This page contains online tools as well as downloadable files that should help you play or run a game online.

Dice Rollers


From the creators of MapTool, and one of the four core programs for playing and DMing with MapTool, DiceTool provides a plethora of ways to create, save, and roll complex dice strings.

Invisible Castle

One of the more well-known online dice rolling sites, Invisible Castle allows you to generate some rolls and provides an easy link to post in forums or paste into a chat for IRC games.

Character Sheets and Generators

Point Buy Calculator for D&D

A simple point buy calculator based on the standard point buy system in the DMG.

Dark Heresy Character Generator

Generate a Dark Heresy character, picking and choosing nearly every detail of your character. Another sup/tg/-original generator.

WHFRP Character Generator

Generate a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay character instantly! My very own online generator.

Dwarf Fortress Personality Generator

Generate a personality from a variety of traits from the tables in Dwarf Fortress.

DnD Online Games

A site with a variety of tools for D&D, including an online character sheet for easy linking to other players (requires free account).

gozzys.com Random Dungeon Generator

aarg.net Random Dungeon Generator

Donjon Random Dungeon Generator

Random dungeon generation, for inspiration or lazy DMs. donjon is best, gozzys.com is pretty, aarg.net has more options.

Touhou Character Generator

Wait what?

Name Generators

Dwarf Name Generator

Stoutfierce MacBronzenail! Fierceaxe Pickstrong! Largeguts MacGrindercrag!

Behind the Name - Random Name Generator

A pretty spiffy name generator that allows you to pick from a variety of real-world (and some fantasy) genres and locations, from African and Arabic to Norse Mythology to Hillbilly.

Character Name Generator

Pick a pattern of letters and a length, and it generates a random name-string that works great for fantasy characters

WAAAGH! The Ork Name Generator


Other Generators

Chaotic Shiny

A collection of generators for a number of things, with universally hilarious results.

Star System Generator

A nifty generator that creates a variety of planets and includes information such as size, climate, and any populations.

The Rancor Pit - Planet Generator

A basic generator that provides general info about planets.

Random Word Generator

Need some inspiration? Generate 3-5 random words and build from there.

What If Generator

What if Beowulf had access to nuclear power? What if the rise of Rome involved time travellers? What if electricity had been invented a thousand years earlier?

Fanfic Generator

This fanfic is about the casts of The Lost Boys and That 70's Show at Hogwarts. Important to the plot: The Chaos Emeralds.

Warehouse 23

Boxes and boxes of weird and supernatural oddities, collected in the same warehouse in which the Ark of the Covenant is stored at the end of Indiana Jones...


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