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December 2007
922850Creepy game ideasIdeas for a creepy CampaignCreepy, awesome2007-12-22 6 
January 2008
1010369Ways to mindfuck your players.Mindfucking with liches, dolls and other creepy things to keep players on edge.Creepy, lol2008-01-14 17 
1034444Creepy Wall campaignWhat starts out as a DM trying to bore his players to death turns into an interesting campaign idea.Guard, Wall, Creepy2008-01-19Editor's Choice
July 2008
2258696Silent HillA plea for help with creepy events in a Silent Hill based game.creepy, horror, strange, Silent Hill2008-07-29 11 
November 2008
3059485Answer MachineYOU HAVE THREE. HUNDRED. AND THIRTY. THREE. NEW MESSAGES.phone, answer machine, creepy2008-11-26 17 
November 2009
6840922The JanitorIt lurks. It waits. It is. Dark Heresy, rpg, Creepy2009-11-24 10 
January 2010
7611633Post a monster, get it flavoured/tg/ posts pics of various creatures and provides them suitable fluff. Good resource for GMs needing something new to put into a game.creepy, fluff, monster, writefaggotry2010-01-16 2 
February 2010
8077315ITT: Real-world locales that are just begging to appear in the World of Darkness.Real world areas that are just begging to be the center-pieces of creepy adventures. WoD optional.World of Darkness, Creepy, Real World2010-02-14 14 
March 2010
8570489Scary Ass ShitJesus fucking christ, this is going to give me nightmares for a while. Check it out if you want to get some brix-shitting for your gamesCreepy, ideas2010-03-14 6 
May 2010
9929866How to Make D&D Horror WorkAnother advice thread for running creepy games. D&D, Dungeons&Dragons, Dungeons and Dragons, Creepy, Horror, Advice2010-05-20 5 
August 2010
11606540Survival Quest/tg/ finds itself naked and bloody on the floor of a very creepy room with a very creepy painting. Armed with a magic poker, some granola bars, and our survival instinct, /tg/ begins its quest.Survival Quest, Collective Game, Creepy2010-08-10 13 
11608498Survival Quest 2/tg/'s exploration of the haunted house continues. One fa/tg/uy's dream of vomiting is fulfilled. Shit continues to be creepy.Survival Quest, Collective Game, Creepy, Fetuses2010-08-10 11 
11610846Survival Quest: Going for Good+When /tg/ only got the good ending in Survival Quest, they knew they could do better... But they had no idea what they were getting into...Survival Quest, Collective Game, Creepy2010-08-11 7 
October 2010
12459883CoC Monster in the MirrorA story of monsters, mirrors, and bad ends.CoC, Call of Cthulhu, Bad End, Creepy2010-10-16 5 
12604884Monster in the Mirror : Act 3Sometimes winning costs everything else.CoC, Call of Cthulhu, Creepy2010-10-29 0 
January 2011
13445821Horror IdeasOP asks for horror. Anonymous delivers.horror, silent hill, creepy2011-01-09 3 
13714525scary derelict spaceship ideas/tg/ collects ideas for scary/disturbing spaceships and wrecks that waited millenia to be foundcreepy, Sci Fi2011-01-30 1 
March 2011
14309619Don't Rest Your Head Immersion DiscussionOP asks /tg/ for advice on props/setup for DRYHDRYH, Don't Rest Your Head, Props, Immersion, Creepy, 2011-03-21 12 
14381700Creepy Hotel Storyspiders and doorknobs, the source of true fear.creepy, storytime2011-03-27 14 
May 2011
14853575weird space encounter threadLots and lots of weird and creepy ideas inside.space, creepy, random table2011-05-08 1 
14883954Creepy ApartmentAnon requests things that would happen in a creepy apartment. /tg/ delivers.horror, creepy, apartment, modern2011-05-12 1 
14917328Fisto as a BBEGStarts out with a series of memes until a namefag shares his story on how Fisto is after his character and ends by asking advice. Tg answers.Fisto fallout game creepy2011-05-15 3 
