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December 2007
908925Good GM / Bad GMThe difference between win and fail.DM, GM, epic, fail2007-12-18 5 
September 2008
2530841What your DM is acutally thinking.GM'ing is a lot harder than one might think. That doesn't excuse their dick-ishness, though. See what your GM is really thinking when you get around his cleverly laid plans.DM, GM, Gamemaster, Dungeonmaster, Storyteller, inside thoughts, railroading2008-09-09 5 
May 2009
4654518GM PyrotechnicsA pyro GM describes an easy to do magic effect that brings special effects into any tabletop game.gm, epic, epic gaming moments2009-05-25 5 
June 2009
4993479Terrible Games Masters/tg/ shares Games Master horror stories, including the stories of Vincent and the Fist of the North Dragonstar.bad gm roleplaying vampire mary sue2009-06-25 3 
5012785Terrible Games Masters Part 2Actually continued in the "Dragonborn death By snoo-snoo" thread just above this. In turn, this is the actual death by snoo-snoo thread.mary sue, horror stories, gm, stories2009-06-27 2 
August 2009
5511229How to make a settingSolid thread on making a good setting.game design, d&d, homebrew, useful, dm, gm, world building, ideas2009-08-19 21 
November 2009
6516181Advice for StorytellersA no-troll, no-nonsense, honest set of advice for how to become a better DM/GM/Storyteller/Whatever-the-fuck-they-call-it-this-week.DM, GM, rookie, advice, useful2009-11-01 2 
December 2009
7013523Manly Dwarves"Tell me how to make dwarves awesome" turns into campy fun with fire-breathing landboats, bearded babies, and manly warsongs. dwarf, dwarves, dorf, manly, magma galley, fantasy, race, awesome2009-12-05 3 
January 2010
7401927actual DMing adviceno really its actual advice.DM GM advice tips tricks2010-01-03 8 
February 2010
7996799Who uses the books? DM or Players?Discussion of games where the players don't read the rulebooks, and various levels of DMs doing most of the work for them.GMing, play styles, running styles, Players, GMs, books2010-02-09 0 
March 2010
8606900/tg/ talks planes VIOP is back, and he's bringing a mission report. Lots of great plane porn, and we begin to think that some form of messiah has arrived, since OP's single post commanded a 150 post reply from slobbering planetards.planes, god tier gm, birds of prey, plane porn2010-03-16 13 
May 2010
9815315KingmakerKindly Anon dumps the Kingmaker kingdom rules for /tg/ to use in their gamesKingmaker, ruling, kingdom, Pathfinder, birthright, ruler2010-05-14 5 
9903852Unimportant, Awesome NPCsYou know the story: The GM pulls an obviously unimportant NPC out of his ass, and the PCs like the NPC. They like it so much they make it ascend to awesomeness. This has happened to all of us. So tell me about yours, as a GM and as a PC.NPCs, storytime, GMing2010-05-19 6 
10075911Dark Heresy Player IssueA GM tells of one of his characters making a terribly obvious Mary Sue and asks for advise for what to do about him.Dark Heresy, GM Advise2010-05-27 3 
August 2010
11633488Worst DMsThread starts strong, then begins to stall. Then anon tells about his former flaming failure of a GM.Gming, worst, puns, more puns, discussion2010-08-12 18 
11633267I Love You, NPCNPC's are in every game. They give you missions, die at your hands, and, sometimes, you love them hell out of them. /tg/ shares about times when their players got really attached to a NPC.NPC, DM, GM, D&d, Dark Heresey, manly tears2010-08-13 10 
September 2010
11950118Mister Bombardini & Soapbox It all started about soapbox dm's. Then about religion. AND THEN about an awesome Vampire: the Masquerade character: Mister Bombardini. character, Gming, Awesome, Religion2010-09-05 32 
October 2010
12579180Alright, let's see those character sheetsCharacters in popular shows/games/etc are represented as players presenting their character sheets. Hilarious, with many a lulz to be had.GM and Players, popular shows, lulz, creative2010-10-27 5 
November 2010
12844530Dark Heresy Statting - Iron Warriors Dreadnought/tg/ helps to stat a Dreadnought for use in a DH game against the acolytes, a near unstoppable killing machine is created, needless to say Heresymaker's players will soon encounter this TPK clad in armour and bristling with Chaotic energy.Dark Heresy, Dreadnought, TPK, Stat, Iron Warriors, Acolytes, GM dickery,2010-11-19 3 
12843556Random Bits of InfoA helpful anon comes by and proceeds to hand out a bunch of links related to world buildingGM, info, links2010-11-19 0 
December 2010
13153489How to do a Dark Setting ProperlyTheory and details on how to make a grimdark setting. Concise and excellent DM advice.Grimdark, DM, GM, World Building, RPG, advice, setting, grim and dark2010-12-15 17 
13237239Biggs and Big IronWhat starts out as a wizarding troll thread becomes one of an epic tale of one Goliath and the hammer that broke an entire campaign. Includes a sarcastic bro-priest, a rules lawyer of justice, a little girl and a CE barbarian who gains levels in Paladin of Freedom after killing a man 3 times his level. Contains copious amounts of heroics and fuck the GM.Shit GM, That Guy, Biggs, HAMMERTIME, Little Girl, Paladin, storytime2010-12-21 23 
