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February 2010
8118620IA Apocalypse 2Kind anon delivers a scan.IA, scan, Imperial Armour2010-02-16 1 
October 2010
12407754Imperial Armour IXScanon tells allForgeworld, 40k, Scanon, Imperial Armour2010-10-12 2 
June 2012
19458284Chapter Quest VIIGhosts of Retribution visit Nestorius to reap the rewards of their previous mission to retrieve STC.Collective Game, Quest, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Dark Heresy, roleplay, rpg, 40k, super heavy battle tank, Baneblade, stealth power armour, Adeptus Mechanicus2012-06-13 4 
May 2013
25088321Blacksmith DiscussionA quick update on Blacksmith Quest turns into a blacksmith-advice threadBlacksmith, Discussion, Armour, Weapons2013-05-28 1 
July 2013
25971010The Armoured VillageOP proposes a setting where everyone is always covered, and /tg/ works its magic. What results is a village where absolutely everyone wears full plate armour all the time as a result of a contagious curse. Better than it sounds.game ideas, world building, armour, village, worldbuilding2013-07-13 17 
April 2014
31583480Convict Cyborg Quest: Iteration FourYou are Clark Weston. Incarnation of genius, rifle maestro and the happiest husband in the world. WHY IS OUR WIFE SO CRAZY.convict cyborg quest, collective game, Herbert, cyberpunk, sci-fi, AI, power armour, military2014-04-20 3 
July 2014
33618606The Witch Paladin — Evolution of a conceptOP brings gifts from the lands of dA. /tg/ does as it's wont to do and makes it actually work.concept fix, armour, the witcher, paladin, witch, mary sue2014-07-24 4 
August 2014
34045584Armour Quest Pt.2 [Formerly Item/Weapon Quest]Having survived a traitorous wizard, we ensnare a new host and regenerate our powers.collective game, item quest, armour quest2014-08-11 5 
November 2015
43805023Nuns with glaivesDesign thread for a Sororitas order devoted mainly to melee weapons, writing and drawings in progress.Sisters of Battle, Melee only, No power armour2015-11-25 2 
43821682Order Of The Armoured Heart-Nuns With GlaivesMore writefaggotry and drawfaggotry in this second installment, now with the adventures of Canoness Superior Boudicea!Sisters of Battle, Melee only, No power armour, Order Of The Armoured Heart, Drawfaggotry, Writefaggotry.2015-11-26 3 
July 2017
1608645E.V.A Beta 2Power armour contractors deploy to a comet and encounter infested miners!collective game, skirmish, EVA, tacticool, power armour, cognis2017-07-01 1 
December 2017
2147638E.V.A Skirmish Beta 3Civil War erupts and mercs seize control of an enemy drone carrier.collective game, skirmish, eva, tacticool, cognis, power armour, E.V.A2017-12-23 1 
October 2021
4985519Living Armour Quest 1A living armour wakes up with a soul, and begins wandering in search for adventure and a purpose in life.Living Armour Quest, Mordragon, Collective Game2021-10-26 7 
December 2021
5046025Living Armour Quest 2Mordragon breaks the Geneva Convention and fails at riddles.Living Armour Quest, Mordragon, Collective Game2021-12-21 5 
March 2022
5145112Living Armour Quest 3Mordragon loots an asp temple and sets out on an expedition against necromancers.Living Armour Quest, Mordragon, Collective Game2022-03-17 5 
May 2022
5203611Living Armour Quest 4Mordragon strikes a deal with the Burnt God, defeats a demonic invasion and reaches the Silver Eye fortress.Living Armour Quest, Mordragon, Collective Game2022-05-02 4 
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