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[#] Weave: The Threads of Reality
09:03am EST - 1/30/2009
The Google Docs upload of Weave

So I talk a lot about making games, and I often add a lot of unsolicited advice about other people's game-making, I even tend to feel that I have a lot of ideas for improving professionally designed games. You know, the kind you buy for dollars(or pieces of bark and wood, if you're Canadian, you get what I mean.).

Here's my attempt at making a little thing of my own. Still very much under development, but I like to feel that even though I cranked this out over fifteen minutes of original writing, twenty minutes of talking to people and then five minutes of revising, this thing is pretty close to its final shape.

The basic concept is a game where magic(in this case Weaving) is synergistic with other skills, rather than some sort of separate profession that makes you way more powerful than others. Instead, the people with access to Weaving use it to craft impressive or useful items, to make themselves more powerful in combat, etc.

Of course, some people are capable of using Weaving without combining it with skills, more close to traditional magic, but this is a tricky and dangerous thing to do, as fate, known as the Great Loom, dislikes those who try to escape the predestined way of fate so grossly. In systemic terms, it temporarily robs you of Pattern(the way in which fate defends those vital to the proper happening of things with small miracles), making you more susceptible to being killed by accident or people with unpleasant intentions.

I like to feel that I've taken the chance to rob nice things from several systems(Earthflame's Mosaic inspired parts of the "Weaving" system, Trigger Discipline inspired the minimalistic approach and I've probably been inspired by a few other things without realizing it) without ripping off any of them.


I made a thing!


09:24am UTC - 1/30/2009 [X]

Meanwhile, Zev's captors -- more space peasants -- try to trade her for something called Pattern. They strap two of their number to a giant wheel of fortune. The winner gets a flask of Pattern, and the loser has a limb amputated.

Wist brings Stan to meet Bog, who is busy brewing a batch of Pattern out of severed limbs. He rants about the circle of life, and complains about the lack of fresh bodies. Stan obligingly tells Bog that he knows where to find a fresh body.


2 @Symmetry
12:00pm UTC - 1/30/2009 [X]
Delicious! Pattern! Seriously though it seems a rather good concept, but no way in hell I'm paying for it. I'd pirate it.

3 Kaekkone
06:00pm UTC - 2/07/2009 [X]
Somehow reminds me of Geneforge.. :3

4 MxSavior
06:04pm UTC - 2/07/2009 [X]
Looks really good, dude. Let me know if you need any additional help. I can do fluff writtans for you, I was an english major for a while.

5 PurpleXVI
06:06pm UTC - 2/07/2009 [X]
Symmetry: What, pay for it? Have you been eating nails? Why the fuck would I charge anything for it, ever?

Kaek: How so?

6 Issyl
06:31pm UTC - 2/07/2009 [X]
From whining at people for making original settings so much, you sure are taking a different turn.

This is hardly done though, I can tell you right now that you're nowhere near a finished concept.

Anyway, have fun with it.

7 Fatum
05:40am UTC - 2/08/2009 [X]
>people with access to Weaving use it to craft impressive or useful items, to make themselves more powerful in combat, etc.

Sorry, I read it as "everyone is SR4 adept".

8 PurpleXVI
04:31pm UTC - 2/08/2009 [X]
Issyl: Mostly I just wanted to make something fast and simple for the sake of taking a shit on the people with original systems who overcomplicate their shit.

No criticism?

Fatum: Mostly I just want to take a big shit on you for being completely useless.

9 Aeros
11:54pm UTC - 3/05/2009 [X]
kinda reminds me of Wheel of Time, with all the talk of thread spinning.

it's a bit too vague to actually attempt to criticize it, imo, its just a rough concept. I have been brainstorming something similar, what with common uses of magic rather than 'lol i cast magic missles.' My idea is roughly more about volumes and masses that can be controlled.

Perhaps we should get on irc and discuss this sometime. Although I feel like my idea is less doable than what you have planned. PM me whenever I'm on. I'd honestly like to hear more about your idea.

10 Aeros
11:56pm UTC - 3/05/2009 [X]
oh god LL why do you do dis with the no comment deletion :(

oh god, i didn't realize that this was ponderings from a month ago. I NEVER CHECK ARTICLES.


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