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May 2008
1853401Sounds like Justice!A barebones concept of using scrabble tiles for a superhero RPG to create sound effects to do tasks.superheroics, scrabble, homebrew2008-05-30 4 
May 2009
4560593SciFi HeroicsHow to bring Fantasy style Heros into Science-Fiction games, or why it doesn't work like that.Science Fiction, Roleplay, Heroics2009-05-17 3 
May 2010
9810737SacrificeA gaming group running the heroes of horror rule set have an epic and heartwarming end, despite the grim darkness of the world. They saved that little girl.D&D, Heroic, Necromancer, Girl2010-05-14 50 
August 2011
16002326I just came back from the strangest gameOP tells the tale of a crazy goth he gamed with and the girl on a chain he had with him; /tg/ rages with bearded, hero fury.creepy, Goth, Heroic, whiteknight, glorious, /tg/2011-08-20 17 
April 2014
31372228Last Calibur QuestEkard the monster hunter takes his first steps towards kingship.Collective Game, Last Calibur, Last Calibur Quest, Fantasy, Magic Swords, Heroic Adventure2014-04-10 12 
31475390Last Calibur Quest 2The second thread. We jump off a cliff.Collective Game, Last Calibur, Last Calibur Quest, Fantasy, Magic Swords, Heroic Adventure2014-04-15 4 
31665784Last Calibur Quest 3Ekard has a terrible hangover.Collective Game, Last Calibur, Last Calibur Quest, Fantasy, Magic Swords, Heroic Adventure2014-04-24 6 
June 2014
33069569Fate/Heroic Liner Shirou- Thread 1Bait-and-switch, 'Mom', Class Card, Projecting.F/SN, Collective game, Heroic Liner Quest2014-06-29 12 
33087664The Overlord Who Could Not Be EvilStorytime of a wannabe Dark Lord whose attempts at "evil" all backfire making him beloved by the people as a great hero, much to his displeasure. Wipes out a religion? Later everyone finds out it was into human sacrifice. Imports evil creatures such as liches? Necro-industry! Kicks a puppy? The damned thing was a plague carrier!Overlord, Evil, Heroic, Failure, Story, Writefag, Heartwarming,2014-06-30 20 
July 2014
33208856Fate/Heroic Liner Shirou- Thread 2Explainations, Ayako, Magic Practice, Cooking, Annoyed IlyaF/SN, Collective game, Heroic Liner Quest2014-07-07 6 
33308875Exalted Quest 45Regis and Millian have an unexpected adventure, and the situation in Tianna continues to get more complicated.Exalted, Solar, Quest, Solar Quest, Collective Game, Zenith, Tianna, Heroic Mortal2014-07-11 14 
33566791Fate/Heroic Liner Shirou- Thread 3Bookstore, Bounded field, chains, arrow, limping homeF/SN, Collective game, Heroic Liner Quest2014-07-23 5 
33723681Fate/Heroic Liner Shirou- Thread 4Healing, dinner, annoyed Ilya, practice, mapo tofu, practice, bookstoreF/SN, Collective game, Heroic Liner Quest2014-07-29 6 
33779186Fate/Heroic Liner Shirou- Thread 5Archery talk, Distraction, Shinji, Shopping, Bridge.F/SN, Collective game, Heroic Liner Quest2014-07-31 5 
November 2014
36286385Fate/Heroic Liner Shirou- Thread 6Bridge, Shinji, takeout, helping IlyaF/SN, Collective game, Heroic Liner Quest2014-11-21 5 
February 2015
38332191Superheroic Quest 1: Dragons?A maiden captured by a dragon... or just what is going on here?Collective Game, Superheroic Quest, Superhero2015-02-27 0 
April 2016
46436144/tg/ Makes a Lighthearted Adventure SettingOP has a goal: A setting without (or at least with <50%) grimdark. /tg/ proceeds to deliver.Lighthearted, Adventure, Manly Grit, Heroic, Relics hunting relic Relics2016-04-05 6 
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