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April 2010
8907248World of Warhammer 40kBIZARRO WORLD! Someone posits a universe in which Warcraft came out first, and Warhammer was its shitty rip-off, and things go pear-shaped from there... in the most beautiful way.40k, Warcraft, Bizarro2010-04-01 5 
July 2012
19982405Lady Robot Master Quest GaidenWhat starts as Abandoned Quest Maker Quest somehow gets re-railed to rebooting Lady Robot Master Quest.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, mass effect, deus ex, bizarro2012-07-22 7 
August 2012
20267164Lady Robot Master Quest Part 15Now with regular update schedule!megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, bizarro2012-08-11 2 
September 2012
20626498Lady Robot Master Quest Part 21In which we deal with Heat Man and Sheep Man, and get some Stalker hints and another Stalker.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, bizarro, sheep man, heat man, splash woman, cut man, proto man, guts man2012-09-07 1 
June 2013
25662762Magic Sword Adventure - Part 1You are a magic sword! Time to groom the next hero-to-be- oh nevermind, let's be villains.Magic Sword Adventure, Magic Sword, Sword, Collective Game, Bizarro Drawfag, Bizarro2013-06-27 7 
25703302Magic Sword Adventure - Part 2You are a magic sword, and today you, your host, and an illithid are gonna kill some barbarians and then move into a new apartment.Magic Sword Adventure, Magic Sword, Sword, Collective Game, Bizarro Drawfag, Bizarro2013-06-29 3 
July 2013
25837377Magic Sword Adventure - Part 3In which a small amount of things happen.Magic Sword Adventure, Magic Sword, Sword, Collective Game, Bizarro Drawfag, Bizarro2013-07-06 0 
June 2016
47642451The Sun Shines Over InnsmouthInnsmouth has a tourist problem. Later turns into discussing the ghost of Conan as an antagonist in Delta Green and general Bizarro Mythos.lovecraft, deep ones, Innsmouth, plot hooks, Bizarro Mythos, 2016-06-08 11 
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