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August 2010
11545604Valet Anon ReturnsA professional valet offers to answer questions to curious anons. The thread is informative, classy, and fun. Do butlers seem scarier to anyone besides me?Questions, Valet, Bulters, Classy, Gentlemen2010-08-06 7 
April 2011
14640939/tg/'s fearsWhat makes you afraid /tg/?horror, fear, question, afraid, dark, silence, scary2011-04-19 1 
May 2011
15019141Totemist Quest Q&ADiarca sticks around to answer some setting and theoretical questions about the quest. Ideas are shared. Perhaps we will have a lightning bow in the near future?totemist, quest, questions, answers2011-05-23 25 
November 2011
16842696Roman Legion SettingAnon asks some questions for a Roman game. A pleasant, interesting discussion ensues.Rome, game ideas, question2011-11-05 7 
August 2012
20523913Pokemon Mafia QuestA voice asks /tg/ a question about which world they would like to be reborn in. But there is a catch you can't choose what you will be. The overwhelming suggestion the world of pokemon. Somewhere in the world of pokemon a egg hatches out comes a Rufflet. This young Rufflet does battle with a magicarp who is then spared. Afterwards fights a Spearow who planned to steal his dinner. Finally was then ambushed by a honor-less trainer. In the mind of this newborn hatchling a idea brews of a Mafia.collective game, quest, question, trainer, Rufflet, mafia, pokemon, 2012-08-30 12 
September 2012
20549203Pokemon Mafia Quest 2We gonna rock down to Teddiursa's party-oo, and then we'll take it higher.collective game, quest, question, trainer, Rufflet, mafia, pokemon, 2012-09-01 8 
March 2013
23620462Call of Cthulhu Moral QuestionIf you could save mankind from the Old Ones, what price is worth it?Call of Cthulhu, Old Ones, Moral Question2013-03-11 13 
April 2013
24290016Fate/Stay Again, Thirty-fourth VerseWe have our tailbone examined and ask questions to the only real wizard we've met. Also, Ayako is apparently not okay with sharing.Nasuverse, AC-Guy, Grail-kun, Collective Game, Fate/Stay Again, Tactical Question Action2013-04-17 24 
August 2014
33798684The Zathras Legion, Part 2Excuse me, Commissar...imperial guard, 40k, Zathras, Excuse me commissar, questions, troll2014-08-01 3 
March 2019
3355870I Fell in Love with the Hero Party's Wizard - Chapter 1Ulysses, the demon king's guard dog of his castle's gates, is lovestruck by the hero party's wizardess."Questionably-Long-Title"QM, Collective Game, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Comedy, Demon Knight, Wizard, Ulysses2019-03-23 2 
August 2019
3714703The Expedition #1Henry McDermond, a London-born Scotsman, joins the Royal Expeditionary Force for the glory of the Empire.Expedition Question, Collective Game2019-08-17 11 
March 2021
77961635Would you be the mini-boss and husband for a doting lawful evil empress?/tg/ is asked an ethical question and responds by concluding that it'd make a great anime and arguing over potential titles.ethical question, morality, alignment discussion, BBEG, Evil Overlord, Waifu,2021-03-15 2 
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