13303204DM Wants Game MusicHello, /tg/. I am in need of orchestral music for DnD battle scenes. What sort of stuff do you use?DM, GM, resources, music2010-12-27 1 
January 2011
13634795DnD Horror Stories ThreadThings that happened to you that made you wanna throw your dice against the wall, things your DM does that make you want to slam his head into his table, things your PCs do that make you want to summon Cthulhu into your game.Retarded DMs, GMPC, Fail, Faggotry2011-01-25 1 
February 2011
14037159How to be a good DM/GMSome easy advice on how to be a good DM/GM. Applies to every system out there.DM, GM, Advice, Good, How-to2011-02-25 6 
14039948Resolution Systems for GM'sMath heavy resolution systems using d6 and d20 are presented as ways around the usual vagueness of damage infliction. Also conversation on non-die related systems.GM, PnP, resolution, system, damage, math, complex, useful2011-02-26 1 
March 2011
14238162Photoshop as a random map generator.Thread detailing the creation of very nice quality random maps, using photoshop. This is a fast, user-friendly method, sure to make life a lot easier on some lazy or time-deprived GM's out there.GM tools, map generator, photoshop2011-03-14 10 
14288556Call of Cthulhu advice and file dumpRunning a Call of Cthulhu game plus the books you need.CoC, Cthulhu, GM Tools, Downloads2011-03-19 0 
14291936Random Island GeneratorAnon posts a link to a random island generator. Includes display options such as by biome or 3D view.GM Tools, Map Generator, Map2011-03-19 4 
April 2011
14435926Magical Girl StorytimeA GM recounts his group's military magical girls fighting a mysterious alien enemy in a magitech setting resembling that of the Nanoha series.magical girl, mahou shoujo, military, gm story, setting, storytime, magical girl lyrical nanoha, nanoha, magitech2011-04-02 8 
May 2011
14788555Judgment QuestSome weird shit about Judgment and some crazy bitch in the forestJudgment Quest, Quest2011-05-03 3 
14901533Human factoryGM asks for help in a small part of his universe. /tg/ quickly realizes what's going on and gives hints to make it creepier.game design, roleplay, universe, gm, human factory, soylent green2011-05-12 16 
14973713Portals & ParadigmsSo, what if the world of Aperture Science was played out as a tabletop RPG? Here's a good idea of how it would all go down.Portals & Paradigms, writing, writefaggotry2011-05-19 15 
14970952Wheately Head of GWbasically the title. P&P was spun off of this thread. and Wheately is massive neckbreadPortals & Paradigms, writing, writefaggotry, GW2011-05-19 6 
15092314The Greatest Party EverA tale of dungeons and dragons, eternally retold. THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO!Awesome, Game Session, Thousands of years ago, Dungeons and Dragons, GM, Epic, BBEG2011-05-29 2 
August 2011
16047950GM Plot Twists and MindfucksOP wants a thread about GMs screwing players over with plot, but provides such an example that is an excellent plot twist. The thread then changes to a discussion about excellent campaign plot twists.GM, dickery, mindfuck, plot, campagin2011-08-24 5 
December 2011
17077014Idiot's Guide to Lovecraftian geometryGM asks for advice in making maps and buildings designed for horror. /tg/ obliges, starting with elucidating discussion on noneuclidian geometry.euclid, geometry, map, map design, horror, GM help, dungeoncrawling2011-12-02 5 
17120844What the fuck is a yellow dragon?THAT guy/ THAT gm story brilliantly told to humble us all.THAT guy, THAT gm2011-12-06 67 
17321717The Parrot Shipping CompanyAnon GM turned a simple character trait into full-fledged game experience for one PC, but made it simple enough that it doesn't piss off the rest of the party.OC, Homebrew, Macroeconomics, Houserules, GM, DM2011-12-25 17 
17382585Creepy Call of Cthulhu notes.What do you hand your player when they lose sanity? One GM shares his tricks, while others chime in with their own experiences.CoC, Creepy, Cthuhu, Madness, GM, rpg, 2011-12-31 7 
17383418ITT: OP tells us of how his GM is godlike.OP wants an ITT: Goddamnit thread, but he tells a story of such awesome GMing that everyone discusses it instead. Worth the read.GM, dickery, mindfuck, plot, campagin, why, sad, xanatos gambit, sad2011-12-31 7 
January 2012
17519063STALKER homebrew Version playable with Savage worlds system.STALKER, Rpg, Savage Worlds, GM2012-01-13 5 
17679146Oh, what tangled webs we weave.A fa/tg/uy offers a technique towards more compelling storytelling by sewing together the goals and beliefs of multiple PCs. Complete with demonstration.GM, DM, PC, advice, story, discussion, roleplaying2012-01-26 81 
February 2012
17907864Spore Collection, Inc.That GM who made the Parrot Trading Co. is back. What starts as a thread about overpreparation results in the creation of a fungal collection company that has Pigmen armed with Browning Machine guns and flame throwers called Baconators.original content, GM, DM, Houserules, Homebrew2012-02-12 8 
18029935Today I must become That Guy Pt3The horror-trainwreck continuesStorytiem, FATAL, Space, That Guy, /d/M, fetish game, player rebellion, That GM2012-02-20 36 
