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October 2014
35703731Space Monkeys QuestWe wake up, 18 years after Frieza ruins everything. We kill alot of Arlians, defeat Kew. Extort a king, and acquire a ship.Space Monkeys Quest,Collective Game,Chuckles,Dragon Ball,Saiyan2014-10-23 28 
35724999 Background Character Quest Episode 16In which we therapise the therapist, things get better slightly and we have some family bondingBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-10-25 10 
35746998Background Character Quest Episode 17We git some fug, then attend on the richBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-10-26 6 
35756056Background Character Quest Episode 17.2We have some rich people fun with Rosa.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-10-26 7 
35768846Space Monkeys Quest 2We go to Frieza Planet 419 to look for rumours about saiyans. Instead we find a drunk in a bar that makes us look pathetic and suffer a slight mental break down.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2014-10-26 20 
35790035Background Character Quest Episode 18In which we partake in a delightful meal of Christmas KeikiBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-10-28 6 
35830178Background Character Quest Episode 19"Til it Hertz" Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-10-29 10 
November 2014
35890437Space Monkeys Quest 3We kill pretty much everything, transform into even bigger, sweatier monkey girls, get a new ship and make some doshSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2014-11-01 20 
35933728Background Character Quest Episode 20Where it's all Marie all the timeBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-03 6 
35939259Background Character Quest Episode 20 Part 2In which Mia a cuteBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-03 7 
35992698Background Character Quest Episode 21We talk about being a husbando, make rich people nooky and romance the artistBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-06 7 
36034300Background Character Quest Episode 22In which we lewd, fight a monster and Claire is an assholeBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-08 7 
36055151Background Character Quest Episode 23In which we are butthurt, but we get over it, mostlyBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-09 7 
36096439Background Character Quest Episode 24In which we help Claire's father deal with welfare workers.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-11 7 
36157167Background Character Quest Episode 25Reveals, TWEESTS. Maybe actual plot happens? Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-14 10 
36324678Background Character Quest Episode 26We take the girls to the ball.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-22 7 
36425749 Background Character Quest Episode 27In which Mia is happy and Claire deals with some shitBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-27 7 
December 2014
36503192Space Monkeys Quest 4: What's for Brunch?We race to aid a friend and are distracted by a worm hole, have visions of the last survivors of our race, and train with the girls.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2014-12-01 20 
36562398Background Character Quest Episode 28We pitch Mike's robots to the MishonesBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-12-05 10 
36619878Background Character Quest Episode 29In which we are hungover, have some group therapy and Mia goes missingBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game 2014-12-07 10 
36640880Background Character Quest Episode 30We become a big dick hero guy and have some family shenanigansBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-12-08 7 
36814923Background Character Quest Episode 31In which it's Mia time, and then other stuff happens.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-12-17 10 
36853378 Background Character Quest Episode 32Action! Excitement! Jailbreak! Reveals! And all in time for ChristmasBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-12-19 9 
37082891Background Character Quest Episode 33We finally find out who M is and celebrate Christmas with the girls. Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-12-31 8 
January 2015
37155761Space Monkeys Quest 5We mess with som Herans and then meet that autistic Saiyan. You know the oneSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-01-04 17 
37197213Background Character Quest Episode 34We buy and hand out late christmas presents to everyone.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-01-06 6 
37240406Background Character Quest Episode 35Operation Rescue Eri.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-01-08 11 
