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December 2007
947995/tg/ Confessions ThreadFa/tg/uys share their deepest secrets./tg/, confessions2007-12-30 -2 
April 2008
1605777Gender Bendingca/tg/irl asks if anyone ever played their opposite gender. A few stories and epic writefaggotry occurs.story, ca/tg/irl, writefaggotry2008-04-27 5 
September 2008
2600504Insert title here...Thin Fa/tg/uy begins the first chapter in a fantastic bit of writefaggotry concerning a rookie guardsman and his brush with Daemonic forces and the Grey Knightswritefag fluff warhammer 40k thin fa/tg/uy grey knights imperial guard2008-09-17 26 
2620824Insert title here chapter 2Thin fa/tg/uy continues to refuse to name his story about a guardsman named Jim brought before the inquisitionwritefag fluff warhammer 40k thin fa/tg/uy imperial guard2008-09-20 21 
December 2008
3273703/tg/ stories part 3How did you get here?/tg/ stories2008-12-30 2 
3272977/tg/ stories part 2Childhood horror stories and chat continued here./tg/ stories2008-12-30 1 
3271002/tg/ stories part 1Ahh, happy days./tg/ stories2008-12-30 2 
March 2009
4027777Grendel and the ThoriansGrendel returns once more, only to be rewarded for his badassery with a visit from the Thorians. Benadicta returns!/tg/, Dark Heresy2009-03-20 36 
April 2009
4177500Grendel Story EndsGrendel faces challenges that dwarf all prior ones, and the story ends with GOOD END.Dark Heresy, /tg/2009-04-04 32 
4399863Tenga Toppa XLR 40KThe most amazing idea ever.crossover, awesome, /tg/ canon, mech2009-04-26 11 
May 2009
4554170Slaaneshi HedonismOne anon requests how to be a real Slaaneshi Cultist. Whether or not this was a joke, an Anonymous poster gives a thought-out, intelligent, and thorough posting on how to BE a true Slaaneshi Cultist.Devian/tg/uy, Hedonism, Slaanesh, Cultist, Cult, warhammer 40K2009-05-14 13 
4570642Super /tg/ WarsA /m/oron accidentally starts a discussion for an SRW with /tg/ characters. Ruby, Cutebold, Doobold, Troll, Loli Dragon, Joniass, and Sergal all featured with othersSuper /tg/ Wars, Cutebold, Sergals, Ruby, Doobold2009-05-17 27 
4655339Neckbeard marriage!A fellow eloquen/tg/entleman asks /tg/ on ways for him to propose to his beloved lady. The neckbeards respond in their usual way, alongside some good ideas.dick-in-a-box, love, /tg/, metathread, neckbeard, help, advice2009-05-25 5 
June 2009
4762354I Love the Whole WorldAnon notes M:tG threads, Anon breaks into the song. boomdiadda boomdiadda boomdiadda boomdiadda...boomdiadda, song, I love /tg/2009-06-04 5 
4774285Mr Black's first threadMr Black shares a story about an epic campaign he played in, and asks /tg/ for advice on his next game. Ends with a fractal god-king situation in a steampunk fantasyMr Black, epic tales, /tg/2009-06-05 3 
4892272/tg/ Project I: IntroductionThe beginning of work towards a game designed and built by /tg/./tg/ Project2009-06-16 -2 
5037420speeches that you wouldn't mind shamelessly stealing, either for heroes or villainsepic speeches, one-liners and other incredible commentary up in here. awesomeness at it finest./tg/, epic, qoutes, speeches, speech2009-06-29 3 
July 2009
5063230Disney Goes /tg/A Disney comic about... Well... Tabletop gaming in general. It's funny because it's true.disney, neckbeard, fa/tg/uy, d&d, scrooge, donald2009-07-02 10 
November 2009
6645341Meta-War: The Nerd-RagingA thread about the Unified Setting suddenly takes a turn for the Awesome when /tg/ starts talking about a setting where every fa/tg/uy becomes powered up, factions based around games and ideas form and war begins, encouraged by the sinister Troll-lordworld building, homebrew, /tg/, trolls2009-11-10 2 
6709859/tg/ and D&D 2nd Edition.Fa/tg/uys discuss the pros and cons of 2nd edition vs newer ones, along other oldfag concepts, with amazingly little trolling.Late Nite, D&D, 2E, 2nd, 2nd Edition, Late Night, constructive arguments, discussion, old school, oldfags, good /tg/2009-11-15 1 
6751380verythings-A-Check-Quest The Worst DM Ever /tg/ Makes a check, FOR EVERYTHING watch the zany adventures unroll/tg/, Quest, Questthread, Roll, Dice, Check2009-11-18 8 
December 2009
7073593Lord QuestYou are a lord. Get shit done.Collective game, Lord Quest, /tg/, quest thread2009-12-10 68 
February 2010
8042226REGINALD BRICKDICKLERA drawfag creates a character by drawing the first thing suggested after each question. Things predictably spiral out of control.BRICKDICKLING, kobold backup singers, pennywhistle, what even the fuck /tg/2010-02-12 22 
March 2010
8619572/tg/ Movie trailers/tg/ puts on its Director Cap and makes some Movie Trailers based off characters and campaigns. Lights. Camera. Action.Trailer, Awesome, Movie, oh/tg/thisiswhyIloveyouso2010-03-17 3 
8634191ITT: running gags in your playgroups/tg/ shares running gags in their playgroups Pretty awesome/tg/, Group, Funny, Fun, Awesome2010-03-17 7 
May 2010
9641686Cooperative /tg//tg/ helps guy from /b/ through Hunter: The Reckoning character creation. Surprisingly civil!helpful, /tg/, /b/, oWoD2010-05-06 5 
9699617/tg/ teaches /a/ about Diplomacy(vucub caquix) ლ(╹◡╹ლ) asks /tg/ for help with a game of Diplomacy for a leadership course and /tg/ teaches him the real meaning of the game: rampant paranoiaDiplomacy, /tg/ is God Tier, meatspace, meatspace2010-05-09 12 
9824964Death Star RemembranceWhere were you when the rebel scum murdered a million of our loyal comrades in what was certainly the greatest Imperial Tragedy of our generation?Star Wars, LOL, What /tg/ is here for, writefaggotry2010-05-15 15 
June 2010
10217394Brother RotMagos Joran Bol'van hosts a Create A BBEG thread. /tg/ gets shit done, creates win.BBEG, /tg/ gets shit done2010-06-02 6 
10649511ITT: we run games/quests on Omegle and report the results/tg/ is brought to the masses. Hilarity and confusion ensue, with some excellent short game transcripts posted. New /tg/ tradition? Maybe.omegle, /tg/ to the masses, chat, storytime2010-06-22 11 
10754978Dinner and Desertsa discussion on edition changes between the last two editions of Dinners and Deserts/tg/, edition wars2010-06-26 3 
10789840Collection of /tg/ awesomeA bunch of epic tg condensed into one thread/tg/, epic, awesome2010-06-28 5 
July 2010
11157577Zerg Quest II Cerebrate Anon was manifested by the Overmind to innovate. It was created to think in new ways, and thus confound the enemies of the Swarm. It has succeeded, and it has grown.Zerg, Quest, Overmind, /tg/2010-07-16 25 
11177294Zerg Quest IIICerebrate Anon encounters the Protoss, gets its shit tossed, and whips out the Siege Canon Ultralisk cavalry. Slow starter, and shorter than the others, but just as much Glory for the Swarm.zerg, Cerebrate Anon, quest, /tg/, fleshlings, starcraft2010-07-17 26 
August 2010
11658404Engine Heart Deluxe Model EditionViral brings the polished Engine Heart to /tg/. Only $20 for a copy of /tg/ original content in paper form, and a free DL because Viral is a bro like that.Engine Heart, original content, /tg/ gets shit done, Viral2010-08-15 11 
October 2010
12583389Joe Shmoe, /tg/'s first (and only) musicfagAn anon offers to write a theme song for /tg/. After getting a few responses, he disappears for three hours, before returning with glorious sheet music.original content, /tg/2010-10-27 6 
12591492Shi/tg/ets done SaturdayWhats starts as reminiscense of old /tg/ projects that were never finished ends with the resolve to start a weekly thread to actually get shit done on these old projectsshit gets done, /tg/, discussion, homebrew, rules, crunch2010-10-28 3 
November 2010
12867375System of ROCK/tg/ gets shit done by making a system. Ends up revolving around bands, d12s, and has sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll as stats. Glorious/tg/ gets shit done, homebrew, d12, Rock and Roll, Metal, Heavy Metal2010-11-21 5 
December 2010
13055912fa/tg/entleman Alpha as Fuckfa/tg/entleman recall stories of losing their shit and thoroughly HUMILIATING douchebags, trolls, and what have you despite your typical nerd/neckbeard/wuss.fa/tg/uys, awesome, ALPHA, AS, FUCK2010-12-07 1 
13254106/tg/ islandThe world gets wiped clean and split into seperate islands, each populated solely by people who have visited 4chan in the past 24 hours. You go to the island belonging to the board you visit most frequently.island, new world, /tg/ island2010-12-23 1 
January 2011
13433753FLGS board-tan quest Part 1You must guide /tg/ through the difficult world of commerce. Capitalism, ho!"Collective Game, /tg/, FLGS"2011-01-08 4 
13438915FLGS board-tan quest Part 2Furniture purchases for the new store have been arranged, but something strange seems to be going on in the sub sub sub basementcollective game, /tg/, FLGS2011-01-08 3 
13406132/tg/ fluff personal adsjust awesome. features various /tg/ type personalities wanting to get a little some./tg/, fluff, wut do?ish?2011-01-09 3 
13511466The day /tg/ and /sp/ became brosExactly what it says on the tin./sp/, /tg/, /tg/ FUCK YEAH2011-01-14 20 
13522387FLGS board-tan quest Part 3In which we rent out the sub-sub-sub basement to /d/ for a hefty sum.collective game, /tg/, FLGS2011-01-15 3 
13604229/tg/ Share ThreadClearly, /tg/ hasn't been sharing enough recently. It would be perfectly rude to start a thread like this without contribution, so I'll display my wares./tg/, share, files, rpgs, many many books, games2011-01-23 5 
