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October 2009
6395170Team Dungeons 2The TF2 gang argue over which game (and edition) to play.tf2, /v/ crossover, DnD, exalted, 3.5e, 4e, edition, roleplay, avatarfaggotry2009-10-23 17 
October 2011
16580545Ar tonelico RPG Thread/tg/ tries to make the magic system from super-weeaboo jRPG series Ar tonelico work in DnD3.5e. Succeeds.Ar tonelico, DnD, RPG, jRPG, Getting Shit Done, 3.5e2011-10-13 7 
January 2012
17499827/tg/ Gets Trolled - 5th EditionConvincing troll creates some dox for the 5th edition of D&D. It's obviously fake.5e, D&D, trolling2012-01-11 6 
January 2013
22578223175 miles to the LAWWherein /tg/ decides that the strange alignment mechanics of the Outlands means you can turn a planar gate-town into a roving weapon of mass destruction if you only you can apply enough LAW.D&D 3.5e, Outlands, Planar Mechanics, Alignment, LAW, Speculah2013-01-14 13 
April 2013
242935605th edition skill derp/tg/ discovers that, according to the DnD Next rules, a typical commoner has a 1 in 4 chance of selling Asmodeus his own dick.5e, Dungeons and Dragons, Next, derp, Asmodeus2013-04-17 67 
243039855th edition skill derp, part 2/tg/ finds out that, according to the DnD Next rules, Asmodeus cannot break can't break down a door. Or lead an army. Or even recognize himself in a mirror. 5e, Dungeons and Dragons, Next, derp, Asmodeus2013-04-18 16 
June 2013
25725242The Story of LarryAnon tells the story of a horrible sex offender That GuyDnD, D&D, 3.5, 3.5e, That Guy, Neckbeard2013-06-30 9 
June 2014
32569160t/g/Magical Engineering. Op asks how to create siege engines in 3.5e and smar/tg/itz deliver.science, awesome, magic, technology, 3.5e2014-06-05 1 
November 2014
35889539Spooky Scary Skeleton PCOp is playing a secretly a skeleton in 5e, /tg/ delivers ideas and other spoopy thingsskeletons, 5e, character concept2014-11-01 7 
April 2015
39385080Shadowrun 5e storytimeThat Guy shennanignsthat guy, shadowrun, 5e, storytime2015-04-17 -15 
June 2015
40407030Statting a Chimera MonsterA player stats up this Chimera monster from Kamen Rider OOOD&D, 5e, Kamen Rider, Stat Me2015-06-06 1 
August 2017
54792272Tinkle the Jester A story of Tinkle the Jester story, d&d, dnd, 5e, tiefling, jester2017-08-10 1 
February 2019
64822926Chronicles of Steve 1The party finds a hero among commoners.D&D, 5e, Storytime.2019-02-25 1 
June 2020
73394301D&D Designer Kate Welch breaks up with BoyfriendAnons discuss Kate Welch's breakup and try to make a big deal of it.breakup, Dungeons and Dragons, DnD, 5E, Wotc, Wotchstaff, Brap2020-06-25 -10 
August 2021
80736338Draw your party thread: Bug, Glug, and ChugDrawings of parties and people people talk about games. A Lasgun happens.Draw, party, storytime, d&d, 5e, Only War, dark heresy, cyberpunk, Pathfinder, shadowrun, Lasgun, Black Crusade, Nechronica, template2021-08-17 0 
November 2022
5411624Urist Fonderferson and the Slit of SecretsUri Fonder is the Dwarf with a cursed cock! It's DnD meets Hogwarts, but raunchy! Smelty picks up after a flaker, but has no clue how to DMDnD, 5e, Fonderferson, Dwarf, Fae Smelter, Harry Potter, Hogwarts, r34, Bootyholder, Myhernee 2022-11-14 -6 
December 2022
5442528Rise of the Awakened #1A post apocalyptic RP where you play as animals. Follow Mog and Kinny as they pull off a heist and discover the truth of the Old Ones.Collective Game, Roleplay, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Post Apocalypse, Talking Animals, Mog, Kinny, Bobby2022-12-06 5 
January 2023
5493415Rise of the Awakened #2The human asks for some clothes, Kinny and Bobby rob a store, Mog and the human make a deal, revelations abound, a fox is rescued.Collective Game, Roleplay, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Goddamn Lizard People, Mog, Kinny, Bobby, Jenkins, Rick's creepy robot, Draconians2023-01-14 5 
