[#] Game Pact 2016
11:07pm UTC - 1/01/2016
Hey, you, nerd. When's the last time you ran a game? In fact, have you ever run a game at all? Or have you only sat around complaining that no GM's would run your favourite system/setting? Or that you keep ending up in terrible Magical Realm situations when you join a game?

Well guess what, it's time to change that.

Sign up for GAME PACT 2016 and be the change you want to see. Run a goddamn game some time this year. Pick a system, pick a setting, pick a time, even if it's a couple of months from now, there are 12 months in 2016 and plenty of time to run something, even if it's just a Maid RPG one-shot.

Me? I'm gonna run Fallout: Florida using the Unisystem system(AFMBE, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, as the base Unisystem game). Do meth, wrestle an alligator, punch a ghoul, punch two ghouls, wake up passed out in a suit of power armor you don't remember owning! It's Fallout: Florida!



1 Conscript Gary
11:11pm UTC - 1/01/2016 [X]
I love my meatspace players, but they're still pretty damn normal in the large scale of things.

So to scratch this terrible itch, I'm gonna run a Maid game, probably a one-shot. Maybe later this month, I'm still a bit too hungover to schedule things. Will yell about it in chat when further details exist.

2 Aegelward
12:52am UTC - 1/02/2016 [X]
Well, i have a couple of things on my to do list. Either a game of Star Wars (System undecided, either D6 or one of the FFG systems) or Double Cross (for that weaboo trash fix)

So, PM or whatever if intested

04:45am UTC - 1/03/2016 [X]
I'm always running games just go to #writefag and ask. I can run WFRP, Maid, Double Cross, 40k oneshots.

I have a D&D campaign going and a Changeling campaign planned. Just get to #writefag and tell me what you want to play.

4 Bear
12:32am UTC - 1/04/2016 [X]
Gonna run Mutants and Masterminds game, 3e set in the DC universe. Batman related.

5 Bear
12:36am UTC - 1/04/2016 [X]
*See me on suptg in a PM.
Purple is a giant nerd.

6 Weez
06:44pm UTC - 1/17/2016 [X]
I'll be available to run things in March. Given interest, I can do Edge of the Empire, Only War, or Paranoia. PM me on #suptg.

7 contagonist
04:53am UTC - 2/04/2016 [X]
I'm currently homebrewing a Chronicles of Darkness fansplat about supernatural soldiers and the horrors of war, and will need playtesters. Come be my guinea pigs!

8 Vettir
08:56am UTC - 2/07/2016 [X]
So, I'm currently running a V20 Dark Ages gaem. Will updoot if there are slots open, but right now I think I'm good with the players I have. Might be interested for some other gaems.

9 Asteconn
02:50pm UTC - 2/10/2016 [X]
I've been running a DH1 game since May 2015. It's pretty gud. Full at the moment but if I ever need players I give a LFM in #darkheresyooc

10 nimzy
07:29am UTC - 2/28/2016 [X]
Big dumb heroes. D&D 5e. Level 1.

11 PurpleXVI
02:51pm UTC - 4/06/2016 [X]
Goddammit. It feels like we need a Player Pact 2016, too.

12 paranoiasavedthecat
05:48am UTC - 4/08/2016 [X]
This is a good concept, but flawed in execution.

Oh boy, a D&D 5e game run by mai waifu nimzers~! what day? What time? what timecode?

Man, Asteconne has this game that's full but get fucked he might consider your dumb ass if he needs someone, just... you know. Be eternally on the hook for that.

We don't have a way to really keep this organized and previous attempts via the sup/tg/ website haven't worked very well. Honestly if we're going to do this, a bot-related setup would likely be best as that's what everyone FUCKING ADORES. For whatever reason if its outside the IRC we refuse to utilize it, so we need to start building the infrastructure into the server itself.

New antispam! Purple is a: faggot

13 Pen
12:31pm UTC - 4/25/2016 [X]
Call of Cthulhu, August 2016. We will play right in mainchat, unless someone says no.

14 Sister Acacia
11:12am UTC - 8/12/2016 [X]
Fuck it, this sounds fun. I dreamed last night that I was helping someone make a character for White Wolf Street Fighter. So guess what, cucks? THAT'S WHAT I'M GOING TO RUN.

October 2016, hit me up if you're interested. It'll have some "ease of play" houserules and you'll get stacks of bonus points because even their own sample characters that *aren't* from the games have loads of XP, they couldn't actually imagine anyone using their shitty starting numbers.

It will just be a few sessions for laughs.

15 Commissar Cornflakes
08:16pm UTC - 12/06/2016 [X]
I'm currently running Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying 2nd edition on Sundays, 3pm EST. The game is set 2 years after the Storm of Chaos. Valten is still dead (by different hands) and so is Archaon. We run with a list of fairly simple houserules that I can share on request.

Presently there's one slot open in the game. Contact me on IRC by query, in #lloneshot , or in main if you're interested.

16 Conscript Gary
08:19am UTC - 12/28/2016 [X]
The pact is fulfilled. I ran a completely unironic oneshot of Maid on irc and it was fun.


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