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March 2009
4131937Ilsenhoon, Illithid BardThe OP asks for help working out how build such a character, writefaggotry ensues.D&D, Illithid, Mind Flayer, Bard, 4e2009-03-30 20 
4137465The continues misadventures of Ilsenhoon, Illithid BardThe OP, still running through a multi-classing ridden character creation session, continues to detail Ilsenhoon's descent into humanity.D&D, Illithid, Mind Flayer, Bard, 4e2009-03-31 16 
June 2009
4852108All Bards custom gameOP fantasizes about Metal Heads rocking up a literal storm. Him and /tg/ work on making a homebrew music-based system.Getting Shit Done, Music, Homebrew, Metal, Bards2009-06-12 3 
July 2009
5234359ITT: getting back at faggot playersWhat starts as one DM picking on another retarded player becomes epic, with the Legend of 50 Copper and Ludi'drizz't50 copper, Ludi'drizz't, bard, epic2009-07-24 24 
August 2009
5314820Dread MariachiMexican musician 3.5 homebrew class. Would make a fantastic all-mariachi party campaign.Dread Mariachi, Bard, homebrew, 3.52009-08-02 5 
December 2009
7301214Rune Funkin the 70's bands fought on the fields of honor for the number 1 spot and a shiny new record deal. AKA Bard Settingbards, rune funk, funktapus keech2009-12-27 3 
January 2010
7484742Bard QuestJanis Ivanova, a currently down on her luck bard, arrives in a tiny town.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-01-08 -1 
7501850Bard Quest Part 2Janis gets paid, goes shopping, and gets gifts.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-01-09 -3 
7517646Bard Quest part 3Janice and Tabby head for Colinswealth, get attacked by Bandits.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-01-10 3 
7552975The Duel: writefaggotryA bard and a lich have an epic musical duelbard, lich, writefaggotry2010-01-12 22 
77507554e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: The Wind-Borne WarblerA stylish theme build for a 4e bard.D&D, 4e, bard2010-01-24 -2 
March 2010
8652839Paladins! Fuck yeah!Starts out slow, but grows to encompass Paladins that turn into Black Guards when they're angry, Paladins so British they shit crumpets, and Bards creating awesome by impersonating Paladins.Paladin, Fantasy, D&D, Bard, Black Guard2010-03-19 6 
8843611Bard's MusicThe party's bard controls the theme music. What should he play?Bard, music2010-03-29 1 
June 2010
10588708Coin and Cleavage IIn which we meet the Bard, our intrepid hero. He is a tad unstable.Collective game, Coin and Cleavage, Bard, Quest2010-06-19 4 
10746919Coin and Cleavage IIIn which the Bard escapes Jail, steals a public official's horse, angers a diminutive man, and attempts to cause a forest fire.Collective game, Coin and Cleavage, Bard, Quest2010-06-26 1 
10837680Bard Quest part 4An eventful and productive day in Colinswealth.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-06-30 7 
July 2010
11064384Bard Quest part 9You're traveling show expands, and you meet the Ranger Ruby.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-07-11 3 
11064384Bard Quest part 9You're traveling show expands, and you meet the Ranger Ruby.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-07-11 3 
11103865Bard Quest part 11You get checked in and Have a bath. You also put on a show.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-07-13 5 
11125464Bard Quest part 12You witness an assassination, but it's alright, because he was a dick.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-07-14 5 
11145534Bard Quest part 13You pick on Newt, and waste a day at the Inn while the storm still rages outside.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-07-15 5 
11182896Bard Quest part 14You finally leave the Inn, have a talk with Newt, and meet an unexpected guest on the road.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-07-17 6 
11257423Bard Quest part 15You reintroduce Ta'kal and come upon the Halfling Druid Kithri and the wolf Sam. Tanot spends the night with her.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-07-21 5 
11278484Bard Quest part 16Kithri joins the party, and you put on a roadside show. Ruby also shows her girly side.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-07-22 6 
