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August 2012
20513994Lady Robot Master Quest Part 19In which OP is late but also early, and we help Top Man solve the energy crisis through robot sex. Then, Flash Man is creepy weirdo.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, top man, evil energy, roll, splash woman, plum, flash man2012-08-29 1 
October 2012
21216318Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbale Ass QuestA story of asses, insane wizards, adventure, and stupid bullshitCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-10-21 39 
21317341Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass QuestThe stupidty continues as our hero visits the tavern in search of plothooks to lead him towards a way to break free from all these curses.Collective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-10-28 27 
November 2012
21436550Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 3One final trip to the tavern to share drinks with friends and an intimate magic lessonCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-11-05 25 
21613439Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 4A run in with a fae procession, arriving at Arisca, dinner at Gulcano's, and working at the BazaarCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-11-17 23 
21646976Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 5Things get exciting at the bazaar, your regal disposition is revealed, and an angry catgirl from your past returns! Collective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-11-19 25 
21754702Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 6Browsing at the bazaar for books and hats followed by a rousing trip to the Feisty Penguin tavernCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-11-26 21 
21780480Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 7Caught by your parents doing body shots, cuddling with Millia, and a portrait painting that could go horribly awryCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-11-28 24 
December 2012
21825589Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 8A visit to the den of the mysterious Yurara reveals frightening new information about the DressCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-12-01 23 
21853937Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 9We conclude our disturbing meeting with Yurara and learn some startling newsCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-12-02 22 
21890792Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 10Combat practive with Hekaton and a lively trip to the bathhouse!Collective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-12-05 25 
22010121Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 11A quieter night at the Feisty Penguin, full of planning, stories, and magic!Collective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-12-13 23 
22266565Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 12Things resume with lots and lots of magic lessons.Collective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2012-12-29 24 
January 2013
22398304Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 13Lunch time, followed by a trip to the bookstoreCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2013-01-05 21 
22494763Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 14We finish studying then receive a haircut from a Tama StylistCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2013-01-10 21 
22623598Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 15In a very special thread, Lucile takes control for the night and seeks out money on Roger's behalfCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2013-01-17 21 
22790876Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 16At long last, Roger finally meets with the Wizards and tries to gain their trust.Collective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2013-01-26 21 
February 2013
23091661Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest RECAP (1-16))A much shorter version of the first 16 parts of Ass QuestCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ, Recap2013-02-11 22 
March 2013
23503898Wizard Curse: Plump Grabbable Ass Quest 17Our tale resumes with Roger learning some hands-on enchanting and we spend some time seeing what else is going onCollective Game, Plump, Grabbable, Ass, WC:PGAQ2013-03-05 21 
August 2017
1724333Plump Quest: a tale of expanding horizonsThe story begins of plumpCollective Game, Plump, PlumpGM2017-08-05 3 
1758623Plump Quest episode 2In which we fight a hot chimera woman and force feed an elven bandit a load of warm goo.Collective Game, Plump, PlumpGM2017-08-20 2 
1787912Plump Quest episode 3We try on some new clothes, fondle our BFF's newly enhanced bazongas, and attempt to our sponsor before she leaves town.Collective Game, Plump, PlumpGM, Maids2017-08-29 1 
September 2017
1820545Plump Quest episode 4We meet our employer's maids and learn about her treasure hunting days, then start our journey to find her.Collective Game, Plump, PlumpGM, ROAD TRIP!2017-09-13 1 
October 2017
1893224Plump Quest #6The party find the tower of the Professor and investigate the greenhouse for cluesPlump Quest2017-10-07 1 
May 2018
2592467Kaleidoscope Quest 9The night is spent at a shrine.Kaleidoscope Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Broken Promises and Plums2018-05-28 2 
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