals with internal fighting, Joker becomes bro-tier, Mute makes a discovery, and we get a new weapon before the battle!Collective Game, Whiskey, Republic Commando, Remove Clankers2015-05-04 11 
39769310Republic Commando Quest 14Chief executes the first part of his plan, gains a new companion of sorts and an ominous ending.Collective Game, Whiskey, Republic Commando, Remove Clankers2015-05-06 11 
39809085Republic Commando Quest 15A last stand is held on the bridge, a discovery is made of Maenii's identity, Your Legend grows and a time skip.Collective Game, Whiskey, Republic Commando, Star Wars, Remove Clankers2015-05-08 11 
39872419Republic Commando Quest 16Chief face off against Yna in a sparring match and then Sierra Squad returns home under troubling circumstances.Collective Game, Star Wars, Whiskey, Republic Commando, Remove Clankers2015-05-11 11 
39955174Republic Commando Quest 17The First Part of the Battle of Kamino! Chief shows his badass side once more.Collective Game, Star Wars, Whiskey, Republic Commando, Remove Clankers, WhiskeyQM2015-05-15 11 
40060479Republic Commando Quest 18The Second Act of the Battle of Kamino!Collective Game, Star Wars, Whiskey, WhiskeyQM, Republic Commando, Remove Clankers2015-05-20 12 
40112837Republic Commando Quest 19The Last Part of the Battle of Kamino!Collective Game, Star Wars, Whiskey, WhiskeyQM, Republic Commando, Remove Clankers2015-05-23 12 
August 2015
42168126Republic Commando 20Chief deals with the aftermath of his duel with one of the Sisters aboard her ship and then discovers something about someone he thought he knew. Collective Game, Star Wars, Whiskey, WhiskeyQM, Republic Commando, Remove Clankers2015-08-30 12 
September 2015
42220891Republic Commando Quest 21At the bridge the Separatist ship, Chief must confront a somewhat familiar face and an unexpected group of soldiers. Decisions, and mistakes, are ultimately made.Collective Game, Star Wars, Whiskey, WhiskeyQM, Republic Commando, Remove Clankers2015-09-01 10 
November 2015
43741395Republic Commando Quest 22 (Final)Chief wakes up and then Whiskey offs himself.Collective Game, Star Wars, Whiskey, WhiskeyQM, Republic Commando, Remove Clankers2015-11-21 -3 
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