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November 2008
3077034War Of the South SeasWithin the course of a day, the rudiments of a wargame are created, with a prototype barebones army list and some pre-alpha rules.wargame, homebrew, getting things done2008-11-29 0 
March 2009
4061081Mekton Wars Playtest RulesThe light wargame with mechs is now becoming complete, with a full set of playtest rules and "starter box" style units.Mechs, Mekton, wargames2009-03-23 5 
June 2009
4754817Armored Core Miniatures Game Part OneThe beginnings of making a minis game based on the franchise. Some units are worked on and the complexities of the rules consideredRobots, Miniatures, Wargame2009-06-04 1 
August 2009
5348400Imaginary Army Men/tg/ gets shit done and truly examines the popular Imaginary Army Men (IAM) System with the meticulous zeal it deserves, from the cheesy, min-maxing tactics of Red Army troop choices to the oft-overlooked fluff and possible fascist leanings of the mysterious Grey Army. Also Tan Army players are weaboos.warhamm faulty kai, plastic army men, neckbeard, wargame2009-08-05 3 
5359618Religion war-gamingFa/tg/uys discuss religions and history under the guise of a wargame codex debate.religion, codex, wargame2009-08-06 3 
January 2010
7597950List of Warhammer AlternativesIn which a helpful anon lists alternatives to Warhammer.Historical, Wargames, Minis2010-01-15 4 
March 2010
8522358Army Men WargameA simple question about the prospect of an Army Men rpg/wargame turns into an awesome preview what the game could resemble.Army Men, Wargames, Ideas, Homebrew, Awesome2010-03-11 2 
May 2010
9823368Army Men ChroniclesThe green army unites with the pinks and legos to annihilate the tan menace. Nostalgia and fun ensue.Army men, toy soldiers, awesome, wargames2010-05-15 7 
November 2010
12802197Catfight: Tactics: Updates: ContinuedCatfight: Tactics progresses, gains some new features (most notably an out of combat sequence) and generally gets hammered together into something more resembling the finished product.catfight: tactics, catfightgame, homebrew, wargame, necromunda, mordheim2010-11-18 1 
12859843Catfight: Tactics 2Testing happens, discussion happens, giant sweeping changes happen, people making driveby comments solve problems that the OP spent days staring at, etc.catfightgame, catfight: tactics, wargame, skirmish, homebrew, hexes2010-11-22 1 
December 2010
13235994Catfight: Tactics: Probably 4 or 5Missed a couple threads. ITT: Fluff happens in the most haphazard way possible. Also, the post-combat phase gets completely redone.Catfightgame, Catfight: Tactics, Catfight, Wargame, Mordheim, Necromunda2010-12-23 1 
January 2011
13475182Catfight: Tactics: Let's say 6A ton of fluff happens more quickly than fluff has ever happened before.skirmish, wargame, catfight, catfightgame, Catfight: Tactics2011-01-11 0 
March 2011
14399398Army Men Wargame Funny thread about the Plastic Army Men Wargame/Parody of Warhammer.Warhammer, Army Men, Sarge, Green, Plastic, Wargame2011-03-29 8 
April 2011
14448547AK-47 wargame discussionA thread discussing AK-47, wargame where you are fighting a war in africa.wargame, ak-47, africa, dictatorships, miniatures2011-04-03 2 
14586323Chess Army ListA fa/tg/uy wants to know if his army list for chess is good. Comedy ensues as people discuss pawnspam, rooks as Heavy Support, Bishops as Elites, and Knights as Fast Attack. 40k army nerdery turned into chess nerdery.chess, 40k, wargames, funny2011-04-14 7 
14629922Bianary WarfareInteresting idea for a wargame is posted. Started slow, got interesting.homebrew, OC, wargame2011-04-18 1 
14641073Binary WarfareTechnically the second thread in the series, this is the first real thread with progress on both the game and the fluffbinary warfare, oc, wargame, homebrew2011-04-19 1 