18032393Today I must become That Guy pt4Part 3 magically 404'd before its time, yet DIRK SOLDERS ON!Storytiem, FATAL, Space, That Guy, /d/M, fetish game, player rebellion, That GM2012-02-21 40 
April 2012
18744841Thomas the Space EngineOP comes to /tg/ asking for help with his homebrew setting. It is a setting where in his words: the players get to play a small fleet of sentient, mostly self reliant warships that also have android Avatars.homebrew, GM, sci-fi, A.I, Space Engine, spaceship, space ship, space, sentient ships, The Archivist2012-04-17 12 
December 2012
22072787How to deal with a That GMOP's Barbarian is turned into a pregnant woman. Help and advice is given, hilarity and awesomeness suggestions ensueThat GM, That guy, Crazy ideas, Awesome Ideas, Undead baby familiar mount,2012-12-17 15 
February 2013
22905526Magical Girl Noir Quest 79A resolute green haired magical girl decides to aim for all or nothing, and receives a Faustian offer. Shattered fragment's past. Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, Siberia, Midori, Moemura, Murderface, Malal, Madoka2013-02-01 42 
23043090Magical Girl Noir Quest 80The bravest magical girl faces the fire.Shattered fragment's past. Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, Siberia, Midori, Moemura, Murderface, Malal, Madoka2013-02-08 53 
March 2013
23433290Unweddable PrincessesOP asks for a series of hilariously unmarriable princesses for his Kingmaker campaign. /tg/ delivers.Princess, politics, status, marrying into power, daaw, Pathfinder Kingmaker2013-03-01 21 
23614573/tg/ against the FaeOP comes to /tg/ with a tale of mind-control fetishry and bad GM railroading, /tg/ proceeds to create weapons of mass fae destruction.Fae, railroading, shitty_gm, revenge2013-03-11 13 
23679659On Childhood, Death, and WarhammerAn eleven-year-old girl joins her big brother's Warhammer Fantasy game, his character being a childhood hero of hers. In her first session, a single botched roll leads to both killing her brother's character and her own death as a result; she leaves the table crying. /tg/ has it out.Discussion, WFRP, Warhammer, Warhammer Fantasy, GM, death, girl, PC, player character2013-03-14 41 
23870937Writing StoriesOP asks about becoming a writer and what kind of writer interests /tg/. writing, story, stories, storytelling, GMing2013-03-26 5 
May 2013
24576270GM Toolkits for all to enjoy!/tg/ gets together and posts all their favourite GM tools.Tools, GM, GMing, DM, DMing, Helpful, Tips, Resources2013-05-03 18 
24641108That DM/Guy storiesPassive agressive DMs. Dumb players. Dumb passive agressive DMs AND players. All that and more.that guy, that gm, story, WHY2013-05-06 6 
25148048Dick DM Moves/tg/ vents about bullshit they've had to endure from their DMs/tg/, dm, DMing, DMs, DM advice, DM, gm, GMing, Gming, GM, That DM, That GM2013-05-31 14 
June 2013
25404002First-time GM Stories/tg/ recalls the first time they ever ran a game/tg/, storytime, GM, DM2013-06-14 7 
25571222That GM advice/storytimeOP asks for advice with a railroading DM, and gives context for his woes.That GM, advice, storytime, Pathfinder2013-06-23 5 
25619615Supernatural session story time A DM with a devoted group comes to tell the story of his best session ever to /tg/, and get ideas for the questline. /tg/ enjoys and obliges. horror, supernatural, dm, gm, story time, 2013-06-24 22 
25625236Secrets of GMingGMs let us /tg/ in on their dirty little secretsDM, dm, gm, GM, DMing, GMing, NPC, NPCs, npcs, npc, railroading, Railroading, players2013-06-25 6 
August 2013
26793774Four powers, One World/tg/ gets cracking on a new setting involving 4 major superpowers: USA, China, the EU and Russia, and Pan-Asia.Setting, brainstorm, DM, DMing, GMing, GM2013-08-24 7 
September 2013
27143752Miskatonic University Quest 1In which we make our way to Miskatonic University and discover that all is not what it seems.Miskatonic University Quest, Miskatonic University, Miskatonic, Collective Game, Lovecraft, Lovecraftian, Horror, Lovecraftian Horror, Prose, Hangman, Arkham2013-09-11 15 
27167817Miskatonic University Quest 2We begin the quest watching a court of cats in the strange hour that seemed to not exist for most of the world. After a dream sequence it's almost lunch time, and OP had to take an early leave.Miskatonic University Quest, Miskatonic University, Collective Game, Miskatonic, Lovecraft, Lovecraftian, Horror, Prose, Hangman, Arkham2013-09-12 7 
27186916Miskatonic University Quest 3We begin to decipher the Tome we found in the library, continue to be anti-social, and eventually take a jog with Jack.Miskatonic University Quest, Miskatonic University, Collective Game, Miskatonic, Lovecraft, Lovecraftian, Horror, Prose, Hangman, Arkham2013-09-13 4 
27202643Miskatonic University Quest 4After a conversation with Jack we continue to be asocial then go out into the hedge maze in order to perform the ritual...Miskatonic University Quest, Miskatonic University, Collective Game, Miskatonic, Lovecraft, Lovecraftian, Horror, Prose, Hangman, Arkham2013-09-14 2 
