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January 2012
17641919The Field of Blades questWe are a sentient weapon who has been unclaimed for decades. A chance meeting with a person gives us freedom. Work as a caravan guard and creepy forestsThe Field of blades quest, Collective game, sentient weapon, quest2012-01-24 12 
17659488The Field of Blades quest IIWe get to a small village and tell Adel of our former master. Adel gets attacked during the night and we leave with Clem heading to CitadelThe Field of blades quest, Collective game, sentient weapon, quest2012-01-25 12 
17700413The Field of Blades quest IIIWe get to Citadel which is under lockdown. We manage to talk ourselves into the outer Quarter of the City.The Field of blades quest, Collective game, sentient weapon, quest2012-01-29 8 
April 2014
31731924Daemon Weapon QuestWe start off with getting out of a dungeon and killing bandits.Collective Game, Smith, Daemon, Sentient Weapon, Daemon Weapon Quest2014-04-27 16 
31756162Daemon Weapon Quest #2We continue killing bandits and get to a tavernCollective Game, Smith, Daemon, Sentient Weapon, Daemon Weapon Quest2014-04-28 11 
31778540Daemon Weapon Quest #3We go out on an adventure, kill some more bandits and find out an unexpected twist. Collective Game, Smith, Daemon, Sentient Weapon, Daemon Weapon Quest, WHATATWEEST2014-04-28 11 
May 2014
31887077Daemon Weapon Quest #4We kill our enemy and choose a new wielderCollective Game, Smith, Daemon, Sentient Weapon, Daemon Weapon Quest2014-05-04 11 
32057304Daemon Weapon Quest #6Our new wielder is attacked and we start an interludeCollective Game, Smith, Daemon, Sentient Weapon, Daemon Weapon Quest2014-05-11 7 
June 2014
33063215Daemon Weapon Quest 7OP finally comes back, our wielder turns into an Ifrit via Soul Bond, murders some assassins and guards, gets stabbed repeatedly by an angel, cries, hides and cries some more, then goes home.Collective Game, Smith, Daemon, Sentient Weapon, Daemon Weapon Quest2014-06-29 8 
July 2014
33165779Daemon Weapon Quest 8Our wielder begins her pilgrimage, but she herself is not aware what it will entail. We leave the city to brave the desert and bandits that dwell there to get to our destination.Collective Game, Smith, Daemon, Sentient Weapon, Daemon Weapon Quest2014-07-04 5 
August 2016
472870Sentient Sword 1We wake up and help a man kill a monster.Collective Game, Sentient Weapon, Sentient Sword2016-08-14 1 
December 2018
3099245Sentient Weapon Quest - 1A NEET who died from a random truck accident finds himself as an ancient spear, deep within a dungeon.Collective Game, Fantasy, Adventure, Another World, Isekai, Sentient Weapon Quest, SeaUrchin2018-12-17 1 
June 2019
3541964Runic Weapon QuestA short oneshot , begotten by the creativity of Anons and ended by a lack of mutual intrest on all partsWeapon, Dwarves, Cleric, Paladin, Sentient Weapon, One-Shot, Runic Weapon Quest2019-06-08 1 
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