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March 2008
1323543Stat Nations as D&D CharactersThe USA: Lawful Evil Orcish Barbarian.nations, D&D, stat me, earthflame did it2008-03-13 -17 
May 2008
1728031Magical Girl RoleplayingIdeas on systems to play Magical Girl-based games.Magical Girl, RPG, Sailor Moon, Tri-Stat dX2008-05-14 6 
1755311Exalted: TouhouA couple of namefags go and stat a few Touhou characters for Exalted.exalted, touhou, stats2008-05-17 12 
September 2008
2539076Simple Gaming and Triple-AOP suggests elegant tri-stat system, enthusiastic namefags polish with vigor. Getting shit done. triple A, tri-stat2008-09-11 5 
2563022God KaminaKamina from TTGL ascends to godhood with surprisingly few objections from /tg/, who forgive him for being weaboo on ground of awesomeness. Also inspires some writefaggotry.Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Kamina, Awesome, God, Stat me2008-09-13 21 
April 2009
4393415Cooking Mama, the BBEG EditionOP asks for people to use Cooking Mama as BBEG. Starts with crazed housewife stumping for PETA, ends with Chilean Communist bomber living out her life in the suburbs until her secret is revealedCooking, Mama, BBEG, Stats, Epic2009-04-26 15 
June 2009
5002817The Most Interesting Man In The WorldHe doesn't always get statted, but when he does, he prefers /tg/stat me2009-06-26 2 
5021635a discussion of snake people/TG/ sits down and rebuilds the concept of snake people, stats includedlamias snakes stats2009-06-28 5 
5030639a discussion of snake people IIfurther discussion on stating a race of snake peoplelamia stats2009-06-29 5 
August 2009
5317007Adventurer Mission StatementWhat the actual Mission Statements of Adventuring Parties would beAdventurer, Mission Statement, Mission, Satement2009-08-02 1 
5516917Zombies, Zombies, and yeah, More Zombies but with statslike the last thread but zombies are statted for All Flesh must be Eatenzombies shit gets done stats AFMBE2009-08-20 3 
5557739Blackguard Radio Chatter*Hiss* Is this working? *Static* Inquisitor Lord are you there? Your blackship crashed and we're stranded! *Static* -end help. Did you survive the crash?Raido Static, Blackguard, Guardmen2009-08-23 -2 
January 2010
7589122Uzumaki, The Eternal SpiralStats for the Lovecraftian monster from the manga Uzumaki.D&D, Stats, Lovecraftian, Elder Evil2010-01-15 23 
March 2010
8545021Samus StatsSamus Aran is Stated in every system EXCEPT forty-k.Samus, NES, State, me, Fantasy, 2010-03-13 1 
April 2010
9094939How do I made Link?Anon asks /tg/ how to make Link in D&D. /tg/ brainstorms for him.Zelda, Link, stats, rules, the thing that goes ping2010-04-10 0 
9298656RPG SystemsVarious suggestions are made for generic RPG systems.RPG system hero tristat fantasycraft2010-04-20 0 
June 2010
10704347Number StationsMystery and uncertainty leads to a discussion of Number Stations and their horrifying potential.Number Stations, Spies, Radio, Signals, Number, Stations2010-06-24 10 
October 2010
12403221SS13 StorytimeSpace Station 13 stories, many of them hilarious. I don't even play it and this thread was well worth the read.SS13, Space Station 13, storytime2010-10-11 29 
November 2010
12705930Horror thread generalWhat's on the tin. Goes from some generic description help to a good thread with youtube links and pics abounding. Sleeping optionalHorror, links, number stations, terror, fright, scary2010-11-07 0 
12844530Dark Heresy Statting - Iron Warriors Dreadnought/tg/ helps to stat a Dreadnought for use in a DH game against the acolytes, a near unstoppable killing machine is created, needless to say Heresymaker's players will soon encounter this TPK clad in armour and bristling with Chaotic energy.Dark Heresy, Dreadnought, TPK, Stat, Iron Warriors, Acolytes, GM dickery,2010-11-19 3 
January 2011
13403020HIPSTER: the pilgrimageYet another monostat RPG. This time, how to be a hipster douchebag.game design, roleplay, original content, homebrew, monostat2011-01-05 2 