February 2011
14053967FOR THE LAST TIMEwhy we even need /tg/? there are a bunch of more boards out theremeta, /tg/2011-02-27 10 
March 2011
14104585Zerg Quest XXXIIIThe suspicious ship with a long name arrives over Moria and Anon tries to keep shit from getting real. Horrible bluff checks follow. ZergTV makes its debut on the airwaves.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Awfully Suspicious Ship, Bluff Check, /tg/ dice2011-03-03 11 
14129488GM's Day. Let's fucking celebrateApparently March 4th is GM's Day, so to commemorate such a special day, I'll be uploading any .pdf that I've got to GMs/interested people who would like to try new systems other than D&D/WoD/40k/Cthulhu. Here are 5 screenshots basically showing everything I've got. Just request stuff and I'll upload it to mediafire, so be patient. Also feel free to ask what's in some of the folders I've got, but keep in mind I only save core books, or sourcebooks that are of my interest. Except for 3.5, I won't have splatbook #13. However, I do have settings, campaigns or historical variants.. because they're fun to read when I'm bored. downloads, files, /tg/, bro, awesome, files, pdfs, rapid shares2011-03-05 12 
April 2011
14504703Sharterra homebrew fluffA post-technological setting where the old world has been broken into many pieces due to unknown reasons./tg/, homebrew, writefaggotry2011-04-08 2 
May 2011
14778980I've never been to /tg/OP asks /tg/ to summarise itself. /tg/ does so, and goes on to discuss Harry Potter, time chess and different flavours of jam, among other things.Derailment, /tg/, what, irony2011-05-02 8 
14825764Tsundere in tabletop gaming.An old Anime cliche is discussed in tabletop gaming situations by /tg/anime, tsundere, baka, /tg/, i-its not like I wanted to archive this thread or anything!2011-05-06 5 
14929027Traditional Monster Race are the good guysthat's the thread. humans and dorf and elves are evil and suchdraw, /tg/ designs, D&D style2011-05-15 4 
14972739/tg/ software game projectbecause sometimes the visual part of vidya games is a bit 'o' the lie B&hamkun startssoftware game project, /tg/, drawin'2011-05-19 0 
15041421Pencil...Dice?Anon proposes that pencils can be substituted for six-sided dice. Math and SCIENCE! ensue./tg/ gets shit done, science, math, dice2011-05-25 26 
15092320Ivory Huntsmen Thread 1Archived to keep the info nice and saucy.Space Marines, 40K, Ivory Huntsmen, /TG/ 40000, homebrew2011-05-30 2 
June 2011
15129382Zerg Quest XLIIIAnon continues to dole out the harshness at VoidGate. /tg/ dice cause a game of musical nukes.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Nukes, /tg/ dice2011-06-02 10 
15355941Zerg Quest XLVICrazy Xel'Naga crystals be glowin'! Anon prepares to get it on with the Protoss, and then /tg/ locks up. Yay. That was anticlimactic.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Where did my /tg/ go?2011-06-23 10 
15427458Zerg Quest XLVIIThe big, glowy crystal spits out a scary Protoss? Diplomacy check!Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Diplomacy, TossTalk, /tg/ dice, Back from the dead motherfucker!2011-06-30 16 
July 2011
15726305"Things I am no longer allowed to do" thread/tg/ tells us what things they have banned from doing. Leaving us to speculate the consequences of their actions./tg/ stories, speculation, skub2011-07-28 8 
August 2011
15852524Most Insane EDH Deck EverThere is no win, only the madness. MTG, EDH, Commander, /tg/ Gets shit done2011-08-07 10 
15880608"/tg/ Explained" and other oldnessHow old are these? Old enough. /tg/ will be nothing if we forget our roots. If we forget that behind these posts are (anonymous) human beings. just sayin' BTW, before you vote, realize that easymodo is dead. and so is anything on there that isn't here. /tg/, Ribbon, Rage, meatbread, easymodo is dead, traditional games 24/72011-08-10 14 
15905034/tg/GuardsWe take a look at a usual day at the /tg/ City Guard/tg/, citywatch, town watch, guards, tarrasque, apocalypse, goddamnitcarl2011-08-12 7 
15908737A glimpse of old /tg/A request for a book goes awry and transforms into a monstergirl fap thread. Discussions about old /tg/ are made. Nostalgia is had.fap, old, /tg/, monstergirl, nostalgia2011-08-12 22 
15964230Harry Potter RPG developmentGuy who said he'd make a game like, a month ago, returns. More work is done.harry potter, homebrew, /tg/ gets shit done2011-08-18 2 
16002326I just came back from the strangest gameOP tells the tale of a crazy goth he gamed with and the girl on a chain he had with him; /tg/ rages with bearded, hero fury.creepy, Goth, Heroic, whiteknight, glorious, /tg/2011-08-20 17 
September 2011
162739054 inch human worldWhat if all humans were suddenly 4 inches tall. Monster Hunter Meet Pikmin: The RPG. Initial ideas for rules, fluff and tactics. Monster Hunter, Pikmin, tiny, human, RPG, /tg/2011-09-13 12 
16375960Araby fandex brainstorming/tg/ starts with the creation of their own Araby army book, this brainstorming is saved for future reference.Araby, warhammer fantasy, project, /tg/ gets shit done, 2011-09-21 23 
October 2011
16533628Zerg Quest LVIDyles tries to bird-dog on our Kingston celebration, but bungles it.Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Dyles, /tg/ dice, Even now there is hope for man2011-10-06 10 
16534941/tg/ MetaQuestAfter all the talk of the Editors versus the Sues, one anon creates this Quest. THe local metaverse sector has been warped, and we use our poor funding to recruit some Starship Troopers, Spike Spiegel and Ibram Gaunt to investigate./tg/, Editors, Spike, Spiegel, Ibram, Gaunt, Meta, Multiverse, cruiser, Orz, mary sue, fixer, /tg/ starship troopers, UNIT, SPC2011-10-06 23 
16576071Warehouse World/tg/ is stuck inside a Costco for the rest of their lives. Alliances are forged, Assassinations are planned, and Oreos are eaten. /tg/, Collective Games, Warehouse World, Costco2011-10-10 20 
16633959The Paladin Code of BoxesA naive basemen/tg/uy tries to start a hypothetical discussion about paladin code, but his picture is too interesting for /tg/ to care.derail, paladin, paladin code, funny, classic /tg/, humor, box, boxes, carl sagan, schrodinger2011-10-15 12 
December 2011
17068583Zerg Quest LXIIIIn which Anon goes to Ludicrous Speed, and lives to tell about it.Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Zerg Quest, They've gone to plaid, /tg/ dice, Space dogs2011-12-01 14 
17127438/tg/'s foreign relations protocol/tg/ reports from around the world on the wonderful day they've had/tg/, Britain, Australia, Japan, Scotland, Germany, funny2011-12-07 12 
17175541Narutards shit up /tg/ for the 9th timeSeriously, they're like a plague. Why are they here again?shit, drawthreads, stuff that doesn't belong on /tg/2011-12-11 -11 
17342370Old Man Henderson Narrated Voice actor StephanosRex narrates the Old Man Henderson and other /tg/ storiesstorytime, Old Man Henderson, Cthulhu, Waffle House Millionaire, audio, voice acting, storytiem, /tg/, space marine2011-12-28 33 
17384620Spiders are SuperiorThis thread is spiders.spiders, spider, funny, copypasta, never change /tg/2011-12-31 11 
January 2012
17397637What was the best thread of 2011?2011 was a pretty rockin year for /tg/. Anon recounts their favourites. Anagrams, Rap Battles, we have it all. Come take a trip down memory lane and welcome in the new year by reliving glories past./tg/, tg, 2012, 2011, memories, awesome, epic, win, 40k, homebrew, storytime2012-01-02 24 
17458366Memory Lane 2011 Part 2Come join us on a walk down memory lane! The best threads of /tg/ 2011. Linked and listed for your reading pleasure. Who needs other boards?/tg/, tg, 2012, 2011, memories, awesome, epic, win, 40k, homebrew, storytime2012-01-08 5 
17485327Stephanos NarratesStephanos Rex returns to /tg/ for some awesome voice acting. storytime, Old Man Henderson, Cthulhu, Waffle House Millionaire, audio, voice acting, storytiem, /tg/, space marine2012-01-10 13 
17508369Zerg Quest LXVIIIYou know what, Duran? We don't need any of your shit. Get out.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Kerrigan, 80s Bands on /tg/2012-01-12 10 
17650023Zerg Quest LXXIAnon gets down to business, to defeat the Toads. Did they send me larvae when I asked for ultralisks?Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Dyles, /tg/ dice, Now I'm quoting Mulan, What?2012-01-24 10 
17734087/tg/ does crosswordsWe got this/tg/ get shit done, crosswords2012-01-30 21 
February 2012
17822505Zerg Quest LXXIIIThe war against Dyles takes a hopeful turn!Collective Game, Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Holographic Hair, Dyles, /tg/ dice, Welcome Fruityling2012-02-06 10 
17828843On the habits of giants/tg/ turns a "see this, wat do" thread into a legitimate discussion on colonizing sapient cities on giants' backs.See This Wat Do, Colonized Giants, Why /tg/ is great2012-02-06 41 
17831503On the habits of giants 2 - On the Backs of GodsA continuation of the thread on colonizing giants. Now with worldbuilding!See This Wat Do, Colonized Giants, Why /tg/ is great2012-02-06 17 