14687423Binary Warfare, part the second.Second real thread for binary warfare. Crunch is expanded on considerably.binary warfare, oc, wargame, homebrew2011-04-23 0 
14701650Binary Warfare part the thirdProgress is made. Nothing of particular note.binary warfare, oc, wargame, homebrew2011-04-24 0 
May 2011
15078411Blackpowdera Naval homebrew wargame where the player controls a ship and a crewBlackpowder, Wargame, ship, pirates, alchemists, naval, 28mm, homebrew2011-05-29 1 
July 2011
156352452006 AK-47 Republic released!Anon teases us with a pic of the aforementioned rules on a scanner: shortly, he delivers. Accompanied by glorious Osprey and silly flags.Getting Shit Done, scan thread, delivery, AK-47 Republic, wargame, mercenaries2011-07-21 6 
15646309AK-47 Republic second edition!Updated rules! Redheads! Holy grails of scale-less wargaming!Getting Shit Done, scan thread, delivery, AK-47 Republic, wargame, Promotions, Drow, Redheads2011-07-21 9 
August 2011
16116893A Song of Army Lists and Special CharactersOP complains about the recently nerfed Northmen codex in Dragons edition. Other players start talking about armies and broken characters.awesome, game of thrones, wargames, ASoIaF, GoT2011-08-30 5 
October 2011
16762476Gridiron: Urban Mech CombatWIP tabletop wargame focusing on mech customization, electronic warfare, and urban combat.Urban, Mech, Combat, Wargame, Gridiron, Electronic Warfare, WIP, Tabletop, Game, Design2011-10-30 5 
March 2012
18365007Vintage WargamingA thread about H.G. Wells' Little Wars rulebook explodes into a great dump of vintage wargaming materialwargame, vintage, epic2012-03-18 27 
April 2012
18558863Gummy WarsOP posts his idea of a wargame involving gummy candies as pieces.gummy, awesome, ideas, delicious casualties, wargame2012-04-03 20 
August 2012
20409956Space Opera "Oh Shit Spaceships" wargame crunch A wild OP appeared and gifted us these complete rules for epic spaceship-combat wargame.space, homebrew, rules, Spaceship, crunch, wargame, wargaming2012-08-21 5 
September 2012
20828760Semi-Realistic Space CombatAnon homebrews up a space combat system.space, wargame, combat, homebrew, semi-realistic, crunch2012-09-25 8 
April 2013
24261513Space Princess Battle/tg/ makes a skirmish wargame about 70s pulp scifi shootouts/punchfests.homebrew, wargame, skirmish, scifi, space princess, space princess battle2013-04-17 5 
June 2013
25550411/tg/ talks Terrain Building/tg/ sits and discusses wargames terrain. Painting, Modelling, Materials.Wargames, Terrain2013-06-23 2 
May 2016
46996010Grid-Lock Combat [Skirmish] #7 General DiscussionDiscussion on changing the mechanicsSkirmish Quest, Wargame, Grid-Lock Combat, Fenster, Collective Game2016-05-01 1 
47017743Grid-Lock Combat [Skirmish] #8 Gameplay UpdateThe mechanics of the game are changed and the characters are updated to reflect the new system. Skirmish Quest, Wargame, Grid-Lock Combat, Fenster, Collective Game2016-05-05 1 
47130927Grid-Lock Combat [Skirmish] #9 Bone Jangles part 1The Group suddenly find themselves in an unknown location.Skirmish Quest, Wargame, Grid-Lock Combat, Fenster, Collective Game2016-05-08 1 
September 2016
557229Hyuga Quest #1The IJN Hyuga supports the Wake Island invasion, sinks the USS Louisville, and gets a small refit.Hyuga Quest, Wargame, WW2, Collective Game, Hyuga, Pacific, Pacific War, Battleship2016-09-13 2 
593689Hyuga Quest #1Hyuga scores three more kills at the opening of the invasion of the Dutch East Indies. We also decide technologies to request from Germany.Hyuga Quest, Wargame, WW2, Collective Game, Hyuga, Pacific, Pacific War, Battleship2016-09-19 2 
