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August 2016
48586784The Martian War/tg/ dicusses the idea of a campaign set during WWII fighting Martians from War of the Worlds. war, world building, mars, warships, creative, HMS Exeter, War of the Worlds, WW22016-08-04 6 
December 2018
3083150Warship AI Quest Part 1Six hundred year old ship AI is reactivated on her wrecked derelict super-dreadnought by a space-princess, adventure ensues.Warship, AI, Athena, Naval, Space2018-12-13 15 
3117261Warship AI Quest Part 2Shakedown cruise, met Tametomo, activated code. Fever dream self repairs, made(?) Persephone, and old memories return. Confusing stuff.Warship, AI, Athena, Naval, Space, Persephone, Tametomo, Christmas2018-12-26 6 
January 2019
3134247Warship AI Quest Part 3Opened Freya's letter, celebrated the solstice, and got ready to fuck up some pirates.Warship, AI, Athena, Naval, Space, Persephone, Tametomo, Freya, Christmas2019-01-02 5 
February 2019
3217699Halo: Wolfpack (1)The quest begins, and Lieutenant Commander Norman Wells get a promotion and a ship.Halo, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead,2019-02-01 20 
3223218Halo: Wolfpack (2)Commander Norman Wells arrives at Anchor 5, names his ship, and gets underway.Halo, Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead,2019-02-06 15 
3237902Halo: Wolfpack (thread 3)The "Dawn's Early Light" arrives at Edrianus II, doesn't find the wolfpack, but gets a kil instead. Thunderhead sleeps through the last Halo, Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead,2019-02-18 11 
March 2019
3302441Halo: Wolfpack (thread 4)Commander Wells comes to a decision on the alien, meets the rest of the wolfpack, and kills the remaining Covenant ships in the system.Halo, Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead,2019-03-12 10 
3348845Halo: Wolfpack (thread 5)Wells finds out just how many people died in the last battle, and sets a course to the next one.Halo, Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead,2019-03-30 8 
June 2019
3526405Halo: Wolfpack (thread 6)Wells and the "Dawn" rendezvous with Patrol Group Theta, gets into a fight, deals with the fallout, and get some upgrades and new skills.Halo, Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead,2019-06-12 8 
July 2019
3585906Halo: Wolfpack (thread 7)While waiting for the rest of the wolfpack to return from their mission, the Dawn is sent to counter piracy and rebels.Halo, Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead,2019-07-03 7 
3642273Halo: Wolfpack (thread 7)Wells and the Dawn take a mission from ONI to hunt down a rebel base.Halo, Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead,2019-07-23 6 
September 2019
3799353Halo: Wolfpack (thread 9)The Dawn continues it's operation in the rebel held system.Halo, Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead,2019-09-28 6 
November 2019
3890512Halo: Wolfpack (thread 10)The Dawn and her crew attempts to prevent rebel reinforcements from driving the UNSC away from their base.Halo, Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead,2019-11-17 5 
December 2019
3944897Halo: Wolfpack (thread 11)Wells decides to return home, and talks with people of both the friendly and unfriendly sorts.Halo, Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead,2019-12-19 6 
January 2020
3991331Halo: Wolfpack (thread 12)We take our mother to the promotion ceremony, only to find out we are soon to be whisked away on another spook missionHalo, Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead2020-01-16 5 
February 2020
4042892Halo: Wolfpack (thread 13)Preparations for Arcadia are completedHalo, Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead2020-02-15 5 
March 2020
4087229Halo: Wolfpack (thread 14)Captain Wells, if he were any better he'd be a Spartan.Halo, Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead2020-03-13 8 
April 2020
4147510Halo: Wolfpack (thread 15)Wells gets a nap, so Dyad finishes the job.Halo, Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead2020-04-12 5 
March 2021
4647511Halo: Wolfpack (thread 16)Cleaning up after our last mission.Halo, Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead,2021-03-13 5 
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