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October 2012
21210163CATastrophe thread 3The third thread discussing the world of CATastrophecatastrophe, setting, flood, blue apocalypse, chlorine, williams2012-10-21 2 
21214326CATastrophe thread 4We begin to work on the social and technological aspects of kemonomimi society.catastrophe, setting, apocalypse, chlorine, williams, blue apocalypse, kemonomimi2012-10-21 3 
December 2012
21884087CATastrophe: HomebrewWork Begins yet again on CATastrophe. The diligent fa/tg/uys manage to develop the beginings of The TAIL Roleplayoing system, setting locations such as Star Dust Port and Diver's Bay. Oh and a CATastrophe Dev Team checks in.CATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-12-05 5 
21902150CATastrophe Homebrew ThreadThe fa/tg/uys of /tg/ soldier on in the face of no opposition whatsoever. The TAIL development guy checks in, Diaspora is ripped off to develop settlement & Dive site generators and there's talk on having adventures in the Artic Tundra.CATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-12-07 2 
21934973CATastropheAnother thread where ideas the setting are put forth. This thing really seems to have /tg/'s fancy. Writefaggotry is done and a troll shows up.CATastrophe, homebrew, kemomi, writefaggotry, ruins, parties, diving, shinies2012-12-08 2 
22064088CATastrophe ThreadMore Writefaggotry, Some Quest Hooks, and updates on the crunchCATastrophe, /tg/_gets_shit_done, Homebrew2012-12-17 7 
September 2013
27206011CATastrophe: The Floor Is Now Seawater Edition/tg/ gets progress reports on CATastrophe beta editions and kicks around fluff while one Anon provides mood music.CATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg_gets_shit_done, music2013-09-15 6 
27347152CATastrophe Thread: The Oncoming Storm EditionMore fleshing out of fluff, discussion of crunch, and game artCATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/ gets shit done2013-09-25 2 
27464445CATastrophe Thread: Koin/Monés EditionBusiness as usual, hashing out fluff and weathering the occasional shit storm.CATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2013-09-29 1 
October 2013
27577079Another CATastrophe Thread!Discussion of the /tg/ original setting. This edition features quest planning, original stories, and lore discussion.CATastrophe, Homebrew, homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2013-10-05 3 
27818954CATastrophe Thread: 'Nipped Out EditionPlenty of fluff development, including new locations for the setting. Also some comedy and ZERO shitstorms.CATastrophe, /tg/ gets shit done, Homebrew2013-10-21 2 
November 2013
28063503CATastrophe Thread: Swimming with Sharks EditionA completed FATE Accelerated alpha, plus more fluff detail and more art from the resident drawfags.CATastrophe, Homebrew, drawfag, /tg/ gets shit done2013-11-03 3 
28086999CATastrophe restaurant build QuestA restaurant building drawquest in the CATastrophe setting.CATastrophe, drawquest, Collective Game2013-11-04 5 
28105154CATastrophe restaurant build Quest 2We continue building the restaurant in slow and small steps.CATastrophe, drawquest, Collective Game2013-11-05 5 
April 2014
31710410CATastrophe Thread: Zero Frizz EditionCOMPLETED ruleset v1.0 for FATE Accelerated; discussion of rules & tech levels, recommended mood music for game sessionsCATastrophe, homebrew, music2014-04-28 2 
March 2017
52005009CATastrophe threadWhatever happened to CATastrophe?CATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/ doesn't get shit done2017-03-12 6 
July 2017
1646422CATastrophe Quest #1In which our protagonist Jack wakes up from a long freezer-nap to find that he's been transported to a world with animal-eared girls galoreCATastrophe Quest, Quest, Kemomimi, catgirl2017-07-09 4 
1666211CATastrophe Quest #2In which Jack gets in a fight, resists the urge to touch ears, avoids a cliché misunderstanding, and starts to get /fit/ with a certain dog.CATastrophe Quest, Quest, Kemomimi, catgirl, doggirl, nekomimi2017-07-18 7 
1689127CATastrophe Quest #3In which Jack takes a trip to the city with a certain doggirl and mousegirl.CATastrophe Quest, Quest, Kemomimi, catgirl, doggirl, mousegirl, nekomimi, animal ears2017-07-28 4 
August 2017
1715697CATastrophe Quest #4In which there is an abrupt ending.CATastrophe Quest, Quest, Kemomimi, catgirl, doggirl, mousegirl, nekomimi, animal ears2017-08-07 1 
January 2018
57244598CATastrophe art & loreA bunch of anons develop and discuss more lore for CATastrophe, then post pictures of sunken cities and briefly mentioning RyuutamaCATastrophe, Ryuutama2018-01-07 5 
November 2023
5832322Fate Catastrophe/Superposition10 Years after the Fuyuki Grail War came to an end, Marshall Vrilizadre is chosen by the Grail and summons his Servant. AvengerFate, Type-Moon, Fate Catastrophe/Superposition, Servants, Grail War2023-11-29 0 
December 2023
5859064Fate Catastrophe/Superposition #2After a heart to heart with Avenger, Marshall finds out he is to head off to Russia. Meeting the competiton before his plane crashesFate, Fate Catastrophe/Superposition, Grail War, Servants, Hassan of 1,000 IP Addresses2023-12-23 0 
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