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May 2008
1680005Rogue Trader ConversionsScriptarius cooks up a batch of Rogue Trader minis for our enjoymentRogue Traders, Conversions, Scriptarius2008-05-07 5 
August 2009
5500667Rogue Trader TalkDiscussion of Rogue Trader ends up with thinking up what an ork or kroot would do as a part of the team. Also: Eldar PirateRogue Trader2009-08-18 3 
October 2009
6132940Zagmund Hippocratork Smartboy the ⑨th/tg/ comes up with a brand new character for Rogue Trader, and boy is he dapper...Ork, Dapper, Rogue Trader, 40k2009-10-05 5 
January 2010
7428027RT Ork infested shipWhat starts out as an anons conundrum of onboard orks, ensues into Inquisitor Brannigan.orks, Rogue trader, Zapp brannigan2010-01-05 10 
April 2010
9124763Mass Effect Conversion to Roleplaying GameAnon begins the beta stages of a Mass Effect RPG using the rules of Rogue Trader. Much discussion ensues.mass effect, rogue trader, conversion, adaptation2010-04-11 1 
June 2010
10688408Rogue Trader Warrant small printA discussion of possible complications to include in a warrant of trade. Biggest contribution is a full Warrant of Trade based on a Dutch West Indies corporate charter. Roleplay, 40K, RPG, Rogue Trader2010-06-23 8 
October 2010
12294425Rogue trader Quest: The Beginning Presenting Dolemite Deadlift, the newest Rogue Trader in the Imperium. In which Dolemite meets his crew, and gets into all sorts of fun shit. Best Crew Ever.Rogue Trader Quest, Rogue Trader, Quest, Collective Game, Wahammer 40k2010-10-02 28 
12305396Rogue Trader Quest: Part 2We meet more of our... unique crew. Creepy psykers are wooed.Rogue Trader Quest, Rogue Trader, Quest, Collective Game, Wahammer 40k2010-10-03 13 
12317800Rogue Trader Quest: Part 3We plan our first mission. The inevitable occurs with a creepy psyker. Rogue Trader Quest, Rogue Trader, Quest, Collective Game, Wahammer 40k2010-10-04 12 
12331592Rogue Trader Quest: Part 4Planetfall. We tend to the vital issue of our hat.Rogue Trader Quest, Rogue Trader, Quest, Collective Game, Wahammer 40k2010-10-05 11 
12343410Rogue Trader Quest Part 5: Planet ConqueringWe delay the conquering for some HIGH ADVENTURE!Rogue Trader Quest, Rogue Trader, Quest, Collective Game, Wahammer 40k2010-10-06 10 
12356534Rogue Trader Quest Part 6: Space NegotiationsAfte rthe battle, Captain Dolemite and the senechal go aboard the strike cruiser from the battle to enjoy a banquent in honor of the victory. Intrigue ensues.Rogue Trader, Quest, Collective Game, Rogue Trader Quest,2010-10-07 13 
12367395Rogue Trader Quest Part 7Busy day. Meetings and mourning. Rogue Trader Quest, Quest Thread, Collective Game2010-10-08 11 
12378977Rogue Trader Quest Part 8: Good TimesDolemite aatends his meeting with Captain Cetus, and almost gets some from Invidia again. Later goes to see Jet, who informs him about the seneschal. Tablet drunkenly runs the quest.Rogue Trader, Rogue Trader Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Warhammer 40k2010-10-09 10 
November 2010
12640960Kaptin KatiklyzumIn a normal thread about Rogue Trader, a possibility of xeno Rogue Traders is mentioned. /tg/ almost instantly produces Kaptin Katiklyzum, Mad Mek of the Calixis Sector an Ork who looted a vessel and the Writ and wants to one-up the emperor with wacky shenanigans that almost always failRogue Trader, Ork, Awesome2010-11-02 3 
12736193Rogue Trader Quest - Part 3The continued adventures of Jacobius Dolemite Othmar, now out among the Heathen Stars.Rogue Trader, Quest, Warhammer, 40k2010-11-10 1 