March 2011
14083396Habitats, Biodomes, Guns, and Hard Sci-Fi in SpaceFrom elaborate sky cities in lower Earth orbit to rusty habitats drifting at the edge of nothing, from enormous biodomes across Valles Marineris to dive caves in the ice of Europa, what is it like to live in these habitats and biodomes. (Featuring extensive weapon discussion.)hard sci-fi, biodomes, space stations, miners, guns, laws, asteroids, low earth orbit, brainstorming, zero-g weaponry2011-03-02 2 
14408651Warhammer 40k Roleplay Necron stats.Some guy comes up with Necron stats for Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/DeathWatch.Necrons, stats, warhammer, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Death Watch2011-03-30 1 
April 2011
14594217Stat LeechOP describes a character encountered in his game, with the horrific ability to absorb others' stat levels.character, game, what do, stats, 3.5, girl, DM, Pun Pun, overpowered2011-04-15 4 
May 2011
14979045SS13 Tips and Tricks TG Station ServerTips and Tricks for SS13, The TG Station ServerSS13, Space Station 13, Tips, Tricks2011-05-19 1 
July 2011
15672017Space Station 13 story time 2A collection of tales from space station 13 SS13, space, station, 13, space station 132011-07-24 12 
January 2012
17549781Waldorf and DumpstatWaldorf and Statler heckle /tg/ with surprisingly non-shit results. muppets, heckle, heckling, Waldorf, Statler2012-01-15 35 
February 2012
180257184chan Adventuring CompanyJust what it says on the tin. A refugee from /b/ seeks to create an RPG with the boards of 4chan as the PCs. The neckbeards settle on a class for /tg/, seems we can stat everything... but ourselves.adventurers, boards, class, DnD, Dungeons & Dragons, PCs, RPG, stat me 2012-02-20 6 
June 2012
19654427Fate/Stay Night Servants by /tg/Continuing from a previous thread, stats for Baron Samedi as a Servant in the Fate/Stay Night universe are hashed out. Other fa/tg/uys follow in OP's lead, statting up more Servants.Fate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Noble Phantasm, anime, ideas, stats2012-06-28 11 
19663543Fate/Stay Night Servants by /tg/, Part 2/tg/ stats up a few more Fate/Stay Night Servants.Fate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Noble Phantasm, anime, ideas, stats2012-06-29 6 
19674077Fate/Stay Night Servants by /tg/, Part 3/tg/ stats even more Fate/Stay Night ServantsFate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Noble Phantasm, anime, ideas, stats2012-06-30 5 
July 2012
19708702Fate/Stay Night Servants by /tg/, Part 4We continue onward, coming up with concepts and stat sheets for more Servants.Fate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Noble Phantasm, anime, ideas, stats2012-07-03 3 
19866430Fate/Stay Night Servants by /tg/, Part 6Yet more Servants, including a list of all the ones we've come up with so far. Fate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Noble Phantasm, anime, ideas, stats2012-07-14 4 
19870590Fate Servants Thread 7Even more Servants created by /tg/.Fate/stay night, ideas, stats, Noble Phantasms2012-07-14 3 
August 2012
20186784Fate Servants Thread 8Even more Servants created by /tg/. Fate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Noble Phantasm, anime, ideas, stats2012-08-06 3 
20371339/tg/ - Touhou Games/tg/ discusses MtG for about thirty seconds before the Classic Blunder takes hold, with typically excellent effect.touhou, stats, valour system, fluffy tails, game design2012-08-19 23 
September 2012
20521280Space Station 13: The Storytime-iningMany a man tried to discuss SS13, but few returned alive.Space Station 13, SS13, Storytime, Storytiem2012-09-03 7 
February 2013
23223077Supernatural AmericanaOP wants to discuss supernatural stories of the United States. Multiple good stories and anecdotes are relayed. folklore, US, United States, America, Cowboys, Ghosts, Monsters, Tall Tales, Weird West2013-02-18 14 