11299882Bard Quest part 17You finally get to Vimestead. After going through the hell of the city's DMV like travel office, you set up in the Silver Dragon.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-07-23 6 
11320243Bard Quest part 18You pick up your new suit, some maps, and you get Newt enrolled.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-07-24 5 
11358903Bard Quest part 19Ruby and Janice get some PJs, stumble upon a magic shop, find a house, and get robbed!Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-07-26 4 
11402100Bard Quest part 20 AThe first portion of the quest before CAPTCHA bugged out.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-07-28 6 
11438494Bard Quest part 21You get Grue, Ruby, and Tabby signed up for the sporting events.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-07-30 4 
August 2010
11518286Bard Quest part 22Ruby and yourself go out to lunch, and keep Zanne out of jail! Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-08-04 7 
11563894Bard Quest part 23You finally meet again with Miranda.Bard Quest, Collective Game2010-08-07 4 
November 2010
12681153Mr. Bombardini Rides AgainThe creator and player of Mr. Bombardini, the loveable, overweight, child-eating vampire returns to tell more tales of Mr. Bombardini's escapades, this time in a party led by El Viento de IluminaciĆ³n de Justicia, vampire luchador.Mr. Bombardini, vampire, luchador, storytiem2010-11-05 30 
12711995Bombardini: The Return (Also his shitty DM rages)Probably staged, but the DM of the game Bomb "Ruined" returns to bitch and whine, interesting things ensueBombardini, Vampirefaggotry, Shit DMs2010-11-07 16 
12917518LARPing advice threadIn which Anon gets taught how the average LARP works, and tips on being a bard at same.LARP, bard, Blind Guardian bad, advice, tutorial2010-11-25 3 
January 2011
13437138Bard questThe adventures of Wobberjack, the triangle virtuoso.Bard, Quest thread, Bard Quest2011-01-08 4 
13661109What would your paladin do?If your son told you he was running off with a bi-curious elf to become a bard? Seeming troll thread gets some good, funny and legitimate response. Then trolls show up.troll, counter troll, paladin, falling, fall, bard, elf2011-01-26 -2 
May 2011
14888308Sal the bleak, Ur-priest of the end of all.A simple Gypsy guy who's the result of a supernatural gene-bashing, and his exploits as the world he lives in keeps hammering home how cold and uncaring it is to his people. Until he finally snaps and ends the world.Emrakul, Gypsy, Storytime, D&D, Paladin, THAT DM, Bard2011-05-12 9 
June 2011
15323216Dancer in WhiteMichael Jackson as the ultimate BBEG. Bards become the best "just as planned" villains ever.Michael Jackson, bard, Lich, BBEG, villain.2011-06-20 33 
15329618Don Senor El Dracon de la RosaDon Senor El Dracon de la Rosa the Dragonborn Battle-Flamenco Bard and his rivals, nemeses and love interest are born. /tg/ collectively dances the dance of death.flamenco, tango, dragonborn, Don Senor El Dracon de la Rosa, character, awesome, bard2011-06-20 23 
July 2011
15587558Bardic Jokes and PunsYFW when you realizing you're reading these in Rodney Dangerfield's voice.bard, funny, original content2011-07-16 11 
August 2011
15994115Fantasy /tg/A forum by the many different races. In it, Drow Racism, Tiefling Lawers, and how and Ogre courts a nice elf lady.awesome, office, fantasy, drow, tiefling, bard2011-08-20 7 
September 2011
16459266a thread of threadsa thread of threads many of which are entertaining stories, screencap, hamlet, catan?, bard, baculums2011-09-29 5 
November 2011
16811269The Bedding GameA game-within-a-game, favored by Bards since time immemorial. It's goal? Get into bed with as many folks as you can to score!sex, funny,bards2011-11-02 14 
December 2011
17257411Organ Construct BardSomeone posts that their bard became augmented by a group artificer and is now part organ, discussion about a necrobard followed and many good ideas were shared.Bard, character, Necromancer, artificer, game ideas, villain, dirge, music, funny, D&D, construct2011-12-18 6 
February 2012
18102619What to inscribe on a SwordOP asks for an inscription on his legendary sword. /tg/ delivers.legendary, swords, inscriptions, awesome, funny, scabbards2012-02-26 11 
