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August 2014
33969777Khornette Quest #1In which we are "born" and fight Dragons. Also fuck Wormbag.Collective Game, Khornette, Metal, Dragons, ELH2014-08-08 4 
34009696Khornette Quest #2In which we blow up a Warboss' head, make a Bloodletter our bitch, then break into the MateriumCollective Game, Khornette, Orks, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, ELH2014-08-10 -1 
34094176Khornette Quest #3In which we get an Ara Ara partner and fly too close to the holy promethiumCollective Game, Khornette, Nurglette, Balls of Brass, ELH2014-08-13 -5 
34141591Khornette Quest #4In which we obtain a Herald, corrupt a Navigator, discover Heresy is wonderful, and where Mr. Silent the Blank lives. Oh and ritual thing.Collective Game, Khornette, Nurglette, Ship Management, cleaving, lewd, ELH2014-08-15 -3 
34259772Khornette Quest #5In which we avoid space combat, get a shiny new outfit (and hat), fake being an Inquisitor, and kill a Grey Knight. Oh and something with feathers towards the end.Collective Game, Khornette, Nurglette, Space Marines, Tzeentchette, Just as planned, ELH2014-08-20 -5 
34305460Khornette Quest #6In which we kill some Grey Knights in the most awesome way possible. So awesome Khorne has to stop time to give us a thumbs up.Collective Game, Khornette, Nurglette, Space Marines, Lady of Change, Khorne, Dice gods, holyfuckwhat, ELH2014-08-22 -5 
34445383Khornette Quest #7In which we get our ass handed to us by Grey Knights before being saved, invited to dinner with a Rogue Trader, and defuse a bomb.Collective Game, Khornette, Grey Knight, Lady of Change, Roge Trader, ELH2014-08-28 -5 
34466527Khornette Quest #8In which we play psychiatrist to Acerea and Ignitrix, get new armor and upgraded claws from Wormbag, and visit Commissar Silent before going to Dinner with a suave Rogue Trader. Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Commissar, Rogue Trader, ELH2014-08-29 -4 
September 2014
34631967Tzeentchette Quest OneshotIn which we play as everyone's favorite birdbrain, Ignitrix, in the tale of her Ascension to Lady of Change-dom.Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Just as planned, Red Bull, ELH2014-09-05 -7 
34959662Khornette Quest #9In which we finish up dinner, have Best Bird save a Navigator, decide to travel into the Eye of Terror, and visit the Gladitorial Pits.Collective Game, Khornette, ELH2014-09-19 -4 
35116398Khornette Quest #10In which we kill Small-Horn for being a super failure, chat with Commissar Tiger, and generally out-excess the Princes of Pleasure.Collective Game, Khornette, ELH2014-09-26 -5 
October 2014
35268258Tzeentchette Quest Oneshot (#2)In which we once again play as Iggy the Change Lady in a SPACE HULK EXPEDITION.Collective Game, Khornette, Nurglette, Tzeentchette, Lady of Change, Not as planned, SPACE HULK, ELH2014-10-03 16 
35413635Khornette Quest #11In which we witness our first meaningful death of the quest, fight through some Rak'gol, and explore the Obscenity EngineCollective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Rak'gol, Nurgelette, Plant Worship, ELH2014-10-10 3 
35572034Khornette Quest #12In which we find out we suck at Zero-G combat, learn to drive a Glaive, and make a decision regarding the AI.Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Rak'gol, Nurgelette, Roosterteeth, Duct Tape, ELH2014-10-17 13 
35628928Khornette Quest #13In which a daemon of blood and violence, her pet MBT, and her Tyranid allies duel against a radioactive mutant alien bastard and his new technoabomination on the edge of a black hole. Or something appropriately metal like that.Collective Game, Khornette, Rak'gol, Tyranids, Metal as fuck, ELH2014-10-20 14 
35713147Khornette Quest #14In which we annoy Ignitrix (lovingly), corrupt/kill some Blood Ravens, and generally play Fleet AdmiralCollective Game, Khornette, Nurglette, Tzeentchette, Lady of Change, Blood Ravens, ELH2014-10-24 14 