37349841Background Character Quest Episode 36Hanging out with Eri and invisibility fun.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-01-14 11 
37412418Space Monkeys Quest 6We desperately try and outsmart Broly and then have space shenanigansSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-01-16 14 
37610330Background Character Quest Episode 38We wimp out of action, go make some Eri loving and backstory awayBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-01-25 11 
37699284Space Monkeys Quest 7Planet Metamor: Home of the fusion dance and the largest moss industry in the galaxy!Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-01-29 16 
February 2015
37770249 Background Character Quest Episode 39We #stopthebullying congratulate our brother, then get actual backstoryBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-02-01 11 
37923742Background Character Quest Episode 40Fitness, lewds, uni and flamers, a typical Backgrounf Character EpisodeBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-02-09 8 
38103149Space Monkeys Quest 8Raditz learns how Planet Vegeta was destroyed, and then we arrive at Planet Triclops to spar and learn new techniques.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-02-17 14 
38149059Background Character Quest Episode 41Banana hammocks and near-death experiences.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-02-19 11 
38328610Background Character Quest 42Visiting crispy claire and staying at Rosa'sBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-02-27 11 
March 2015
38419756Space Monkeys Quest 94 Witches, recruiting and busting the shipSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-03-02 13 
38485982Background Character Quest Episode 43That damn cat can go screw itself. We have more important people to screw.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-03-06 7 
38581017Background Character Quest 44The triumphant return of Claire, Avery gets molested and muh christmas cake.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-03-09 10 
38627009Magic Cameraman QuestA wizard is a scrub with a camera, but figures out a get rich quick schemeMagic Cameraman Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-03-11 11 
38744439Space Monkeys Quest 10Monkeys edge closer to extinction.Collective game, space monkeys quest, chuckles, dragon ball, saiyan2015-03-16 12 
38749393Space Monkeys Quest 10.5Kabu & Company learns about the dragonballs. So do two other Saiyans.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-03-16 12 
38824842Background Character Quest Episode 45Shopping, showerheads, and no-one loots a mattress.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-03-21 8 
38868600Space Monkeys Quest 11Kabu negotiates with Kami, and agrees to train Earth's defenders.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-03-22 13 
38985201Space Monkeys Quest 12Risel and Teito train the Earthlings while Kabu meets with Bulma. Then pendulum room shenanigans happen. Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-03-28 12 
39026811Magic Cameraman Quest 2Scrub nearly dies, then argues about fertility godsMagic Cameraman Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-03-30 5 
April 2015
39065702Space Monkeys Quest 13Whole buncha training, Kabu softens ever so slightlySpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-04-01 12 
39071581Space Monkeys Quest 13 Part 2Gohan and Spike learn about Ki and flying. Kabu and the rest of the crew assess the Earthlings' potential, and Kabu has a chat with Kami about the moon and what to do with Piccolo.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-04-02 13 
39106173Background Character Quest 46Danny becomes a legal adult, and tries to deal with a moral arguementBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-04-04 7 
39173833Space Monkeys Quest 14Kabu seeks out Roshi, only to discover that Roshi has been kidnapped! Can the world's strongest saiyan rescue him before it's too late?Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-04-07 13 
39235060XioXio's Bizzare Quest 5XioXio beats up someone, makes a friend and hides a bodyXioXio's Bizzare Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game, Jojo2015-04-09 5 
39277218Space Monkeys Quest 15Training continues at the lookout with some lessons from Roshi, and Chi-Chi recovers enough to start sparring with Kabuya. Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-04-12 12 
39399246Background Character Quest 47Daniel deals with rich people while being arm candy, then gets his final birthday presentBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-04-17 7 
39419852Space Monkeys Quest 16Kabuya helps protect the earth and gets to know Bulma in the lead up to ChristmasSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-04-19 13 