June 2012
19480588Song of Durin's AwakeningA real-life bard performs one of Tolkien songs. /tg/ is in awe. Bard Lord if the Rings Music 2012-06-15 45 
19478915Tavern Seduction TableA GM gets tired of coming up with people for a bard player to bed, asks for help making a tablebard, tavern, seduction, table2012-06-24 11 
September 2012
20824331The Iron CrusadeWhat starts of as a mediocre Chapter Generation Thread become awesome, when we roll Crusading Iron Hand descendants, searching for The Grail, which will revive the lost heroes of the past!The Iron Crusade, The Iron Blades, Iron Hands, Deathwatch, Rites of Battle, Crusaders, Bard2012-09-23 14 
November 2012
21572801Bard DadA proud dad weaves a magical tale about him and his daughter. D'aaaaw, bard, dad2012-11-14 170 
21595624Bard Dad part 2Bard dad returns with more tales of his amazing daughter Kat.d'awwww, bard, Bard, IRL2012-11-16 49 
21647922Bard Dad part 3The Bard Father returns once again. /tg/ gathers round the fire to hear his words.d'awwwww, bard, Bard, IRL2012-11-19 33 
January 2013
22627138Fantasy QuestFat 30-year old neckbeard gets a birthday gift of becoming a Female Elven Bard.Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard2013-01-17 34 
22650862Fantasy Quest 3A fat, lonely, 30-year-old neckbeard virgin is turned into a female elven bard. Shit.Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard2013-01-18 14 
22659959Fantasy Quest IVGo out adventuring with our Orc Ranger friend, and get ambushed & captured. Fuck.Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, bard, elf, girl2013-01-19 10 
22677919Fantasy Quest VWe bluff the hell out of people, meet a racist fuck of a Sheriff and play out Star Wars with illusions.Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard2013-01-20 12 
22696244Fantasy Quest VIWe masturbate furiously in front of everyone, then some serious shit hits the fan.Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard2013-01-21 14 
22715800Fantasy Quest VIIRelationship troubles start showing, and then suddenly train robbery.Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard, train, train robbery, robbery2013-01-22 10 
22753651Fantasy Quest VIIIWe evade one of the criminals, meet a ganja-loving Orc and finally get to Newport Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard, orc, weed, carriage, guards, reggae2013-01-24 13 
22770990Fantasy Quest IXThe train situation is resolved and new problems arise in Newport.Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard2013-01-25 18 
22788509Fantasy Quest XPlans are made, holsters are purchased, music duels are fought.Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard2013-01-26 10 
22805714Fantasy Quest XIJack and Varaia tell the bard stories and then sail out of the city.Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard2013-01-27 10 
22822844Fantasy Quest XIIIn this thread, our Bard once again proves that she can't board a vehicle without having it wrecked along the road. Featuring Deep Ones Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard, crash, boat, deep ones, deep, ones2013-01-28 10 
22842711Fantasy Quest XIIIThe Bard struggles with some existential issues before continuing her journey.Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard2013-01-29 14 
22879019Fantasy Quest XIVThe Bard and her friends reach the city of Mild and set out to take on the underworld. Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard, underworld, seedy, arson, prostitutes2013-01-31 8 
February 2013
22899166Fantasy Quest XVWe recover, explain our situation to Millie, and commence pre-planning warm ups for the next operationFantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard2013-02-01 7 
22917447Fantasy Quest XVIThe Bard meets the Ghost and makes ready to infiltrate the den of depravity.Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard, infiltration, ghosts, suddenly, sneaky, sneak, sneaking2013-02-02 13 
22936067Fantasy Quest XVIINona goes shopping for clothes and a gun, then gets ambushed by the Unseelie Court.Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard, seelie, unseelie, fae2013-02-03 10 
