[#] Migration in progress
03:17am UTC - 12/12/2021

If you can read this, you're in the right place!

Update 2021-12-13: Patience please! None of the archive data is lost. It takes a while to unpack ~500GB of shitposts, believe it or not, so the archives are being backfilled by year. 2015 is unpacking right now, as an example, followed by 2014 and so on. You'll get the 'requested URL was not found on this server' generic 404 on most older threads until then. I'll announce when the unpacking is complete; THEN you can start reporting missing threads.

... and please for the love of fuck TELL ME THE THREAD NUMBER WHEN YOU DO GODDAMNIT

Update 2021-12-14: So there's a handful of completely arbitrary threads missing on the new server, but they're safe and sound on the old server. I'm going to write a script to test and rsync every entry in the database to ensure the gaps are filled. In the meantime, go ahead and keep reporting threads, I appreciate it. (PS: For those of you sending messages on Twitter, I'm still banned for a couple days for telling someone to 'fuck off a cliff', which apparently is promoting suicide, so I can't reply to your messages. Sorry!)

Update 2021-12-17: I've found additional problems and fixed them. For instance, there were a lot of threads that didn't get updated permissions after transfer, so they were just 403ing; they should all work now.

I also realized that the new thread schema - /archive/year/threadnum/ vs. /archive/threadnum/ - broke every URL on the internet linking back to the site. Oops! My bad. I added a little .htaccess and PHP magic to properly redirect requests still looking for the old URLs. Your bookmarks and TV Tropes links should work again, hooray!

One of the remaining orders of business is to fix the SSL cert, which I'll do Saturday or Sunday, depending on whether I die in the upcoming blizzard. As usual, if any threads aren't working right, please leave a comment below or contact me on IRC/Discord.

~Lord Licorice



1 Lord Licorice
07:24am UTC - 12/12/2021 [X]
wow a test comment how novel

2 Anonymous
09:40pm UTC - 12/12/2021 [X]
Can't seem to access any archived threads. This is the text I get.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

3 Lord Licorice
10:31pm UTC - 12/12/2021 [X]
Whoops! I restructured the thread storage and forgot to update a link. They should work now. (Older threads may not show up immediately as I'm still unpacking them.)

4 Anonymous
10:34pm UTC - 12/12/2021 [X]
Hey, some thread didn't back up yet and I'm really worried. Can you please help us?

5 Anon
10:48pm UTC - 12/12/2021 [X]
Same as above, I've noticed that there are some big gaps. I trust that you just haven't finished archiving them all properly yet. I would be devastated if we lost all of that forever.

6 Old Thread Binge
12:27am UTC - 12/13/2021 [X]
I've been going through the archives, and every thread from before January 2020 is not working and listed as unavailable if clicked.

7 anon
02:19pm UTC - 12/13/2021 [X]
Literally no old threads are working, so guess this site is dead now.

8 Lord Licorice
07:08pm UTC - 12/13/2021 [X]
Jeez, I really underestimated how much people read the truly old threads. Don't worry, none of the older data is lost, it just takes a while to unpack nearly 500GB of history. I'll make sure the updates are run for newer threads.

9 Lord Licorice
07:12pm UTC - 12/13/2021 [X]
(For reference, I left off at 2015 yesterday, and I'm unpacking 2014 right now.)

10 Anonymous
10:06pm UTC - 12/13/2021 [X]
It's great to know that nothing is lost but I've noticed some newer threads have yet to return. Is there any way to fix this?

11 Lord Licorice
01:34am UTC - 12/14/2021 [X]
@10 do you know which threads in particular are missing? There was a period where no new threads could be archived, but it shouldn't have been long, and the server continues to poll threads even after they've been downgraded into 4chan's archive.

You can pop into #suptg ( or the Discord if you want to discuss in detail, or mail me some additional info.

12 Other Anon
01:54am UTC - 12/14/2021 [X]
I noticed threads 2482401, 2489860 and 2508014 from april 2018 on qst don't work

13 Anonymous
02:24am UTC - 12/14/2021 [X]
Well, I discovered that the archives were gone because I was reading through a certain quest's archives. Some of the threads are still gone (the last one's images aren't archived) and it would horrible if they were gone
This is the quest and it has threads 31, 32, 99, 115, 116, 117, and 118 missing. I pray that this problem can be fixed.

14 Lord Licorice
11:34pm UTC - 12/14/2021 [X]
@12 @13 that's really weird. Those threads are missing from the transfer, but they're still archived on the old server. (I'll be keeping the old one around for at least another month to make sure 100% of everything is moved over.) I'm not sure why these threads got skipped, but I'm going to write a script to double-check the database against the thread folders and rsync anything I'm missing.

To confirm, #31 and #32 for Do Your Best Quest are safe and sound, as are threads 2482401, 2489860, and 2508014, I just need to push them over. Thank you for the help!

15 Anonymous
12:33am UTC - 12/15/2021 [X]
For some reason I get this when trying to view this quest
[an error occurred while processing this directive] You don't have permission to access the requested directory. There is either no index document or the directory is read-protected. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

16 Lord Licorice
12:37am UTC - 12/15/2021 [X]
@15 Oh, that thread specifically is a weird case, 4chan was having fits when we tried archiving it and it didn't work properly. I even see that thread's folder has one of the backup names from when I tried fixing it, "Sworn to Valour Quest #26 - Quests - 4chan_files". I'll see what I can do, but that thread was legitimately corrupted at first.

17 Anon
12:55am UTC - 12/15/2021 [X]
Don’t suppose we could get a link to the discord?

18 Lord Licorice
01:31am UTC - 12/15/2021 [X]
https://disc (URL broken to stop spambots from finding it)

19 Lord Licorice
04:26am UTC - 12/15/2021 [X]
@12, @13, @14: the threads you've mentioned are all working now, including whatever happened to STV #26.

20 Anonymous
06:44am UTC - 12/15/2021 [X]
@14 All of them are working perfectly, thank you very much! Continue the great work!

21 Old Thread Binge
06:20am UTC - 12/18/2021 [X]
Good news is that everything seems to be working. Even threads from 2011.

22 Old Thread Binge
06:20am UTC - 12/18/2021 [X]
Good news is that everything seems to be working. Even threads from 2011.

23 TrashQM
05:06pm UTC - 1/04/2022 [X]
I was trying to archive my thread [5061777] and I got [an error occurred while processing this directive] You don't have permission to access the requested object. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server. [an error occurred while processing this directive].

When I checked, all other threads that had been archived since the start of the new year had the same message.

24 Lord Licorice
12:13am UTC - 1/05/2022 [X]
@23 I noticed a perms issue on the automatically-created 2022 folder, so anything in the past few days should be accessible now. Hit me up in the IRC for a more immediate response, I just happened to notice this thread :P

25 Smith
05:10pm UTC - 1/14/2022 [X]
The new redirects don't include the #anchors for the individual posts (EG #123456789), just the thread itself.

26 Anonymous
04:37pm UTC - 1/26/2022 [X]
Are we ever going to get the SSL Certificate fixed, or did you actually die?

27 Avidlurker
06:11am UTC - 6/10/2022 [X]
It seems that collections do not work. I suppose they're relics that are no longer supported by the new system?


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