27292905Captain DicebeardOP meets a GMing pirate and asks /tg/ if he should continue playing. /tg/ states the obvious: DO IT FAGGOT!Captain, Dicebeard, GMing, Crazy, Awesome, Funny, Story Time2013-09-19 25 
October 2013
27948809How to into villainsA thread starts off with GMs sharing tricks they like; it eventually switches into a discussion om how to make good BBEGs.villain, BBEG, Lich, necromancer, paladin, GM, DM2013-10-26 4 
December 2013
28617703Times your group has had to end for the nightTimes a campaign has had to restart, be rewritten, or put on hold because of silly bullshit players pull. Also a small bit of advice on worldbuilding.DM, GM, DMing, GMing, worldbuilding, story, stories, storytime, PC, GMPC, DMPC, bard, paladin, seduction, cancer, Elder evil, EE, BBEG2013-12-02 5 
28921062Wilderness Surival TipsOP Asked how to make survival interesting. Lots of good discussion.Wilderness, RPG, DMing, GMing2013-12-18 0 
January 2014
29668006Excellent DM/GM Tools ThreadA useful thread chock full of suggestions and links to extremely useful software and websites for Game Masters to use in their campaignsGM, DM, GM Tools, DM Tools2014-01-23 13 
February 2014
29963025That Guy thread ft. KidA recount of various That-Guy stories. Also the stories of an awesome Kid.that guy, Kid, That DM, That GM, 2014-02-03 26 
April 2014
31230485On the divinity of the God EmperorSome guy asks for in-universe arguments for proof of the Emperor's divinity. He gets what he asked for, along with pasta, slight storytime, and DMing advice40k, Emperor, Emps, Emprah, funny, story, storytime, stories, pasta, copypasta, fuck witches, DM, GM, DH, that guy, argument, arguing, theology2014-04-03 5 
31328439Party BeginningsAnons discuss interesting, memorable, unique, and awesome beginnings to roleplaying campaigns. GMs steal ideas for their games.game ideas, roleplay, game, DM, GM, awesome, /tg/, campaign, Campaign, ideas, Roleplay, original content, brainstorm, getting shit done, brainstorming, roleplaying, Game Design, 2014-04-08 3 
31457092Submersible Witches Quest 41Martian telebots nearly kill us as we storm ashore in search of Natsumi Ogawa and her thought-dead sister, Harumi.strike witches, navy, submarines, WWII, Collective Game, Submersible Witches Quest, SubWQ, Kotters, SuWQ, SEALs, Frogmen2014-04-14 11 
31561086Gentlemen Spiderfolk WorldbuildingA thread on spiderfolk rapidly develops into an entire middle eastern/arabian nights setting with intellectual philosopher-gentlemen who just happen to be vaguely humanoid spider-monsters. Also pigmy headhunter kobolds.gentleman, gentlemen, spider, spiderfolk, worldbuilding, philosophers, middle east, kobolds, pigmy headhunter kobolds, roman, roman lizardmen,2014-04-20 5 
31606874Submersible Witches Quest 42As we wake from a dream of the past, we find ourselves surrounded by friends...and MacArthur's continued dickishness.strike witches, navy, submarines, WWII, Collective Game, Submersible Witches Quest, SubWQ, Kotters, SuWQ, SEALs, Frogmen2014-04-21 6 
July 2014
33114825The story of Legacy WarBASED Regalia delivers the tales of he and his friends playtesting someone's RPG that's secretly a self-insert Naruto fanfic.Story, Epic, Game Design, Naruto, DM, GM, funny2014-07-01 44 
September 2014
35110233Dysfunctional PartiesSelf-sabotage, anon gets killed for starting gear, Sabbat JusticeThat Guy, That GM, That Group, failure, awesome, awesomefailure2014-09-26 5 
October 2014
35754680Esper Quest: Thread 20Nee-chan returns, and a decision must be made: WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE?Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Cryo-Pyrokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, The Eye of Judgment, Hospital food, THE RETURN OF THE NEE-CHAN2014-10-26 5 
November 2014
36007446New DM Advice/tg/ chimes in with a bunch of great DMing advice.DM, GM, advice2014-11-07 0 
March 2015
38660820ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 1Bit interviews for his new partner, answers messages, and hits the second round of qualifiers!Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, 2015-03-13 1 
38775234ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 2Bit faces the aftermath of his second qualifier, his sister spends the night and Ms Shank makes a deal.Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi2015-03-18 3 
38856800ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 3Bit explains what sleep is to an AI, and fights a banana split.Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi2015-03-22 3 
April 2015
39096605ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 4Bit arranges an upgrade with an Avatar designer, Beatie practices her music career, and Ms Shank tells Bit about a startling reality of someone close to him.Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi, Drama2015-04-03 7 
39244894ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 5Bit has anxiety about the first qualifier as he chooses a publisher to give him an edge against Iron Angel.Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi, Drama2015-04-10 3 