39464496Magic Cameraman Quest 3Scrub turns down a nun, makes some dosh and settles a security disputeMagic Cameraman Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-04-20 7 
39523641Space Monkeys Quest 17In which Kabuya and her cohorts defend Earth against a mighty tree and a staunchly anti-Christmas Saiyan and his corps.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-04-24 12 
39531483Space Monkeys Quest 17.5Kaguya imparts Saiyan wisdom on Gohan, and discusses Saiyan physiology with Bulma.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-04-24 13 
May 2015
39706827Space Monkeys Quest 18Christmas rolls around, and so does another round of training. Then the Saiyans arrive, as well as another sluggish sort of enemy.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-05-03 12 
39805394Background Character Quest 48Mike gets mildly annoyed and Danny swims in a subterranean ppoolBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-05-08 8 
39869861XioXio's Bizzare Quest 6Xioxio cleans up evidence, gets to know her friends and investigates some Neo NazisXioXio's Bizzare Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game, Jojo2015-05-11 5 
39911131Space Monkeys Quest 19Kabu heads off to deal with the Saiyans while the rest of the gang rushes off to keep Lord Slug occupied. Joined by a newly-revived Raditz, Kabuya takes on Vegeta in a fierce fight. Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-05-12 12 
39916101Space Monkeys Quest 19.5Vegeta is beaten after he lets down his guard. Then Kabu leaves Raditz and Goku to deal with Nappa, while she desperately tries to rally the scattered Z-fighters against Lord Slug's forces. Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-05-13 12 
39951405Magic Cameraman Quest 4Scrub deals with his debt collector and recruits a bunch of grunts, kids and movie starsMagic Cameraman Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-05-14 4 
39990162Space Monkeys Quest 20Piccolo merges with Lord Slug! Though all seems to be lost when Piccolo beats the fusion of Risel and Teito, Kabuya digs deep and manages to hold him off until Roshi sacrifices himself to traps him with the Mafuba wave! Then the gang recuperates and mourns the losses suffered from the Slug/Saiyan Invasion.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-05-17 12 
40086200DBZ Space Alcoholic Quest #13In which Arctus and Vegeta meet special peopleDBZ, DBZ Space Alcoholic Quest, Collective Game, Eail, Dragon Ball, Space Monkeys Quest, Chuckles2015-05-21 10 
40098318Space Alcoholic Quest #14In which Eail tries to screw us over for no good reason.DBZ, DBZ Space Alcoholic Quest, Collective Game, Eail, Dragon Ball, Space Monkeys Quest, Chuckles2015-05-22 10 
40150932Space Monkeys Quest 21After Kabuya and the others are forced to depart Earth within 24 hours by some mechanical fiends, and decide to depart to Planet Namek to wish back their fallen comrades, and to strengthen themselves enough so they can still call Earth their home. The day is spent preparing for their long sojourn. Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-05-24 12 
40235221Background Character Quest 49Marie gets some lovin, Mike's being cooler, then everything kinda goes to shitBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-05-28 7 
40298371Magic Cameraman Quest 5Scrub foils a kidnapping and films something sinful.Magic Cameraman Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-05-31 3 
June 2015
40513589Space Monkeys Quest 23Kabuya and friends arrive on planet Namek, but find it already under heavy assault, the Namekians divided and Dragon Balls already claimed. Many powerful foes stand in her way, but she makes a decision about family that might be even more important!Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-06-11 11 
40575481Background Character Quest 50Dinner with Marie's family, surprise, Enswith is a prick! Then we cheer Claire up and have a brief scare.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-06-14 7 
40659074Space Monkeys Quest 24Frieza touches down on Namek! Meanwhile, Kabuya makes a truce with some wayward Galactic Patrolmen, and convinces the Namekians to fuse into one powerful warrior. But despite her successes in foiling Frieza and his minions, she soon discovers the maximum extent of her foes on Namek.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-06-18 11 
40735209XioXio's Bizzare Quest 7Xioxio snoops around then gets brainwashed with some sick tunes, Rai steps up and saves the day.XioXio's Bizzare Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game, Jojo2015-06-22 4 
40777588XioXio's Bizzare Quest 8Another day, investigating murders, and it's Angie's time to shine in a chilling encounter with a crime lordXioXio's Bizzare Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game, Jojo2015-06-24 5 