625740Hyuga Quest #3 The Indian Ocean raidHyuga Quest, Wargame, WW2, Collective Game, Hyuga, Pacific, Pacific War, Battleship2016-09-26 1 
October 2016
49762274Soulsborne RPG DiscussionDiscussion of RPGs in the Dark Souls and Bloodborne universes. Miniature game adaptation suggested. Wargame, Original Content, Souls, Bloodborn, Dark Souls, OC, Game Design, homebrews2016-10-16 5 
711112Hyuga Quest #4Midway Part 1Hyuga Quest, Wargame, WW2, Collective Game, Hyuga, Pacific, Pacific War, Battleship2016-10-17 1 
743106Hyuga Quest #5Midway Part 2Hyuga Quest, Wargame, WW2, Collective Game, Hyuga, Pacific, Pacific War, Battleship2016-10-24 2 
November 2016
799309Hyuga Quest #6The Battle of Midway comes to a conclusion, being a draw.Hyuga Quest, Wargame, WW2, Collective Game, Hyuga, Pacific, Pacific War, Battleship2016-11-07 2 
824663Hyuga Quest #7The First Naval Battle of GuadalcanalHyuga Quest, Wargame, WW2, Collective Game, Hyuga, Pacific, Pacific War, Battleship2016-11-14 3 
876440Hyuga Quest #8The Second Naval Battle of GuadalcanalHyuga Quest, Wargame, WW2, Collective Game, Hyuga, Pacific, Pacific War, Battleship2016-11-27 2 
December 2016
902346Hyuga Quest #9The Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal Part 2Hyuga Quest, Wargame, WW2, Collective Game, Hyuga, Pacific, Pacific War, Battleship2016-12-05 2 
50647430 Fading Embers Wargame Origin ThreadStarted out as a "Let's collaboratively build a thing" thread, blew up into an original wargaming setting.Fading Embers, Wargame, Skirmish Game, Homebrew, Awesome, Original Content, Collaborative Creation2016-12-13 10 
50669075Fading Ember GeneralContinuation of Fading Ember Wargame Creation.Fading ember, wargame, skirmish game, homebrew, setting2016-12-14 7 
50692803Fading Embers General #3The third thread in the series. Started out as a "Let's collaboratively build a thing" thread, blew up into an original wargaming Fading Embers, Wargame, Skirmish Game, Homebrew, Awesome, Original Content, Collaborative Creation2016-12-18 6 
February 2017
1178889Hyuga Quest #10 - CrescendoThe finale. A really really overdue finale.Hyuga Quest, Wargame, WW2, Collective Game, Hyuga, Pacific, Pacific War, Battleship2017-02-19 1 
August 2017
55142736/tg/'s made up wargame./tg/ discusses a Wargame that doesn't exist. collective game, fantasy, wargame, 2017-08-31 33 
October 2017
1992671Military Academy QuestWe enter the prestigious Karkain Military InstituteWargames, School Life2017-10-27 2 
March 2018
58640150A wargame that doesn't existIn which /tg/ complains in a general for a tabletop game that isn't real.fantasy, wargame2018-03-23 5 
January 2020
70392912/tg/ talks about a fake wargame/tg/ complains about the meta of a fictional wargame and stumbles into a neat setting in the process. Orpheus is OP.wargame, worldbuilding, game ideas, brainstorming2020-01-12 7 
April 2021
78526722Avatar: Battle of the Four NationsWhat if there were a wargame for Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra?Avatar, airbender, wargame, game ideas2021-04-07 3 
June 2022
5274458CYOF, The Second Superweapon, The Struggle for Europe ( /civ/?)Major Wargame Battle is waged, thread turns into overly long character drama with too much lore. Wargame, Civ, CYOF, Cyberpunk, Modern, Tactical, Russia, Slavic, Modern Warfare, TZAR Setting, Alternate History, Near Future, KoBK2022-06-01 1 
August 2022
5336778The ARASI War (WW3, CYOF, TZAR, CivPlayers vote to be a NAU Analyst in West Africa. Battles are fought, hundreds die, and the MC searches for answers.Elections in West Africa?Wargame, Civ, CYOF, TZAR, LoN, Cyberpunk, Modern, Tactical, American, Canadian, Modern Warfare, Korova Analyst, NAU2022-08-16 3 
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