39389521ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 6Night Lancer faces off against Iron Angel in the Sequoia wood. Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi, Drama2015-04-17 2 
May 2015
39949689GM vs. That Guy: Dark Heresy editionA GM and a That Guy hash it out on /tg/ in front of everyone. Logs were posted, macros were made, laughs were had.GM, That Guy, Dark Heresy, Skittles, Star Wars Episode 2, drama, ow the edge2015-05-14 14 
July 2015
40947836Warhammer: Age of Sigmar playtestPlaytest and review of the Age of Sigmar rules, using Lego figuresWarhammer, Warhammer Fantasy, Age of Sigmar, Lego2015-07-04 8 
41279526Raising Awareness/Writefag Training: The SUE Files Part 2We thought it couldn't get any worse. Holy mother of Cthulthu were we wrong. That Guy, That GM, Homebrew Setting, Mary Sue, DMPC2015-07-20 27 
August 2015
41993874How to do Stealth in RPGSOP asks what systems if any do stealth well. What follows is tips for how to do stealth well in any system.GM advice, stealth, sneaky breeki, advice2015-08-21 7 
42075568Post Apoc Swamp Mutant Cultist Civ Quest FINSo lives and dies the sons of Sarnath, who through themselves in their lake as their final sacrifice to their god.Collective Game, Mutants, Civ Quest, Hivemind, Frogmen2015-08-26 1 
November 2015
43661682Playing Chicken with the DMSeeing how far one can drag a character concept in terms of silliness until it is finally shot down by common sense. Also, illiterate wizards who cast using picture books.DM, GM, rage, wizard2015-11-16 3 
December 2015
44309400Acolyte Quest 0-Part 1Sigmund, survivor of a horrible massacre, is taken in by the Paladin Lady Gwyn, and begins his long road to becoming a Paladin.Collective Game, Acolyte Quest, Sigmund, Paladin2015-12-22 10 
44330472Acolyte Quest 0-Part 2Much occurs as we jump to our teens and take our Mark, a test to see if one is ready to become a Paladin. Sigmund grows much in this event.Collective Game, Acolyte Quest, Sigmund, Paladin2015-12-23 8 
January 2016
44570384Acolyte Quest 1-Sword and SoulSigmund arrives in Font Florene and gets his wish, learning the basics of Zielrand and then heads north.Collective Game, Acolyte Quest, Sigmund, Paladin2016-01-05 8 
February 2016
45217588Tide of Ages Quest Pt27Trading doesn't go so well, but Trym does gain some valuable information about the wider worldCollective Game, Civilization, prehistoric, stone age, Red White and Britfag, Tide of Ages, Unreliable GM2016-02-05 5 
March 2016
45591520GM/DM help threadOrganization of campaigns and the likeDM, GM, 2016-03-01 2 
April 2016
46369213Horror & General spookytg refrains from shitposting as they inform a GM good ways to spookhorror, space, travel, discussion, GM2016-04-01 1 
June 2016
47547348Despairity: That GM's homebrewAnon tries to survive a single session in a terribly homebrewed Pathfinder campaign.That GM, Homebrew, Pathfinder, Magical Realm, DMPC2016-06-01 29 
August 2016
488904Starborn Quest 1: Disco InfernoPurps adjusts to her new life as a bodyguard for Doctor Lexington by scouting out the town and crashing a festivalCollective Game, Purps, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Festival, Grinnsmon, Doc, Lexington, Enigma2016-08-20 7 
484582Movie Crashing Quest: Wrecked it RalphLed by the God tier QM, we crash a classic movie.Collective Game, Movie Crashing Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM2016-08-20 25 
494290Starborn Quest 2: FireflyYou are Purps, you kicked a foxman's ass in a dance off. As a bodyguard you decide the best thing to do is ignore your missing principle.Collective Game, Purps, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Festival, Grinnsmon, Doc, Lexington, Enigma, Firefly, Red eyes, Dancing Queen, Magic, Hona2016-08-21 6 
506656Starborn Quest 3: Undercover OverloadPurps embraces her inner fight club as Anna. She knows when to hold 'em, but it's quiet.Collective Game, Purps, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Anna, Grinnsmon, Marie, Poker, Enigma, Firefly, Red eyes, Gambling, Magic, Disguise2016-08-26 6 
515522Starborn Quest 4: Street SweeperPurps gets a confession rather easily. She then demonstrates what happens when emotionally crippled starborn fight normal people. Collective Game, Purps, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Brutal, Grinnsmon, Combat, Poker, Enigma, Firefly, Red eyes, Terminator, Magic, Feelings2016-08-29 5 
518976Starborn Quest 5: There's No Turning BackEarly Archive; Purps and Hona return to Hona's home. Introspection and Snuggles occur.Collective Game, Purps, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Brutal, Grinnsmon, Combat, Snuggles, Enigma, Firefly, Red eyes, Terminator, Magic, Feelings2016-08-30 5 
September 2016
512440Movie Crashing Quest: Wrecked it Ralph Pt.2The Crashing of a Beloved Disney Film that serves as a love-letter to Video Games continues as led by a God Tier GM.Collective Game, Movie Crashing Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM2016-09-01 0 
