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July 2016
379810You awaken in Westeros... (QUEST, pt. 1)You wake up buck ass naked in Westeros, armed with the knowledge of the book series. Let's not get killed alright? Collective Game, Game of Thrones, You awake in Westeros Quest, A Song of Ice and Fire2016-07-20 6 
390053You awake in Westeros... Ch.2 - QUESTWe do more shenanigans, almost get caught by our friend with a whore, hatch a money laundering scheme, and have some uncomfortable staresGame of Thrones, You awake in Westeros, quest, collective games2016-07-22 0 
396067You awake in Westeros... Ch.3 - QUESTIn which our QM shoots himself in the foot by revealing that he was also a player all along. Then everyone becomes Velo.Game of Thrones, You awake in Westeros, quest, collective games, QM suicide2016-07-22 4 
405516You Awake in Westeros Quest 4Thanatos is retarded. Shakespeare and Tyrioncollective game, Westeros, fantasy, Velo, Trick, Shakespeare2016-07-24 1 
418634You Awake in Westeros Quest 5You spend some time at the Wall and say goodbye to Benjen.collective game, Westeros, fantasy, Velo, Trick, Shakespeare2016-07-30 3 
August 2016
441678You Awake in Westeros Quest 6We journey to King's Landing.collective game, Westeros, fantasy, Velo, Trick, Shakespeare2016-08-07 2 
452818Life of a Bastard QuestAdventures of Ser Lucerys Waters, mercenary captain and slaver, in the service of LysMercenary, Slaver, Westeros, Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones2016-08-08 -4 
456673You Awake in Westeros Quest 7King's Landing Anticscollective game, Westeros, fantasy, Velo, Trick, Shakespeare2016-08-14 4 
479511You Awake in Westeros Quest 8Dragonstone Shenanigans + Miracollective game, Westeros, fantasy, Velo, Trick, Shakespeare2016-08-23 2 
September 2016
507934You Awake in Westeros Quest 9William goes on a whirlwind adventurecollective game, Westeros, fantasy, Velo, Trick, Shakespeare2016-09-01 2 
540507You Awake in Westeros Quest 10Anons around Westeros move the plot forward!collective game, Westeros, fantasy, Velo, Trick, Shakespeare2016-09-15 1 
587367You Awake in Westeros Quest 11Assassinations and blood magiccollective game, Westeros, fantasy, Velo, Trick, Shakespeare2016-09-26 1 
October 2016
642767You Awake in Westeros Quest 12Valyria and Harrenhalcollective game, Westeros, fantasy, Velo, Trick, Shakespeare2016-10-10 1 
706184You Awake in Westeros Quest 13Lannister forces scramble. Velo contacts the others.collective game, Westeros, fantasy, Velo, Trick, Shakespeare2016-10-22 1 
November 2016
759743You Awake in Westeros Quest 14Marriage and Meereencollective game, Westeros, fantasy, Velo, Trick, Shakespeare2016-11-06 0 
797730You Awake in Westeros Quest 15Assassination and revival. MAGA.collective game, Westeros, fantasy, Velo, Trick, Shakespeare2016-11-17 2 
December 2019
3929946One Last Trick Quest #1Just when I think I'm out . . . they pull me back in! Collective Game, One Last Trick, Trick, Westeros, Fantasy, ASOIAF, Velo2019-12-08 0 
February 2020
4073066Conquer Westeros QuestWe recover from the battle Collective Game, Westeros, 40K, Warhammer, ASOIAF,2020-02-12 0 
January 2023
5493637A Bastard of Westeros Quest #1In the years before the Blackfyre Rebellion, you are Edric Flowers, a Dornish bastard of the Reach. Fight for your place in it.A Song of Ice and Fire, Maester Munkun, Collective Game, Westeros, Blackfyre Rebellion, A Bastard of Westeros Quest,2023-01-11 34 
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