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October 2007
757447Repo Men, a campaign for WushuA nifty game idea for Wushu inspired by Hellraiser and Dead Like Mewushu, game ideas2007-10-31 -2 
August 2008
2326685favorite unused game ideasMore random game seeds, most of the pretty good.game ideas2008-08-12 0 
April 2011
14704581New World, New PowersFa/tg/uys discuss a setting where the five most powerful countries suddenly disappeared. world building, ideas, game ideas, Awesome2011-04-25 24 
14707433New Worlds, New Powers 2Continuation of discussing a world where Russia, Britain, America, China and India suddenly disappeared world building, ideas, game ideas, Awesome2011-04-25 14 
May 2011
14827865Portal-inspired-D&DA brainstorming thread to bring some of the Portal games to a D&D game/setting. Special guest appearances by Wheatley and Cave Johnson.D&D, game, game ideas, awesome, funny, ideas, brainstorming, Portal, Portal 2, Cave Johnson2011-05-06 15 
October 2011
16491215Fish out of WaterCampaign Idea: A PT boat gets sent to a fantasy world, cue survival horror/logistics/the odyssey. game ideas, fantasy, modern, getting shit done, 2011-10-02 12 
16511386The Editors: A Setting In ProgressOP has an idea about sending agents in to remove Mary Sues from canon settings. A few like-minded Anons later, a meta-fanfiction setting is born.game design, world building, discussion, planes, Mary Sue, settings, metafiction, game ideas, 2011-10-04 22 
16529282The Editors IIWe continue world-building our freshly popularized meta-fanfiction campaign setting.game design, world building, discussion, planes, Mary Sue, settings, metafiction, game ideas2011-10-06 10 
November 2011
16842696Roman Legion SettingAnon asks some questions for a Roman game. A pleasant, interesting discussion ensues.Rome, game ideas, question2011-11-05 7 
December 2011
17183731CRAB NICHOLSON'S EXTREME SLEEPOVER ULTIMATE BOARDGAME SURVIVAL ADVENTUREDrunken game design, or divine inspiration? You decide.game ideas, game design2011-12-12 30 
17257411Organ Construct BardSomeone posts that their bard became augmented by a group artificer and is now part organ, discussion about a necrobard followed and many good ideas were shared.Bard, character, Necromancer, artificer, game ideas, villain, dirge, music, funny, D&D, construct2011-12-18 6 
17281176Hell on Highwater/tg/ creates a Colonial Era High Fantasy setting. Highwater an adventure on the seasGame Ideas, Fantasy2011-12-20 8 
17316672The Editors IIIContinued development of the setting, incorporating elements from /tg/ Meta Quest. The Cold War with the TSAB is lightly touched upon, and relations with the other Meta-aware factions.game design, world building, discussion, planes, Mary Sue, settings, metafiction, game ideas, Editors, The Editors2011-12-24 8 
17379345Artemis 11 (or 'Help me design Call of Cthulhu In Space')OP asks for help fleshing out his concept of a CoC setting in the far future, where humanity has colonised other planets and Earth has been quarantined due to the End Times. The Carter Family owns Silver Key Incorporated and produces gates for long-distance transference, mankind is getting ready to venture toward space and the centre of the universe, and more.Call of Cthulhu, space, Artemis 11, horror, setting, game ideas, Cthulhu, Lovecraft, Mythos2011-12-31 6 
January 2012
17587656Low Fantasy LoggingOP describes a game where a king orders players to build a road through a vast and mysterious forest. Campaign planning and historical discussion ensues.game ideas, game design, fantasy, road, forest2012-01-19 7 
17649217Fallout Commonwealth ExplainedOP wants help writing about the Commonwealth in Fallout; /tg/ obliges with everything ranging from the Boston Marathon to Street Sharks.Fallout, game ideas, Awesome, setting2012-01-24 3 
March 2012
18421234Hat Based RPG SystemEfforts at making a hat-based system after a GM's drunken rambling.game ideas, fuck yeah2012-03-23 21 
April 2012
18837867Magical Girl DystopiaMagical Girls take over and stunt human emotions by making everything into happy land. Rebels use gene therapy to become monsters and fight them. Fluuuuuuuuufffffluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-04-24 21 
May 2012
19085077Magical Girl Dystopia IIIMore fleshing out about the girls and the resistancefluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-05-14 5 
19119894Magical Girl Dystopia IVThe setting is solidified, ideas are developed, and issues from the last thread are snipped in the bud.fluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-05-18 2 