17835096On the habits of giants 3 - On the Backs of Gods 2And /tg/ is still going! We've now spawned a quest, a wiki page, and we're steadily fleshing out the setting. We seem to have an official name now too.See This Wat Do, Colonized Giants, Why /tg/ is great, On the Backs of Gods2012-02-07 12 
17960493/tg/ Turns Five: A RetrospectiveOn February 15, 2012, /tg/ celebrated its fifth anniversary with a look back at some of the board's more memorable moments. Happy birthday, /tg/. Here's to five more years.Discussion, story, birthday, anniversary, meta, /tg/, board2012-02-15 13 
17964414/tg/ Turns Five: A Retrospective Part 2Too much awesome nostalgia for just one thread.Discussion, story, birthday, anniversary, meta, /tg/, board2012-02-16 3 
March 2012
18278118Omegle Quest/tg/ wades the shit of a/s/l to bring Omegle Quest to the usually not-so-enthusiastic masses of Omegle. Hilarity ensues.Omegle Quest, Collective Game, /tg/ to the masses, chat, storytime, Omegle2012-03-11 5 
April 2012
18532801Toonami April Fools NightA night to remember, /tg/ gathers around for nostalgia as it watches the April Fools Toonami line up of old shows on Adult Swim, nostalgia ensures.Toonami, fuck yea, nostalgia, manly tears, /tg/2012-04-01 31 
May 2012
19117954Gaming Club Despot / Economists and EpochsOP begins by asking how to keep his gaming club pure, and is quickly revealed as a god-tier troll. /tg/ responds by derailing into a homebrewed setting where martial arts cults pay homage to the warring gods of Economic Theory.troll, OP, faggot, god-tier, 10/10, rage, derail, tg, /tg/, Economists and Epochs, gaming club, homebrew, setting2012-05-16 22 
June 2012
19599033Zerg Quest XCIA crossover...in MY Zerg Quest? It's more likely than you think.Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, MetaQuest OP, Cerebrate Anon, Crossover, MetaQuest, Tassadar, /tg/ dice2012-06-24 14 
19671858Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Savageness: Thread 2With the basics of character creation done, Minifig now works on specific animals. Suggestions are made, things are refined, alliances are forged.RPG, rpg, Palladium, Savage Worlds, TMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, homebrew, SW, /tg/ gets shit done, shit gets done, win, character creation, mutants, cordova is awesome2012-06-30 2 
July 2012
19731984Tzeencth In A BoxWhat if a Tzeentch cultist opened a fast food joint?40k, fast food, sillness, /tg/ gold2012-07-04 12 
19797089Zerg Quest XCIIIGalactic expansion? Nomming the galaxy begins. Also, exploration outside the galaxy, and budget meetings?Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, /tg/ dice2012-07-09 7 
19941867 /tg/-CraftsA tabletop-related crafts thread with some tutorials from Esh-Esh and Hungarian LARPfag on how to make LED crystals, arts & crafts, /tg/, Esh-Esh, hungarian LARPfag2012-07-19 7 
19996057/tg/ solves the oil crisisAn attempt at a troll thread in /tg/ creates yet another /tg/ moment./tg/, failed troll, /tg/ moment, 2012-07-25 28 
August 2012
20238057A /tg/ MomentComputer advice, /tg/ style/tg/ moment, mispost, The Machine Spirits don't know how to feel2012-08-08 10 
20378749Zerg Quest XCIXThe testing continues and OH FUCK LOOK OUTZerg Quest, Collective Game, Cerebrate Anon, Xel'Naga, Starcraft, Ow my brains!, TPK, OH GOD THE PAIN, /tg/ dice, Arm wrestling pro-tip2012-08-19 7 
20453601Apellomancy/tg/ discusses a new school of magic. Hilarity ensues.magic, apellomancy, names, awesome, /tg/2012-08-24 11 
20461272Zerg Quest C100 Threads! Woo! Meanwhile, gods try to steal our mind.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Xel'Naga, testing, /tg/ dice, less of you than I remember, OW MY HEAD2012-08-25 11 
September 2012
20855711READ THISThis is a thread dedicated to a re-work of GW rules and shit crunch that happened. Seriously, read it.Homebrews, re-work, WH40K, /tg/getsshitdone2012-09-26 10 
October 2012
20949302Sauces that go with chicken/ck/ request anon takes a left turn at albaquerque, ends up in /tg/. Still gets question answered/tg/ gets shit done, /ck/, chicken sauces2012-10-01 5 
20952162Zerg Quest CVIThe battle continues, except for when we're busy making silly puns. The battle waits for puns.Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Puns, /tg/ dice, botched nat 20, double 11s, Khas pops out of a cake, STOP BLOWING HOLES IN MY REALITY2012-10-02 7 
20994865 Project Tau: By Calmsword of Tau Online (Articles 1-5)5 Fanon/Canon articles on Tau Fluff for the /tg/ edition of Warhammer 40k Tau pageTau, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer 40000, Warhammer 40k /tg/ edition,2012-10-05 2 
21083240Wlmart Apocalypse Thread 3: We have a drawfag this time, what's your thrad got?anons homebrew fluff for a setting where walmart buys the world, we get art for the crazy rafter dwelling ninja and more fluff on the Dorfen nevergrows. good times.Walmart_Apocalypse, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-10-12 8 
21093664Walmart Apocalypse Thread 4Some writfagging, draw fagging, class descriptions, Superb Owl Sunday is explained, and the rise of the ambuleceti.Walmart_Apocalypse, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-10-13 4 
21103728Walmart Apocalypse: rise of the TeslawattIn this thread we learn that the 'Tronboys worship the Teslawatt, the Topdwellers live in constant migration, running away from an endless horde of omnivourus dire birds, and Hardware isrun by fueding, fuedal merchant houses called "Franchises"Walmart_Apocalypse, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-10-14 4 
21124413Walmart Apocalypse Thread...What are we up to? 6?More Fluff and Draw Faggotry, not much write faggotry this time around.Walmart_Apocalypse, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-10-15 2 
21141286Walmart Apocalypse Thread 7More fluff, faggotry of all sortsWalmart_Apocalypse, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-10-17 2 
21348321Zerg Quest CIXDamnit, moot! We could have had a climactic battle, but noooo. You just had to improve 4chan while I was trying to use it!Collective Game, Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Xel'Naga, Double-Crit, /tg/ dice, Spiting Tassadar, Downtime, SO CLOSE2012-10-30 6 
November 2012
21378308The Hamlet of Tyranny 4th Anniversary TaleA retelling of the original legendary Dwarf Fortress gameplay recounting.Dwarf Fortress, Epic, /tg/2012-11-01 21 
21444559Grea/tg/ary cloud Hex 6 pt 1Spooky (Rubyleaf from the Castle Gygar game) proposes a massive shared D&D universe on /tg/Collective Game, Quest, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 6, Old School2012-11-06 1 
21456930Castle Gygar pt 9They finally find out what's in that one room from the first floorCollective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary2012-11-06 0 
21465581Castle Gygar pt 10/Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 2Continuing the journey into the Caverns of Quasqueton started in the previous thread.Collective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-11-07 0 
21473698Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 3Continuing their exploration of the caverns of Quasqueton, the party loots some tapestries, finds the wizards lab, and disturb an ochre jellyCollective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-11-08 1 
21482646Grea/tg/ary Cloud Hex6: 1st sessionIn which Judge Spooky finally finds players, and eliminates them like vermin. He also eliminated them using vermin. (Don't be scared, they were a bit reckless and they know it.)Grea/tg/ary Cloud, Judge Spooky, PBP2012-11-08 -2 
21488593Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 4Further exploration down into the Caverns of Quasqueton.Collective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-11-09 2 
21501734Archetypal Fantasy MagicStarts about barefoot characters; /tg/ makes it about magic done by following an archetype like the warrior, the mage, or the thief.Fantasy, World Building, Derailed, /tg/ gets shit done2012-11-09 10 
21505956Archetype Fantasy Magic 2In which the nascent setting is fleshed out significantly. Fantasy, World Building, /tg/ gets shit done2012-11-11 0 
21578739Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 6After a long hiatus, the party returns to Quasqueton, fighting spiders and looting a trophy roomCollective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-11-15 0 
21594751Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 5The party experiments with the magic pools, fights a bunch of orcs, and make another attempt at the maze in the northeastCollective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-11-16 0 
21669733Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 8The party battles gnolls and barbarians, and ends up finding The Gym of Rogahn.Collective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-11-20 1 
21677377Zerg Quest CXIISomebody has already summarized this entire thread by saying, "shit just got real."Starcraft, Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Collective Game, Zeratul, Xel'Naga, Nukes, Irreparable harm, here's us on the raggedy edge, /tg/ dice, the dice hate you2012-11-21 10 
21645749VeloCITY ReloadedInterest in the /tg/ homebrew game "VeloCITY" is rekindled. Archived for posterity and information.VeloCITY, The Wind in Your Hair, /tg/, homebrew, discussion, Jet Set Radio, Tony Hawk, Air Gear, parkour, freerunning, rollerblade, skateboard, bike2012-11-21 5 
