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November 2008
2986784Dave EldarWhat started with a discussion of Fluff and Crunch changed for the better with a story about Davius, the Space Marine Scout who is supposed to infiltrate an Eldar Craftworld. Now he is known as Dave Eldar. He enjoys Shooting Shuriken Catapults, and Doing Eldar things.Dave Eldar, writefaggotry, Shuriken Catapults2008-11-13 23 
November 2010
12972762Five Years with a DaveAfter fleeing into a bunker, you find a thin man called Dave tellin you that you are probably his only contact for the next five years. Radio contact with other bunkers reveals that each bunker has one survivor and one Dave, a ton of RPG resources and the ability to make Snickers Rum. After months of confinement, tensions rise between Koala Bear followers and paranoid /x/philes, and blood is promised after five years. A fully Koala Bear thread.Bunker, survival, Dave, Snickers rum, Koala Bear2010-11-30 4 
July 2011
15476554Peg-Leg Dave's storyPeg-Leg Dave tells about a baaad "hard" sci-fi setting and how he proceeded to make it a little betterawesome, Peg-Leg Dave, sci-fi, future, storytime, homebrew2011-07-05 31 
15494324Peg Leg Dave's Dark Heresy StorytimePeg Leg Dave continues telling stories as promised, this time he introduces his Dark Heresy Character, Shenanigans Ensue.Peg-Leg Dave, Dark heresy, storytime2011-07-07 27 
15503442Peg Leg Dave's Dark Heresy Storytime I2Storytime with Pegleg Dave, he continues where he left offPeg-Leg Dave, Dark Heresy, Storytime2011-07-07 27 
15510995WORST DM EVER MOMENTSPeg-leg Dave asks for worst DM ever moments, Horrible stories followPeg-Leg Dave, worst DM ever2011-07-08 20 
15520509Peg Leg Dave's Dark Heresy storytime 3Peg-Leg dave shares the continuing saga of Silon and Co.Peg-Leg Dave, Dark heresy, storytime2011-07-09 24 
15546106Peg-Leg Dave's Dark Heresy Story-time part 4Peg-Leg Dave returns for Dark Heresy StorytimePeg-Leg Dave, Dark heresy, storytime2011-07-12 24 
15598929Peg Leg Dave's Dark Heresy Storytime 5Peg Leg Dave returns for more Adventures in CrimePeg-Leg Dave, Dark heresy, storytime2011-07-16 23 
15610421Peg Leg Dave's Dark Heresy Storytime 6The game turns bad with new players added. Dave ejects people out into space.Peg-Leg Dave, Dark heresy, storytime2011-07-17 23 
15619823Peg Leg Dave's Dark Heresy Storytime (THE END)The end of Silon's Adventures in Dark Heresy, For now.Peg-Leg Dave, Dark heresy, storytime2011-07-18 28 
April 2012
18647845Armored Core Quest 7We take out a bandit after finding out that the posted difficulty was a lie. Also, HOLY SHIT DAVE.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots, HOLY SHIT DAVE2012-04-10 27 
June 2012
19585345Mage War QuestDave Davesson is the world's unluckiest archaeology grad student. Among other things, he gets kidnapped to Tibet, has to walk from Oman TO Tibet during said kidnapping, gets half of him eaten by a wolf and can never get a straight answer out of anyone.Collective Game, Mage War Quest, Dave Davesson, Magic, Magi, Assholes2012-06-23 14 
19625105Mage War Quest Part 4You are Dave Davesson. Your life sucks more for every day that goes past. This time around, you discover that your baby brother is better than you at everything (again), exposition is made and Dave is encased in some strange metal that has apparently killed countless apprentices before. Yay.Collective Game, Mage War Quest, Magi, Dave Davesson, Magic2012-06-26 11 
July 2012
19699755Mage War Quest Part 4 (The Actual Part 4)You are Dave Davesson, and the war between the Magi and the 72 has finally begun. Unfortunately, Dave spends almost all of the first battle encased in metal, before almost losing his mind to a demon duke. Dave's life still sucks.Collective Game, Mage War Quest, Dave Davesson, Magic, Magi, Assholes2012-07-02 12 
August 2012
20215550Mage War Quest Part 5After a hiatus we return to the adventures of Dave Davesson. We enter the Void once more to rescue our comrades from Dantalion. Life isn't that bad all things considered. Collective Game, Mage War Quest, Dave Davesson, Magic, Magi2012-08-07 11 
20378104Mage War Quest Part 6You are Dave Davesson. Your life still sucks, but at least exposition is done, Dave becomes marginally more competent, and suddenly: rebellion.Collective Game, Mage War Quest, Dave Davesson, Magic, Magi, Assholes2012-08-19 10 
November 2014
36380664Aerwin the Mon'Keigh ExpertAerwin Stroud, Eldar Explorer, travels all over the Galaxy in order to bring knowledge of the Human Race back to her craftworld brethren. Accompanying her is the Wraithguard Cameraman, Dave, and the Soundgrot, Mike. Featuring Inquisitor Attenborough.Elder, Aerwin, writefag, drawfag, dave, Wraithguard, grot, mike2014-11-26 32 
36413926New adventures with Aerwin The show of Aerwin the eldar mon-keigh expert and her crew continuesEldar, Aerwin, writefag, drawfag, dave, Wraithguard, grot, mike2014-11-27 7 
October 2015
43273739Night Shift: Minimum Wage, Maximum WeirdDay Shift are assholes edition: More reminiscing and fleshing out of the setting. Motel, apartment, and other variants discussed and explored. Night Shift, surreal, horror, setting, homebrew, supernatural, gas station, motel, Dave2015-10-30 12 
August 2016
48586572Peg-Leg Dave StorytimePeg Leg Dave returns after years of lurking for yet another story. Peg-Leg Dave, Storytime, Dark Heresy2016-08-02 32 
November 2016
49992316Star Trek General - Space Suit Dave EditionThe /stg/ beginning on Thursday, 27 October, 2016Star Trek General, Space Suit Dave, USS Ark Royal2016-11-04 1 
50054951Star Trek General - Where's My Thread Edition/stg/ Star Trek General beginning 01 November 2016.Star Trek General, Space Suit Dave, USS Ark Royal2016-11-08 -10 
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