March 2013
23433290Unweddable PrincessesOP asks for a series of hilariously unmarriable princesses for his Kingmaker campaign. /tg/ delivers.Princess, politics, status, marrying into power, daaw, Pathfinder Kingmaker2013-03-01 21 
May 2013
24931320SLASH!!!! AwwwWWWwwwwwwFigurine of Slash GordonSlash Gordon, Adaptus Estates, Warhammer 40k2013-05-20 33 
June 2013
25385565Yellowman Quest 10Yellowman and his group have a run in with the guards, guns almost get beaten by swords and crossbows, and they enter the Sorceress' Castle. Also, statistical analysis confirms that MetaOP rolls low.Collective Game, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Yellowman Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, Oglaf, Shadowrun, Phantasy Star Online, statistics2013-06-12 7 
July 2013
26331531Wario's worldOP asks for stats of Wario. Not only is it delivered, but /tg/ creates many scenarios Wario would put his face on.Wario, Stat me, treasure, I'm Rich!2013-07-31 17 
26300023Stat Calvin and HobbesNo one stats C&H. Someone decides to be a dick less than 5 posts in, and much sadness occurs.stat me, bawww, calvin and hobbes2013-07-31 17 
August 2013
26441447Horrors in a nuclear bomb shelterA GM tells the story of his horror campaignstorytime, horror, numbers stations2013-08-06 37 
26534970Another day on SS13Space station 13 story, chaplain teams up with clown to create religion then kill everyone.Space station 13, clown, SS13, storytiem, storytime2013-08-11 11 
26775464Space Station 13 StoriesSpace Station 13, where you can make as many sadistic or epic moments as you are robust. >Space simulator >More like CLOWN RAMPAGE/virus/space crazies simulator.SS13, Space Station 13, Storytime, Clown, Mime2013-08-23 5 
September 2013
27112510Space Marine Humour Thread/tg/ cracks wise in the guise of Space Marines, Statler and Waldorf comment40k, humour, humor, Space Marine humour, Space Marine humor, 40k humour, 40k humor, 40k jokes, Space Marine jokes, Statler and Waldorf2013-09-09 24 
27168502Tales of Spac Station 13Need we say more?SS13, Space Station 13, Epic2013-09-13 10 
January 2014
29531073Statting Isaac Clarke/tg/ stats Isaac Clarke from Dead Space in a variety of systems. Discussion ensues.Dead Space, Stat Me, Discussion2014-01-16 24 
29557219Statting Isaac Clarke 2 /tg/ stats Isaac Clarke from Dead Space in a variety of systems. Discussion ensues.Dead Space, Stat Me, Discussion2014-01-17 14 
29567205Statting Isaac Clarke 3 /tg/ stats Isaac Clarke from Dead Space in a variety of systems. Discussion ensues.Dead Space, Stat Me, Discussion2014-01-18 17 
29588343Statting Isaac Clarke 4 /tg/ stats Isaac Clarke from Dead Space in a variety of systems. Discussion ensues.Dead Space, Stat Me, Discussion2014-01-19 10 
29713801Statting Isaac Clarke 6Multiple stories and discussion continue.Dead Space, Stat Me, Discussion2014-01-23 2 
29772158Path of War & Psionics. Or: The platonic ideal of Sword.OP shares Dreamscarred's Path of War book. Anon explains the deliciousness of the Soulknife Swordsage. Much discussion and planning ensues.psionics, pathfinder, path of war, tome of battle, swords, stat me, Fate/Stay Night, magic, galorion, mecha barbarians, martial arts, swordsage, monk, soulknife, dreamscarred press, preview, complete psionics, wilder, win, attempted derail, D&D, fluff, d202014-01-26 5 
29847386Statting Isaac Clarke: Many threads laterContinuance of the previous threadsDead Space, Stat Me, Discussion2014-01-29 2 
March 2014
30729189The Night ShiftYou play as a gas station attendant out in Middle-of-Nowhere. You deal with a typical day, interacting with customers and helping out around the Station. As night falls, weird things start to happen. Welcome to the Night Shifthorror, surreal, homebrew, setting, gas station, one shot, brainstorming,2014-03-09 45 