531225Movie Crashing Quest: The Crashing of Evangeleon (or, The End of Evangelion)As Requested by an Anonymous Player, we are going to crash the anime film that was The End of Evangelion as led by Ishmael.Ishmael, Collective Game, Movie Crashing Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM2016-09-04 0 
527483Starborn Quest 6: Fade to BlackA new foe appears, a cannibal priest of Darna. The title is appropriate.Collective Game, Purps, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Brutal, Grinnsmon, Combat, Boss fight, Enigma, Fail, Red eyes, Terminator, Death, Feelings2016-09-05 3 
542442Crashing End Of Evangelion: Thread Two (AKA, Movie Crashing Quest: The Crashing of Evangeleon (or, The End of Evangelion) Part 2)Ishmael continues the epic crashing of The End Of Evangelion.Ishmael, Collective Game, Movie Crashing Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM 2016-09-07 0 
542340Starborn Quest 7: Don't Call it a ComebackPurps is back and badder than ever. Real life mostly keeps QM away so ended early.Collective Game, Purps, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Brutal, Grinnsmon, Combat, Boss fight II, Enigma,Medics ,Ressurection, Terminator, Feelings2016-09-10 3 
555791Movie Crashing Quest: The Crashing of Evangeleon aka, 42 Crashing End Of Evangelion: Thread 3"LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Ishmael pulls a full on Rocky in The final showdown of The End Of Evangelion.Ishmael, Collective Game, Movie Crashing Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM2016-09-13 1 
566224Starborn Quest 8: Journey of 1000 StepsWe finish the aftermath of Mr Black, talk to Tornin and retrieve TARDIS wagonCollective Game, Purps, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Brutal, Grinnsmon, Combat, Enigma, Terminator, Feelings, Lex,Tornin,Hona,Wagon2016-09-14 3 
580430 Movie Crashing Quest: The Crashing of Evangeleon (or, ) Thread 4 The Final Showdown Continues in The End of EvangelionIshmael, Collective Game, Movie Crashing Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM2016-09-16 -1 
597492To CallMeIshmael and Other Players who successfully crashed The End of EvangelionA Special Statement by God Tier GM for the Successful Crashing of The End of EvangelionCollective Game, Movie Crashing Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM, Thank You.2016-09-19 -3 
580356Starborn Quest 9: Names and FacesWe begin travelling, meet a Captain and his son/Attendant. Mostly Social chapterCollective Game, Purps, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Brutal, Grinnsmon, Combat, Enigma, Terminator, Feelings, Lex, Tornin, Hona, Wagon2016-09-19 5 
598141Starborn Quest 10: Mad WorldWe get to sit down with one of the most in the know people in the setting. It's kinda tense.Collective Game, Purps, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Brutal, Grinnsmon, Combat, Enigma, Terminator, Feelings, Lex, Tornin, Hona, Wagon2016-09-20 4 
598602Help Me Escape Myst! (QST Plays Myst Part 1)The God Tier GM is trapped on an island and he needs the that he could get as QST Plays Myst.Collective Game, QST Plays Myst, God Tier GM, God Tier QM2016-09-20 -4 
574451Help Me Escape Myst! (QST Plays Myst Part 2)The God Tier GM is still trapped on an island and he needs the that he could get as QST Plays Myst.Collective Game, QST Plays Myst, God Tier GM, God Tier QM2016-09-23 1 
October 2016
662577Starborn Quest 13: And Then There Were ThreeWe roll through the night to Rono Pass. An old face returns and the village might bring some problems.Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Darna, Minerva, Wagon, Rono Pass, Travel, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Village2016-10-06 3 
661650Starborn Quest 14: Undercover OverloadWe finish the aftermath of Mr Black, talk to Tornin and retrieve TARDIS wagonCollective Game, Purps, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Anna, Grinnsmon, Marie, Poker, Enigma, Firefly, Red eyes, Gambling, Magic, Disguise2016-10-06 2 
673177Starborn Quest 14: The Village/ No Magical Girls for hire EditionWe have some fun in Rono Pass. Fun here meaning investigating the Darnites who apparently don't like us - who knew?Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Darna, Minerva, Wagon, Rono Pass, Travel, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Village2016-10-09 2 
690366Starborn Quest 15: Knuckle DownDown in Rono Pass, when the storms they're a raging. Down by the tavern - the bell is a tolling.Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Darna, Minerva, Wagon, Rono Pass, Travel, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Village2016-10-12 2 
704590Starborn Quest 16: Sunshine at MidnightWe explore the temple of Minerva. Begin doing some Tomb Raider puzzle solving and roll a nat 1. Also Frank.Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Darna, Minerva, Wagon, Rono Pass, Travel, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Village2016-10-18 2 
724408Starborn Quest 17: The Rono Pass Picture ShowWe continue exploring the temple, get some VERY BAD dice and take part in a lovely show. Then we get revenge.Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Frank, Minerva,Lust, Rono Pass, Rocky Horror, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Revenge2016-10-20 0 