12743608Rogue Trader Quest part 9: The Return of TabletRogue Trader Quest returns! A month later, the repairs are complete, and we get another message from our brother. After a trip through the warp, we finally make planetfall on the unclaimed planet, and manage to form and alliance with a badass viking king. Good timesRogue Trader, Rogue Trader Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Warhammer 40k2010-11-11 10 
12773523Rogue Trader Quest part 10We play as Bob, an inquisitorial acolyte in the past. And also maybe our future. We're not quite sure.Rogue Trader, Rogue Trader Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Warhammer 40k2010-11-13 6 
January 2011
13361451Rogue Trader QuestAnother attempt at getting an RT Quest thread going. Slow, but added in case it continues."Rogue Trader", "Quest"2011-01-02 3 
13386233Rogue Trader Quest Pt IIYet another day in the life of Lonallyn Victrix IV Von Juggdrall - we finally see our ship, and hire a Bro Missionary."Rogue Trader", Quest2011-01-04 6 
13443467Rogue Trader Quest Part IIIIn which we gain an arch-militant, set up some deals, and make an appointment to get our very own regiment! Also, we get distracted by the idea of tits and the aviary we would have to build to keep them in."Rogue Trader", Quest2011-01-09 3 
March 2011
1411523830 Meter Murphy's Tales of the Warp : Rogue Trader30 Meter Murphy drops in and lays down the tale of A great Rogue Trader ship and its crew.Rogue trader, Dark Heresy, 40k, Storytime2011-03-03 3 
14169390Tales of High Adventure/tg/ swaps Rogue Trader anecdotes. Awesomeness and Lulz aboundRogue Trader, WH40K2011-03-09 4 
1419877630 Meter Murphy's Tales of the Warp Part 2The Rogue Trader crew is down a few members. A planetary government is overthrown in two shots and the Astropath has a very bad dayRogue Trader, Storytime, WH40K2011-03-11 -1 
14201552Is this the normal level of awesome for Rogue Trader?I'm never going back to other RPGs.Heretek, Rogue Trader2011-03-12 3 
1425243930 Meter Murphy's Tales of the Warp Pt 3: Bonk's AdventureThe Rogue Trader crew cleans out the rest of an ork infestation on a new colony through an ingenious use of mind control and precision bombardment. Then there's a misunderstanding with the Adeptus Mechanicus.Story Time, Rogue Trader, 40K2011-03-15 0 
1435117330 Meter Murphy's Tales of the Warp Pt 4: The Molestation of Vorgen ThayleThe Rogue Trader crew Veer into the strange of space and all blame is focused on the Eldar. Story Time, Rogue Trader, 40K2011-03-24 0 
14384760Rogue Trader Quest part 11Quest returns, kinda short. We arrive at Armaggedon, troll a rear-admiral, and discuss getting rid of Indvidiarogue Trader, Rogue Trader Quest, Collective Game2011-03-28 6 
14354130Frozen ReachesThe fate of Billions depends on which female faction leader a powerful Rogue Trader wants to bone more, under /tg/s advice he decides to reach for the stars and try for a threesome. Also general Frozen Reaches/Rogue Trader discussion.Rogue Trader, Frozen Reaches, Orks, Pirates, 40K, Warhammer, Awesomeface2011-03-28 7 
14408651Warhammer 40k Roleplay Necron stats.Some guy comes up with Necron stats for Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/DeathWatch.Necrons, stats, warhammer, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Death Watch2011-03-30 1 
April 2011
1443148730 Meter Murphy's Tales of the Warp Part 5: Promotions!The Rogue Trader crew purge a Nurgle infestation on their ship, deliver a box of psykers and get mindwiped about it, then Howling Banshees kill one of them. Rogue Trader, Storytime, Warhammer 40K2011-04-01 1 
May 2011
