[#] Succesion Game Time!
11:33pm UTC - 7/04/2009

It's been a while since we've had a Dwarf Fortress succession game, and now we've got two running concurrently: Issyl's and recon's. Check out Strike the Earth! for more information on the games, as well as the archive of previous forts and journals.

~Lord Licorice


[#] D'awww
09:15am UTC - 1/18/2009


~Lord Licorice

[#] oh god it's true
11:03pm UTC - 11/19/2008

Kobold Thief

~Lord Licorice

[#] holy shit kobolds
10:35am UTC - 11/16/2008

The Kobold and the Moon

jesus christ these are so fucking adorable

holy shit

~Lord Licorice

[#] Rule 34: Dwarf Fortress Edition
06:05am UTC - 11/09/2008


Even more!

In other news, I wrote a tutorial on streaming movies on the SHOUTcast. It's a fairly involved process and requires a lot of ripping, encoding and transcoding, so I figured a general tutorial will help people get most of the way there. It would be nice if it were easier, but this is as easy as it will ever get.

~Lord Licorice

[#] The dragon Slol Sluxslol has come!
09:27am UTC - 10/12/2008

Oh man. It's threads like these that make me glad I started the archive. Slol Sluxslol indeed. I do believe I've found a new icon.

For those of you that haven't noticed yet, both the front page and archives now actually use those tags you've likely been ignoring for months. Both do partial tag matching, so a search for d'aw will likely come up with all the varying amounts of w, and a search for fag will bring up both drawfaggotry and writefaggotry. (You can edit the URL if you want to search for a specific tag, I'll add a real search function later.)

I haven't started the articles section yet, though Purple has gotten us off to a pretty good start with his post about Planescape, below. He says he's going to make more of them, so I'd better create the articles section before Purple floods us all with his verbosity. I suppose now's a good a time as any to tell you all that you can start emailing submissions if you're interested in having something put up on the site. This goes for game designers as well as reviews as well as, well, anything you want really. If you want to see your name in print and are too stupid to operate a Geocities account now is the time.

Edity: the poster above me is a faggot

~Lord Licorice

The dragon Slol Sluxslol is coming!

09:31pm UTC - 10/01/2008

So I did end up changing the color scheme at like 5:00 this morning, as you have probably noticed (unless you are colorblind, in which case the site might be hard to read, or you're blind blind, in which case I would ask how you got here). Normally I suck at the whole color selection thing, but then I found this wonderful Jack-O-Lantern palette over at COLOURlovers, and I decided to implement it there and then. I've left a couple pages alone and there are some spots where the CSS needs to be fixed but all in all I'm liking the new theme.

Also, I got my ASCII Art Reward from Bay 12 Games for donating a couple months ago. I'm on their Champions list now. Here was the art and story I got:


The dwarves wandered up the side of the icy mountain.  They crossed
glacier after glacier in search of a spot to tunnel inward.  It was
said that great treasures abound in these mountains.  Expedition
leader Dornson held up his hand.  A howling could be heard all around
them, but the echoing canyons made its source impossible to pin point.
Suddenly an icy boulder crashed into the mountain trail, nearly
knocking a dwarf over the side.  Dornson looked up to see the
characteristic pointed ears of a blizzard man.

"Oh creature of the mountain," said Thalman, the sculptor, "please let
us share these great cliffs with you."

"Yes," said miner Drak in a mocking tone, "ask your friend which way
to the adamantine."

Another boulder crashed down and Dornson told the two to hush.  How
would they pass this creature?  Was there another way around the
mountain?  Another boulder crashed down, peeling part of the trail
away.  Now there was no way but back.  The creature howled in a manner
that almost resembled an evil laugh.  Dornson reached for his

Now I need to start a fortress in a glacier.

~Lord Licorice

Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see.

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