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March 2013
23945081Rogue Broker Quest: A Net Gain Oneshotwe play a broker in the Net Gain world, who uncovers corporate secrets linked to a strange girl. what follows is a tale of revenge, a bit of romance, and one late-night quest.Net Gain, Rogue Broker Quest, Collective Game, Sci-fi, One-shot2013-03-30 10 
February 2014
30020961Expendable QuestImperial Guardsman fated to die terribly turns out to be not-so-expendable. One-shotcollective_game, 40K, guardsman, Expendable_Quest, one-shot, oneshot2014-02-05 27 
March 2014
30957749Strike Witches One-Shot QuestYou are the greatest hope for humanity's survival. You are a Strike Witch.Collective Game, Strike Witches, One-Shot, Non-Planefag2014-03-21 5 
April 2014
31304086Yuri QuestThis is the story of a normal sixteen year old girl who happened to be a raging fucking lesbian.Collective Game, One-Shot, Yuri2014-04-07 30 
August 2014
34424324Lemonade Quest One-ShotIt hasn't been an hour since you set up shop, and already you want to quit. Time to earn some money to buy Super Quest Brothers.Collective Game, One-Shot2014-08-27 21 
34475947The Spoiled Prince QuestWe celebrate our 16th nameday, sex up our riding instructor, and survive an assassination attempt. The Spoiled Prince, Collective Game, smut, one-shot, one shot2014-08-29 5 
34490416The Spoiled Prince Quest part 2We visit our mother and consolidate our rule. The Spoiled Prince, Collective Game, smut, one-shot, one shot2014-08-30 4 
September 2014
34684983Love Triangle One-shot QuestMaybe possibly probably not a one-shot. Also, bitches be crazy.Collective Game, AnonymousQueste, one-shot, not a one-shot, Slice-of-Life, bitches be crazy, sweet2014-09-07 5 
34696567Love Triangle One-shot Quest #2The title is definitely misleading.Collective Game, MedicAnon, one-shot, not a one-shot, Slice-of-Life, bitches be crazy, sweet2014-09-07 4 
34703775Love Triangle One-shot Quest #3Tsubasa, you fool. And this still isn't a one-shot.Collective Game, MedicAnon, one-shot, not a one-shot, Slice-of-Life, bitches be crazy, sweet2014-09-08 4 
34760065Love Triangle One-shot Quest #4the end? a new beginning maybeCollective Game, MedicAnon, one-shot, not a one-shot, Slice-of-Life, bitches be crazy, sweet2014-09-10 1 
34937912"I Need A Quest" Quest (One-Shot) The life and death of a quest."I Need A Quest" Quest, Collective Game, one-shot, meta2014-09-18 12 
October 2014
35253404Sibling Love QuestThe purest loveOne-shot, Collective Game, not incest2014-10-02 13 
35265102Filial Piety Quest (One-Shot)A young man is re-united with his older sister after almost a decade apart. But while his life has been slowly and steadily improving, hers... hasn't.Filial Piety Quest, Collective Game, Incest, Pure Love, One-Shot2014-10-03 7 
December 2014
36483393Desert Aurora Quest #1Unit A-213 follows orders from the mainframe and finds a creator. Desert Aurora Quest, Collective Game, post apocalyptic, one-shot, one shot 2014-12-01 5 
36746401Arachnophobia QuestThe crawling terror strikes in your bedroom at your weakest moment! I hate spiders, oh do I hate them very much so! Collective Game, Spiders, oneshot, one-shot2014-12-14 1 
March 2015
38729549Gentlemen, BEHOLD!Dr. Tory Matheus Sinclair, mad scientist extraordinaire, slaughtering rats without a care, accidentally ignites all the air. All of it. R.I.P.Drawfag, collective game, one-shot, mad science, highly contagious fungal explosive flammable inextinguishable super rat poison, Incendispore2015-03-16 7 
May 2015
40238130Just Plane ScaryThe setting: a transatlantic flight. The system: Cthulu Dark. OP's request: strange and scary things that can happen aboard a large aircraft.surreal, horror, cthulu, aircraft, planes, brainstorming, one-shot,2015-05-29 2 
March 2016
45889030MOTHERFUCKING ONE-SHOT QUESTA corp security guard fights off augs and robots to defend robot idols.Collective Game, one-shot, ULTRAWHORE2016-03-09 11 
June 2016
252997The Island Rogue-like Take 1The Survival Quest with frequent Permadeath. Choose your gifts and try to survive longer than a single thread.Island One-Shot Rogue-like Permadeath2016-06-16 5 