30817437The Night Shift: Fifth ShiftThe fifth thread in which the setting and campaign module of the Night Shift is discussed. This time the crunch takes a more central role in the discussion as Night Shift World Anon works his magic.Night Shift, surreal, horror, fluff, crunch, homebrew, brainstorming, gas station, supernatural2014-03-14 14 
30889424The Night Shift: Sixth ShiftThe sixth thread in which the setting and campaign module of the Night Shift is discussed. A slow thread, but one where things get done none the less. More new fluff, more new crunch, and one Anon claiming a TV show may be on the way.Night Shift, surreal, horror, fluff, crunch, homebrew, brainstorming, gas station, supernatural2014-03-18 11 
31000979The Night Shift: Seventh ShiftThe seventh thread in which the setting and campaign module of the Night Shift is discussed. Another leisurely thread, in which some of the more mundane happenings of the Station are mulled over, some laughs are had, some playtesting is promised, and TV Anon provides updates.Night Shift, surreal, horror, fluff, crunch, homebrew, brainstorming, gas station, supernatural2014-03-24 11 
31066308The Night Shift: Eighth ShiftThe eighth thread in which the setting and game system of the Night Shift is discussed. An IRC channel is set up, new blood is brought in, more fluff if fluffed and more crunch is crunched.Night Shift, surreal, horror, fluff, crunch, homebrew, brainstorming, gas station, supernatural2014-03-26 10 
31103676The Night Shift: Ninth ShiftThe ninth thread in which the setting and game system of the Night Shift is discussed. The three oldest NPCs are discussed, new Threats are codified using the Night Shift World format, and questions are raised.Night Shift, surreal, horror, fluff, crunch, homebrew, brainstorming, gas station, supernatural2014-03-29 10 
July 2014
33397606Chaos Gods Poll OP tries to correlate personality/relations and the preferred Chaos gods of anonssurvey, statistics, 40k, chaos, science, math, nurgle2014-07-14 1 
September 2014
35211228Warring America States EraWhat if America has a Warring States period, just like Japan?oc, original content, awesome, politics, america, warring american states2014-09-30 1 
November 2014
36113764slutty mcslut nostalgiaan anon asks for some stats for slutty mcslut nostalgia (and after over 24 hours stats) ensue nostalgia, stat me, forkheads2014-11-14 10 
February 2015
38116799Status Quo QuestIn which a Hero decides to assassinate the demon lord and makes friends with orcs.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-02-17 11 
38251124Status Quo Quest 2Kobolds are cute, and we finally reach the Free City.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-02-24 7 
38332832Librarian Jack -- Samurai Jack Stat for Wh40kOP asks for help stating Samurai Jack in Wh40k, and the fa/tg/uys take note, he wounds on 4s with ANYTHING.Wh40k, tabletop, 40k, samurai jack, stat thread2015-02-26 2 
March 2015
38565257Status Quo Quest 3In which a deal is struck, a devil is saved, and a fight is had.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-03-12 7 
38744527Status Quo Quest 4In which we take an unusual detour on the way to our bath, and bear our paranoia for all to see.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-03-20 5 
April 2015
39028315Status Quo Quest 5In which we smell smoke and negotiate for grain.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-04-02 5 
39491041Post-Modern Magical Goyle QuestIt's tough being a gargoyle in the modern age. Back when art and architecture was all Gothic, you could assume a nice, respectable form like a snarling beast or sneering winged gremlin, but nowadays it's all cubes, chrome, and pissing in spaghettios cans.Collective Game, Statues, Gargoyles, There Is A Point Where This Should Have Ended And We Have Clearly Passed It2015-04-22 10 
39449267Status Quo Quest Thread 7In which we relax, briefly.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-04-23 6 
