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May 2008
1807045Share your storya thread concerning the worst character concepts you have -ever- seen in a tabletop game.stories, mary sue, characters2008-05-25 8 
June 2008
2008745ITT Your first character/tg/ Talks about the characters they first rolled. Featuring RAGEMAGE!Characters, Tabletop Games2008-06-17 4 
October 2008
2859899Best Spirit of the Century Characters/tg/ posts its best Spirit of the Century characters.SotC, characters2008-10-23 9 
April 2009
4283775You Don't Fuck With McDuck!An awesome thread which asks whether it is safer to loot the treasure hoard of an ancient Red Dragon, or the Money Bin of Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge is the overwhelming victor and quickly proves himself one of the most terrifying characters ever created. A fun, inventive thread which proves a rewarding read.Scrooge, McDuck, Disney, Treasure, Characters, Creative, Dragons2009-04-15 65 
March 2010
8354904Lawful Good Thri-Kreen MonkSneaking Kamen Rider into a D&D campaign you say?D&D, characters2010-03-02 6 
8423734The /tg/ character armyTemplate-based character drawing leads to a compilation of most extraordinary folk.drawthread, characters2010-03-06 11 
8434764The /tg/ character army/tg/ are very creative. So creative that we need a second thread for our template-based character drawing. This time with correct tags!drawthread, characters2010-03-06 11 
8436945The /tg/ character army, Part 3/tg/ are very, very creative. A third thread of template-based character drawing, and a compilation which has turned into Where's Wally.drawthread, characters2010-03-06 5 
April 2010
9233346Teddy Roosevelt, President of /tg/, player characterMuch TR loev, much big stick, much assigning of powers. Teddy has them all.player characters, Teddy Roosevelt, Teddy, TR, powergaming2010-04-17 3 
May 2010
9632490Three hundred and sixty degrees of punch!Begins as thread about stupid player decisions and statements. Offhand comment quickly gives rise to Ball of Arms Man, many-handed hero of the hour!roleplaying, Roleplay, characters, puns2010-05-05 60 
November 2010
12648340/tg/ Chooses a PartyOP "ribbonfag" asks /tg/ who they would choose to bring along on an adventure from 32 different personas. /tg/ responds with great scenarios and ideas. Third or fourth variation on threads with similar premises.character, characters, OC, ideas2010-11-02 1 
12678646Characters you're not allowed to playIncludes such glorious examples such as: -Gustav Schlemiel, Holocaust-denying Rabbi -The science love-child of Hitler and Elvis -Matthew "Diddler" Collins, Gentleman Rapist -Silktooth the exotic dancer Orc -Mecha-Ghandi Characters you're not allowed to play2010-11-04 3 
12692497Trustworthy? 32-40Ribbonfag asks /tg/'s opinion of eight more.Trustworthy, DM help, characters, portraits, ribbonfag, first impressions2010-11-06 1 
January 2011
13488330Cartoon VoicesThe thread begins with the king of the hill cast explaining their days in the 40k universe staying remarkably true to character, it goes on to various famous cartoon videogame, tv, and movie characters doing likewise, including adaptations of many Disney songs.Cartoon in my voice quotes 40k tv videogames movies characters songs singing2011-01-12 20 
April 2011
14583019All Hail Lord InglipThe Mighty Lord Inglip has blessed us with his divine texts, and using these great scraps of knowledge we will shape the new world. -The cultists of Lord Inglip gather for a thread full of captcha derived intelligence, imagination and at times downright insanity.Collective game, Setting, Captcha, Lord Inglip, Cult, Characters, roleplay, group, 2011-04-14 13 
May 2011
14904359Playas and Characters/TG/ comes up with the concept for a new semi-meta roleplaying game: Playas and Characters, where RPGs have taken over the streets, and become the new basis for gangsta culture. It quickly degenerates into rap.Playas and Characters, rap2011-05-13 3 
14996544Character ArchtypesOP asks for Character archtypes, and perhaps gets more than he was bargaining forcopypasta, characters, humour, humor2011-05-21 2 
August 2011
16029771Forgotten CharactersOP gets fa/tg/uys to tell of their first character...if they can remember, that is.characters, roleplaying, first, awesome, sad, baww2011-08-23 12 
September 2012
20685312/tg/ makes a character sheetMaking a system for said sheets, however, may prove impossible.RPG, characters, sheets, hats, fucking MAGNETS, anal circumference 2012-09-11 11 
October 2012
20931788Hive-Minds and BEESThread about hive-minds quickly becomes awesome when people who actually know about bees show up.hive-minds, robots, roleplay, characters, bees ,BEES, NOT THE BEES, THEY'RE IN MY EYES, THEY'RE IN MY MOUTH, AAAAAUGH2012-10-02 18 
January 2013
22678115That Guy ThreadAdorable lamia clerics of the sun, exploding droids, dumbass barbarians, and more!That Guy Thread, guy, that,story time, story, time, characters, game, lamia, barbarian, star wars, droid2013-01-20 8 
March 2013