22973497Fantasy Quest XVIIINona untangles an intricate enchantment, then infiltrates a high society event.Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard, seelie, unseelie, fae2013-02-05 18 
June 2013
25604933The Tale of Solaron part 1The story of an incredibly naive and friendly Yuan Ti on his path to becoming a bard.Solaron, yuan ti, bard, story time, writefaggotry, snake man2013-06-24 57 
25643581The Tale of Solaron part 2The story of Solaron continues as he makes a new friend and continues on his path to adventure.Solaron, yuan ti, bard, story time, writefaggotry, snake man2013-06-26 37 
25661148The Tale of Solaron part 3Solaron's path to friendship and adventure continues.Solaron, yuan ti, bard, story time, writefaggotry, snake man2013-06-26 30 
25720831The Tale of Solaron part 4Solaron and party continue their exploration of the ruin, and run into unexpected company.Solaron, yuan ti, bard, story time, writefaggotry, snake man2013-06-29 26 
July 2013
25795259The Tale of Solaron part 5Solaron and company set out to hunt a master thief.Solaron, yuan ti, bard, story time, writefaggotry, snake man2013-07-03 25 
25833190The Tale of Solaron part 6Solaron and company continue their hunt for the thief plaguing the city.Solaron, yuan ti, bard, story time, writefaggotry, snake man2013-07-05 24 
25913736The Tale of Solaron part 7Solaron reunites with his friends before being pulled into another adventure.Solaron, yuan ti, bard, story time, writefaggotry, snake man2013-07-09 24 
26032174The Tale of Solaron part 8Solaron and company retrieve some stolen property, but things are more complicated than they thought.Solaron, yuan ti, bard, story time, writefaggotry, snake man2013-07-15 23 
26115959The Tale of Solaron part 9The reception begins, and Solaron gets himself in deeper trouble.Solaron, yuan ti, bard, story time, writefaggotry, snake man2013-07-19 22 
26254625The Tale of Solaron part 10The reception continues, and Solaron discovers that things are more complicated then they seemed.Solaron, yuan ti, bard, story time, writefaggotry, snake man2013-07-26 21 
26287474The Tale of Solaron part 11Solaron continues his investigation into the mystery surrounding the staff.Solaron, yuan ti, bard, story time, writefaggotry, snake man2013-07-28 21 
August 2013
26393933The Tale of Solaron part 12The investigation comes to a close, and Solaron learns the truth surrounding the staff.Solaron, yuan ti, bard, story time, writefaggotry, snake man2013-08-02 20 
26453749The Tale of Solaron part 13In the aftermath of the showdown over the staff, Solaron and Co. plan their next move.Solaron, yuan ti, bard, story time, writefaggotry, snake man2013-08-05 17 
December 2013
28617703Times your group has had to end for the nightTimes a campaign has had to restart, be rewritten, or put on hold because of silly bullshit players pull. Also a small bit of advice on worldbuilding.DM, GM, DMing, GMing, worldbuilding, story, stories, storytime, PC, GMPC, DMPC, bard, paladin, seduction, cancer, Elder evil, EE, BBEG2013-12-02 5 
June 2014
32816963Order of the Emerald StarDiscussion and storytime about the Order of the Emerald Star, an ingame religion worshipping a former PC's Bard after he Ascended.Gods, Deity, Emerald Star, Bards, Music, Paladin, Storytime,2014-06-17 4 
November 2014
36405164The Bard Quest #1You are an aspiring battle-bard.Quest, Bard, Bard Quest, Collective Game, Mandolin, Longsword2014-11-27 2 
36423083The Bard Quest #2You are an aspiring battle-bard in bard college.Quest, Bard, Bard Quest, Collective Game, Mandolin, Longsword2014-11-27 1 
36438757The Bard Quest #3Your girlfriend starts doing drugs.Quest, Bard, Bard Quest, Collective Game, Mandolin, Longsword2014-11-28 0 
36457473The Bard Quest #4You save your girl.Quest, Bard, Bard Quest, Collective Game, Mandolin, Longsword2014-11-29 1 
December 2014
36573438The Bard Quest #5She's gone, man.Quest, Bard, Bard Quest, Collective Game, Mandolin, Longsword2014-12-05 -2 
36596857The Bard Quest #5 RetconContinuous connection errors prevented OP from updating. Will continue another time.Quest, Bard, Bard Quest, Collective Game, Mandolin, Longsword2014-12-06 0 
36618118The Bard Quest #5.5Another victim of site maintenance.Quest, Bard, Bard Quest, Collective Game, Mandolin, Longsword2014-12-07 0 