May 2015
39843362Status Quo Quest Thread 8In which we go to bed.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-05-10 3 
40160317Status Quo Quest Thread 9In which we loot bodies and find more questions.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-05-26 3 
40278533Undead States of America 1Divided and overrun by zombies, America faces its greatest challengeCollective Game, Undead States of America2015-05-30 3 
June 2015
40407030Statting a Chimera MonsterA player stats up this Chimera monster from Kamen Rider OOOD&D, 5e, Kamen Rider, Stat Me2015-06-06 1 
40414882Status Quo Quest Thread 10Interlude: In the Halls of Darkness, Pt1 Cake of MysteryCollective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-06-12 4 
40707484Status Quo Quest Thread 11In the Halls of ExpositionCollective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-06-22 3 
July 2015
41290793Status Quo Quest Thread 12In which the party begins!Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-07-19 3 
October 2015
43184855"Welcome to the Night Shift: Minimum Wage, Maximum Weird." - Abandoned EditionAn anon resurrects a /tg/ favoriteNight Shift, surreal, horror, setting, homebrew, supernatural, gas station2015-10-23 32 
43273739Night Shift: Minimum Wage, Maximum WeirdDay Shift are assholes edition: More reminiscing and fleshing out of the setting. Motel, apartment, and other variants discussed and explored. Night Shift, surreal, horror, setting, homebrew, supernatural, gas station, motel, Dave2015-10-30 12 
January 2016
44628812State of the 1d4chanWikifag makes his more-or-less-annual status thread, getting some praise and whining.1d4chan, archive, status, Wikifag2016-01-08 24 
44710080David Bowie's Owlbear DickWhat started as a Stat Me thread in honor of The Goblin King turned into, well, the title.Stat me, David Bowie, RIP2016-01-13 21 
October 2016
687053Cape World Presents: Statesmen, the Superhero team management sim 1In which we begin to build up our center program, play diplomacy with a dragon, and meet the president.Collective Game, Superhero, Super hero, Statesmen, Questguy, Politics, Diplomacy, Dragons, School, Sim2016-10-20 4 
December 2016
50452300Statting Isaac Clarke 8/tg/ stats Isaac Clarke from Dead Space in a variety of systems. Discussion and stories ensue. The eighth thread, now with added Martian!Dead Space, Stat Me, Discussion,2016-12-04 8 
50535654Statting Isaac Clarke 9/tg/ stats Isaac Clarke from Dead Space in a variety of systems and various authors write his adventurers in various other settings.Dead Space, Stat Me, Discussion,2016-12-09 3 
50597982Statting Isaac Clarke 10/tg/ stats Isaac Clarke from Dead Space in a variety of systems and various authors write his adventurers in various other settings.Dead Space, Stat Me, Discussion,2016-12-11 3 
50721232Statting Isaac Clarke 11/tg/ stats Isaac Clarke from Dead Space in a variety of systems and various authors write his adventurers in various other settings.Dead Space, Stat Me, Discussion,2016-12-21 3 
50797896Statting Isaac Clarke 12/tg/ stats Isaac Clarke from Dead Space in a variety of systems and various authors write his adventurers in various other settings.Dead Space, Stat Me, Discussion,2016-12-26 2 
50872592Statting Isaac Clarke 13/tg/ stats Isaac Clarke from Dead Space in a variety of systems and various authors write his adventurers in various other settings.Dead Space, Stat Me, Discussion,2016-12-30 5 
January 2017
992305Status Quo Quest Thread 13In the Halls of Exposition, Part 4Status Quo Quest, Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord2017-01-03 1 
50944677Statting Isaac Clarke 14/tg/ stats Isaac Clarke from Dead Space in a variety of systems and various authors write his adventurers in various other settings.Dead Space, Stat Me, Discussion2017-01-07 2 