733618Starborn Quest 18: CleansingWe look at the world through smaller, more innocent eyes before technical difficulties ruin everything.Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Frank, Minerva,Lust, Rono Pass, Rocky Horror, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Revenge2016-10-23 2 
November 2016
770940Starborn Quest 19.5: Luc the Vault HunterLuc Quest ends. Purp Quest resumes. The dice gods giveth and they taketh too.Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Darna, Minerva, Wagon, Rono Pass, Crits, Enigma, Temple, Feelings, Village2016-11-01 2 
781659Starborn Quest 20: Purple RainPurps is up and fighting with a mysterious blue coated man, the dice gods are on board with her until they aren't. Luc Quest 2.0 anybody?Collective Game, Purps, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Brutal, Wounded, Combat, Rono Pass, Enigma, Fail, Red eyes, Wolfmen, Death, Luc2016-11-05 2 
797754The First Take of The One of a Kind Odd Story RPG QuestGod Tier's Disasterous First Take of the Odd Story RPG Quest. It's Terrible.Odd Story RPG Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier GM2016-11-07 0 
802744Odd Story RPG Pt 1: The Stranger who calls you a Avatar When someone is assigned to deliver a package and a new girl at school enters the fray, the adventure enters a whole new level of odd.Odd Story RPG Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM2016-11-11 1 
814314Odd Story RPG Pt 2: Through Trial and Time (Canceled)What could have been a good start to a quest has turned to ruin due to my mom's strict rules of no talking to strangers. Here's the questOdd Story RPG Quest, God Tier GM, God Tier QM, Canceled2016-11-12 -1 
811757Starborn Quest 22: Tuesday's GoneWe travel, talk to Hona, flesh out her character, DOUBLE CRIT PASS, Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Darna, Minerva, Wagon, Singing, Travel, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Zen2016-11-13 2 
50350758Touhoufag asks for help with NPC behaviorDetailed discussion on generating NPC behavior which feels realistic and satisfying, especially with regards to irrationality end emotionadvice, GMing, DMing, NPCs, roleplay, roleplaying2016-11-24 7 
875456Oddside Down Part 1 (Moved)This is Gurps powered that was seen in 4chan before moving to another site.Oddside Down, God Tier GM, God Tier GM, Gurps.2016-11-29 -2 
May 2017
1420443Planet MercenaryLong wait and then some players show up and make characters and a Mercenary Company. Start of Job 1Planet Mercenary, RPG, Mercenary, Black ICE, ForeverGM2017-05-08 1 
June 2017
53619604/tg/ enters the Magical RealmA collection of the worst fetish settings /tg/ has ever seen.That gm, fetish, magical realm, cringe2017-06-07 5 
53745725Living Statue WorldWorldbuilding for a setting based around the creation of magically animated statues.golem, statue, magic, weeping angel, pygmalion, worldbuilding, sculptor, setting,2017-06-19 5 
54007948Hard words for GMs to say"What's the hardest thing you've ever had to say to a player as a GM?"GM, that guy, storytime2017-06-27 -12 
July 2017
1663472Anime Delinquent Thread #1From humble beginnings on a rooftop, the journey to become the strongest, least-assholey delinquent begins.Anime Delinquent Quest, Collective Game, PrincipalGM 2017-07-15 15 
1682993Anime Delinquent Thread #2The journey continues. Chie fights a New Challenger, we meet our mother, get in some good cardio, and meet a familiar face.Anime Delinquent Quest, Collective Game, PrincipalGM 2017-07-21 10 
1708655Anime Delinquent Thread #3After a Perfectly Normal trip to the store, we bring Takashi home with us, severely piss off Chie, and learn about our mysterious father.Anime Delinquent Quest, Collective Game, PrincipalGM,2017-07-27 10 
August 2017
1733679Anime Delinquent Thread #4Starting with testing gone awry, a vaguely familiar face returns, we get challenged to a fight, and Chie learns the power of friendship.Anime Delinquent Quest, Collective Game, PrincipalGM2017-08-05 9 
1724333Plump Quest: a tale of expanding horizonsThe story begins of plumpCollective Game, Plump, PlumpGM2017-08-05 3 
1759252Anime Delinquent QuestFighting a woman sends shivers down the spine. Because she's a Snow Woman. Yay.Anime Delinquent Quest, Collective Game, PrincipalGM2017-08-17 7 
1777877Anime Delinquent Quest 6Oue best friends little sister forms a diabolical plot for her brother. And we meet the principalAnime Delinquent quest, Collective Game, PrincipalGM2017-08-19 6 
1758623Plump Quest episode 2In which we fight a hot chimera woman and force feed an elven bandit a load of warm goo.Collective Game, Plump, PlumpGM2017-08-20 2 
1782091I Am Enigma: A Quest of a Different Kind, Chapter 1.1(This is the first part of Chapter 1) You start your adventure by exploring a strange new land and encountering new and strange facesI Am Enigma, Collective Game, Adventure2017-08-20 0 
1787912Plump Quest episode 3We try on some new clothes, fondle our BFF's newly enhanced bazongas, and attempt to our sponsor before she leaves town.Collective Game, Plump, PlumpGM, Maids2017-08-29 1 
