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February 2015
38032972Blazblue: Phantom Genesis Quest 2The Heroine plays with some kittens, meets an old Cat, and helps train the future protagonist by punching him in the face, before going to take a bath.Collective Game, Blazblue, Phantom Genesis Quest, shaderic2015-02-13 6 
38188633Blazblue: Phantom Genesis Quest 3The Heroine take a bath with a physics professor, decides to advance the power of SCIENCE, and then makes a decision to learn more about her past.Collective Game, Blazblue, Phantom Genesis Quest, shaderic2015-02-20 6 
38346464Blazblue: Phantom Genesis Quest 4In which the Heroine brews some good coffee, trains Ragna some more, and gets him beat up by a girl.Collective Game, Blazblue, Phantom Genesis Quest, shaderic2015-02-27 6 
38369930Dark General QuestIn which you, a relatively ordinary office drone, are offered the opportunity of lifetime.Collective Game, Dark General Quest, shaderic2015-02-28 5 
March 2015
38506121Blazblue: Phantom Genesis Quest 5The Heroine saves a little girl from a kidnapping with the help of a certain mercenary Commander, only to become the kidnapper herself.Collective Game, Blazblue, Phantom Genesis Quest, shaderic2015-03-06 6 
38667462Blazblue: Phantom Genesis Quest 6The heroine snuggles with the girl who is not her kidnapping victim and OP passes out repeatedly due to lack of sleep.Collective Game, Blazblue, Phantom Genesis Quest, shaderic2015-03-13 6 
38818895Blazblue: Phantom Genesis Quest 7The Heroine lives through an average day, and Tsubaki is, in general, very cute.Collective Game, Blazblue, Phantom Genesis Quest, shaderic2015-03-20 6 
April 2015
39101119Blazblue: Phantom Genesis Quest 8The Heroine is invited to do some contract work in another Hierarchical City, helps Tsubaki build her first armagus, and gets into an awkward situation with a drunken cat.Collective Game, Blazblue, Phantom Genesis Quest, shaderic2015-04-03 6 
39251778Blazblue: Phantom Genesis Quest 9The Heroine finds out part of what she is, and then Tsubaki makes some adorable assumptions about her mother's relationships. In the morning, Professor Kokonoe prioritizes Coffee. Collective Game, Blazblue, Phantom Genesis Quest, shaderic2015-04-10 6 
39394579Blazblue: Phantom Genesis Quest 10The Heroine gets on the airship to Shinatsu, is captivated by fluffy tail, and shoots at some pirates from the wing of the ship.Collective Game, Blazblue, Phantom Genesis Quest, shaderic2015-04-17 6 
May 2015
39682517Blazblue: Phantom Genesis Quest 11The Heroine tucks Tsubaki in and then the QM gets sick again. Collective Game, Blazblue, Phantom Genesis Quest, shaderic2015-05-01 5 
June 2015
40399240Retired Mascot QuestYou are retired, after a long and distinguished career serving the Core... And you're also bored out of your mind. Collective Game, Retired Mascot Quest, shaderic, 2015-06-05 3 
40549604Blazblue: Phantom Genesis Quest 12The Heroine arrives at the 11th Hierarchical City of Shinatsu, gets into a staring contest with one of the leaders of group she's supposed to be helping and then gets into an actual fight with the other. And then you all had tea.Collective Game, Blazblue, Phantom Genesis Quest, shaderic2015-06-12 6 
40795028Wild City QuestWelcome to Wild City, the weirdest place in the world. Not that anyone besides you seems to notice. You like it.Collective Game, Wild City Quest, shaderic, 2015-06-24 8 
40828903Blazblue: Phantom Genesis Quest 13The Heroine gets into an argument with her hostess, and Tsubaki makes a new friend.Collective Game, Blazblue, Phantom Genesis Quest, shaderic2015-06-26 4 
November 2015
43817453It's Too Late for this Shit QuestIt's 8 AM. In the last two days, you've gotten three hours of sleep. And now, someone's pounding on your door.Collective Game, Tired, Shaderic, Too Late For This Shit, 2015-11-25 5 
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