14865918Rogue Trader StorytimeRogue Trader Story time with Enterprise-level disregard for red shirt lives.40k, Rogue Trader, Story Time2011-05-09 5 
14912932Rogue Trader Thread As Dumb as ThemOP describes his 'brilliant' creation in rogue trader, leaving /tg/ to wonder what the fuck he just did there.Fuck You Guys Are As Dumb As Them, Rogue Trader, Heresy, 40k, Predators, Doctor Who2011-05-13 12 
July 2011
15685286Macarthur Cortez: Rogue Trader Quest/tg/ takes to a life of high adventure in the void. Bananas.40k, Rogue Trader, Rogue Trader Quest, Collective Game, Bananas2011-07-24 -2 
15694591Macarthur Cortez: Rogue Trader Quest Part 2Sultan-Trader Cortez continues his life of high adventure in the void. Bananas.40k, Rogue Trader, Rogue Trader Quest, Collective Game, Bananas2011-07-25 0 
August 2011
15807166Sharing is caringnon-trip namefag gives away some of his collection. he knows nothing about this archive, so don't tell him. If you want a free resource of game manuals that should last until late august, make sure it doesn't drop off. legit, PDF, RPG, Setting, Game, fluff, crunch, Rogue Trader, Ninja Burger2011-08-04 13 
October 2011
16740295Rogue Trader group gets their'sA RT group gets their comeuppanceRogue Trader, 40k, Craftworld Assault, Butthurt2011-10-27 27 
January 2012
17586818Chapter Quest I - Arrival and WithdrawalRising Sons chapter arrives to their domain and immediately gets into a fight with corrupt Rogue Trader. After a costly battle he is finally defeated and Rising Sons organise genocide on Heidrun.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, genocide, Rogue Trader, Chapter Master, Space Marines2012-01-19 17 
17648303Weapon generatorAn anon shares a weapon generator for Dark heresy and rogue trader.It becomes awesome40k, weapon, DarkHeresy, rogue trader2012-01-24 5 
17696790Chapter Quest VIII - Justified ViolenceRising Sons decide to mount a daring infiltration mission against their old enemy Rogue Trader Moriarty...Collective Game, Quest, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Dark Heresy, roleplay, rpg, 40k, Chapter, Space Marines, infiltration, stealth, kidnapping, Rogue Trader2012-01-28 10 
February 2012
17809038Deffwotch 19 - To All ThingsDa ladz in Deffwotch have an aerial face off against a Warboss with a kannon that dakkas worlds.Deffwotch, Orkz, Rogue Trader2012-02-05 7 
18087612Deffwotch 21 - Me Against The WorldTupac's alive in Cuba, and the Weirdboy dies.Deffwotch, Orks, Rogue Trader, 40k2012-02-25 7 
18107084RT Player Has A Small Nerveous BreakdownGm does an eerie RT game, which ends prematurely with one of the players crying.Rogue Trader, Eerie Game, Spooky, Eldrich2012-02-26 10 
March 2012
18205767The Burnscour LictorThe great Rogue Trader Mathias Fellburg shares the tale of a Tyranid beast that hounded his every move.Rogue Trader, Storytime, funny2012-03-05 21 
18286800Planetary Governor Quest Part TwoWe uncover a Genestealer infestation under our capitol and begin containment. Sisters of Battle and Ultramarines are called in and we begin preparation for Operation NapalmCollective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Warhammer, 40K, Eldar, Guns, discussion, Ultramarines, Sisters of Battle, RT, Rogue Trader, Genestealer2012-03-11 23 
18374616Planetary Givernor Quest part three: A Day Late EditionIn which we buy hotshot lasguns, gain a Space Marine Chapter, and get swamped by Genestealers with pet Hormagaunts.Planetary Governor Quest, Genestealers, RT, Rogue Trader, Chimera, lasgun, Astartes, Space Marines, Salmanders, Tyranids, Chimeras, Swarmed2012-03-19 21 
