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December 2012
22257720/tg/ gets depressedOP inquires about how to roleplay depression. /tg/ reveals all its angst, misery and emptiness in response.depression, depressing, sad, melancholy, oh god what, why, roleplay, game ideas, discussion2012-12-29 12 
March 2014
30881453Kill la Kill CYOA: Anaru Story 4A very brief continuation of the previous thread, in which hearts are fluffed and then immediately crushed into tiny pieces as Anaru and Satsuki grow close.Kill la Kill, Collective Game, Quest, Depressing, Drawfag2014-03-17 13 
30899318Kill la Kill CYOA: Anaru Story 6Gamagoori is sneaking around with snacks, and we can't help but follow him around.Kill la Kill, Collective Game, Quest, Depressing, Drawfag2014-03-18 12 
30997848Kill la Kill CYOA: Anaru Story 18Anaru steels himself as greed threatens a precious friendship, and he gives comfort to a wounded heart.Kill la Kill, Collective Game, Quest, CYOA, Depressing2014-03-22 11 
31025450Kill la Kill CYOA: Anaru Story 22Anaru and Matoi face off in the thrilling conclusion to the Naturals Election.Kill la Kill, CYOA, Collective Game, Quest, depressing2014-03-24 6 
31043765Kill la Kill CYOA: Anaru Story 25The Naturals Election receives an unexpected visitor, and the arena is stained with the blood of the fallen.Kill la Kill, Collective Game, Quest, CYOA, Depressing2014-03-25 11 
31051077Kill la Kill CYOA: Anaru Store FinaleThe thrilling and heartbreaking conclusion to Anaru's story...or is it?Kill la Kill, Collective Game, Quest, Depressing, Drawfag2014-03-25 28 
July 2014
33670900Phoenix Student QuestWe are introduce to the depressing life of Evangeline WrightCollective Game, Lovecraft, Lewd, Depressing, depression, Pandora2014-07-26 22 
March 2015
38813543Declining World HeadlinesI'm fishing for headlines from a world in which stuff is slowly but inexorably crapping out, like Atlas Shrugged, or Interstellar. Something a bit less obvious than CHOCOLATE RATIONS INCREASED TO 19 GRAMS A WEEK.Dystopia, Dystopian, News, Depressing2015-03-20 13 
February 2016
45313053Another Life QuestWalker is given the option to "upgrade" his position in a VR-Simulation program, but declines the offer and then 4 months later an heroes.Collective Game, Depressing, Another Life Quest, Virtual Reality2016-02-09 -1 
May 2016
67044Melancholic Quest 2Delilah, our unfortunate runaway continues to find her place in the world. This is made a little harder by the whole drinking blood thing.streets without getting violated. Melancholic Quest, aCowboyNamedSue, homeless, Delilah, blood, depressing2016-05-10 16 
August 2020
74404212Dystopian Cyberpunk Setting/tg/ attempts to worldbuild a cyberpunk dystopia, only to discover everything they propose has actually happened.worldbuilding, cyberpunk, dystopia, metafictional, depressing2020-08-23 -4 
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