14978204Early Video Game BrainstormingOP has severe case of writer's block, and /tg/ helps him develop an increasingly complex and disturbing idea for a video game.video game, game design, scary, creepy, horror, ideas2011-05-19 4 
June 2011
15271853/tg/ discusses Numbers StationsNumbers stations as source material for horror campaign ideas.Creepy2011-06-15 10 
August 2011
16002326I just came back from the strangest gameOP tells the tale of a crazy goth he gamed with and the girl on a chain he had with him; /tg/ rages with bearded, hero fury.creepy, Goth, Heroic, whiteknight, glorious, /tg/2011-08-20 17 
September 2011
16374298Happy MarinesHey, what if we turn the permanently scowling marine helmet into OH GOD WHAT HAVE WE DONE!Happy Marines, nightmare fuel, wtf, space marine, 40k, clown, creepy2011-09-21 22 
October 2011
16588974Random Encounters/tg/ discusses random encounters before morphing into /x/ of old.creepy, random, encounters, weird2011-10-11 13 
November 2011
16827147/tg/ Shares DreamsDreams are shared and discussed, everything from the crazy to the nightmarish. Great campaign idea fuel.dream, storytime, storytiem, creepy, awesome, scary, weird2011-11-04 5 
December 2011
17382585Creepy Call of Cthulhu notes.What do you hand your player when they lose sanity? One GM shares his tricks, while others chime in with their own experiences.CoC, Creepy, Cthuhu, Madness, GM, rpg, 2011-12-31 7 
March 2012
18324998The God MachineA Delta Green/CoC GM comes to /tg/ with a disturbing idea he penned down at four in the morning, for an enormous torture machine. /tg/ convinces him he's not crazy, and gives ideas and advice.Delta Green, Call of Cthulhu, horror, creepy, machine, refinery, factory, torture, slaughter, abbatoir2012-03-15 25 
April 2012
18664733When /tg/ met Nested Universe Simulator/tg/ jointly explored the Nested Universe Simulator. Amusement and hilarity gradually gives way to creeping horror.universe, god, philosophical, philosophy, creepy, horror, lovecraftian, sharks, ski masks, black holes, simulator, 2012-04-11 22 
September 2012
20707552Floor 11BGuys, I thought our apartment only had 10 floors.../x/, roleplay, scp, creepy, apartment, floors, butthurt fun nazis2012-09-13 10 
20710683"Something isn't right"-momentsIdeas for NPCs and items and such for a psychological horror? Stuff that at first glance seems normal, but if you look again or think about it later, it hits you how unnerving it really is.creepy2012-09-13 8 
November 2012
21523416If Lies To Children Were TrueThere's no sex, you can make boys with snips, snails and puppy-dog tails, and stepping on a crack will break your mother's back. More neat suggestions inside.game ideas, scary, creepy, humor, setting, worldbuilding, childhood, myths2012-11-11 18 
December 2012
21867380Worm that walks variations"lobster that licks" "but lobsters don't have tongues" "indeed. Roll for san loss." It only gets better from there.surreal, creepy, lol, undead, 2012-12-03 10 
22031832/tg/ talks about AnimorphsAs you could probably guess, it degenerates into having sex with Andalites. /tg/ also rediscovers how grimdark the series is.animorphs, creepy, grimdark, nightmare fuel, cute, andalite2012-12-14 -13 
22031344Animorphs thread/tg/ rememembers Animorphs, talks about game design ( a little,) morphing side effects, sex with andalites, sex during morphing... Oh and someone posts a collection of the books in a zip file and one guy writes some amusing fap fiction. (This is the actual thread, the other is mis-linked)Animorphs, Andalites, Cute, Creepy, Funny2012-12-14 21 
February 2013
23348526Victorian BogeymenGo to bed on time, don't play in the dirt, and don't talk to strangers, or Nicky Nocks, Mr. Sweeps, and Penny Pinchfingers are going to pay you a visit.Boogeymen, Bogeys, folklore, horror, fae, creepy, steampunk, Victorian, England, goblins2013-02-24 15 
