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March 2008
1423495The Necron LordA heartbreaking tale of a Necron Lord's regretsnecron, lord, manly tears, writefaggery2008-03-29 12 
1422003Moar Reverse 40kMore detail for reverse 40kwritefaggery2008-03-29 0 
March 2010
8586512Polymorphed Dragon-girlWhat starts like a monstergirl thread ends up generating some interesting (and non-pornographic) writefaggery.dragon, writefaggery, polymorph2010-03-15 16 
8627301Polymorphed Dragon Girl 2A different writefag continues the story from the first thread, slightly intoxicated.dragon, writefaggery, polymorph2010-03-17 12 
8675840Polymorphed Dragon-girl 3The writefag returns from a short disappearance to continue the story.dragon, writefaggery, polymorph2010-03-20 10 
January 2012
17523320TG helps inspire children's book(s)Op asks tg for help developing t tg related children's book we offer up cool suggestionsMilly, story,writefaggery,Paladin,writefag, Getting Shit Done2012-01-13 8 
November 2020
75965712/tg/ Accidentally Creates a Sci Fi Setting/tg/ rants about a setting that doesn't exist accidentally creating an interesting system and setting.Sci-Fi, writefaggery, game ideas2020-11-19 10 
75981360/tg/ Accidentally Creates a Sci Fi Setting #2/tg/ accidentally creates a sci fi setting/gameSci-Fi, writefaggery, game ideas, FUN2020-11-19 7 
76018207Distant Broken Stars #1Follow-up to "/tg/ Accidentally Creates a Sci Fi Setting #2", now with a name, Lego and 3D modelsDistant Broken Stars, Sci-Fi, Writefaggery, settings, game ideas, ship models2020-11-22 5 
December 2020
76170625Distant, Broken Stars General #3/tg/ continues to work on a setting/game it accidentally created. Now with concept art, subfactions and rule prototypes.Distant Broken Stars, Sci-Fi, Writefaggery, settings, game ideas, ship models2020-12-01 6 
76276813Distant, Broken Stars General 4Tg continues work on the setting/rules of a (currently) fictional wargameDistant Broken Stars, Sci-Fi, Writefaggery, settings, game ideas, ship models 2020-12-13 4 
76408976Distant, Broken Stars General 5Tg continues work on DBS, expanding on the Ashen and the Avar, and setting up a 1d4chan pageDistant Broken Stars, Sci-Fi, Writefaggery, settings, game ideas, ship models 2020-12-22 5 
January 2021
76580570Distant, Broken Stars General 6Shorter thread hashing out some of the less detailed factions.Distant Broken Stars, Sci-Fi, Writefaggery, settings, game ideas, ship models 2021-01-04 2 
76673101Distant, Broken Stars General 7Another DBS thread focusing on rules rather than lore as anons get ever closer to producing something playableDistant Broken Stars, Sci-Fi, Writefaggery, settings, game ideas, ship models2021-01-13 1 
76931891Distant, Broken Stars General 8More work is done on the setting of DBS, which is starting to become a little lovecraftian Distant Broken Stars, Sci-Fi, Writefaggery, settings, game ideas, ship models 2021-01-26 2 
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