35756863Nurglette Quest OneshotIn which we play as the ara ara plaguebearer from Khornette Quest. Along the way we learn about her past and ramp the ara up to maximumCollective Game, Khornette, Nurglette, Tyranids, ELH2014-10-26 13 
35860627Khornette Quest #15In which we finish playing Fleet Admiral by deciding to split up the fleet temporarily. We also wrestle Acerea and Ignitrix in the Bloodbath a little.Collective Game, Khornette, Nurglette, Lady of Change, Tyranids, ELH2014-10-31 13 
November 2014
36434531Khornette Quest #16In which we decide to go after a Ghost Ship and partially learn about the Obscenity Engine's origins Collective Game, Khornette, Nurglette, Tyranids, ELH, Just as Planned2014-11-28 13 
December 2014
36587371Khornette Quest #17In which we start corrupting some Eldar and fight a Wraithlord. Those two things may or may not be mutually exclusive.Collective Game, Khornette, Nurglette, Eldar, ELH2014-12-06 11 
36825105Ignitrix Sidequest #1In which we attend an Opera as a maid and discover that everyone else is actually the daemonsCollective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Tzeentchette, Just as Planned, Not as Planned, daemons, ELH2014-12-18 13 
36863490Ignitrix Sidequest #2In which Iggy gets her own Rosette and starts corrupting some acolytes.Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Tzeentchette, Just as Planned, Irony, daemons, ELH2014-12-20 12 
36959535Khornette Quest #18In which we save a lost Eldar and talk about accepting Chaos into her life.Collective Game, Khornette, Nurglette, Eldar, Emperor's Day, Healing, ELH2014-12-25 11 
January 2015
37112132Khornette Quest #19In which we have fun with Sytili and visit a Feudal World.Collective Game, Khornette, Nurglette, Eldar, Zoanthrope, ELH2015-01-02 13 
37400710Zoanthrope SidequestIn which we hover behind Sytili's head while she deals with some meddling kids. I mean Acolytes. Collective Game, Zoanthrope, Khornette, Nurglette, ELH2015-01-16 11 
37556035Ignitrix's Sidequest #3In which Waaaaghterworld becomes a thing.Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Tzeentchette, Just as Planned, Not as Planned, Waaaaghterworld, Orks, Shoggy, ELH 2015-01-23 11 
37686919Ignitrix's Sidequest #4: Waaaaaghterworld pt 2In which we mess with a Repentia's dreams and meet the Dea'cin. Collective Game, Waaaaghterworld, Orks, Khornette, Lady of Change, Tzeentchette, Just as Planned, Not as Planned, ELH2015-01-29 12 
February 2015
37825115Khornette Quest #20Fervious falls and Sytili continues to be Best GirlCollective Game, Khornette, Zoanthrope, Tyranids, Chaos, ELH2015-02-04 11 
37845597Ignitrix Sidequest #5Alia and Iggy escape certain doom, only for the Bird Brain to nearly send them into the Warp healing her. Antics with Orks ensue as a result.Collective Game, Orks, The Hunt for Red Orktobrah, Khornette, Lady of Change, Tzeentchette, Just as Planned, Not as Planned, ELH2015-02-05 11 
38137708Khornette Quest #21Cinder fights with a Lord of Change. Said Lord of Change pulls a Fuklaw. Collective Game, Khornette, Lord of Change, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, Benny Hill, Not as planned, Tyranids, Over the top Combat, ELH2015-02-18 15 
38245546Khornette Quest #22Cinder works on raising her social links. Then THE HAPPENING happens.Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, The Happening, Social Links, Infodump, ELH2015-02-23 13 
38339967Khornette Quest #23Cinder fails Temporal Mechanics 101 and has to stay after class with Ignitrix. Also we start our journey into the past.Collective Game, Khornette, Ward Effect, Lady of Change, Infodump, ELH2015-02-27 11 
March 2015
38492486Khornette Quest #24Cinder goes too hard and then has to travel to the past to try and commit suicide to prevent Ignitrix from being pissed. Needless to say, nothing goes to plan.Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Time is bullshit, Not as Planned, Stop Hitting Yourself, ELH2015-03-06 11 