May 2013
24621130How to play the Thing in your partyThread starts about random shit going better than expected, gets hijacked by planning and writing about having a maneating abomination in the group which isn't evil.the thing, creepy, writefaggotry, awesome2013-05-05 17 
July 2013
26184686Shit that scares /tg/A thread about phobias and fears to exploit on players that evolves into some crazy conspiracy theorizing, legitimately horrifying ideas, and great creepypastascreepy,phobias,homebrew,skinwalkers,scary,creepypasta,2013-07-23 9 
November 2013
28425642Ideas for creepy incidents/happeningsShort stories and ideas. Also storytime.roll for sanity loss, creepy, writefaggotry2013-11-22 7 
December 2013
28549699Unknown Armies Happenings OP lists some wonderfully bizarre Unknown-Armies related oddities, and continues for a majority of the thread. Other anons follow suit, and inspiration for UA campaigns and horror ideas populate the rest of it.horror, creepy, UA, Unknown Armies, campaign ideas, inspiration2013-12-03 4 
28920075Creepy Music/tg/ provides links for horror campaigns.Creepy, Music, Horror, Mars2013-12-17 -2 
July 2014
33780124Warhound Quest: Hunters HuntedWolf takes his first assignment as team leader. He hates his new positionCollective Game, Mercworld, Warhound Quest, Mercenaries, Creepy Twins2014-07-31 4 
September 2014
34771534The King of HomelessA reflection upon the privileges granted to the King of Homeless.creepy, awesome, The Sandman, Emperor Norton I2014-09-10 36 
November 2014
36228684The Buns! Quest Episode 1A young girl discovers that her bunnies are gone. She gets calls from strangers. collective game, the buns! quest, miko, creepyish, 2014-11-18 2 
36316393The Buns! Quest Episode 2Miko breaks into a restaurantcollective game, the buns! quest, miko, creepyish, freaking out, in a restaurant, tfw almost bunny get2014-11-22 1 
36340628The Buns! Quest Episode 3Wherein Miko gets people to open a fridgecollective game, the buns! quest, miko, creepyish, bunny get, lionhead, aww yiss2014-11-23 1 
December 2014
36611750The Buns! Quest Episode 4Miko loses SAN, and gets soup. collective game, the buns! quest, miko, creepyish, san loss, bun loss2014-12-07 0 
36748788The Buns! Quest Episode 5Miko is quite afraid.collective game, the buns! quest, miko, creepyish, further san loss2014-12-14 3 
36821202The Buns! Quest Episode 6Miko joins a game, and makes a friendcollective game, the buns! quest, miko, creepyish, poker, mattias, new friend, ohshit2014-12-18 0 
January 2015
37178633The Buns! Quest Episode 7Miko makes a smallish mistakecollective game, the buns! quest, miko, creepyish, poker, riddles, struggles2015-01-05 0 
37589019The Buns! Quest Episode 8Wherein Miko succeedscollective game, the buns! quest, miko, creepyish, victory, chairs2015-01-25 1 
February 2015
37750018The Buns! Quest Episode 9Miko takes on a huge challenge; motives revealedcollective game, the buns! quest, miko, creepyish, puzzle, 2015-02-01 0 
March 2015
38395797Surreal Workplacesanon asks for creepy quirks and horror ideas for an office/workplace setting. /tg/ provides.creepy, horror, modern fantasy, office buildings2015-03-02 26 
38465635Surreal Workplaces Part 2/tg/ continues discussing creepy workplaces, provides more ideas and quirks.creepy, horror, modern fantasy, office buildings2015-03-09 15 
May 2015
39932921Directors as Game MastersWhat would famous directors be like if they played RPGs instead of directing movies?roleplaying, movies, creepy old men, Tarantino2015-05-13 11 
June 2015
40595018Joker Quest 135.5Joker gets over a lachryma-induced hangover, then gets drowned in enough lachryma to trigger Armaros. We don't get to insult Alura.Collective Game, Joker Quest, Joker, Cryptozoology, Creepy affection for Cryptids2015-06-14 10 
