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February 2012
17766831Lady Robot Master Quest Part 4"So yes, this is sort of like Death Note but with robot sex instead of dumb books."megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman2012-02-02 6 
17774088Lady Robot Master Quest Part 5In which not much has happened, but it may be lost if it isn't put up now.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman2012-02-02 4 
17822108Lady Robot Master Quest Part 6In which Bizarro Drawfag has watched Redline recently.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman2012-02-06 3 
17863326Lady Robot Master Quest Part 7In which Blade Woman meets a /v/irgin.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman2012-02-09 5 
17875522Lady Robot Master Quest Part 8We bang Guts Man and Blade Man, also breast expansion.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman2012-02-11 2 
17907014Lady Robot Master Quest Part 9In which we customize our room, get depressed over Splash Woman, and find out about the horrible things Metal Man does in his spare time.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman2012-02-13 3 
17952008Lady Robot Master Quest 10In which we lose our shirt, in a bad way.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman2012-02-15 5 
18086821Lady Robot Master Quest Part 11BEEEEEEESmegaman, quest, collective game, blade woman2012-02-25 3 
18100600Lady Robot Master Quest Part 13Who wants a nice, juicy stake? megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman2012-02-26 3 
April 2012
18899082Lady Robot Master Quest Part 14Negotiations!megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman2012-04-29 3 
July 2012
19982405Lady Robot Master Quest GaidenWhat starts as Abandoned Quest Maker Quest somehow gets re-railed to rebooting Lady Robot Master Quest.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, mass effect, deus ex, bizarro2012-07-22 7 
August 2012
20267164Lady Robot Master Quest Part 15Now with regular update schedule!megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, bizarro2012-08-11 2 
20350217Lady Robot Master Quest Part 16In which we have more robot sex, this time with a master of magnet and an ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, magnet, quake2012-08-17 2 
20416028Lady Robot Master Quest Part 17In which we deal with stalkers. Not like the virus kind, but actual creeps.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, ice man, bubble man2012-08-22 2 
20459856Lady Robot Master Quest Part 18In which we get a three-way going and deal with a Stalker.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, snake man, toad man, hsien-ko2012-08-25 1 
20513994Lady Robot Master Quest Part 19In which OP is late but also early, and we help Top Man solve the energy crisis through robot sex. Then, Flash Man is creepy weirdo.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, top man, evil energy, roll, splash woman, plum, flash man2012-08-29 1 
September 2012
20558506Lady Robot Master Quest Part 20In which Blade Woman seduces a destroyed evil alien computer...megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, pharaoh man, evil alien computer, flash man2012-09-02 3 
20626498Lady Robot Master Quest Part 21In which we deal with Heat Man and Sheep Man, and get some Stalker hints and another Stalker.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, bizarro, sheep man, heat man, splash woman, cut man, proto man, guts man2012-09-07 1 
20726261Lady Robot Master Quest Part 22In which we deal with Plant Man, Bright Man, and briefly discuss traps and Stalker hypotheses.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, bright man, plant man, traps illustrated2012-09-15 3 
20790828Lady Robot Master Quest Part 23In which we fight Jimmy Lee for no reason.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, pharaoh man, knight man, jimmy, double dragon2012-09-20 2 
October 2012
20979259Lady Robot Master Quest Part 24In which we deal with the creepiest creeper and Bizarro Drawfag teaches a new horrible thing.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, skull man, knight man, metal man, needle man2012-10-04 1 
21086895Lady Robot Master Quest 25In which Dive Man sub-dued. Ha.MegaMan, Quest, Collective Game, Blade Woman, Dive Man2012-10-12 2 
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