38658504Khornette Quest #25Cinder and Iggy extract from the Chronos Station, despite a Cryptek dropping by. Then they get everyone together and plan the coming War.Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Tyranids, Orks, Necrons, War Planning, ELH2015-03-13 13 
38773253Khornette Quest #26HAH HA! KHARN TIME! Also we briefly test some BC rules for possible use later.Collective Game, Khornette, KHARN, ELH2015-03-18 11 
38834528Khornette Quest #27We decide to go help Iggy find a very special book.Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Dice Gods are Bullshit, ELH2015-03-21 13 
38900940Khornette Quest #28We fight over a book and it turns out Tzeentch is kinda a bitch.Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Just as Planned, Fuklaw, ELH2015-03-24 12 
38956536Khornette Quest #29We kill a fucking fat fish, forge a mighty weapon to rival Khorne's own, and burn the Calixis SectorCollective Game, Khornette, Wrapping Up, ELH2015-03-27 12 
39009338Khornette Quest #30Early Archive. KQ comes to an end.Collective Game, Khornette, ELH2015-03-29 16 
April 2015
39053805Daemonette QuestOn a quest to host a Tea Party, we meet the Blood God, sexualize tax forms, become massively depressed, and so much more.Collective Game, Daemonette, Slaanesh, Excessive Silly, Lewd, Tea Party, ELH2015-04-01 11 
39513781SitS Quest 00: Chargen>So... You want to see a sockpuppet show, eh? One about corporate espionage, cybercrime, and philosophy? ELH starts another quest: Traveller system based cyberpunk (Shadowrun, Ghost in the Shell, MGR, all that goes in the pot)Collective Game, ELH, SitS Quest, SitS, Shadows in the Shell2015-04-23 8 
39654450SitS Quest 01We avoid getting off'd by the Mob and find a new job with a bunch of Cyborgs. Also character sheet fixes.Collective Game, SitS Quest, SitS, Shadows in the Shell, ELH2015-04-30 11 
May 2015
39816646SitS Quest 02Turns out Weldon's pretty sneaky when he wants to be, spider waifus are confusing, and one should always be wary of shooting people in the dick.Collective Game, SitS Quest, SitS, Shadows in the Shell, ELH2015-05-08 10 
40058836SitS Quest 03A quest for Pizza turns serious when the Not!Dragon comes to visit.Collective Game, SitS Quest, SitS, Shadows in the Shell, ELH2015-05-20 9 
June 2015
40305659SitS Quest 04My Tank Killer can't possibly be this cute! Also making a deal with a Not!Dragon. Shadowrunners everywhere cringe.Collective Game, SitS Quest, SitS, Shadows in the Shell, ELH2015-06-01 8 
40393260SitS Quest 05A Date with a Not!Dragon ends with our pelvis somehow intactCollective Game, SitS Quest, SitS, Shadows in the Shell, ELH2015-06-05 8 
40501090SitS Quest 06We meet Aria's sister and rejoin the SCU. Oh and Cathy finds out about the date.Collective Game, SitS Quest, SitS, Shadows in the Shell, ELH2015-06-10 8 
40682734SitS Quest 07We dig a little deeper to find out how the Spice flows. Then we meet a mysterious third party.Collective Game, SitS Quest, SitS, Shadows in the Shell, ELH2015-06-19 6 
40823994SitS Quest 08We parse through the data from Qwin and learn about some closet demons in the process.Collective Game, SitS Quest, SitS, Shadows in the Shell, ELH2015-06-26 6 
December 2015
44197418Navigator Quest 01We leave our House to work for a Rogue Trader. Along the way we save a transport and slay a xenos.Navigator Quest, Collective Game, 40k, Warhammer, ELH2015-12-16 23 
44233394Navigator Quest 02We meet some fresh faces, show our underlings how a true Navigator does their job, and continue with the trend of killing at least one Xenos per session.Navigator Quest, Collective Game, 40k, Warhammer, ELH2015-12-18 18 
44347410Navigator Quest 03We hit a warp storm, barter for some starcharts, then play second-fiddle to our backup Navigator.Navigator Quest, Collective Game, 40k, Warhammer, ELH2015-12-24 17 
January 2016
