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March 2010
8867308Jabberwocky BackgroundsMore inspiration for writing and settings provided in this thread/imagedump of mostly Jabberwocky's stuff.backgrounds, backdrops, settings, inspiration2010-03-30 1 
July 2013
26247002Character Ideas. With a Twist!One person comes up with a Character Idea, The next supplies the twist. Several good ideas emergeCharacter, twist, background, idea,2013-07-26 6 
September 2014
34711005Background Character Quest In which we get no harems, nor do we get to pilot any giant fighting robots. This is the life of a background character. Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-08 34 
34808571Background Character Quest #2Daniel tests Claire's powers. Omelettes may have been made. Backrubs may have been given.Collective Game, Background, Character, Quest2014-09-12 16 
34815676Background Character Quest 2 part 2We experiment with Claire some more and watch her misuse her powers.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-13 17 
34870472Background Character Quest 3We talk to our councilor and surprise our mother with our heterosexuality. Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-15 15 
34880991Background Character Quest 3 part 2We get taken hostage and then talk to a lonely girl.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-15 18 
34926290Background Character Quest 4We experiment with Claire and Mia. First with their powers, then with each other.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-17 16 
34946722Background Character Quest Episode 5Pizzas, iced lemonade and exercise gear. Time to get /fit/Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-18 20 
35011641Background Character Quest Episode 6A confrontation with a cat in the showerBackground Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-21 12 
35019029Background Character Quest Episode 6 part 2Gender bendin' fun but then we goofBackground Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-21 11 
35063369Background Character Quest Episode 7We make up with our sister and then git sum fuk.Collective Game, Background Character Quest2014-09-24 14 
35105398Background Character Quest Episode 8Hanging out with Mia and Claire, visiting Rosa in the hospital, meeting with Mia's mom and creep of a step-dad. Then Erica loses all of her stuff. ALL OF IT.Collective Game, Background Character Quest2014-09-25 13 
35148594Background Character Quest 9In which Mia is cuddledBackground Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-28 13 
35156647 Background Character Quest studybreak and shyt Background Character Quest Collective Game2014-09-28 11 
35215035Background Character Quest 10we continue to get /fit/ and experiment more with gender-bending.Collective Game, Background Character Quest2014-09-30 7 
35220848Background Character Quest 10 part 2A talk with sis and getting pranked at school.Collective Game, Background Character Quest2014-09-30 11 
October 2014
35340544Background Character Quest Episode 11Where things happenBackground Character Quest, Collective Game2014-10-06 7 
35346574Background Character Quest Episode 11 2We gargle paint and die, but not reallyBackground Character Quest, Collective Game2014-10-07 8 
35364111Background Character Quest Episode 12We wake up in a hospital.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-10-08 11 
35498987Background Character Quest Episode 13The girls get fitted for the dance and hang out at the house.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-10-14 7 
35561609Background Character Quest Episode 14We deal with Mia's mother being hospitalized.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-10-17 6 
35582860Background Character Quest Episode 15We lewd it up with Rosa and Claire, then go visit Mia at the hospital.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-10-18 6 
35724999 Background Character Quest Episode 16In which we therapise the therapist, things get better slightly and we have some family bondingBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-10-25 10 
35746998Background Character Quest Episode 17We git some fug, then attend on the richBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-10-26 6 
35756056Background Character Quest Episode 17.2We have some rich people fun with Rosa.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-10-26 7 
35790035Background Character Quest Episode 18In which we partake in a delightful meal of Christmas KeikiBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-10-28 6 
35830178Background Character Quest Episode 19"Til it Hertz" Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-10-29 10 
November 2014
35933728Background Character Quest Episode 20Where it's all Marie all the timeBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-03 6 
35939259Background Character Quest Episode 20 Part 2In which Mia a cuteBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-03 7 
35992698Background Character Quest Episode 21We talk about being a husbando, make rich people nooky and romance the artistBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-06 7 
36034300Background Character Quest Episode 22In which we lewd, fight a monster and Claire is an assholeBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-08 7 
36055151Background Character Quest Episode 23In which we are butthurt, but we get over it, mostlyBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-09 7 
36096439Background Character Quest Episode 24In which we help Claire's father deal with welfare workers.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-11 7 
36157167Background Character Quest Episode 25Reveals, TWEESTS. Maybe actual plot happens? Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-14 10 
36324678Background Character Quest Episode 26We take the girls to the ball.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-22 7 
36425749 Background Character Quest Episode 27In which Mia is happy and Claire deals with some shitBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-27 7 
December 2014
36562398Background Character Quest Episode 28We pitch Mike's robots to the MishonesBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-12-05 10 
36619878Background Character Quest Episode 29In which we are hungover, have some group therapy and Mia goes missingBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game 2014-12-07 10 
36640880Background Character Quest Episode 30We become a big dick hero guy and have some family shenanigansBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-12-08 7 
36814923Background Character Quest Episode 31In which it's Mia time, and then other stuff happens.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-12-17 10 