21684291Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 9The party gets confused by teleporter rooms, and finds the underground treasure roomCollective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-11-22 1 
21702426Castle Gygar Thanksgiving SpecialAfter Mistamere is cursed with a magical sleep after eating too much of the Plymouth Roc, the party goes to seek aid from the elven maiden MayflowerCollective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 1, Thanksgiving2012-11-22 1 
21710520Castle Gygar Thanksgiving Special pt 2: Thank HarderFighting their way through Castle Wa'ul*mat the party must now help the Order of Toys for Tots kill the manager permanently, to end the curse of Black Friday once and for all!Collective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 1, Thanksgiving2012-11-23 1 
21736035Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 10The party follows Mr Fuzzyboots, the wizard Zelligar's familiar, into the desert where they find the lost city of the Cynidiceans.Collective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-11-25 0 
21744911Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 11Otab betrays the party for no good reason, and they head back to clear the last level of Castle GygarCollective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-11-26 0 
21752308Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 12The party fights a shadow beneath the castle, and Echo seduces Scylla the Medusa.Collective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-11-26 2 
21767432Zerg Quest CXIIIThe FINAL Zerg Quest. After 2 years and 113 threads, the Swarm finally meets its end. Zeratul stands with his blade poised. Will he strike us down? Will the Swarm end here, or will it be assured of its immortality?Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, /tg/ dice, I'm too young to die, Big Brother, Death, Rebirth, Alpha and Omega, Metaquest OP, Portent?2012-11-27 25 
21779620Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 13The party goes after the blade Anguriel, get swallowed by giant toads, and fight an undead elfCollective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-11-28 0 
21797105Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 14The party picks up the elf Deedra Helfrick, and meets with the Magi of Usamigaras within the Cynidicean ziggurat.Collective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-11-29 1 
December 2012
21823965Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 15The party finds a shortcut to the fifth level, fight an owlbear, and meat some mysterious twinsCollective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-12-01 2 
21884087CATastrophe: HomebrewWork Begins yet again on CATastrophe. The diligent fa/tg/uys manage to develop the beginings of The TAIL Roleplayoing system, setting locations such as Star Dust Port and Diver's Bay. Oh and a CATastrophe Dev Team checks in.CATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-12-05 5 
21886730Halo homebrew Vorked Grimlock reveals his halo homebrew work. discussion and work ensues.homebrew halo /tg/gets_shit_done2012-12-06 7 
21904423Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 16Angbard and Drogo join the party, fight some giant beetles, and discover several crates of fireworksCollective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-12-06 1 
21902150CATastrophe Homebrew ThreadThe fa/tg/uys of /tg/ soldier on in the face of no opposition whatsoever. The TAIL development guy checks in, Diaspora is ripped off to develop settlement & Dive site generators and there's talk on having adventures in the Artic Tundra.CATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-12-07 2 
21950087Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 17Drogo tries to rob the Brotherhood of Gorm, and joins with Leod to watch a goblin drug deal go downCollective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-12-09 0 
21985838How about a game?/tg/ starts playing your average game of connect four.../tg/, funny, awesome, random, wat2012-12-11 38 
22010594Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 18Some new players show up and head down to level 4 of the PyramidCollective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-12-13 0 
22041637Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 19Ragnar and Drogo fight their way through the tomb level, and come back with a massive haul of gems!Collective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-12-15 1 
22040134Creature's Path: A game of mutation and adventureOP wants to know what a Dungeon crawler where people slowly mutate into standard RPG monsters would look like. /tg/ decides that this is a question that needs to be answered.Creature's_Path, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-12-15 10 
22056811Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 20Ragnar and Drogo go bandit huntingCollective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-12-16 0 
22064088CATastrophe ThreadMore Writefaggotry, Some Quest Hooks, and updates on the crunchCATastrophe, /tg/_gets_shit_done, Homebrew2012-12-17 7 
22087112Grea/tg/ary Hex 1 pt 21Ragnar heads down to the Cynidicean undercity, deep below the pyramid. Collective Game, Quest, Castle Gygar, Old School, Grea/tg/ary, Hex 12012-12-18 0 
22140457Power Rangers Villians and 40KOP posts a picture of Lord Zedd calling him a heretek, one anon points out that Zedd is more of a sorceror than a heretek. Brain Storming Session involving Fluff for reworked Power Rangers villians as Antagonists for Dark Heresy and Black Crusade follows./tg/_gets_shit_done, Power_Rangers, 40K2012-12-22 8 
22183732/tg/ makes a vidya: DiscolitchOP: wants to make a vidya game for /tg/. Funkyness and disco ensues./tg/_vidya 2012-12-23 21 
22269100/tg/ Plays King Of Dragon Pass/tg/ creates the Thunder clan, a force of honorable, thunder warriors bent on having the fresh blood of their enemies on their blades. Things get off to a good start when we get a blessing from Humakt to raid this year before we are raided ourselves. We take up his blessing, and come out on top in all raids, even when things looked cloudy.King Of Dragon Pass, Dragon Pass, /tg/ plays 2012-12-29 5 
January 2013
22531840Lighting a S.P.A.R.K.OP wants us to make a system. We create a world that is slowly becoming one with the internet. S.P.A.R.K, /tg/ homebrew, random setting, Sci Fi, crazy AI, Makrosoft, Mr. SPARKLES2013-01-12 4 
22605710/tg/ tries to play chess.Someone comes with a game of chess, /tg/ acts like it always does. The battle of the century ensues. Down with White!chess, /tg/, stupid, boardgame, derail2013-01-15 10 
February 2013
23023418I Believe In Myrkul!So where you from you sexy lich?/tg/ songwriting, Myrkul2013-02-07 37 
23176588/tg/'s Sixth Birthday/tg/ celebrates its sixth birthday on February 15 2013. Stories and memories are shared and urethras discussed.Discussion, story, birthday, anniversary, meta, /tg/, board2013-02-16 11 
23187601Imaginary Racism - FiveCabbageA thread about races in fantasy settings turns out the best race in fantasy settings.fivecabbage, race, lulz, 4e, /tg/2013-02-16 5 
23205251Shadowrun Cyberloli ArmyWhen a group of runners find themselves with a small army of augmented little girls, /tg/ knows just what to do with them.Shadowrun, loli, fun, adorable, just another day on /tg/, clips, d'aww2013-02-17 24 
23268451Illuminati: The Cartoon Conspiracy NetworkThey're in your television sets, subtly influencing you through the radio waves. /tg/ puts on their collective tinfoil hat and comes up Cartoon Network, Conspiracy, Fun, Awesome, Writing, /tg/2013-02-20 21 
23320304/tg/ Anime PicksAnon asks /tg/ for anime recommendations. /tg/ answers with discussion and lists./tg/, anime, good taste, favorite, recommedation2013-02-23 6 
March 2013
23501569Who?A derailment of singularly large proportions/tg/, Master Stroke, 10/10, YHBT2013-03-04 80 
236180211d4chan Updates and Q&AThe fellow in charge of /tg/'s personal wiki, 1d4chan (1d4chan.org), makes his presence known and holds an open forum to talk about updates to the wiki, upkeep, potential improvements and well-wishing.1d4chan, wiki, /tg/, Wikifag2013-03-11 18 
April 2013
24074738/tg/ sings Be Aggressive/tg/ actually does something, and sings a silly song together.sing, song, /tg/, /tg/ sings2013-04-05 5 
May 2013
24678380Quaker Q&AA Quaker stops by /tg/ to ask a question, and answers many more. A (mostly) civil discussion takes place.RPG, religion, roleplay, morality, /tg/, advice, Discussion, Real Life, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Call of Cthulu, D&D, Vampire the Masquerade, Dogs in the Vineyard2013-05-07 11 
25064626That Guy vs. YahwehWhat starts as a That Guy/That GM thread turns hilarious when one Guy, who doesn't know what 'omnipotent' means, tries to fight god.That Guy, epic, story, stories, storytime, awesome, /tg/, omnipotence2013-05-28 52 
25064084RPGs for kids/tg/ discuss games they've ran for children.Harry Potter, /tg/, rpgs, GURPS, storytime, adorable, Toon, Mouse Guard2013-05-28 7 
25080980Star Trek discussionInitial question on Star Trek AU turns into damn good discussion on the series as a whole/tg/, Star Trek2013-05-28 5 