February 2023
5534447Rise of the Awakened #3A fox is recruited, a grisly scene is witnessed, the truth is unveiled, the vault is unlocked, and the hellbot was the true enemy all along.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Bobby, Maggie, Jenkins, We're goin' to Canada bois, Unveiled secrets, Hellbot2023-02-19 5 
April 2023
5584052Rise of the Awakened #4Ursus and "Simon" join the party, the party becomes extraordinarily wealthy, a gunstore is looted, some player drama occurs, the party shoCollective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Bobby, Maggie, Ursus, "Simon", Plato, Lanesboro2023-04-01 5 
May 2023
5626225Rise of the Awakened #5Shopping, logistics&dragons, and finances are finally put in order, the truth about Lanesboro is revealed, the party fights an owlbear.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Bobby, Maggie, Ursus, Plato, Lanesboro, Combat again finally, logistics&dragons2023-05-10 5 
June 2023
5664976Rise of the Awakened #6The party beats the owlbears, get blown up, narrowly survives, get kidnapped and robbed, escape, and accidentally warcrime their kidnappers.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Potato, Ord, Horny Deer, Accidental Warcrimes, Prison Break, Q Wolf Cult2023-06-29 5 
August 2023
5703153Rise of the Awakened #7Kinny zaps a mob, the cultists kill some heretics, Mog gets his sword back, finds a slime, has a tantrum, Ursus wins a duel. qst on hiatus.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Adler, Harold, Deer Paladin Bros, Quest Hiatus, d-d-d-duel, Long-ass arc2023-08-15 5 
September 2023
90241246Tips for Running MLP in 5EMLP MLP, 5E2023-09-14 -7 
October 2023
5774217Rise of the Awakened #8The gang beat the deer, recover their gear minus their guns, confront history in a museum town, experiment with polymorph rings, and relax.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Maggie, Back from hiatus, Yawn chain, R&R, Downtime, Worldbuilding, Quest2023-10-24 3 
December 2023
5806023Rise of the Awakened #9The gang chat a lot the whole thread, steals a lute, finds a love letter, sells their wares to rabbits, relaxes with some vidya and alcohol.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Maggie, Swift, Relm, Velveteen and Frou Frou Tribes, R&R, Downtime, Quest2023-12-01 1 
January 2024
5854953Rise of the Awakened #10The party continue to party for the rest of the night while learning lore, gaining dosh, and finding out about a new quest.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Maggie, Swift, Relm, Rabbit Tribes, R&R, Party, Downtime, Quest2024-01-20 1 
March 2024
5900197Rise of the Awakened #11The party finally enter the Canis Lupin, insult the border patrol guard, and go into hiding for a bit until they come up with a plan.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Maggie, Quest, Canis Lupin, Poco the Muscle Cat, in hiding2024-03-07 2 
April 2024
5949105Rise of the Awakened #12A new human thaws, a soul put to rest, spiders slain, a will told, info gathered, and horrors unveiled. The Canis Lupin arc truly begins.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Arsene, Jessica, Gawain, Kuma, Canis Lupin, Intrigue, Horror's back, Ques2024-04-23 2 
June 2024
5990341Rise of the Awakened #13The party kills squids, capture Kuma, squid explodes before interrogation, the party sics Sunny on Gawain, Superman is met, a spy is caught.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Sunny, Kuma, Cephalopods, Superman, Retard Raccoon, Canis Lupin, Quest2024-06-06 0 
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