36630025The Bard Quest #5.75Prepare for danger.Quest, Bard, Bard Quest, Collective Game, Mandolin, Longsword2014-12-08 0 
36707659DBZ Human Quest #10Kaguya has an interesting match with Chiaotzu, and, with his training nearly complete, takes a trip to the past in the pendulum roomCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Dragonball, Dragon, Ball, Kami, Popo, Tien, Chiaotzu, Krillin, Yamcha, Yajirobe, Goku, King Kai, Raditz, Vegeta, Bardock, Tora, Shugesh, Borgos, Fasha, Dodoria, Frieza2014-12-12 14 
36746600DBZ Human Quest #11Kaguya learns the fate of Bardock, and the clash with the Saiyans beginsCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Dragonball, Human, Bardock, Fasha, Tora, Borgos, Shugesh, Dodoria, Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Saibamen, Krillin, Gohan, Yajirobe, Tien, Chiaotzu, Goku2014-12-14 16 
36805824DBZ Human Quest #13The Z Fighters desperately try to hold off Vegeta until Goku arrives, at a great costCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Dragonball, Saiyan, human, Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz, Saibamen, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu, Gohan, Piccolo, Goku, Frieza, Dodoria, Bardock, Kamehameha, Destructo Disk, Dodon Ray, Wolf Fang Fist2014-12-17 14 
January 2015
37377232Quest Quest Episode 2Gartendo and co. embark on a journey to find the staff of the appellomancerCollective Game, drawfag, brad, bard, quest quest2015-01-15 6 
37384219The Bard Quest #6Dragonslayer.Quest, Bard, Bard Quest, Collective Game, Mandolin, Longsword2015-01-15 0 
37407354The Bard Quest #7Boring middle part.Quest, Bard, Bard Quest, Collective Game, Mandolin, Longsword2015-01-16 0 
37431400The Bard Quest #8You begin a quest.Quest, Bard, Bard Quest, Collective Game, Mandolin, Longsword2015-01-17 0 
37465789Quest Quest Episode 3Leeches, goblins, and VENGENCE.Collective Game, drawfag, brad, bard, quest quest, Garetendo2015-01-19 11 
37472441The Bard Quest #9Assandra died!Quest, Bard, Bard Quest, Collective Game, Mandolin, Longsword2015-01-19 -6 
37533810Quest Quest Episode 4We begin tracking the goblins that killed poor leech Brad. Thread cut short, sadly.Collective Game, drawfag, brad, bard, quest quest, Gartendo2015-01-22 5 
37640157Quest Quest Episode 5Gartendo and his crew pursue the goblins to their camp, a few seconds after the last episode. Seconds, not a few days.Collective Game, drawfag, brad, bard, quest quest, Gartendo2015-01-27 5 
February 2015
37975556Quest Quest Episode 6Gartendo the Bradbard fondles an elf, enters a cave, and opens a door. Dicks may be involved.Collective Game, drawfag, brad, bard, quest quest, Gartendo2015-02-11 5 
38245573Quest Quest Episode 7The tale of Gartendo the Bradbard reaches its thrilling climax! Will we end this with victory or defeat?Collective Game, drawfag, brad, bard, quest quest, Gartendo2015-02-23 14 
March 2015
38473874DBZ Human Quest #90Kaguay trains in the Pendulum Room, watches TV, and heads far back in the pastCollective Game, Quest, Cell, Videl, Krillin, Yamcha, Piccolo, King Kai, Bardock2015-03-05 6 
38574259DBZ Human Quest #95Kaguya and Videl work together to face the Saiyan RaditzCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Dragonball, Human, Saiyan, Videl, Raditz, Bardock, Kakarot2015-03-09 9 
June 2015
40865904Bard dad part 4The bard father returns with more stories of his daughter.bard, Bard, IRL2015-06-29 23 
February 2016
45676951Be the BEG Chapter 5We take the iron mine, and anticipate new arrivalsCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Bard2016-02-29 8 
March 2016
45880593D&D: the animated series/tg/ becomes /co/ and designs a D&D-based cartoon.Cartoon, D&D, WotC, Hasbro, Faerun, Realms, Bards, Druids, Pseudodragons, Drow Appeal, Friendship, Is, Magic2016-03-10 7 
April 2016
46600923RE: Animated Quest 1Death can't keep a good bard down. Enter Lee, an awakened skeleton. Join him on the first leg of his journey as he dances down his enemies.skeleton, bard, RE: Animated Quest, RE:Monster, Collective Game, dancing2016-04-11 11 
46737759RE: Animated Quest 2Lee continues his adventure, talking with priests and gorgons, experimenting with magic, and remembering his own death.skeleton, bard, RE: Animated Quest, RE: Monster, Collective Game, gorgon2016-04-18 8 