19236392Berserk Homebrew/tg/ does a little homebrewing, taking inspiration from several settings, but mainly BerserkBerserk, Homebrew, game ideas, homebrew setting2012-05-25 8 
July 2012
20005554¬†Elven biomechanics - theorizing the elf as brachiating arboreal humanoidRe-designing the classical elf to biologically, culturally, and metally correspond to their tree-loving ways, a group of elegan/tg/entlemen reaches some unexpected and most startling conclusions.game ideas, elf, concept, world building, ape, biology, science2012-07-23 31 
August 2012
20193011EmulsiworldAnon describes a dream where mankind is drawn to a new planet through portals on Earth. There they find a hollow but still living tree where they make a new home: Hope. The planet, as big as Jupiter, is host to other such trees, some with other splinter evolutions of mankind, at war with the Keepers, a race of machines which cull mankind's divergent evolutions until extinction.Homebrew, original content, crunchless fluff, science fiction, post-apocalypse, Hope, arcology, game ideas, world building, The Archivist2012-08-05 17 
November 2012
21523416If Lies To Children Were TrueThere's no sex, you can make boys with snips, snails and puppy-dog tails, and stepping on a crack will break your mother's back. More neat suggestions inside.game ideas, scary, creepy, humor, setting, worldbuilding, childhood, myths2012-11-11 18 
21565163Chess RPG GeneralQuintessential ChRPG general thread, useful for newbsgame ideas, chess2012-11-13 10 
21681224The Sphere RPG conceptOrder collapses in a vast Dyson Sphere; as an explorer, travel across the ruins in search of wealth, technology and adventure.Dyson Sphere, game ideas, roleplay, World Building2012-11-21 2 
December 2012
22257720/tg/ gets depressedOP inquires about how to roleplay depression. /tg/ reveals all its angst, misery and emptiness in response.depression, depressing, sad, melancholy, oh god what, why, roleplay, game ideas, discussion2012-12-29 12 
March 2013
23839388Multiple Histories of the Terran EmpireDiscussion of 'space race' settings Alternate-history fluff based on extended space race beginning during the Cold War (Terrance-Fuchida Effect)game ideas, space, fluff, cold war2013-03-23 2 
23957561Lesbian Schoolgirls: The RPGOP gives his idea for a Yuru Yuri themed PvP RPG; /tg/ runs with itGame Ideas, Homebrew, Yuru Yuri2013-03-30 16 
April 2013
23980235Lesbian Schoolgirls: The RPG 2First draft of rules PDF posted, suggestions and discussion follows.Game Ideas, Homebrew, Lesbian Schoolgirls, Yuru Yuri2013-04-01 12 
24089431Bioshock Zeerust: aka Progress CityWalt Disney teams up with the disgraced Oppenheimer to build the city of tomorrow on the moon. Hilarity and sploicing ensues. game ideas2013-04-07 18 
May 2013
24969934Fantasy Geography Collaboration/tg/ comes up with ideas for fantastic geographic locations.geography, worldbuilding, game ideas, ideas, world building2013-05-23 5 
June 2013
25227267X-Com Tabletop IdeasOP asks for help with running a tabletop rpg based on X-COM. /tg/ delivers.X-com, ideas, sci-fi, game ideas, rpg2013-06-05 6 
July 2013
25971010The Armoured VillageOP proposes a setting where everyone is always covered, and /tg/ works its magic. What results is a village where absolutely everyone wears full plate armour all the time as a result of a contagious curse. Better than it sounds.game ideas, world building, armour, village, worldbuilding2013-07-13 17 
26285707SRR modding thread 1First brainstorm session for a /tg/ Shadowrun Returns Modgame ideas shadowrun2013-07-29 1 
August 2013
26937160Quirks of flying an old, shitty shipSmall touches to make an old ship more... lived in.Traveller, game ideas, roleplay, space ships2013-08-31 66 
September 2013
27266205Clashworld First 100 posts were canon lore for a setting, which steamrolled into something with potential.game ideas, game design, original content, /tg/2013-09-17 17 
27307576Clashworld 2The first thread started the world. Now we're making it bigger, better, and easier to read.clashworld, game ideas, game design, original content, /tg/2013-09-19 8 
27432534Outline for MMORPG PnP RPGHow to simulate MMORPG in a PnP game. Possibly as a subset in a modern game.game ideas, homebrew2013-09-26 1 
October 2013
27488162All-children ADVENTURE party ideasOP asks if an all-kids adventuring party would be acceptable. /tg/ jumps on the idea and awesome ensues.campaign ideas, campaign, Children, Adventure, loli, /tg/_gets_shit_done, I wish to be the little girl, Monsters, Digimon, Game Ideas, little fears2013-10-02 16 