40902167Champion of the Key Quest #1In which Chuckles and Eail made a Kingdom Hearts Quest, what could go wrong?Chuckles, Eail, ChuckEails, Kingdom Hearts, KH, Keyblade, Champion of the Key Quest, Collective Game2015-06-29 14 
July 2015
40945171Space Monkeys Quest 26Kabuya encounters the maximum foe, but is saved by two otherwordly meddlers! She then goes on to collect the remaining Dragon Balls not in Frieza's clutches, and rallies her allies for the final push.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-07-01 11 
41092558Background Character Quest 51The 51st one, archived early. Fuck you misarchivist.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-07-08 6 
41168570Eail's Quest Discussion ThreadIn which QM Eail and his fans discuss current and possible future questsDBZ, DBZ Space Alcoholic Quest, Collective Game, Eail, Dragon Ball, DBZ Saiyan Quest, Saiyan, Chuckles, Metal Gear, Kingdom Hearts2015-07-12 0 
41198268Champion of the Key Quest #3We're archiving this one early, so who knows?Chuckles, Eail, ChuckEails, Kingdom Hearts, KH, Keyblade, Champion of the Key Quest, Collective Game2015-07-13 11 
41204769Champion of the Key Quest #3.5 HD REMIXIn which our adventure continuesChuckles, Eail, ChuckEails, Kingdom Hearts, KH, Keyblade, Champion of the Key Quest, Collective Game2015-07-13 10 
41238433Space Monkeys Quest 27Episode 27, archived early once againSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-07-15 11 
41247057Space Monkeys Quest 27.5In which Frieza is a little bitchSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-07-16 9 
41258403Space Monkeys Quest 28Kabuya's allies arrive on planet Namek, mostly relieved that they don't have to fight a space tyrant. They're also buffed to all HFIL.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-07-16 11 
41347258Champion of the Key Quest #4Vasi walks through a long ass field in her pajamas, presumably other things happen tooChuckles, Eail, ChuckEails, Kingdom Hearts, KH, Keyblade, Champion of the Key Quest, Collective Game2015-07-20 10 
41369527Background Character Quest 52Danny's mother fought a dude and makes up with her daughter, Danny misses all this for some time with his female companionsBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-07-22 7 
41390196Space Monkeys Quest #29Kabuya and the gang bond while they travel to an tropical planet for some much-needed R&R.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-07-23 9 
41399027Space Monkeys Quest 29.5Gettin swole, knitting, family announcements, all here on this episode of Space Monkeys QuestSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-07-23 9 
41477561Space Monkeys Quest 30Fun in the sun on planet Aquis, meeting the Earl of Hell, nearly drowning and more children to be expectedSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-07-27 8 
41488593Space Monkeys Quest 30.5Kabuya and Goku spar, and everyone gets hype over it, then little green guy offers a fake tail and nobody's having any of itSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-07-27 10 
41568150Space Monkeys Quest 31Tragedy strikes, but the legend is achieved three times over, as a Tuffle menace is defeated. Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-07-31 11 
August 2015
41629989Space Monkeys Quest 32Cooler attacks Earth, Super Saiyan meets Arcosian in a deadly battle, and Kabuya takes in a new wardSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-08-03 11 
41649265Champion of the Key Quest #6In which early archiveChuckles, Eail, ChuckEails, Kingdom Hearts, KH, Keyblade, Champion of the Key Quest, Collective Game2015-08-03 12 
41694781Background Character Quest 53Legal trouble, limo fun, propositions of proposal and choking, fun fun fun!Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-08-06 11 
41776174Space Monkeys Quest 33Mentoring, motherhood, gathering dragon balls and yet another menace arisesSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-08-10 11 
41930633Background Character Quest 54It's n-not like MT likes us or anything, god! Also, we learn about Mom.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-08-17 11 
41951592Champion of the Key Quest #8In which we continue our adventures in NarniaChuckles, Eail, ChuckEails, Kingdom Hearts, KH, Keyblade, Champion of the Key Quest, Collective Game2015-08-18 9 
42045596Space Monkeys Quest 34The Makyan star rises over the Earth, Garlic Jr returns with a minion baring extreme power.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-08-23 13 
42191021Background Character Quest 55Stuff happens, probably. Thread's archived early because fuck the misarchivist.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-08-30 6 
September 2015
