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August 2010
11781189MP&CC Strikes BackA story of a campaign which shouldn't be, but became an epic tale because of the leadership feat.MP&CC, Mahogany, Port, Cuban Cigars, Leadership, Brobarian2010-08-23 21 
March 2013
23709372STALKER Civ Quest #2Balalaika and friends shore up their defenses and fight off some unfriendly corpses. Mystery ensues. Exploration of the zone continues as home base begins to take shape in the Junkyard.Collective Game, Staler, Civ Quest, Leader, Balalaika, Ramen, Russia, Kebab, Ukraine, Zone, Kalashnikov,2013-03-16 5 
23760749Stalker Civ Quest #4Talking Mutant Edition, wherein, we find out the history of how Balalaika and Courier met; also, that Courier is a bad-ass.Collective Game, Stalker, Civ Quest, Leader, Balalaika, Ramen, Russia, Kebab, Ukraine, Zone, Kalashnikov,2013-03-19 5 
23794194Stalker Civ Quest #5Alpha the Blind Dog leads Stitch, Farseer, and Balalaika to the police station, where they meet a new friend; a story filled with terror and peril.Collective Game, Stalker, Civ Quest, Leader, Balalaika, Ramen, Russia, Kebab, Ukraine, Zone, Kalashnikov,2013-03-21 5 
23829536Stalker CXiv Quest #6Wherein we see some of Balalaika's history; also, a new type of artifact is discovered in a new anomaly! Collective Game, Stalker, Civ Quest, Leader, Balalaika, Ramen, Russia, Kebab, Ukraine, Zone, Kalashnikov, artifact, anomaly2013-03-23 5 
April 2014
31385441Oversized Weapon Quest 24We do some leadering, some shopping, some fashion shopping, and then get on a boat and fight some pirates. It was a busy day.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Fashion, Shopping, Leadership, Big Swords2014-04-11 21 
May 2016
29480Old Leader Quest 001Old Leader starts her day with her "tiny duty"Old Leader Quest2016-05-02 7 
44395Old Leader Quest 002Old Leader attempts to escape the nohorn bullies. There's a map!Old Leader Quest2016-05-03 6 
53762Old Leader Quest 003Anonhorn picks choices at random and things get a bit sad.Old Leader Quest2016-05-04 5 
61485Old Leader Quest 004We play with some smallhorns in a basket!Old Leader Quest2016-05-05 5 
69178Old Leader Quest 005We tell a story to the smallhorns!Old Leader Quest2016-05-06 5 
82640Old Leader Quest 006Old Leader gives a speech and eats a cake.Old Leader Quest2016-05-07 5 
119949Old Leader Quest 007We play hide and seek with smallhorns!Old Leader Quest2016-05-13 5 
136845Old Leader Quest 008Old Leader is thinking what to say...Old Leader Quest2016-05-16 5 
146130Haremhorn Q&AA haremhorn answers questions and sends smallhorns throw a plothole.Old Leader Quest2016-05-18 6 
187414Old Leader Quest 009We have a pleasant conversation!Old Leader Quest2016-05-28 5 
June 2016
235323Old Leader Quest 010We headpat a snowhorn!Old Leader Quest2016-06-11 4 
246501Old Leader Quest 011-1We make the broken horn Leader a bit angry!Old Leader Quest2016-06-16 3 
261011Old Leader Quest 011-2We make a choice!Old Leader Quest2016-06-17 3 
February 2017
1125119Stranded leader quest #1We arrive in another world, seduce a parasite, meet blue people and piss off a dream lady.Stranded Leader Quest, Collective Game2017-02-12 1 
March 2017
1209591Stranded Leader Quest #3Time skip. Stranded Leader Quest, Collective Game2017-03-09 2 
April 2017
1328712Stranded Leader Quest #6We find cave tribes, marriage to someone we shouldn't gave, and met another goddessStranded Leader Quest, Collective Game2017-04-17 2 
1381187Stranded Leader Quest #6We end our adventure making the world world into a better place forever.Stranded Leader Quest, Collective Game2017-04-27 2 
June 2017
1531340Evil Prince Quest #2We head to the castle, get attacked by a beyonder, and leave the castle as result, only to end up in an orc village.Evil Prince Quest, Magic, Leader2017-06-14 3 
1571758Evil Prince Quest #3We unite the orcs seduce a bounty hunter into following us.Evil Prince Quest, Magic,Leader2017-06-24 2 
December 2018
3119042Supernatural Cult Leader Quest 1You are Bread, a socially awkward teenage boy. Your entire cult was eradicated, and now it's up to you to bring it back. Praise T'Kahn.Supernatural, Cult, Cult Leader, SCL, Dreamer, Mind Control, College2018-12-25 4 
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