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November 2010
12917518LARPing advice threadIn which Anon gets taught how the average LARP works, and tips on being a bard at same.LARP, bard, Blind Guardian bad, advice, tutorial2010-11-25 3 
July 2011
15571951Zerg Quest XLIXOh, this looks like another war. Let me just hop on in.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Pick a side, Blind Fight2011-07-14 11 
February 2012
18057915Daniel's QuestA young, formerly blind orphan boy sets out to seek his fortune and become a great wizard in order to thank the mysterious stranger that healed him.Collective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind, Wizard2012-02-24 17 
18123647Daniel's Quest - Thread 2Daniel finds becomes a counter-mage, prepares to hunt necromancers.Collective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind2012-02-29 12 
March 2012
18149459Daniel's Quest - Thread 3Daniel goes on his first mission alongside his mentorCollective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind2012-03-01 12 
18175143Daniel's Quest - Thread 4Things don't go as smooth as expected. Trouble catches up with Daniel faster than he likes.Collective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind2012-03-03 13 
18239167Daniel's Quest - Thread 5Daniel and Nxisa reason with some cultists and join a group to destroy a draconian camp.Collective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind2012-03-07 14 
18299686Daniel's Quest - Thread 6Daniel strikes a deal to heal Nxisa.Collective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind2012-03-13 13 
April 2012
18692940Daniel's Quest - Thread 7Adventures in Xjaal.Collective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind2012-04-14 12 
June 2013
25316582Daniel's Quest - Thread 9A pleasant meal in the company of the Archmage is interrupted when the Mage Guild is attacked.Collective Game, Daniel's Quest, Orphan, Blind2013-06-08 2 
September 2013
27281042Blind Aliens, Absent Humans Part 2The continuing saga of the expedition into human space.writing, writefag, sci-fi, science fiction, humanity, aliens, Blind Aliens, BlindSlug2013-09-18 35 
27368507Blind Aliens, Absent Humans Part 3The gang fights off the Zealots and obtains the Human Specialist!writing, writefag, sci-fi, science fiction, humanity, aliens, Blind Aliens, BlindSlug2013-09-23 29 
27439808Blind Aliens, Absent Humans Part 4The Sly Jiggle encounters a convenient source of free fuel and a convenient nest of hostile craft.writing, writefag, sci-fi, science fiction, humanity, aliens, Blind Aliens, BlindSlug2013-09-27 25 
October 2014
35821782Jackles and the Blind Seer Loli/tg/ at its finest, going from FLGS That Guys to the Blind Seer Sharpshooter Loli to french gaming to the Jackless to legal ages to fuck to meta-talk./tg/, jackless, cult, blind, seer, loli, sharpshooter, That Guy, FLGS, legal, fuck, sex, meta, 4chan, wtf2014-10-29 6 
July 2015
41230962Love is blind (Quest) 1A little discussion about domestication of zombies.Love_is_blind, Collective Game2015-07-15 5 
December 2018
63650808Sector Creation Thread II: Imperial Boogaloo Continued work on the newest SectorInquisitors, Planets, 40k, Marines, Blinding light, Drop Pods, Creatures2018-12-28 1 
August 2020
74472758spacefaring undeadOP suggests that spaceflight becomes much more convenient once you no longer need life support. Then the writers and worldbuilders show up.space, undead, liches, blindsight, carmen miranda's ghost, dawson's christian,2020-08-26 5 
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