46888265RE: Animated QuestA mother in peril and no time to lose. Sounds like a job for Dr. Bones, as Lee runs off to the lizard folk seeking aid.Collective Game, RE: Animated Quest, RE: Animated, skeleton, bard, RE: Monster2016-04-25 7 
May 2016
32839RE: Animated Quest 4Lee learns a little bit about child rearing, golem-mancy, and hunting. Let there be meat!Collective Game, skeleton, bard, RE: Animated Quest, RE: Animated, RE: Monster, gorgon2016-05-02 7 
128288RE: Animated Quest 5While the gorgon family rests and recuperates, Lee continues to sharpen his skills, learning the most dangerous art of all: basket weavingCollective Game, skeleton, bard, RE: Animated, Re-monster, RE: Monster2016-05-15 6 
168157RE: Animated Quest 6Travel, intrigue, and near misses. Never fear! Lee Townsend is on the case!Collective Game, Re-monster, skeleton, bard, RE: Animated, RE: Monster2016-05-24 6 
June 2016
274382RE: Animated Quest 7Lee becomes takes up the mantel of spirit of vengeance, much to the peril of nearby banditsCollective Game, Re-monster, skeleton, bard, RE: Animated, RE: Monster2016-06-21 6 
July 2016
306556RE: Animated Quest 8Lee doles out justice before going on the road to further destroy an underground slaving ring. Helping others along the way.Collective Game, Re-monster, skeleton, bard, RE: Animated, RE: Monster2016-07-01 6 
360858RE: Animated Quest 9Lee recruits a new ally, meets a high priestess, and begins battling his way back toward base. Darkness and demons and fey, oh my!Collective Game, Re-monster, skeleton, bard, RE: Animated, RE: Monster2016-07-14 2 
383048RE: Animated Quest 10Our friendly skeletal bard begins laying plans to bring down the head of the snake, gaining a new sword, new friends, and renewed resolve.Collective Game, Re-monster, skeleton, bard, RE: Animated, RE: Monster2016-07-21 1 
406043RE: Animated Quest 11We take a break from Lee's exploits to return to the gorgon family. Not all is peaceful there, but new friends and adventures are had.Collective Game, Re-monster, skeleton, bard, gorgon, harpy, RE: Animated, RE: Monster2016-07-27 1 
August 2016
434647RE: Animated Quest 12On the way to uncover one mystery, Lee falls into another. High-flying, high stakes action ensues.Collective Game, Re-monster, skeleton, bard, manticore, RE: Animated, RE: Monster2016-08-04 5 
452231RE: Animated Quest 13Lee has another chat with the gods, gets in touch with his spiritual side, and prepares for the next leg of his journey.Collective Game, Re-monster, skeleton, bard, RE: Animated, RE: Monster2016-08-11 5 
477410RE: Animated Quest 14.1Lucy, Margy, and everyone's favorite skeleton find a city of decadent delights and their man.Collective Game, Re-monster, skeleton, bard, RE: Animated, RE: Monster2016-08-23 2 
499450RE: Animated Quest 14.2Father and daughter are reunited at last, though the quest seems to be taking a break.Collective Game, Re-monster, skeleton, bard, RE: Animated, RE: Monster2016-08-27 2 
December 2016
920796Shitty Bard Quest: #1A commoner with a guitar passes as a bard. Carnival games ensue.SBQ, Shitty Bard Quest, Shitty, Bard, BardQM, Collective Game2016-12-10 12 
November 2019
69530185/tg/ does poetryIf I was clever I would make this rhyme, but I'm not so this isnt, a poembard, bards, poems, rhyme2019-11-22 1 
December 2020
4535086Yunan's QuestA quest from the point of General Yunan! Scourge of the Sand Wars, Defeater of Ragnar the Wretched... after her encounter with Grimmes.Amphibia, Yunan, Newtopia, Crivora, Bard, Betrayal, Monster, Robot, Duel, The Music Box, The Music Box QM2020-12-17 20 
June 2022
5272525Mutant Moshers: Disco Division!The funky tale of uniquely-gifted individuals fighting against the mainstream trends. A Multiplayer Skirmish Quest. Fae Smelter, Skirmish, Riptail, Bard, Palewalker, Dance, Hex, Mutant, Mosh, Moshers, Disco, Division, Tango, Polka, Skirmjam, Skirm, Jam2022-06-06 0 
June 2024
6015083The Demon King's General Proposes to the Hero #2We prepare for our date with the demon king's top general!Demon, Romance, Demon Wrangler, Fantasy, Comedy, Elf, Bard, Succubus2024-06-10 5 
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