25148048Dick DM Moves/tg/ vents about bullshit they've had to endure from their DMs/tg/, dm, DMing, DMs, DM advice, DM, gm, GMing, Gming, GM, That DM, That GM2013-05-31 14 
June 2013
25404002First-time GM Stories/tg/ recalls the first time they ever ran a game/tg/, storytime, GM, DM2013-06-14 7 
25606112"On 4chan", The 4chan role playing game.What starts as a nat 1/20 thread derails into creating a 4chan based rpg.meta, /tg/, game design, /tg/ gets shit done2013-06-24 5 
August 2013
26468972Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Savageness: Thread 3Minifig finally gets off his fanny and finishes off the conversion, then gives a storytime.RPG, rpg, Palladium, Savage Worlds, TMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, homebrew, SW, /tg/ gets shit done, shit gets done, win, character creation, mutants, Savage Worlds2013-08-06 0 
26506066Coming Out In D&DMom, Dad, I have a confession to make...lulz, d&d, wizard, monk, ranger, /tg/, vampire, lgbt. gay, queer2013-08-08 8 
September 2013
27207761Transformation Fetish QuestOh look, another thread about succubus transformation/corruption fetishes trying its damned hardest to be /tg/ related despite being /d/shit.We really dont need any more succubus shit on /tg/, Collective Game, gb2/d/2013-09-14 21 
27266205Clashworld First 100 posts were canon lore for a setting, which steamrolled into something with potential.game ideas, game design, original content, /tg/2013-09-17 17 
27307576Clashworld 2The first thread started the world. Now we're making it bigger, better, and easier to read.clashworld, game ideas, game design, original content, /tg/2013-09-19 8 
27347152CATastrophe Thread: The Oncoming Storm EditionMore fleshing out of fluff, discussion of crunch, and game artCATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/ gets shit done2013-09-25 2 
27426343Forgive Us, Machine-Spirits!/tg/ realizes that that there are machine-spirits within their computers, and remembers what their other 8 tabs are filled with. The Flesh is weak./tg/, 40k, why boner,2013-09-26 16 
27429855/tg/ tries to play Chess... againA continuation of the former adventures of /tg/ and a grim look into the reality that is how little we know about this fucking gamechess, /tg/, boardgame, stupid, derail2013-09-26 22 
27386067What is the most grimdark setting?/tg/ wrestles with that age-old question/tg/, discussion, 40k, Kult, Drakengard, Beserk, Exalted, Call of Cthulhu, call of cthulhu, World of Darkness, Drakengard, Midnight, grimdark, edgy, Grimdark, GRIMDARK2013-09-27 5 
27464445CATastrophe Thread: Koin/Mon├ęs EditionBusiness as usual, hashing out fluff and weathering the occasional shit storm.CATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2013-09-29 1 
October 2013
27488162All-children ADVENTURE party ideasOP asks if an all-kids adventuring party would be acceptable. /tg/ jumps on the idea and awesome ensues.campaign ideas, campaign, Children, Adventure, loli, /tg/_gets_shit_done, I wish to be the little girl, Monsters, Digimon, Game Ideas, little fears2013-10-02 16 
27577079Another CATastrophe Thread!Discussion of the /tg/ original setting. This edition features quest planning, original stories, and lore discussion.CATastrophe, Homebrew, homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2013-10-05 3 
27818954CATastrophe Thread: 'Nipped Out EditionPlenty of fluff development, including new locations for the setting. Also some comedy and ZERO shitstorms.CATastrophe, /tg/ gets shit done, Homebrew2013-10-21 2 
November 2013
28063503CATastrophe Thread: Swimming with Sharks EditionA completed FATE Accelerated alpha, plus more fluff detail and more art from the resident drawfags.CATastrophe, Homebrew, drawfag, /tg/ gets shit done2013-11-03 3 
28092145Time Wizards playtestIt actually happened. Dear god.time wizards, homebrew, /tg/ gets shit done2013-11-04 104 
28269461King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulveltr 4The clan's luck starts to turn around, with good omens and successful raids. The winning streak comes to an abrupt end when the Stag Hearths burn ten steads to the ground.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2013-11-14 3 
28279345King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 5Revenge against the Stag Hearths begins, but is derailed by an unexpected betrayal.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2013-11-14 3 
28306228King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 6The tribe brings down the hammer, and several long term problems come to an end. Tricksters gonna Trickster.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2013-11-16 3 
28346571Cards Against Humanity: /tg/ expansion/tg/ makes a custom expansion set for CAH.Cards Against Humanity, CAH, /tg/, Homebrew2013-11-18 2 
28348686King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 7In which the clan explores Dragon Pass.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2013-11-19 5 
28400964King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 8A new leader appears, and the clan forms new alliances.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2013-11-21 3 
28422148King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 9Preparations for tribe forming come together, and the Jenestni default on their payments.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2013-11-22 5 
28509027/tg/'s Bleach OC's"ITT: /tg/ shows off its Bleach OC's"derail, pun, bleach, stains, never change /tg/2013-11-26 20 
28529787King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 10The Colymar tribe bullies, the Goodseller sells goods, cattle raids are dispersed and the Storm Tribe is made. Tribe making time.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2013-11-28 6 
28563321King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 11Tribe Avaltvar is born, and Elusu is elected to lead it. Hail Fimbulvetr, kings in the North.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson, king me2013-11-30 5 
December 2013
28658549King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 12Tribes for everyone! Also, our enemies are being stupid again.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson, king me2013-12-05 7 
28699812King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 13Two more heroquests completed. In the other months, exploration and trading. Derik sees his family killed, starting him on the path to destiny.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2013-12-07 5 
28715801Clade Quest 5Felicia wants to entrap a Senator, the dice decide she wants to be mauled by a dog.Collective Game, Clade Quest, Abhuman, Catgirls, Politics, /tg/ Dice2013-12-08 5 
28719793King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 14Even more Heroic combatants; Anmangarm clan just won't stop feuding. Sisters-in-law and uncles are revenged for.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2013-12-08 4 
28825673King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 15Poor Rangor is left forever alone; women burn the tavern of Mule Deers, to be never rebuilt; Elusu tears through "Elmal Guards the Stead". And then Horse-Spawn capture Baranthos in his thrall rescue mission, curse them!King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2013-12-13 4 
28955152Nightlight: Toys Vs. Monsters 3Character creation is *finished* also, v0.01 of the character sheet and the first chapters of the rulebook... holy shit guys, it's happening.Game creation, toys, fire, nightlight, brainstorming, nightmares, grim bright, /tg/ gets shit done2013-12-20 1 
28966548King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 16We please the ancestors, do well in war, and show Saraska Bright-Eyes the door.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2013-12-20 5 
28984052Nightlight: Toys Vs. Monsters 4The fourth thread of Nightlight... in which things get done.shit guys, it's happening. Game creation, toys, fire, nightlight, brainstorming, nightmares, grim bright, /tg/ gets shit done2013-12-21 1 
29078040/tg/ plays FTL: Faster Than LightCaptain Gygax of the Teegee and her band of psychotic scrap-hunters tear the galaxy a new asshole./tg/ plays, Captain Faggot, FTL, Faster Than Light2013-12-26 9 
29111366King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 17Omens of war prove false, the carls are buried under mountains of gifts, and Cragspider sends an ineffectual warning.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2013-12-28 3 
29107830Nightlight: Toys Vs. Monsters 5Some writefagging and game balancing happens.game creation, toys, fire, nightlight, brainstorming, nightmares, grim bright, /tg/ get shit done2013-12-29 2 
January 2014
29193473King of Dragon Pass: Sacred Time specialIn honor of the incoming new year, Heortson uploads the myths of King of Dragon Pass. Glorantha scholars answer questions.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson, lore2014-01-01 2 
29353056King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 18A difficult heroquest is accomplished after much frustration, Derik leaves to seek his destiny, and the Jenestni move closer to their doom.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2014-01-08 3 