40761182Outsider QuestCharacter gen occurs, The Daughter of the Second Star is born.Collective Game, Outsider Quest, Mama Nurgle, CreepyBastard2015-06-23 8 
40782181Outsider Quest 2The Daughter of the Second Star hopefully finishes character gen, and the QM ends earlyCollective Game, Outsider Quest, CreepyBastard2015-06-24 5 
July 2015
41142205Outsider Quest 3The game continues, some world-gen is had, and a pastebin is posted.Collective Game, Outsider Quest, CreepyBastard, Daughter of the Second Star2015-07-11 1 
41306390Outsider Quest Part 4"Hello, I am a foreigner from a foreign country!"Collective Game, Outsider Quest, CreepyBastard2015-07-19 2 
September 2015
42240439Outsider Quest Part 5Creepy returns, as does the Daughter of the Second Star.Collective Game, Outsider Quest, Daughter of the Second Star, CreepyBastard2015-09-03 3 
42705742Outsider Quest Part 5The Daughter of the Second Star learnsCollective Game, Outsider Quest, CreepyBastard,2015-09-25 2 
October 2016
49998783Post-Apocalyptic Myths, Tall Tales and Urban LegendsSome time after the End, a group of weary scavengers gather around a campfire to share stories, tall tales and urban legends.Post Apocalyptic, stories, setting, worldbuilding, fallout, creepy, storytime, urban legends, tall tales, myths, lies,2016-10-29 22 
May 2017
53281203Horror / Creepy setting: Magdalen Islands editionWhat could frighten an entire island enough so that its residents go to sleep with their light open every night?creepy, ideas2017-05-17 13 
March 2020
71521805Cozy, creepy, winter CampaignOP is reminded of an old thread and polar vehicles are posted and life in the cold is discussed.Cozy, creepy, winter, worldbuilding2020-03-25 6 
July 2020
73530543Creepy MarseilleAnons discuss setting a World of Darkness game in the French city of Marseille. Which is ancient actually. 600 BCE or older.Marseille, Creepy, Creepy Marseille, France, city, WoD, unease, crime, mafia, drugs, weather, culture, supernatural, corruption, geography2020-07-04 3 
August 2020
74256898Dark Catholic Inspired World BuildingAnon played Blasphemous and got inspired to start world building and run a game. A bunch of other anons help out too.World Building, Story Ideas, Game Ideas, Homebrew, Setting, Grimdark, Creepy, Fantasy2020-08-11 -9 
June 2021
79669577Snowcrawlers, and surviving on the ice fieldsOP is reminded of an old thread and polar vehicles are posted and life in the cold is discussed with additional discussion of game mechanicsfluff, cozy, winter, snow, crawler, snowcrawler, worldbuilding, supernatural, paranormal, creepy2021-06-13 15 
79773892Cozy Icecrawler apocalypseOP posts to discuss actual mechanics that could be done in such a cozy and creepy ice land.fluff, cozy, winter, snow, crawler, snowcrawler, worldbuilding, supernatural, paranormal, creepy, pdf2021-06-18 11 
July 2021
80022374Cozy Icecrawler apocalypse 2OP talks about some mechanics and cooking is discussed a bit more.fluff, cozy, winter, snow, crawler, snowcrawler, worldbuilding, supernatural, paranormal, creepy, pdf2021-07-01 7 
January 2023
5493415Rise of the Awakened #2The human asks for some clothes, Kinny and Bobby rob a store, Mog and the human make a deal, revelations abound, a fox is rescued.Collective Game, Roleplay, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Goddamn Lizard People, Mog, Kinny, Bobby, Jenkins, Rick's creepy robot, Draconians2023-01-14 5 
March 2023
5580836Corner SolitaireOneshot. Spooky things occur while playing Solitaire facing the corner of a room.Quest, One-Shot, Horror, Spooky, female MC, Creepypasta, Card Games, Short2023-03-02 4 
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