42269098Space Monkeys Quest 35Training the daughteru to be an exceptional gorilla and the prince of salt gets saltierSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-09-03 11 
42416508Background Character Quest 56Getting some relaxation in with a counsellor, and then shit gets realBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-09-11 6 
42433405Space Monkeys Quest 36Future daughteru saves the day, Cold and Super Android 11 defeated, and Kabuya faces herselfSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-09-11 7 
42497347Background Character Quest 57Shit gets real, shit gets realer, Mike is a fag, and Daniel finally gets gud.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-09-15 8 
42579340Background Character Quest 58Claire wears a dress. Truly, all is right with the world, and there's no way Chuckles could fuck it up. Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-09-19 7 
42588369Background Character Quest 58 Part 2Helping Mum pick out a dress, and dealing with a left behind waifu.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-09-19 8 
42626281Space Monkeys Quest #37Kabuya has her first formal birthday party! She gets some thoughtful gifts, another android-related crisis to deal with, and her tail back.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-09-21 9 
42684903Space Monkeys Quest 38Kabu trains Kuriza to use some of his hidden power, learns how to go monkey on command and prepares others for the WMATSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-09-24 11 
October 2015
42825249Background Character Quest 59Saving the Gruli's, drunken families and dealing out massages Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-10-01 5 
42898346Space Monkeys Quest 39We watch fights, find out new (and awesome) ways to train, teach Bra how to fly, and the waifu is kidnapped.Space Monkeys Quest,Collective Game,Chuckles,Dragon Ball,Saiyan2015-10-05 6 
43014187Background Character Quest 60Nej isn't a shit for once, proposing in a sundress, and Claire gets what she wants.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-10-11 6 
43086440Space Monkeys Quest 40Saving the waifu, hair disasters, a mysterious fighter revealed and pushing the apprentice onwards and upwardsSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-10-16 7 
43176957Background Character Quest 61Cloning, rescues, VENGEANCE gone awry and sadness.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-10-21 5 
43214183Background Character Quest 62More clones, less vengeance, Danny meets his calcium intake and enjoys a partyBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-10-23 5 
43273902Background Character Quest 63: FINALThe finale, in which everyone is a degenerate, Danny scrapes through his education, and Nej is still a shitterBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-10-25 17 
43312177Space Monkeys Quest 41The WMAT wraps up with a bunch of towel throwing, Kabuya goes on vacation and makes some new friends!Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-10-28 6 
43348446Spook QuestOur protagonist starts his training to stop monsters, gets nearly killed in a tunnel cave in and stops an allegedly innocent girls murder.Spook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-10-29 13 
November 2015
43388057Space Monkeys Quest 42Kabuya trick or treats, hails Satan and meets a mysterious guest from the futureSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-11-01 6 
43424620Spook Quest 2Leon deals with a giant vermin, drops spaghetti, names a cat and carves his own weaponSpook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-11-03 11 
43442842Space Monkeys Quest 43The bugman triggers Kabuya and Gohan, an Android joins the team, and things get Hyperbolic!Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-11-04 6 
43527501Spook Quest 3Leon educates on the wonders of human life, nearly drowns, meets some river folk and fills a bathtub with spaghettiSpook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-11-08 11 
43769715Spook Quest 4Learning how to swim from a 'pirate', rabbit season and bath tub politicsSpook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-11-22 8 
43821580Space Monkeys Quest 44Things get hyperbolic up in this bitch. Also training and time based shenanigansSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-11-25 8 
December 2015
43926470Spook Quest 5Dealing with a vermin menace, tunnel diving, thinking with portals and relationship adviceSpook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-12-02 8 
43963102Space Monkeys Quest 45The final showdown with the bug man, a intersolar camping trip, and some wishes are made.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-12-04 7 
44056354Spook Quest 6 Sparring practice, thugs get mauled and stones falling from the sky! Spook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-12-08 7 