29438947King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 19All your treasure are belong to us. We do the last of heroquests - Chalana Arroy with Elusu for absence of Chalani (guess that's their name). Kentvent gets onto the battlefield to prove that even our sages are better than their warriors. Soon.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2014-01-12 2 
29515872King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 20Trading rivalry continues, nobody cares. Got Ernalda's oven. Otherwise, routine stuff: raids, courts, blasting Jensteni's earth...King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2014-01-15 2 
29757715Being an Irish monkWhat starts with a description of an Irish monk's life (and a neckbeard's dismissal of his contributions) turns into a historical discussion.Irish monk, history, never change /tg/2014-01-25 7 
29856010King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 21Good night, sweet Orstalor, you shall forever be missed. Oh, and Jaldon Goldentooth ravages Dragon Pass, but that's not really important.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2014-01-29 5 
February 2014
30008887/tg/ fixes a combi-boltgunAnon shows up with a gun tailored for pose striking, and /tg/ can't help but squeal 'makeover!'. Also tech-heresy.dork angles, Dark Angels, 40k, weapons, /tg/ gets shit done2014-02-04 9 
30022060King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 22The Lonisi literally start shit, a new clan buds off of ours, and the Horse-Spawn have a new queen.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2014-02-06 1 
30197004Da Dakka XpressOP posted a bad quest, shortly ragequitting. Until the thread was hijacked by an Ork Klan creation table. It created the Ork delivery company "Dakka Xpress"40k, Ork, Dakka Xpress, thread hijack, WAAAGH, lulz, /tg/2014-02-13 7 
30220030King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 23The true horse-shitters are found out, three useful nobles appear, and someone takes a piece out of the Lunars.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2014-02-14 2 
30394914King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 24The clan wins a string of victories, bids farewell to a favored elder, and prepares to play peacemaker in a tribal war.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2014-02-22 4 
30487808King of Dragon Pass: Fimbulvetr 25Building the town of Hoddmimis, trying to end a feud, and making between between men and wolfmen.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson2014-02-26 5 
30525404Oversized Weapon Quest 15Loadse Raiding! You encounter a fated rival! You control destiny briefly!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Huge Weapons, Goblins, Chain Raid, /tg/ tactics2014-02-28 25 
March 2014
30754093What /tg/ does with the drunken sailorWe have discovered a horrifying reality. There are people who have never heard that song and new versions are pitchedSea Shanty, Songs, What Should We Do With The Drunken Sailor, The Drunken fa/tg/uy, Cowardly Guardsman, Muppets Treasure Island2014-03-12 9 
30851860Primarchs Return #3 - Writefaggotry followsA continuation of the second thread, writefaggots pursue the angles of retaking Cassini Array, the lost Primarch and Battle for Terra40k, /tg/, Writefaggotry, original content, manly tears, space marines, worldbuilding, warhammer 40k, Primarchs Return, Awesome, Alternative setting2014-03-16 2 
April 2014
31226418King of Dragon Pass FinaleAfter much struggle, the saga of clan Fimbulvetr and the Avaltvar tribe comes to a close. Hail to the Kings of Dragon Pass.King of Dragon Pass, Glorantha, KoDP, Rune Quest, /tg/ plays, Heortson, Praise Elusu2014-04-03 5 
31328439Party BeginningsAnons discuss interesting, memorable, unique, and awesome beginnings to roleplaying campaigns. GMs steal ideas for their games.game ideas, roleplay, game, DM, GM, awesome, /tg/, campaign, Campaign, ideas, Roleplay, original content, brainstorm, getting shit done, brainstorming, roleplaying, Game Design, 2014-04-08 3 
31674272A crazy PC's memorialA tribute to a good friend and crazy players like him. Story time, Storytime, awesome, crazy, crazy shit, D&D, Mage, lulz, epic, /tg/ 2014-04-24 10 
May 2014
32042064Super Robot Wars /tg/ Quest: Thread 0 15 years ago, the world died and was reborn in the fires of the Second Impact. Following the cataclysm, the balance of power was altered forever. It brought starvation and death, war and disease. But the disaster also brought the seeds of recovery with the alien material Tiberium. This crystalline compound leeched minerals from the soil, making them easy to extract and harvest. The resulting revolution in materials science spurred technological development, growth and prosperity.TimeDriver, Quest, Collective Game, SRW, Super Robot Wars /tg/ Quest2014-05-11 8 
32183478Super Robot Wars /tg/ Quest: Thread 1 (The Black Technology of Peace) We follow Major Michael Walter, ace mech pilot and veteran of the Tiberium War. Dispatched to the Azadistan hot zone, he led his Arm Slave squad to victory against KPSA guerillas, rescued GDI hostages and retrieved a prototype Personal Trooper. The fight was complicated, however, by the escape of the apparent leader of the terrorist and the emergence of a previously unseen, gigantic mech that should not even have been able to move according to conventional physics.Super Robot Wars /tg/ Quest, Collective Game, TimeDriver2014-05-18 6 
32445261Super Robot Wars /tg/ Quest: Thread 2 (The Black Technology of Peace, part 2) You are MAJOR MICHAEL WALTER, ace mech pilot and veteran of the Tiberium War. Fighting terrorists in Azadistan, you discovered and fended off a seemingly impossibly huge mech that was shielded with a mysterious energy field. Witnessing the mysterious unit brought you to the attention of MITHRIL, a secret organization dedicated to safeguarding and controlling the proliferation and development of dangerous technologies of unknown origin. You and your squad have been brought on board the Mithril airborne command ship, the Cu Chulainn, and introduced to its captain, teenage prodigy Teletha Testarossa. TimeDiver, Collective Game, Super Robot Wars /tg/ Quest2014-05-30 4 
32462969Super Robot Wars /tg/ Quest: Thread 3 (The Black Technology of Peace, part 3) When we last saw MAJOR MICHAEL WALTER, ace mech pilot and veteran of the Tiberium War, he was being introduced to Melissa Mao and Kurz Weber, pilots of the secret organization Mithril onboard the airborne carrier Cu Chulainn. We now continue with the results of the last vote from the previous thread.Collective Game, TimeDiver, Super Robot Wars /tg/ Quest2014-05-31 3 
August 2014
33841578Another Chapter Master thread: Shit Gets Done versionBased Duke comes out of nowhere with a nearly playable Chapter Master game, including screenshots. Alpha is going to be publicly released in a "few days".Chapter Master, /tg/ Gets Shit Done, Finally2014-08-04 10 
34144124Kidpunk Thread #8: Shamefur DisprayThreads 6/7 failed to get archived, but Kidpunk continues on, now getting close to having character sheetsKidpunk, /tg/ gets shit done, homebrew game, game development2014-08-15 0 
34501329The /tg/ Heresy 10: The Heresy Train has no brakesContinuation of the /tg/ Heresy creation/tg/ Heresy2014-08-30 -2 
34515870The /tg/ Heresy 11: Let's kill Bambi editionWe still need to iron out the legions and remove the ones that aren't clearly defined./tg/ Heresy2014-08-31 -2 
34524479The /tg/ Heresy 12: Get your shit together or you get the Fist EditionFinishing the Primarch Battlefield's role List./tg/ Heresy2014-08-31 -2 
October 2014
35821782Jackles and the Blind Seer Loli/tg/ at its finest, going from FLGS That Guys to the Blind Seer Sharpshooter Loli to french gaming to the Jackless to legal ages to fuck to meta-talk./tg/, jackless, cult, blind, seer, loli, sharpshooter, That Guy, FLGS, legal, fuck, sex, meta, 4chan, wtf2014-10-29 6 
November 2014
35928090/tg/ Plays: FTL Thread 1/tg/ steps into the captain's chair of Skyship Crutch4, tasked to evade the rebel fleet and deliver vital data to the Federation. The good captain and his Engi crewmates cross the first sector of their journey, which mostly involves shooting their way through rebels and pirates./tg/ plays, Collective Game, FTL: Faster Than Light, Cap'n, Skyship Crutch4, Engi, sci-fi2014-11-03 8 
35967775/tg/ Plays: FTL Thread 2Captain Tom Henderson of the Skyship Crutch4 continues his journey into an Abandoned Sector, murders countless space whales, and meets a new friend./tg/ plays, Collective Game, FTL: Faster Than Light, Cap'n, Skyship Crutch4, Engi, sci-fi, Lanius, Slug2014-11-05 5 
36006672/tg/ Plays: FTL Thread 3Captain Hinderson takes his new Slug buddy through a friendly Engi-controlled sector, which turns out to be not so peaceful on account of a Mantis invasion. On the plus side, the wrecked battle fleets and less-than-formidable Mantis warriors allow the Crutch4's crew to collect quite a bit of salvageable scrap, some nice new weapons, and even a third Engi crewmember./tg/ plays, Collective Game, FTL: Faster Than Light, Cap'n, Skyship Crutch4, sci-fi, Engi, Slug, Mantis2014-11-07 1 