September 2017
1820545Plump Quest episode 4We meet our employer's maids and learn about her treasure hunting days, then start our journey to find her.Collective Game, Plump, PlumpGM, ROAD TRIP!2017-09-13 1 
April 2018
2401853RHG QuestA drawquest about being a Rock Hard Gladiator.Rock Hard Gladiators, ParadingMusette2018-04-02 3 
59254172What creeps you out? Anons share things that unnerve them. Jesus fucking Christ.horror, terror, fear, GM advice, GM, 2018-04-21 3 
May 2018
59266224Planeforger IV: PheroxaWe rolled up a plane with dice, made a map, and created a post-phyrexian world with a twisted history that views yawgmoth more positively.Magic the Gathering, worldbuilding, Planeforger, MTG, art, phyrexia, yawgmoth, fluff, crunch2018-05-02 3 
September 2018
61836127shity segmentum: valentine battle edition welcome to 40k roleplay parody at the better autistic style of /tg/,enjoy.40K,roleplay,shity segmentum2018-09-09 0 
December 2018
63468425That Guy/GM Stories and Game AdviceAnons come together and actually put out some new that guy stories, some even throw in advice.that guy, that gm, storytime2018-12-12 6 
March 2019
65057692Good lichesTG discusses good aligned lichesdnd, lich, aligment2019-03-15 -1 
November 2019
3909829Heavenly Jewel Change Quest #10 The Journey through Hell Escape Hell! Or try to take it over, your choice.Heavenly Jewel Change Quest, Weak to Strong, Collective Gme2019-11-26 1 
January 2020
3971432My Hero Academia Mentor's Quest #1 Join us as we go through the day in the life of the No.5 Hero Tempress aka Mikumo Midoriya as she begins her life being a teacher at U.A MHA, My Hero Academia, Collective Game, AU, GordonGM,2020-01-07 2 
3997667Skrimland [Skirmish]The start of the Skrimland Saga begins! Three realms in contention with one another, a monstrosity from the swamp, and a feast for Curse!fenster, collective game, collaborative game, skirmish, skeleton, slime, junkie, bagmen, high fantasy, dark fantasy, high lethality, dog,2020-01-15 1 
4022405Penal Legion Regiment:Pacificus RenovamenYou are a member of a penal regiment, what is there more to say?40k, Warhammer40k, Penal Regiment, Thal-Gal, Segmentum Pacificius, Homebrew, Malak Subsector, Spicy Fruitcake2020-01-30 1 
August 2020
74365681Solo rpgA discussion about solo rpgs and their merits.Solo rpgs, Mythic GM Emulator, Oracles2020-08-20 0 
January 2021
4576717Project Wingbride, A Project Wingman Spin-Quel-Off 1A quest set in the world of Project D2's critically-acclaimed tribute to the Ace Combat game series, featuring Cortana-esque plane AIfus.AI Waifus, Planes, Project Wingman, Ace Combat, Military2021-01-24 4 
February 2021
4612257Project Wingbride, A Project Wingman Spin-Quel-Off 2A quest set in the world of Project D2's critically-acclaimed tribute to the Ace Combat game series, featuring Cortana-esque plane AIfus. AI Waifus, Planes, Project Wingman, Ace Combat, Military2021-02-23 1 
March 2021
4660907Project Wingbride, A Project Wingman Spin-Quel-Off 3As part of Garm Squadron, you've been ordered to undertake a mission outside the borders of the Orleasian Kingdom. Good luck, Wizard.AI Waifus, Planes, Project Wingman, Ace Combat, Military2021-03-27 0 
May 2021
79097963Your GM's fetishesAnons share their GM's fetishes. Turns out even good GMs can have "recurring themes."DM, GM, campaign, storytime, tomboy, musclegirl, slave2021-05-10 -3 
November 2021
5047778Surreal GMod QuestMan wakes up in a supernatural world. Drawquest using GMod props and ragdolls.Quest, Gmod, Surreal, Dreamlike, Liminal, Hook, Horror2021-11-13 0 
April 2022
5180454Project Wingbride, A Project Wingman Spin-Quel-Off 4To all: The GM has not abandoned this quest - I've just been busy with college.AI Waifus, Planes, Project Wingman, Ace Combat, Military2022-04-18 0 
July 2022
85292532Megadungeon DiscussionSystem Agnostic tips and tricks for running an OSR style megadungeondungeon, GMing, megadungeon2022-07-19 5 
October 2022
5410693Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Vol. 5A draconic antipaladin enters the realm of the dark elves on a missionary mission, to win their worship by any means necessary.ReptoidQM, Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, fantasy, politics, religion, drow, psychic dogmen, gender studies2022-10-28 5 
January 2023
5475726Tumb Raider QuestHarriet Celephais-Sigma begins her adventurer career. Tumb Raider, GGGG, Harriet Celephais-Sigma2023-01-07 1 
February 2023
5532638Dragon Ball Origins #2Drafted into a partnership with the former lord of time Aeos, Douji finds his soulmate and starts finding something worth fighting for. Dragonball, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Origins, Collective Game, Martial Arts, Shonen, Tuffle, KokuGM2023-02-06 3 
March 2023
5581367Dragon Ball Origins #3With the sudden appearance of the Demon Queen Mirayo, Douji does a risky move that lands a massive payoff on all fronts. Dragonball, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Origins, DBZ, Collective Game, Martial Arts, Shonen, Tuffle, KokuGM2023-03-18 0 
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