44489787Navigator Quest 04Short session where we try out liquor, find some archeotech, and make a very successful jump into the unknown.Navigator Quest, Collective Game, 40k, Warhammer, ELH2016-01-01 13 
44611550Navigator Quest 4.5We pick back up where we left off and fend off a book-daemon. In the process we discover a long-since passed collection of heretics.Navigator Quest, Collective Game, 40k, Warhammer, ELH2016-01-07 13 
February 2016
45449355Navigator Quest 05Another short session to get us back into the swing of things. We find the tendrils of a pleasure cult in looking for a psyker.Navigator Quest, Collective Game, 40k, Warhammer, ELH2016-02-16 13 
March 2016
45786214SitS Quest 09 (Reboot)Reboot of SitS Quest - We recover from an attempt on our life and catch up on lost time.Collective Game, SitS Quest, SitS, Shadows in the Shell, ELH2016-03-04 9 
45987806SitS Quest 10We chat with Qwin and get ready to shut down a group of Not!ShadowrunnersCollective Game, SitS Quest, SitS, Shadows in the Shell, ELH2016-03-14 6 
April 2016
46440352SitS Quest 11We meet with a Johnson, then plan how to deal with the Johnson's true planCollective Game, SitS Quest, SitS, Shadows in the Shell, ELH2016-04-04 6 
46950795Khornette Quest OmakeA Megas XLR inspired Omake OneshotCollective Game, Khornette, ELH2016-04-28 12 
13631Navigator Quest 06We deal with a daemonhost and all the fallout that comes with it. Early Archive.Navigator Quest, Collective Game, 40k, Warhammer, ELH2016-04-30 11 
May 2016
61604Navigator Quest 07We leave our troubles behind and visit a Pleasure WorldNavigator Quest, Collective Game, 40k, Warhammer, ELH2016-05-06 7 
March 2017
1293968Khornette Quest Redux 01A new Khornette is "born." See as she tames a Juggernaut and breaks into the MatreiumCollective Game, Khornette Quest Redux, ELH2017-03-23 11 
April 2017
1315615Khornette Quest Redux 02Ember begins her plan to take over Hive DesoleumCollective Game, Khornette Quest Redux, ELH2017-04-01 6 
1339953Khornette Quest Redux 03Ember and her minions take the Shattered Foundry in Hive Desoleum. Then she fights a daemon of Malice.Collective Game, Khornette Quest Redux, ELH2017-04-08 6 
1360986Khornette Quest Redux 04Ember has an audience with Khorne, then sets up a tournament among the Fleshcutters Collective Game, Khornette Quest Redux, ELH2017-04-15 4 
1393682Khornette Quest Redux 05Ember brings Hive Desoleum to its knees, then embarks on the rest of her journey.Collective Game, Khornette Quest Redux, ELH2017-04-27 6 
May 2017
1445601Khornette Quest Redux 06Ember duels with Usha, spills the beans about her end goal, and learns about a prophecyCollective Game, Khornette Quest Redux, ELH2017-05-14 6 
1494954Khornette Quest Redux 07Ember's further adventures during the trip to EnkiduCollective Game, Khornette Quest Redux, ELH2017-05-29 7 
July 2017
1663454Khornette Quest Redux 07.5Finishing up Session 7 with some further planning and a mysterious summonsCollective Game, Khornette Quest Redux, ELH2017-07-17 5 
1713128Khornette Quest Redux 08Shit hits the fan on the Soul InfernoCollective Game, Khornette Quest Redux, ELH2017-07-30 4 
October 2018
2964024Shovelhead Quest 1Juan has a bad day and a worse night as his life takes a very strange, very bloody turn.Shovelhead Quest, Vampire, World of Darkness, Sabbat2018-10-26 7 
November 2018
2993093Shovelhead Quest 2Juan adapts to his new life and family as he heads north on his first mission.Shovelhead Quest, Vampire, World of Darkness, Sabbat2018-11-01 5 
3034477Shovelhead Quest 3Juan and his pack attack the Camarilla semi-fortified outpost of Laredo, achieving victory with surprising ease. Things get spiritual.Shovelhead Quest, Vampire, World of Darkness, Sabbat2018-11-17 3 
December 2018
3068668Shovelhead Quest 4The pack moves out from Laredo. Short thread.Shovelhead Quest, Vampire, World of Darkness, Sabbat2018-12-08 1 
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