44073340XioXio's Bizzare Quest 9Xioxio faces off against a bull and a cowboy, gets nearly wrecked, discovers her true foe's name and moves out of homeXioXio's Bizzare Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game, Jojo2015-12-10 4 
44155037Space Monkeys Quest 46Kabuya meets her mom, learns some sick techniques and terrorises some totally not indian people by eating a lotSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2015-12-14 6 
44217557Spook Quest 7A boggart gets trapped, Leon gets SWOLE as fuck then goes into a coma, then it's the fullmoon again.Spook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-12-17 8 
44289517Digimang Quest #1Dash Addams and his summer school class get sucked into a wild adventure in the desertDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-12-21 21 
44332009Digimang Quest #2The quest to retrieve some seeds, getting stomped by some monkeys, exploring the redlight district and meeting a spiderDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-12-23 15 
44435918Digimang Quest #3Dash and friends beat up some simians, free a bear-wolf-thing, get some sik loot and clues on finding more classmatesDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-12-29 12 
44476790Digimang Quest #4Dash and co. fight off a marine devimon, meet the twins, fix a jeep and more importantly: he hits of a lot of flags.Digimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-12-31 12 
January 2016
44541149Spook Quest 8Leon almost joins La Revolution, goes fishing with his bud, protects the bun and takes some notesSpook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-01-03 8 
44560750Space Monkeys Quest 47Kabuya and Chichi in the ultimate mothers tag team, all to get a drink of water! Also, the kids fuse and Bulma makes progress on the robitsSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2016-01-05 7 
44603475Digimang Quest #5The trip to Khoman Doh gets screwed, the twins bitch at each other, Dash spends time with Eva, fools a bunch of turds into volunteering for prison and gets some sweet dreamsDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-01-07 12 
44686530Space Monkeys Quest 48Terror on planet Namek! An old foe returns, threatening the entire solar system!Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2016-01-11 7 
44731790Digimang Quest #6Dash and friends beat up a knight, before making it to Coded VillageDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-01-13 12 
44770264Spook Quest 9Leon studies lapine physiology, among other thingsSpook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-01-14 23 
44837611Digimang Quest #7Sensei is found, where does the group go from here?Digimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-01-17 12 
44849195Digimang Quest #7 Part 2 Fireside chatsDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-01-18 12 
44878172Space Monkeys Quest 49Risel and Raditz return, kid talk ensues, birthdays and sleeping warriors awaken!Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2016-01-20 5 
44926492Spook Quest 10The search for Mr Johnson begins, Leon fights a river beast, and heads to TarlickSpook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-01-22 10 
44993336Digimang Quest #8The gang finally decides where to head out from Coded Village, broing with Elecmon, before he goes nuts, and Dash some punches calimariDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-01-25 12 
45060418Digimang Quest #9Dash and friends beat the piss out of a squid, our hero nearly drowns, gets an X, and continues towards Tube City, with spider promisesDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-01-28 12 
45107342Space Monkeys Quest 50Kabu accidentally fries a robit, bonds with 18, finds some creepy blueprints goes to the doctor and tops the day off with time travelSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2016-01-30 7 
45133662Champion of the Key Quest #9In which Vasi returnsChuckles, Eail, ChuckEails, Kingdom Hearts, KH, Keyblade, Champion of the Key Quest, Collective Game2016-01-31 8 
February 2016
45174293Digimang Quest #10Pirates, fairies, underground rivers, worms, Descarting a spider, Dash becomes a man, and discusses what it is to be a womanDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-03 12 
45276060Spook Quest 11Leon acquires a dog, before fighting a bunch of turtles, and finally moves on the bunSpook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-08 7 
45318715Digimang Quest #11Exploring the cit, looking for humans, being served eggs by an egg, glitches, creepy stalker and GATTSUmonDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-10 12 