36090000/tg/ Plays: FTL Thread 4Our ship makes its way through another sector of space, this one controlled by the Rebels. There are more friendly faces than expected, but our crew's efforts to aid them leave little time for reaching the exit./tg/ plays, Collective Game, FTL: Faster Than Light, Cap'n, Skyship Crutch4, sci-fi, Engi, Slug, Rebels2014-11-11 1 
36214791/tg/ Plays: FTL Thread 5We take a trip through Zoltan space, where we experience their teachings of peace and harmony, and pick up several deadly new weapons. Also we meet a new crew member. Also there are lots of rebels./tg/ plays, Collective Game, FTL: Faster Than Light, Cap'n, Skyship Crutch4, sci-fi, Engi, Slug, Zoltan2014-11-17 0 
36276282/tg/ Plays: FTL Thread 6The ship travels into a Slug-controlled nebula. Fortunately, their resident Slug crewmate Dr. Mr. Derek is able to help navigate through the dense astral clouds. Unfortunately, the sector seems unsettlingly empty, apart from the occasional band of murderous pirates and the ever-intrepid Slug merchants./tg/ plays, Collective Game, FTL: Faster Than Light, Cap'n, Skyship Crutch4, sci-fi, Engi, Slug, Zoltan2014-11-20 0 
36361032/tg/ Plays: FTL Thread 7We make it through the rest of the Slug nebula. Though we barely survive an encounter with some very dangerous pirates, we survive and recover. The Slugs are not so friendly in the latter half of the sector, trying to cheat us and strip our ship for scrap, but they aren't nearly as much of a threat./tg/ plays, Collective Game, FTL: Faster Than Light, Cap'n, Skyship Crutch4, sci-fi, Engi, Slug2014-11-24 2 
36454859/tg/ Plays: FTL Thread 8 (Bad End)We take a trip to the Engi homeworlds, which are suffering brutal Rebel, Pirate, and Mantis attacks. Our Skyship clashes against several of the invaders on its way through the sector, chasing down rumors an experimental Engi ship that was stolen by the invaders. Sadly, the battles take their toll on us, and when we reach the fleet that has the stolen ship, our own ship and crew meet their end./tg/ plays, Collective Game, FTL: Faster Than Light, Cap'n, Skyship Crutch4, sci-fi, Engi, Slug, Rebels, Mantis, ending, bad end2014-11-29 1 
April 2015
39054250Malal/Malice WorldbuildingAnon starts a thread asking where the pictures of Malal's daemons were from. /tg/ starts brainstorming ideas for how Malal cults would work.Worldbuilding, cult, Chaos, Malal, Malice, Chaotic, Gods, troll, metaphysics, Joker, /tg/ is incapable of staying on topic,2015-04-02 5 
39604439The Search for KyleAnon posts old GW invitation for Warhammer, /tg/ contacts employee through internet detective skills, OP is re-invited to game.Games Workshop, /tg/ gets shit done, Real Life2015-04-28 97 
May 2015
40275470Three Word QuestThree is all, all we have. And in three, our story starts. First with one, then with two. Where to next? Not a clue.Collective Game, Three Word Quest, 3WQ, surreal, strange, waifu, /tg/ never changes2015-05-30 21 
40285474DMC Quest 1Devil May Cry Quest, featuring Duncan. Kill Demons. Be cool.Quest, /tg/, DMC, Devil May Cry2015-05-31 11 
June 2015
40299770Fa/tg/uy Quest 0Wherein we discover that we are not a hero. We are a crazy. And in unison agree, that quest threads are shit.Fatguy Quest, Fa/tg/uy Quest, Collective Game2015-06-01 12 
40330797DMC Quest 2Devil May Cry Quest 2. Figure out your powers.DMC, Devil May Cry, Quest, /tg/2015-06-04 5 
40396631Do you believe in magic?An interesting question, what's your answer?/tg/, ideas, irl, magic, mechanics, opinion, tg2015-06-06 0 
40448919Fa/tg/uy Quest 1One man/bear/child's journey of discovery in a desolate world.Fatguy Quest, Fa/tg/uy Quest, Collective Game2015-06-07 8 
40548119Penal Regiment Designation: /tg/ - The Crusade Continues>Our... adept Guardsmen prepare for an attack on a Chaos bakery >The Vostroyan Liaison Officer wants to find the man who stole his sweetheart's picture >The Commissar just gave up >There's some Tallarns around here somewhere doing Emperor knows what A demonic dough monster rises and a lone guardsman makes a brave sacrificeGuardsman Sergeant Joe, Guardsman Lieutenant Joe, Bakers Legion, WarChef Boyzrdees, Guardswoman Kal Teest, Vostroyan Regiment Liaison Alexandr, Tallarn Roughrider Lieutenant Aaliyah, Chimera Sacrifice, Valhalla all shiny and crome, Warhammer 40000, Guardsmen quest, Penal Regiment Designation: /tg/2015-06-12 12 
40598209Fa/tg/uy Quest 2Fatguy discovers himself.Fatguy Quest, Fa/tg/uy Quest, Collective Game2015-06-14 8 
40617073Penal regiment designation /tg/: another inspectionThe regiment is deeply in ork terriroty and has problems with folding tools and special memberscollective game, penal regiment designation /tg/commissar gaurun, cpt notaneldar,lemming, gibbers, stephen meltaman, Sergeant KommandoInDisguise, james, ruh2015-06-15 5 
40691751The Sound of SilenceOP asks a difficult question, a fa/tg/uy gives the best responce /thread./tg/ being /tg/, epic2015-06-19 -10 
40717978Tic Tac Toe/tg/ plays a typical game of tic tac toe.Tic Tac Toe, MS Paint, /tg/2015-06-21 1 
40675471Ice Cream Magical RealmFor when a cigar is not just a cigar and Ice Cream is not just Ice Cream. Anons try to describe their fetish using only ice cream./tg/, magical realm, fetishes, ice cream2015-06-21 3 
40756036Field kit inspection penal regiment /tg/Another field kit inspections sees sora taking the penal regiment to purge church desacrated by chaos confectioneryfield kit inspection, penal regiment designation /tg/, collective game, ruh, grenadier sahar, palatani sister theresia, gary the catachan, ruh, gibbers, peasant2015-06-23 5 
40882994Fa/tg/uy Quest 3We ride together; we die together, bad boyz 4 lyfe.Fatguy Quest, Fa/tg/uy Quest, Collective Game2015-06-28 6 
40888369Epic /tg/ Approved Comic ThreadHi /tg/ this is my first thread on the board and I think it went pretty well. Be sure to upvote me if you like itď/tg/, comics, epic2015-06-29 -19 
40901015Penal regiment /tg/ - field kit inspection - ibram gaunt is my waifu editionThe penal regiment /tg/ is sent to a space hulk to clear out a maximum of genestealers before the karskin can come in and sweep all the glory. Gibbers descends more fully into madness, a Cadianite turns out to be a disciple of nurgle and voxes the sororitas to the displeasure of the commissar, who was just inviting the quartermaster to a drink if they survived the ordealcollective game, penal regiment designation /tg/,commissar gaurun, gary, ruh, lemmings, gibbers, gary the catachan, cadianite, palatine sister theresia, captain alexandr mikhailovicht, quartermaster nihaonyan2015-06-29 5 
July 2015
41028238Age of Sigmar and-oh fuck me.You still have not learned and I am ashamed.The whole reason I stopped coming to /tg/ was because for all your self-aggrandizing shit like this happens, that's why I shitpost on the archives, coming out of retirement, I haven't done thsi since 2013 so I don't know who this other faggot is, please learn to recognize shitposting and how the report function works, it takes two seconds of your time, consider developing a better policy on quest threads and CYOAs too, thanks, sincerly LWYS, XOXO2015-07-05 -21 
41027807Penal regiment /tg/ - field kit inspection - fucking this again editionThis time the regiment is facing off against Chaos spawn, as they are joined by the Inquisition, sister Theresia and the navigator, while a plot appears to stow away the commissar to safety.field kit inspection, penal regiment designation /tg/, collective game, ruh, lemming, gibbers, palatine sister theresia, navigator elena, inquisitor vilhelm, quartermaster nihaonyan, commissar gaurun2015-07-05 8 
41178108Fa/tg/uy Quest 4The gang's all hereFatguy Quest, Fa/tg/uy Quest, Collective Game2015-07-12 4 
41342242Of bunnies and /tg/interesting Ideas of how rabbit people can be a viable replacement for goblins and extra uses in settings are talked about, and then a writefag drops a feels nuke and it a good thing too.fluff, bunnies, creative, writefag, /tg/ isn't always a cruel place, world settings2015-07-21 5 
41410240Dragon /tg//tg/ from a dragon's perspectiveDragon /tg/,2015-07-26 11 
41479622Fa/tg/uy Quest 5We found a convoyFatguy Quest, Fa/tg/uy Quest, Collective Game2015-07-27 5 
August 2015
41623389Fa/tg/uy Quest 6We decide to work together with Zeke for a whileFatguy Quest, Fa/tg/uy Quest, Collective Game2015-08-02 1 
October 2015
42889010Renegade Space marine creation threadAn odd thought turns into a good idea that is well thought out and fluffed into a usable chapter./tg/ get shit done, Space Marines, Renegade Space Marines, fluff, good ideas, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, At the edge of known space,2015-10-07 -1 
43081579Home brewed reworking of Bioshock RPGOP asks for input to work Tonics into spell systems. /tg/ runs off with it into the direction of it's own game system. Crunch ensues.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-10-20 6 
43219967Home brewed Bioshock RPG #2Continuing from the first thread.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-10-24 0 
43332824Home brewed Bioshock RPG #3More crunch added along with discussions about how real life tech on building on the bottom of the sea. Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-10-31 1 
November 2015
43453917Home brewed Bioshock RPG #4New Homebrew guy posts up parts of the Alpha phase RPG and anons start to dig in to get shit done.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-11-05 0 