36853378 Background Character Quest Episode 32Action! Excitement! Jailbreak! Reveals! And all in time for ChristmasBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-12-19 9 
37082891Background Character Quest Episode 33We finally find out who M is and celebrate Christmas with the girls. Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-12-31 8 
January 2015
37197213Background Character Quest Episode 34We buy and hand out late christmas presents to everyone.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-01-06 6 
37240406Background Character Quest Episode 35Operation Rescue Eri.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-01-08 11 
37349841Background Character Quest Episode 36Hanging out with Eri and invisibility fun.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-01-14 11 
37525746Background Character Quest Episode 37Salvage rights and Blackjack.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2015-01-21 12 
37610330Background Character Quest Episode 38We wimp out of action, go make some Eri loving and backstory awayBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-01-25 11 
February 2015
37770249 Background Character Quest Episode 39We #stopthebullying congratulate our brother, then get actual backstoryBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-02-01 11 
37923742Background Character Quest Episode 40Fitness, lewds, uni and flamers, a typical Backgrounf Character EpisodeBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-02-09 8 
38149059Background Character Quest Episode 41Banana hammocks and near-death experiences.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-02-19 11 
38328610Background Character Quest 42Visiting crispy claire and staying at Rosa'sBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-02-27 11 
March 2015
38485982Background Character Quest Episode 43That damn cat can go screw itself. We have more important people to screw.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-03-06 7 
38581017Background Character Quest 44The triumphant return of Claire, Avery gets molested and muh christmas cake.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-03-09 10 
38824842Background Character Quest Episode 45Shopping, showerheads, and no-one loots a mattress.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-03-21 8 
April 2015
39106173Background Character Quest 46Danny becomes a legal adult, and tries to deal with a moral arguementBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-04-04 7 
39399246Background Character Quest 47Daniel deals with rich people while being arm candy, then gets his final birthday presentBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-04-17 7 
May 2015
39805394Background Character Quest 48Mike gets mildly annoyed and Danny swims in a subterranean ppoolBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-05-08 8 
40235221Background Character Quest 49Marie gets some lovin, Mike's being cooler, then everything kinda goes to shitBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-05-28 7 
June 2015
40575481Background Character Quest 50Dinner with Marie's family, surprise, Enswith is a prick! Then we cheer Claire up and have a brief scare.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-06-14 7 
July 2015
41092558Background Character Quest 51The 51st one, archived early. Fuck you misarchivist.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-07-08 6 
41369527Background Character Quest 52Danny's mother fought a dude and makes up with her daughter, Danny misses all this for some time with his female companionsBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-07-22 7 
August 2015
41694781Background Character Quest 53Legal trouble, limo fun, propositions of proposal and choking, fun fun fun!Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-08-06 11 
41930633Background Character Quest 54It's n-not like MT likes us or anything, god! Also, we learn about Mom.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-08-17 11 
42191021Background Character Quest 55Stuff happens, probably. Thread's archived early because fuck the misarchivist.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-08-30 6 
September 2015
42416508Background Character Quest 56Getting some relaxation in with a counsellor, and then shit gets realBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-09-11 6 
42497347Background Character Quest 57Shit gets real, shit gets realer, Mike is a fag, and Daniel finally gets gud.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-09-15 8 
42579340Background Character Quest 58Claire wears a dress. Truly, all is right with the world, and there's no way Chuckles could fuck it up. Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-09-19 7 
42588369Background Character Quest 58 Part 2Helping Mum pick out a dress, and dealing with a left behind waifu.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-09-19 8 
October 2015
42825249Background Character Quest 59Saving the Gruli's, drunken families and dealing out massages Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-10-01 5 
43014187Background Character Quest 60Nej isn't a shit for once, proposing in a sundress, and Claire gets what she wants.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-10-11 6 
43176957Background Character Quest 61Cloning, rescues, VENGEANCE gone awry and sadness.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-10-21 5 
43214183Background Character Quest 62More clones, less vengeance, Danny meets his calcium intake and enjoys a partyBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-10-23 5 
43273902Background Character Quest 63: FINALThe finale, in which everyone is a degenerate, Danny scrapes through his education, and Nej is still a shitterBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-10-25 17 
July 2016
48522863Voltari Sector Thread 1We just came up with a new sector and some new ideas. Let's see how far we can take this.Sector Creation, 40k, Background fluff, Idea Thread2016-07-31 1 
August 2016
48644799Voltari Sector Thread 2A week later, we get another thread, but it's a bit lonely this time around.Sector Creation, 40k, Background fluff, Idea Thread2016-08-08 0 
April 2019
65572050Who waits for you back at home?Nearly 200 anons tell us about the background of their characters. background, characters, roleplaying2019-04-12 11 
January 2023
5508809Future Blades Epilogue Nhon leaves the life of crime and reconnects with his sister. Also background notes and Omake of him and a vtuber he watchesCyberpunk, Schizo QM, Epilogue, Background notes, Omake2023-01-06 1 
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