261555The Island Rogue-like Take 2The Survival Quest with frequent Permadeath. Choose your gifts and try to survive longer than a single thread.Island One-Shot Rogue-like Permadeath2016-06-16 3 
282994The Island Rogue-like Take 3The Near-sighted Bodybuilder Bill still doesn't manage to break the 70 post record. It might be time to shift some rules.Island, One-Shot, Rogue-like, Permadeath2016-06-22 2 
October 2016
710213King of New Avalon QuestA one-shot following Arthur of the Summer Court and his quest for the CrownCollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, One-Shot, Modern Fantasy2016-10-20 21 
November 2016
772363The Island Rogue-like Take 4The Survival Quest with frequent Permadeath. After a slight rule change, we manage to survive a whole thread. Things might be looking up.Island, One-Shot, Rogue-like, Permadeath, Dj Jizzy2016-11-06 2 
December 2016
904794Scarred by Thorns QuestJesse the Darkling comes home to find things are not as they ought to be.Collective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, One-Shot, Modern Fantasy2016-12-12 13 
955323July At Christmas Quest - Thread 1Zoe "Zippo" Morris is asked to ensure a seasonal celebration takes place, and everyone decides to be dicks about itCollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, One-Shot, Modern Fantasy2016-12-27 11 
976880July At Christmas Quest - Thread 2We meet back up with an old rival, an old enemy, and our old-ass KingCollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, One-Shot, Modern Fantasy2016-12-31 13 
May 2018
2585990Getting FatterHe's getting fatter. getting, fatter, one-shot, one, shot, drawing, draw, art, image, picture, cool, fun, saved, for, posterity2018-05-23 0 
June 2019
3541964Runic Weapon QuestA short oneshot , begotten by the creativity of Anons and ended by a lack of mutual intrest on all partsWeapon, Dwarves, Cleric, Paladin, Sentient Weapon, One-Shot, Runic Weapon Quest2019-06-08 1 
April 2021
4757808My Brother's MachineA man arrives at his dead brother's apartment to find a strange, polaroid-spewing machine.Collective Game, My Brother's Machine, One-Shot, Drawquest, Surreal2021-04-24 4 
August 2021
4894770Remorse - a minimalistic one-shotA small, one-shot quest, almost fully improvised from a simple sentence : "I bet you feel no remorse". one-shot, remorse, improvised, investigation2021-08-05 4 
March 2022
5180533Late Stage Cultivator QuestShort one-shot quest following an immortal through yet higher states of cultivation.Quest, Fantasy, Chinese Fantasy, Xianxia, Cultivator Story, Progression Story, Martial Arts, Overpowered, One-Shot2022-03-13 7 
October 2022
5405011Pikmin QuestOne-Shot. Your spaceship crash lands on an alien world, home to strange creatures called Pikmin.Science Fiction, Drawquest, Pikmin, Video Games, Nintendo, One-Shot2022-10-30 4 
March 2023
5580836Corner SolitaireOneshot. Spooky things occur while playing Solitaire facing the corner of a room.Quest, One-Shot, Horror, Spooky, female MC, Creepypasta, Card Games, Short2023-03-02 4 
February 2024
5924948Cross-Contamination QuestA college student asks for help on 4Chan.org after a mass disappearance and a mysterious emergency knocks out the internet. Very short.Quest, Real, Realistic, Roleplaying, Immersive, Experimental, One-Shot2024-02-16 1 
April 2024
5946861The Inside PlaceUnderachieving renter finds a mysterious, impossible tunnel in his storage room.Quest, Modern, Modern Fantasy, Weird fiction, liminal space, One-Shot, drawquest2024-04-14 3 
May 2024
5966131Amulet questA sadistic hoodlum Vinestalker delves headfirst into a dungeon in search of a mythical amulet that can grant her most deep desires.Drawquest, Roguelike, One-shot, Two-shot, DCSS, Dungeon Crawler, amulet quest2024-05-09 6 
June 2024
5999826Hoodlum - Amulet questMeepis continues her dungeon delve, desecrating a god and death itself, as well as narrowly escaping a beast, all for the mythical amulet.Drawquest, Roguelike, One-shot, Two-shot, Three-shot, DCSS, Dungeon Crawler, amulet quest2024-06-12 3 
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