51062658Statting Isaac Clarke 15/tg/ stats Isaac Clarke from Dead Space in a variety of systems and various authors write his adventurers in various other settings.Dead Space, Stat Me, Discussion2017-01-08 2 
51080741Statting Isaac Clarke 16/tg/ stats Isaac Clarke from Dead Space in a variety of systems and various authors write his adventurers in various other settings.Dead Space, Stat Me, Discussion,2017-01-12 2 
February 2017
51620899Stating the QuSomeone asks for stats for the Qu from All Tomorrows. /tg/ gets to work envisioning an entire All Tomorrows-inspired game.All Tomorrows, Speculative Evolution, Dougal Dixon, Worldbuilding, Setting, Stat Me, Qu, Remove Qu,2017-02-11 2 
March 2017
51971742Statistics for GastonFa/tg/uy asks for statistics for Gaston and posts the clip of Gaston's theme. /tg/ delivers. (He's a Paladin.)gaston, music, disney, stat me, statistics, paladin, falls2017-03-02 34 
April 2017
52429923Statting Black MantaShitty Stat Me thread turns epic as /tg/ learns the purity of hate that is Black Mantastat me, /co/, hate, Black Manta, Fuck Aquaman2017-04-01 39 
1322643Space Station 13 QuestA lone Spess man pranks the Clown, and has a run in with a wizard. Short thread.Space Station 13 Quest, Wendigo-Chan, Space, Space Station 13, spess2017-04-09 1 
June 2017
53745725Living Statue WorldWorldbuilding for a setting based around the creation of magically animated statues.golem, statue, magic, weeping angel, pygmalion, worldbuilding, sculptor, setting,2017-06-19 5 
July 2017
54191269Night Shift: Working OvertimeWe join the Attendants at the Gas 'n Go for another Night Shift where we discuss mechanics, inspiration and the future of the Station.Night Shift, surreal, horror, fluff, crunch, homebrew, brainstorming, gas station, supernatural2017-07-09 12 
October 2017
1919268Steam & Steel Quest #1Numar is on edge after recent murders. Arnold, the young scion of an old Mercantile House, has an unexpected encounter.Quest, Storyteller, Steampunk, City-State2017-10-08 6 
1930800Space Station Commander Quest #1You make your first steps into the world on space station management while meeting and old friendSpace Station2017-10-14 1 
55979433Night Shift: Halloween EditionEmployee guides are shared and games are planned as we return to the Stop n' Gas this Halloween to discuss a favorite /tg/ homebrew.Night Shift, surreal, horror, fluff, crunch, homebrew, brainstorming, gas station, supernatural2017-10-27 13 
January 2018
57159049Kamigakari Thread storytimesMisfits in Osaka continues. Crazy Isekai Storytiming, a retelling of how it began. Anon speculates on stating things.Kamigakari, storytime, Ruth, Crazy Isekai Story, Misfits in Osaka, Kansainon, Ito, Akira, Shizune, stats, demons, Su2018-01-05 1 
February 2018
57632629Kamigakari Thread translation and storytimesAnon comes through with scans. Help with translation and character sheet use and development. Misfits in Osaka continues Shizune is awkward.Kamigakari, character sheet, translation, books, scan, google docs, storytime, Ito, Misfits in Osaka, Akira, Shizune, stats, demons2018-02-01 2 
57976190Stoneage /tg/You try no play rocks and sabertooth?meta, roleplay, state of tg2018-02-15 29 
October 2018
2990250Halo Flood - 1A new QM makes a quest about being Flood escaping from a UNSC controlled Forerunner facility.Key, Flood, Halo, Spartan, Infestation, Assimilation.2018-10-27 3 
November 2018
62957707Abandoned Space Station Adventure HooksPlothooks for scifi PCs boarding derelict spacecrafts.abandoned, space station, encounters, plothooks, scifi, space hulk, alien, event horizon,2018-11-25 5 
January 2019
3134783Biomorph Quest #1Cursed and Sorboclese Tag team a quest involving a mutagenic horror from beyond the starsAlien, Horror, Sci-fi, Space Station, Space, Silent Stars, CursedQm, Sorbocles, Nongent, Collective Game2019-01-09 4 
3164622Biomorph Quest 1.5: In the DepthsCursed and Sorboclese coQM a murderous scifi buddycop adventure. Carl gets laid.Alien, Horror, Sci-fi, Space Station, Space, Silent Stars, CursedQm, Sorbocles, Nongent, Collective Game2019-01-25 4 
