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September 2015
42703222Yankii Reform Quest 1The day it beganCollective game, yankii reform quest2015-09-24 10 
42719285Yankii Reform Quest 2The Rep, the Sweater Chick, and the Delilama.Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-09-26 3 
42779162Yankii Reform Quest 3Enter the Princess and KohaiCollective game, yankii reform quest2015-09-29 3 
October 2015
42834336Yankii Reform Quest 4Teatime with the Princess and meeting Mono-girlCollective game, yankii reform quest2015-10-02 2 
42849735Yankii Reform Quest 5Nosebleed underlingCollective game, yankii reform quest2015-10-03 3 
42906315Yankii Reform Quest 6Advances REJECTED and the flustered neihbor girl Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-10-06 4 
42941058Yankii Reform Quest 7When you Rumble, throw 1's at the fight.Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-10-08 3 
42960213Yankii Reform Quest 8Spanking the oppositionCollective game, yankii reform quest2015-10-09 4 
42976929Yankii Reform Quest 9Doing some book learningCollective game, yankii reform quest2015-10-10 2 
43052746Yankii Reform Quest 10Be our Boss!Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-10-14 3 
43070393Yankii Reform Quest 11Clash! Rep throws down!Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-10-15 3 
43106388Yankii Reform Quest 12Young Yankii; Escape From -him!-Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-10-17 4 
43163612Yankii Reform Quest 13Young Yankii (pt 2) and the "Warrior of Justice"!Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-10-20 6 
43198178Yankii Reform Quest 14Young Yankii Chronicles pt.3: Time to Wake Up Now Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-10-22 4 
43235003Yankii Reform Quest 15Aftermath of the Fall - Status: Still Kickin'!Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-10-24 4 
43332415Yankii Reform Quest 16Shooting the shit with Fangy and Leech; Brotime!Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-10-29 3 
November 2015
43429178Yankii Reform Quest 17Rooftop thugs start round two! Leech dispenses Justice to some Cherry-boys!Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-11-03 1 
43447349Yankii Reform Quest 18Leech goes on a hunt for the Nurse's Assistant! Steam turns up in the infirmary.Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-11-04 2 
43485497Yankii Reform Quest 19Ordeals with dealing with Giggles the dick-supreme! Teaching lifelong lessons with the Golden Lion!Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-11-06 1 
43504026Yankii Reform Quest 20I can't believe my glasses senpai can be so... Cute? The Golden Lion gives Prez a talking to! Adorableness ensues. Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-11-07 1 
43591691Yankii Reform Quest 21Gettin' the FOODZ, inspiring the Prez to man up, and then gettin' into a fight! Just an ordinary day for Chitose Sonohara.Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-11-12 1 
43609659Yankii Reform Quest 22Wiping the floor with the King's Crew & Fangy's mission begins!Collective game, yankii reform quest2015-11-13 2 
August 2016
454161Yankii Reform Quest 1ReBoot: The delinquency begins again as asses are kicked and the journey begins Fresh. Rebooted from /tg/'s YRQ; new start new content.Yankii Reform Quest, Reboot, delinquent, collective game, yankii2016-08-08 4 
477919Yankii Reform Quest 2Brought Taro to Nurse's office were we caught up with his lil' sister 'n Tease-sensei before getting into a fight!Yankii Reform Quest, Reboot, delinquent, collective game, yankii2016-08-21 2 
September 2016
502078Yankii Reform Quest 3FUll Rage: Finally go full RAGE on some thugs and meet Red... the weirdo... then we finally get to class and meet Masumi.Yankii Reform Quest, Reboot, delinquent, collective game, yankii2016-09-10 1 
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