23580608Metal Gear Name Generator Part DeuxContinuation of the Metal Gear Name Generation, with a improved generator and the awesomeness of WIZARD BEAR!Metal Gear, generator, name generator, characters, awesome2013-03-08 7 
September 2013
27380539Eclipse Phase And The Infinite Sadness/tg/ plays around with the Eclipse Phase lifepath chargen system again. Sadface The Turksquid ensues.why, feels, eclipse phase, sci fi, chargen, awesome, characters, rolling2013-09-23 24 
April 2014
31513372Succubus familiar for female characterHaving a succubus familiar is perfectly okay if your character is female, right /tg/?succubus familiar, succubus, succubi, familiar, familiars, female character, female characters, yuri, angels and demons, angel, angels, demon, demons, D&D, alignment, anime2014-04-16 5 
November 2014
36022362Letters from Gri'goriThe thread where the concept of Drow refugees as Eastern European immigrants is bandied about. drow. D&D, characters. funny, spiders2014-11-08 45 
February 2015
38196535Historical Personalities>What is /tg/'s favourite lesser-known historical settings/facts/personalities?History, Historical, personalities, characters2015-02-22 4 
April 2015
39277228Post a picture, get wouldbuilding written for itPost a image of a creature, magical item or character. The anon below must worldbuild fluff for it. Awesome worldbuilding results.fluff, backstory, worldbuilding, monsters, characters, magic items,2015-04-12 2 
June 2015
40385247Moments when YOU became That GuyMoments when players broke their games, some in epic ways, some not so much.awesome, characters, gaming, PC, storytime, that guy2015-06-06 7 
April 2016
11046Synth SoulsSet in synth-medieval faux-Miami you create a character from classes and control its actionspixelart, rpg, multiple characters, 80s, medieval2016-04-29 4 
May 2016
119739SUDSVENTUREControl three quasi-mobsters attempting to escape a small prison. Crit roll shenanigans occur.SUDSVENTURE, Prison, Crits, Multiple characters, Short,2016-05-16 1 
December 2016
901895Innawoods Quest Reincarnated #1: IntroductionThis is the reincarnation of an Innawoods quest that was meant to be but never was...Innawoods, Individual Characters2016-12-05 3 
April 2017
52706646Historic figures who were /tg/ charactersA discussion of real people throughout history whose lives resembled the ridiculously implausible adventures of PCs.real people, characters, PCs,2017-04-22 3 
May 2017
53056631/tg/ invents original superheroesAs the title suggests, in this thread /tg/ worldbuilds original superheroes. Surprisingly funny. characters, superhero, cape, superpowers, names, plot hooks, worldbuilding,2017-05-08 7 
November 2018
63267863Yughio CharactersWork done on making a cast of Yughio characters, themes discussed and some contestants added.Yughio, Characters, World-building2018-11-30 0 
December 2018
63331889Yughio Characters thread 2bit of writefaggotry and a handful more characters made with minor talk about a side arc and ritual of ending the world.Yughio, Characters, World-building2018-12-03 0 
63403473Yughio Characters thread 3Talk about the cult and artifacts made, confusion is had, maybe possibly the end of the project. Its purpose sinking into the sands of OYughio, Characters, World-building2018-12-08 0 
April 2019
65572050Who waits for you back at home?Nearly 200 anons tell us about the background of their characters. background, characters, roleplaying2019-04-12 11 
December 2020
4541457Zombie Apocalypse QuestA completely new take on zombies! Take control of 5 playable characters to try to survive and unlock their various endings.Zombie Apocalypse Quest, Zombies, Zombie, ZombieQM, Apocalypse, Survival, Perma-death, Death, Drug, Quest, Death, Switching Characters 2020-12-15 13 
January 2021
4572305Zombie Apocalypse Quest Thread #2This time, we take control of Sarah in her perilous journey to save her son and the other survivors in the nearby school.Zombie Apocalypse Quest, Zombies, Zombie, ZombieQM, Apocalypse, Survival, Perma-death, Death, Drug, Quest, Switching Characters, Quiz 2021-01-10 6 
February 2021
4601479Zombie Apocalypse Quest Thread #3On to Larry's shipborne adventure, fighting zombies, fire and people's stupidity at the same time.Zombie Apocalypse Quest, Zombies, Zombie, ZombieQM, Apocalypse, Survival, Perma-death, Death, Drug, Quest, Death, Switching Characters 2021-02-13 1 
July 2021
80247963Ball-of-Arms Man: RearmedA classic character from /tg/‘s past is resurrected! The titular amorphous blob of arms is given heaps of lore, side-characters, and enemiesroleplaying, Roleplaying, roleplay, Roleplay, characters, Characters, character, Character, puns, Puns, pun, Pun, Joke character, joke2021-07-11 12 
March 2024
5912911Multiplayer civ quest #1First thread of a multiplayer civilization game.Civilization, Multiplayer, Characters, Fantasy2024-03-17 0 
April 2024
5953011Multiplayer civ quest #2Premature end to this quest due to player abandonment.Civilization, Multiplayer, Characters, Fantasy2024-04-24 0 
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