27938758Abandoned Spacestation Ideas/tg/ gets together to brainstorm ideas on stuff to find in a space derelict. Both spooky and hilarious answers follow.Traveller, Stars Without Number, Diaspora, space, game ideas, sci-fi2013-10-26 10 
November 2013
28494871Designing a fucking board gameAnon collates a bunch of stuff together to show TG how to make a boardgame.original content, tutorial, teaching, game, game design, design, developer, game ideas2013-11-27 20 
28566866African Myths and Legends (Fantasy)What started as a image dump becomes an in-depth discussion of African myth and legend.Africa, game ideas, myth, legend2013-11-30 5 
February 2014
30026800On Hell./tg/ has a discussion on various visions and versions of hell they use in tabletop RPGs.hell, campaign, original content, discourse, setting, development, game ideas, tabletop2014-02-05 5 
30040391Imperial ship quirk brainstorming threadIdeas to make 40K ships more unique settings40K, ships, game ideas2014-02-06 8 
April 2014
31328439Party BeginningsAnons discuss interesting, memorable, unique, and awesome beginnings to roleplaying campaigns. GMs steal ideas for their games.game ideas, roleplay, game, DM, GM, awesome, /tg/, campaign, Campaign, ideas, Roleplay, original content, brainstorm, getting shit done, brainstorming, roleplaying, Game Design, 2014-04-08 3 
31346570Necromancer FamilyA player seeks to play a necromancer, but fears becoming an edgemeister. The thread turns for the better, when suddenly...game ideas, writefaggotry, lore ideas, fluff, original content, necromancer, necromancers, family2014-04-09 39 
May 2014
31907778Let's Build a Town/tg/ produces a town of numerous eccentric and original NPCs. Excellent if you like to steal ideas from the internet!game ideas, awesome2014-05-05 7 
July 2014
33777600Inn of the WorldWhat would happen if an empress replaced all the inns in the empire with one that links to towns via portals.game ideas, building, fluff, fantasy, Awesome, setting, inn2014-07-31 3 
August 2014
33920053Eight-word HooksFa/tg/uys channel their inner Hemingway. Story ideas ensue.Adventure Hooks, Game Ideas2014-08-07 2 
November 2014
36261395The Edge Chronicles SettingOP's question of whether or not anyone's used the Edge Chronicles in their games gives rise to a brainstorm of setting ideasEdge Chronicles, Game Ideas, Roleplaying, Setting2014-11-23 5 
January 2015
37173534Adjective DungeonA new puzzle dungeon crawler where your heroic characters can include prostitutes, livestock, fresh fruit, snowmen, babies, quadruple amputees, racist caricatures, and much more. Instead of stats your characters have random adjectives assigned to them, and instead of monsters, your party has to accomplish bizarre, menial, and seemingly easy tasks.game ideas, character creation, game, game design, Adjective Quest2015-01-05 1 
February 2015
37749134Most unappealing campaign pitch possible?Top fucking kek. Highlights include a campaign where your adventurers have to file paperwork for everything.game ideas, campaign, design, fluff, funny, awesome2015-02-01 8 
37847707Blacksmiths daughterDiscussion on what plot hooks(sometimes literally) there are using a blacksmiths daughterdiscussion, game ideas2015-02-07 5 
May 2015
40149220Fantasy EurovisionEvery year, a grand pageant is held where each of the twenty-seven kingdoms send a single talented bard to represent them on the world stage. This contest, while supposedly held in the spirit of unity, solidarity and building bridges between the kingdoms is in actual fact highly corrupt, fractious and riven with political intrigue and tactical voting. The PCs are tasked by their government (who are responsible for hosting the tournament this year) to make sure that this year there is no foul play and the event is not marred by the usual politicking, particularly of the smaller, North-Eastern nations.Eurovision, Game Ideas, Fantasy, Humour, Humor2015-05-26 2 
July 2015
41239957Matryoshka Partition - Transforming Robot HomebrewFollow-up thread of developing a setting for a human/transforming robotic partner styled game. Rules and system being decided upon. Further elaboration.Matryoshka Partition, mecha, game mechanics, game design, game ideas, robots, transformers, homebrew2015-07-17 -5 
41401053Matryoshka Partition - Transforming Robot Homebrew #4Follow-up thread of developing a setting for a human/transforming robotic partner styled game. Rules and system being finalized. WorldbuildingMatryoshka Partition, mecha, game mechanics, game design, game ideas, robots, transformers, homebrew2015-07-23 -2 