45357153Space Monkeys Quest 51Breaking time and getting paid for itSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2016-02-12 7 
45394384Digimang Quest #12Finding clues on another human, but does he have good intentions? After that, birthday presentsDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-14 12 
45439511Space Monkeys Quest 52Chocolate, rings, Satans reunited, Valentines day fun, flying to the moon, and a brand new tournament!Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2016-02-16 8 
45475442Digimang Quest #13Getting answers, meeting a demon lady Mega, pleasing Casey and punching armadillos! All on Digimang QuestDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-18 13 
45513275XioXio's Bizzare Quest 10Xioxio infiltrates some people who punch with the sun, before finding out about her SEEEECRET heritageXioXio's Bizzare Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game, Jojo2016-02-20 4 
45565727Spook Quest 12Leon and friends arrive in Oendal, freeing his master, and a group of prisoners in the process, while burning down a churchSpook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-22 6 
45604390Digimang Quest #14Dash finds a party bus, then falls out of it to ruin his feetDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-24 12 
45613974Digimang Quest #14: Part 2Dash and the fairy study under the master Descartes, before a crazy monkey shows up in the middle of the night Digimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-24 12 
45644154Space Monkeys Quest 53Demon gods, Ascension and comforting a lizard boySpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2016-02-26 7 
45710194Digimang Quest #15Dash and friends recuperate after defeating a monkey, and finally reach Tuhm BlurDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-29 11 
March 2016
45789894Spook Quest 13Leon works his ass off, then goes to find a killerSpook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-03-04 5 
45871816XioXio's Bizzare Quest 11Rai gets old and Xioxio prepares to meet her familyXioXio's Bizzare Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game, Jojo2016-03-08 4 
45913401Space Monkeys Quest 54Vegeta gets salty, even beyond the grave, demon NEETS and dumplings for Super SaiyansSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2016-03-10 8 
45998181Digimang Quest #16Dash explores the deep, rich culture of Tuhm Blur, and almost dies again.Digimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-03-14 12 
46023513Space Monkeys Quest 55Bra, Pen and Chitsu's camping trip turns into a quest for ever lasting smores.Space Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2016-03-15 8 
46083820Digimang Quest #17Dash gets his shit ruined by a fire, then ice, then a fishing rod, then beer bottles. Fun times. Also deep philosophical discussion with EvaDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-03-18 10 
46149130Spook Quest 14Leon, Kara and Springheel team up to catch the mysterious serial killer and paid, son $$$Spook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-03-21 3 
46234416Space Monkeys Quest 56Meeting Kabus mom again, and the New Saiyan Council formsSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2016-03-25 11 
46321285Digimang Quest #18 Part 1A bunch of angels hijack Dash, and send him home, against his will, leaving his friends stuck in the digital worldDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-03-29 10 
46330341Digimang Quest #18 part 2Dash learns about the humble origins of the Digital World.Digimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-03-29 10 
April 2016
46469613Digimang Quest #19Dash fights angels and Eva discovers the power of LOVEDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-04-05 10 
46585804Digimang Quest #20The dashing Sir Dash bravely rescues the beautiful Princess Jeff. Also digimon are involved.Digimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-04-10 10 
46594690Digimang Quest #20 Part 2Licking wounds after the battle to save Princess JessDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-04-11 10 
46646835Spook Quest 15Leon and co fight Yoging the UnboundSpook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-04-14 5 
46718217Space Monkeys Quest 57Lawsuits, sky pirates, and sad robogirlsSpace Monkeys Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles, Dragon Ball, Saiyan2016-04-17 10 
46906965XioXio's Bizzare Quest 12Xioxio battles with Celine in brutal fashion, before rediscovering the knife that stabbed herXioXio's Bizzare Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game, Jojo2016-04-26 5 
June 2016
47549299Spook Quest 16Returning to Arling, strange sights on cold nightsSpook Quest, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-06-01 5 
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