43540626Home brewed Bioshock RPG #5Status effects, Melee weapons and conditions are worked on. 3D IRL table top figurines are made as well.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-11-11 0 
43584194BIONICLE RPG Thread #2In this thread, we brainstorm ideas for the BIONICLE RPG and make puns out of Onua's name. (Just the one, really.)BIONICLE, RPG, WIP, /tg/ gets shit done2015-11-15 3 
43826037The /tg/ "Justice" LeagueSuperman comes to /tg/ for help against the forces of evil and /tg/ decides they don't need Superman. Odd god tier heroes emerge and hilarity ensues.DC comics, superman, heroes, fowlweatherfriend, /tg/, Stupidity, Funny, Hilarity, Justice, League, Overpowered bullshit, why is everyone god tier, plz buff superman, too low tier, 2015-11-27 10 
43902969ORK QUESTA funny, fairly free-form artquest about an ork.quest, ork, humor, /tg/ humor, funny2015-11-30 35 
March 2016
45869064Advanced Weenie Cartographer Character Sheet/tg/ makes a character sheet. Then decides it needs more pages. The fields, of course, make as much sense as one would expect.RPG, character sheet, /tg/, anal circumference2016-03-10 4 
April 2016
46811798 Dear Battle brother, I am in need of advice!Astartes Dating advice. Turns out Kriegers got the best moves. 40k, Space Marines, Chaos, Dating, Stupid silly /tg/ shit2016-04-22 2 
46903744Pentecost and the Last CrusadersAnon asks /tg/ for their best results on random tables, like space bats that can carry Baneblades or the nicest heretics ever./tg/ 40000, Last Crusaders, Pentecost, Aurum Space Bats, Rogue Trader, Space Marines, Dice Stories2016-04-26 2 
August 2016
48719849/tg/ plays tic-tac-toeOP challenges /tg/ to tic-tac-toe, hilarity ensues.tic-tac-toe, /tg/, shitposting2016-08-11 38 
October 2016
49585461Hektor Heresy is still aliveWe ramble on about how the project is going, and begin to discuss what we can do in the future./tg/ heresy, 2016-10-02 5 
49604781Hektor Heresy:Continuing to LiveWe continue rambling, get a few new people talking, and discuss strelky formations/tg/ heresy, 2016-10-04 5 
49636210Hektor Heresy starts to overstay their welcomeSpitballing, discussion, arguments, old rivalries resurface!/tg/ heresy, 2016-10-05 3 
49650510Hektor Heresy does thingsNo idea what happened here, was busy, and nobody else saved it/tg/ heresy, 2016-10-08 2 
49688522Hektor Heresy still doing thingsA bunch is discussed, new Legion starts to get its own page/tg/ heresy, 2016-10-10 3 
49809767Hektor Heresy still chugging alongContinue to discuss things, some progress is made. An old challenge reappears! Will our heroes be able to survive? Yeah, probably./tg/ heresy, 2016-10-21 2 
February 2017
51508401/tg/ creates a town mapBy adding one building at the time /tg/ created a glorious town of Stankonia. Light-hearted world building thread with extensive map making.town, map, world building, /tg/, collaborative creation, original content2017-02-02 25 
51734047/tg/'s 10th Anniversary: A RetrospectiveOn February 15, 2017, /tg/celebrates its tenth birthday by discussing memorable moments, and the state of the board. Here's to 10 more! Discussion, story, birthday, anniversary, meta, /tg/, board2017-02-16 38 
March 2017
52005009CATastrophe threadWhatever happened to CATastrophe?CATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/ doesn't get shit done2017-03-12 6 
52147324An average game of Tic-Tac-ToeOP challenges /tg/ to another game of knots and crosses. Things progress exactly as one would expect when using the board's house rules. Tic Tac Toe, MS Paint, /tg/2017-03-13 27 
52415087The Ancient Evil Awakens...then complains about it, and promptly goes back to sleep. A collection of funny greentext plot prompts involving the ancient evil.funny, /tg/, plot hooks2017-03-30 10 
May 2017
53150680/tg/ decides to create an AIAn anon vastly overestimates "/tg/ gets shit done" and tries to convince /tg/ to create a sentient AI. This goes predictably ineffectively/tg/ gets shit done, /tg/ doesn't get shit done, failure, AI, artifical intelligence, futile,2017-05-20 -8 
53450672/tg/ suffering chartsfollowing in the footsteps of /a/ and /v/, /tg/takes a stab at a character chart/tg/,40k,2017-05-28 7 
June 2017
53926988/tg/ describes their characters like Dishonored's Heart /tg/ writes short descriptions of their characters in the style of the Heart from Dishonored.Roleplay, Character, /tg/, discussion2017-06-24 7 
53982827Change One LetterAnons change/remove/add a letter in the name of a /tg/ game, and then describe what it's about./tg/, edits, worldbuilding, setting2017-06-25 8 
July 2017
54037215tg creates a town map part 2Once again, tg created a fun little town, Hermits Bay, trough collaborative effort.Light-hearted world building thread with extensive map matown, map, world building, /tg/, collaborative creation, original content2017-07-01 26 
November 2017
56461002mipuiOP shares his online map editor (collaborative too!) with /tg/ for testing and input.map editor, mipui, map, maps, collaboration, free, online, open source, /tg/ gets shit done, shit gets done2017-11-22 22 
56627210/tg/ Discusses the LightThe board discusses what "The Light" is from fantasy, and what it's supposed to be. A wealth of concepts presented as well!/tg/, The Light, Priest, Cleric, Gods, God, Worldbuilding, Resource, Light2017-11-29 3 
56659805/tg/ discusses character gen systemsA character gen discussion thread gets off to a rocky start. /tg/, character gen, system wars, soil science, geology, radiochemistry, nuclear chemistry, silty clay, sandy loam2017-11-30 4 
February 2018
57791145Franken/tg/: The Resurgence/tg/ stitches together some more characters, expands on existing ones and fleshes out the world.character creation, brainstorming, worldbuilding, Franken/tg/2018-02-08 7 
57853937/tg/ makes a map: episode 2In which our fine elegan/tg/entlemen come together once more to create another awesome hexcrawl as our board culture slowly returns.collab, worldbuilding, robots, Getting Shit Done, /tg/ gets shit done, hexcrawl, map2018-02-12 3 
57894014Franken/tg/: Son of /tg//tg/ develops the coastal starting town of Happy Landings and stitches together some of it's unsavoury residents.character creation, brainstorming, worldbuilding, Franken/tg/2018-02-13 1 
October 2018
62528232Unbreakable Tritons #2More writefaggotry for the Unbreakable Tritons.40k, Imperial Guards, /tg/, Unbreakable Tritons, sonic weapons, wetsuit.2018-10-17 0 
July 2019
67515173/tg/ KeepA RP thread about /tg/ being in a fortressmeanwhile, castle, keep, /tg/2019-07-31 3 
June 2020
73202826Tic-Tac-Toe ReduxThe time has come for /tg/ to play tic-tac-toe once more. Or, welll...It is Tic-tac-toe, right?Tic Tac Toe, MS Paint, /tg/, boardgame2020-06-17 6 
July 2020
73461308Parchment and Bolter (Thread 1)Anon writes a story about adept #5552, a perpetual who becomes the mother figure for the Primarchs and the Imperium as a whole40k, /tg/, story, writefag2020-07-04 28 
73558282Parchment and Bolter (Thread 2)Anon continues to write a story about adept #5552, a perpetual who becomes the mother figure for the Primarchs and the Imperium as a whole40k, /tg/, story, writefag2020-07-08 20 
73641606Parchment and Bolter (thread 3)Anon continues to write a story about adept #5552, a perpetual who becomes the mother figure for the Primarchs and the Imperium as a whole 440k, /tg/, story, writefag2020-07-15 21 
73793884Parchment and Bolter (Thread 4)Anon continues to write a story about adept #5552, a perpetual who becomes the mother figure for the Primarchs and the Imperium as a whole40k, /tg/, story, writefag, writefaggotry2020-07-21 21 
73962519Parchment and Bolter (Thread 5)Anon continues to write a story about adept #5552, a perpetual who becomes the mother figure for the Primarchs and the Imperium as a whole40k, /tg/, story, writefag, writefaggotry2020-07-27 22 
August 2020
74413893Skaterbro defeats the Demon lordAnon brings back a taste of vintage /tg/ by going above and beyond responding to OP.Writefaggotry, Drawfaggotry, Comicfaggotry, Old /tg/, oc, comic, epic2020-08-20 50 
December 2020
76603321 Parchment and Bolter RevampOP from before decides to redo the story40k, /tg/, story, writefag, writefaggotry2020-12-26 18 
January 2021
76852063Horrible Deep Sea ThreadHorrible facts about weird deep sea animals/tg/, Deep sea, Ocean,2021-01-18 12 
April 2021
78743128/tg/ makes an industrial horror setting/tg/ makes a grim setting about giant factories and the degradation of humanity by industry.game ideas, horror, industrial, /tg/2021-04-24 8 
March 2022
83658735The Empress of Humanity Anon rewrites Parchment And Bolter40k, /tg/, writefag, 2022-03-11 25 
83881174Empress of HumanityAnon rewrites Parchment And Bolter 40k, /tg/, writefag2022-03-26 24 
April 2022
84072398The Empress of Humanity 3Continuation of anon rewriting Parchment And Bolter. 40k, /tg/, writefag,2022-04-10 23 
May 2022
84573052Can au/tg/ists fix Harry Potter's magic system?In which the partially organized chaos of JK Rowling's imagination is attempted to be deciphered and fixed.Harry Potter, Magic System, /tg/ gets shit done, Potterverse, Magic, Wizarding World2022-05-19 3 
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