41466873Matryoshka Partition - Transforming Robot Homebrew #5Developing a homebrew game and setting focused on human/transforming mecha partner. Crunch and fluff development.Matryoshka Partition, mecha, game mechanics, game design, game ideas, robots, transformers, homebrew2015-07-26 -1 
August 2015
41582827Matryoshka Partition - Transforming Robot HomebrewFollow-up thread of developing a setting for a human/transforming robotic partner styled game. Thread didn't last long. Minor rules noted. Awaiting anon's playnotes.Matryoshka Partition, mecha, game mechanics, game design, game ideas, robots, transformers, homebrew2015-08-04 -3 
July 2018
60774398Baseball Samsara: 108 StitchesBaseball and Buddhism combinedBaseball, Samsara, 108 Stitches, Buddhism, game ideas, setting2018-07-12 3 
September 2018
61741595Birth of godsA new god generator was made. Anons test it out.Game Ideas, World Building2018-09-03 7 
61752507Birth of gods part 2We continue the thread from where we left off. worldbuilding ensues.Game Ideas, World Building2018-09-04 1 
61772790Crafting a Setting 1As Anons finish god creation, they start on the setting at large.Game Ideas, World Building2018-09-05 2 
January 2020
70392912/tg/ talks about a fake wargame/tg/ complains about the meta of a fictional wargame and stumbles into a neat setting in the process. Orpheus is OP.wargame, worldbuilding, game ideas, brainstorming2020-01-12 7 
August 2020
74256898Dark Catholic Inspired World BuildingAnon played Blasphemous and got inspired to start world building and run a game. A bunch of other anons help out too.World Building, Story Ideas, Game Ideas, Homebrew, Setting, Grimdark, Creepy, Fantasy2020-08-11 -9 
September 2020
74696024How do you do low-fantasy wuxia/fantasy-china?Anons discuss wuxia/xianxia. Good ideas on what makes the setting tickworld building, ideas, game ideas2020-09-05 -1 
November 2020
75965712/tg/ Accidentally Creates a Sci Fi Setting/tg/ rants about a setting that doesn't exist accidentally creating an interesting system and setting.Sci-Fi, writefaggery, game ideas2020-11-19 10 
75981360/tg/ Accidentally Creates a Sci Fi Setting #2/tg/ accidentally creates a sci fi setting/gameSci-Fi, writefaggery, game ideas, FUN2020-11-19 7 
76018207Distant Broken Stars #1Follow-up to "/tg/ Accidentally Creates a Sci Fi Setting #2", now with a name, Lego and 3D modelsDistant Broken Stars, Sci-Fi, Writefaggery, settings, game ideas, ship models2020-11-22 5 
December 2020
76170625Distant, Broken Stars General #3/tg/ continues to work on a setting/game it accidentally created. Now with concept art, subfactions and rule prototypes.Distant Broken Stars, Sci-Fi, Writefaggery, settings, game ideas, ship models2020-12-01 6 
76386969The World of Transperentia A new campaign setting is started as a trope filled joke, but unintentionally does every trope better than any modern author.game ideas, awesome, campaign, writefaggotry, world building, homebrew, character concepts, getting shit done, brainstorming 2020-12-11 12 
76276813Distant, Broken Stars General 4Tg continues work on the setting/rules of a (currently) fictional wargameDistant Broken Stars, Sci-Fi, Writefaggery, settings, game ideas, ship models 2020-12-13 4 
76408976Distant, Broken Stars General 5Tg continues work on DBS, expanding on the Ashen and the Avar, and setting up a 1d4chan pageDistant Broken Stars, Sci-Fi, Writefaggery, settings, game ideas, ship models 2020-12-22 5 
January 2021
76580570Distant, Broken Stars General 6Shorter thread hashing out some of the less detailed factions.Distant Broken Stars, Sci-Fi, Writefaggery, settings, game ideas, ship models 2021-01-04 2 
76673101Distant, Broken Stars General 7Another DBS thread focusing on rules rather than lore as anons get ever closer to producing something playableDistant Broken Stars, Sci-Fi, Writefaggery, settings, game ideas, ship models2021-01-13 1 
76931891Distant, Broken Stars General 8More work is done on the setting of DBS, which is starting to become a little lovecraftian Distant Broken Stars, Sci-Fi, Writefaggery, settings, game ideas, ship models 2021-01-26 2 
April 2021
78526722Avatar: Battle of the Four NationsWhat if there were a wargame for Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra?Avatar, airbender, wargame, game ideas2021-04-07 3 
78644134Let's Design a Dungeon/tg/ fills a dungeon map with silly rooms.map, fantasy, game ideas, D&D, DnD, RPG, rpg2021-04-20 2 
78743128/tg/ makes an industrial horror setting/tg/ makes a grim setting about giant factories and the degradation of humanity by industry.game ideas, horror, industrial, /tg/2021-04-24 8 
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