February 2019
64518341Night of the Lively Dead - tales from the tombcity/tg/ worldbuilds a city-state populated entirely by miscellaneous varieties of undead.undeadtopia, setting, worldbuilding, city-state, undead, zombies, liches, vampires, paladin hate crimes,2019-02-11 3 
64640636 What if dragons were based on owls instead of snakes?/tg/ brainstorms on the concept of owl-dragons as cold and stealthy counterparts to traditional dragons, before finally getting stat blocks.great owl, owldrake, dragon, scathe, stat block, fantasy2019-02-17 24 
July 2019
67213307Stranded at a Sci-Fi Desert Outpostin an abandoned mining station on a desolate desert planet, a stranded crew of spacers must endure a harsh environment and the paranormal.Horror, sci-fi, brainstorming, oneshot, worldbuilding, eldritch entities, paranormal, supernatural, outer space, space ship, space station2019-07-15 24 
November 2020
4481924Station Management QuestWe deal with an enforcement agent, put some skeletons in our closet, hire fighter pilots, grow microgreens, open massage parlor and moreStation Management Quest, Sci-Fi, Base management, Space combat, Gurokaze2020-11-05 4 
December 2020
4521942Station Management Quest #2We make it through the Superbright abduction, open bar and escrow service, generate history and more. Station Management Quest, Sci-Fi, Base management, Space combat, Gurokaze2020-12-07 1 
4548540Statecraft: The Prince's AmbitionAuguste Mathias-Baxter Argentein, third prince of Gral, begins plotting to seize the throne.Statecraft, Royalty, Prince, Intrigue, Medieval2020-12-21 1 
January 2021
4590497Space Station 13 Quest: Station 1A new quest in the world of the infamous game of the same name.Otome QM, Badmin QM, Space Station 13, Space, Clown, Lizard, Weed, Trip, Cyborg, Anime Girl, Douglas MacArthur, Goblin2021-01-18 8 
February 2021
4611224Space Station 13 Quest: Station 2A new station, a new adventure for our new cyborg MC.Badmin QM, Space Station 13, Space, Clown, Lizard, Cyborg, Mechanicus, Weed Monster, Changelin2021-02-02 5 
4631602Space Station 13 Quest: Space Station 13 Quest: Station 3 - Booze StationThird time's the charm or so they say.Badmin QM, Space Station 13, Space, Clown, Cyborg, Mechanicus, Weed Monster, Slime, Tesla Ball, Russians, Vodka2021-02-18 3 
March 2021
4664076Space Station 13 Quest: Station 4, High Security Nuking.McSnickers Dickerson attempts to advance the field of science and his faith. But can he survive the Syndicates deadliest ops team?Badmin QM, Space Station 13, nuke, space, Mechanicus, Tesla engine, McSnickers Dickerson2021-03-20 0 
4686103Space Station 13 Quest: Station 4.5, Rust In Peace. . . McSnickersMcSnickers spreads disease like a dog, discharge his payload, a mile high rotten egg, air of death, wrestles syndi nostrils.Badmin QM, Space Station 13, nuke, space, Mechanicus, Tesla engine, maintenance, Nuclear Holocaust, MacArthur did nothing wrong, Revenge2021-03-26 0 
April 2021
4705736Space Station 13 Quest: Station 5, Mining Station Inquisition.McSnickers gets a feel for his new warmachine body and joins the Inquisitorial Emergency Response Team.Badmin QM, Space Station 13, Mechanicus, McSnickers Dickerson, Cult, monster slaying, Inquisition, Russians, lavaland, one month hiatus2021-04-11 0 
September 2022
5374818Body Horror Quest, 54th VeinInto the No Man's land, where chaos reigns supreme, where Shu builds a hotel in the middle of it all complete with continental breakfast.Body Horror Quest, bhop, BHOP, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, it's free real estate, hotel tycoon2022-09-10 8 
February 2023
5517206Gay Wizard Ethnostate QuestSurprisingly good worldbuilding depiste the name. The QM quit tho.Fantasy, Gay, Wizard, Ethnostate, dead quest2023-02-09 3 
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