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October 2009
6341748Time Cube the RPGBehold! Time Cube the RPG, the only simulation of 4-corner existence, 4 days withing 1 24 hour one-corner human daytime cube, 4-corner human, homebrew2009-10-20 2 
November 2010
12928664Dragon breeds discussion.Starts out as a question about mongrel dragons (Half this type, half that,). Ends up with lengthy discussion of dragons, lots of random questions, some images, vague stats for the Candy-corn Dragon, and more than some people ever wanted to know about dragons. (And exactly as much as others wanted to know.) Addendum: There are WAAAAAY too many types of dragons.candy corn, candycorn, candy-corn, dragon, dragons, fantasy, mongrel, halfbreed, dungeons, D&D2010-11-26 11 
July 2011
15525924Sword and Sorcery 40,000OP wonders what 40k would be like if it was an SnS setting. Turns out it already is.Sword, Sorcery, Sword and Sorcery, 40k, Warhammer, Awesome, Conan, Corny, Epic2011-07-10 11 
May 2016
48394The Adventures of Gloom and ScornTwo homeless superpowered kids agree to embark on a journey for their supervillain foster mom. Skeletons ensue.Gloom and Scorn, The Adventures of Gloom and Scorn, Quest, Collective Game,2016-05-06 3 
November 2017
2053558Monsterpocalypse QuestD&D monsters have invaded the world and wiped out most of humanity. You are a man searching for his sister in these dark timesMonsterpocalypse Quest, Corncob, Collective Game, Narrative Focus2017-11-15 3 
January 2019
3188948Unseen Ruins Civ - Thread 1A tribe of Unseen begins in the ruins of a lost civilization. Hallucinogenic mushrooms are discovered, and exploration is conducted.Cornishman, Civ, Unseen2019-01-26 1 
December 2019
3966505Bad Art QuestThomas wishes to spread the word of Classic Italian Disco but it goes beary wrong.Bear, disco, art, bad, bad art, Thomas, corn, Conopolis2019-12-19 0 
March 2020
4123281Tryslmaistan Civ Quest #1In which an English village is suddenly transported into a mysterious world of triangular platforms and alien physics.Tryslmaistan, civ, civilization, Isekai, Unicorn Jelly2020-03-22 0 
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