18443550Planetary Governor Quest: Part fourIn which we finally deal with the Genestealer problem, rebuild infrastructure, settle the Iron Dragons into their new home, and get a visit from your friendly neighborhood Departmento Munitorum Tax Collector.Planetary Governor Quest, Genestealers, Space Marines, Ultramarines, Salamanders, Tyranids, Orks, ork, RT, Rogue Trader, collective game, Rhino, Squats, furry, mutant, Ogryns, Imperium, Warhammer, 40K2012-03-25 20 
April 2012
18616487Deffwotch Epospde 27 - Da Lights In Da Sky Are BoyzDeffwotch comes to its exciting end.Deffwotch, Orks, Rogue Trader, 40k2012-04-08 5 
May 2012
19288711For House and Dominion: Space Combat in the 41st Century 23Tracking down pirates so we can give them stuff. Seems legit.Collective Game, Quest, House and Dominion, Dominion Quest, Space, Dice, Pirates, Rogue Trader2012-05-30 11 
June 2012
19470363Chapter Quest VIII - Visiting the Dark SisterGhosts of Retribution go on a joint mission with Rogue Trader to retrieve an artifact from a Space Hulk, but what happens next was not expected by anyone...Collective Game, Quest, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Dark Heresy, roleplay, rpg, 40k, Eldar, Space Hulk, Spirit Stones, Rogue Trader, Chaos Space Marines, Traitors2012-06-14 4 
July 2012
19868766Planetary Governor Quest: Part FourteenWe talk about politics, Democracy up, make some good headway in dismantling the Hulk, and accidentally wake up something terrible in the core of the Hulk by abysmally failing a roll.Planetary Governor Quest, Collective Game, Space Marines, Astartes, Imperial Guard, IG, PDF, RT, Rogue Trader, Xenos, Warhammer, 40K, Tyranid, Tyranids, Genestealer, Pirates. spiders, oh god why, SOB, Sisters of Battle2012-07-14 11 
19886971Planetary Governor Quest: Part 15The continuation from 14.5, we bro it up with insect Xenos, piss of the SOB, and finally finish with that HulkCollective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, 40K, Warhammer, Space Marine, Chaos, Sisters of Battle, Sororitas, Hospitaller, Space, Quest, Space Battle, Orks, RT, Rogue Trader, HTML, Space Hulk, Politics, Spiders2012-07-15 13 
December 2012
22117243The Sister's LustThe most foul, heretical, notorious and hilarious piratical Rogue Trader in the whole of the Tiji Sector!Tiji, 40k, funny, Space, Pirate, Rogue Trader, Setting Building2012-12-19 7 
May 2013
24641278Captured Chaos CruiserA GM asks /tg/ if the imperium can use a captured chaos ship. /tg/ produces the Reluctant Machine Spirit.Rogue Trader, 40k, Machine Spirit, Event Horizon, Warp, Chaos, Spaceship, Reluctant2013-05-05 7 
April 2014
31609204Dark Age of Technology AIOP's Rogue Trader players found an AI from the DAoT and for some reason decided to plug it into their ship. OP requests inventive ways for this to backfire horribly on them and /tg/ delivers. What comes next is best described as nightmare fuel with a side of Clippy.Rogue Trader, Dark Age of Technology, AI, doomed, skynet, SHODAN, GLADoS, Clippy2014-04-21 7 
May 2014
32110981In The Utter Darkness of the 56th Millennium, There is nothingAnon's Rogue Trader campaign is caught in a Warp eddie and thrown forward in time to the 56th Millennium to find that the entire galaxy is dead. Discussion, possible causes, Battlestar Galacticas and backstabbing result. Lots of backstabbing.Rogue Trader, Warp, Time Travel, Future, Rock Falls Everybody Dies, Backstabbing2014-05-14 9 
August 2014
34466527Khornette Quest #8In which we play psychiatrist to Acerea and Ignitrix, get new armor and upgraded claws from Wormbag, and visit Commissar Silent before going to Dinner with a suave Rogue Trader. Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Commissar, Rogue Trader, ELH2014-08-29 -4 
October 2015
42974188Storytime with Lady Bianca Dolcetto AmarettoTales of a Rogue Trader bent, for those of a devout or somewhat lewd leaning!Rogue Trader, FFG, Amaretto, Polio, Ramius2015-10-14 16 
43150931Rogue Trader: Astra IncognitaRogue Trader Story Hecator Rifts AdventureRogue Trader, Warhammer 40K, Storytime, Story, Roleplaying2015-10-19 8 
November 2015
43522068Rogue Trader StorytimeA bunch of hilarious Rogue Trader writefaggotryRogue Trader, Warhammer 40k, 2015-11-09 22 
April 2016
46903744Pentecost and the Last CrusadersAnon asks /tg/ for their best results on random tables, like space bats that can carry Baneblades or the nicest heretics ever./tg/ 40000, Last Crusaders, Pentecost, Aurum Space Bats, Rogue Trader, Space Marines, Dice Stories2016-04-26 2 
June 2016
47585205Opera ImperialisTHE PIRATES OF THE EXPANSE or THE LOST SON OF SCINTILLA. Comic Opera in Warhammer 40K. opera, Warhammer 40k, 40k, awesome, funny, rogue trader2016-06-03 23 
47597039Opera Imperialis Act.IITHE PIRATES OF THE EXPANSE or THE LOST SON OF SCINTILLA. Comic Opera in Warhammer 40K. Second and last part.opera, Warhammer 40k, 40k, awesome, funny, rogue trader2016-06-04 20 
January 2017
1081711/RTQ/ Rogue Trader Quest 0Glorious Rogue Trader Character Generations, made a Captain, a ship, and a crewRogue Trader, RTQ, Warhammer, 40K, Quest, Lord-Captain Pallas2017-01-29 3 
February 2017
1091845RTQ Chapter One: Port IridescenceWith the paperwork finally filed, our hero strikes out for adventure!Rogue Trader, RTQ, Warhammer, 40K, Quest, Lord-Captain Pallas2017-02-06 1 
1117792RTQ Chapter TwoWe beat off the collective fleet and consolidate our hold on OthhawRogue Trader, RTQ, Warhammer, 40K, Quest, Lord-Captain Pallas2017-02-16 1 
March 2017
1293367Rogue Trader Quest #1Rogue traders Emily, Kay and Fitz take a job scouting a jungle world.Rogue Trader Quest2017-03-30 1 
February 2018
2297908Rogue Trader M42 Quest Chapter IRogue Trader in the 42nd Millennium y'allRogue Trader Quest, M422018-02-16 1 
September 2019
68113304The battle of Damnatum Lutum, part 4With winter rolling in and the Tau having settled down, the anons of the thread worldbuild with some giant battles on the side40k, writefaggotry, world building, IG, Eldar, Tau, Rogue Trader, Chaos, Orks, Imperial Fists, Admech, Sisters of Battle, Inquisition2019-09-10 6 
December 2020
76454598Draw your party threadPeople talk about their games, share advice, & post cool drawings. Campy musicals, grim mythology, treacherous techpriests, & more.draw, painting, party, byzantine, human sacrifice, dnd, Savage Worlds, 40K, nechronica, robotica, pathfinder, FATE, Rogue Trader, musical2020-12-22 1 
March 2022
5125693Hapless Guardswoman Quest #6 – Treasure HuntRhea joins a Rogue Trader's expedition, helps lead a landing party, and encounters some old enemies, things don't go well.40k, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Eldar Corsairs, Rogue Trader, Chocolate, Corruption2022-03-04 0 
April 2022
5185262Hapless Guardswoman Quest #7 – Jungle AdventuresRhea survives the ruins, makes new friends, then goes and visits her evil clone.40k, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Eldar Corsairs, Rogue Trader, Chocolate, Corruption2022-04-22 0 
June 2022
5238849Hapless Guardswoman Quest #8 – Fun in the DesertConclusion of the thread 6-8 arc. Rhea picks which evil waifu should get godlike powers.40k, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Tau, Rogue Trader, Chocolate, Corruption2022-06-05 0 
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