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December 2012
22216188Neon Skull 2: undead boogaloo (discolitch)the work on Neon Skull (previously archived wrongly as discolitch) continues. Plot, neon, and bubblegum chewing succubi.discolitch. vidya. IDKhowtodotags.2012-12-26 12 
22230528Discolich, Part IIIOP posts the latest version of /tg/'s latest project, and musicbro turns up with more of the soundtrackDisco Lich, Neon Skull, Neon, Skull, Game, vidya, platform, music, soundtrack, lich2012-12-27 14 
22271004Neon Skull thread 4The game is pushed further, into a driving minigame, and musicbro takes requests while OP is asleep. Neon Skull, Discolich, retro, game, 8bit, platform, music, soundtrack, 2012-12-31 8 
April 2013
24353939Mundus Novus Quest 1Our hero gathers support from the King of Portugal, hires a shifty jewish accountant gnome, and battles sirens.Mundus Novus, Quest, Pirates, Discovery, Fantasy2013-04-21 5 
May 2013
24706043The Discopocalypseat the invitation to create a setting /tg/ comes up with a post-apocalyptic settingworld building, original content, discopocalypse2013-05-09 5 
July 2013
25946060Bleach Quest 20 (part 1)The Iceman ComethCollective Game, Bleach Quest, Bleach, Full Kubo, Now is the Winter of Our Discontent2013-07-11 28 
25956732Bleach Quest 20 (part 2)In which Ichigo Kurosaki Fades to BlackCollective Game, Bleach Quest, Bleach, Full Kubo, Now is the Winter of Our Discontent2013-07-12 31 
September 2013
27443603Post Apoc Hivemind Mutant Civ Quest Part 16And on this day, the gods of dice smiled on us. New base. New allies. New technologies. New heroes. New victories. But a battle looms over the horizon.Collective game, apocalypse, civ quest, mutant, hivemind, expansion, discovery, lucky2013-09-27 5 
February 2014
30026800On Hell./tg/ has a discussion on various visions and versions of hell they use in tabletop RPGs.hell, campaign, original content, discourse, setting, development, game ideas, tabletop2014-02-05 5 
30179408SW Infinite Legacy VVery short, but Leacim makes a discovery and Dacyna makes some social headway.Collective Game, Infinite Legacy Quest, Star Wars, Imperial, In Space, Training, Discovery, Dathomir2014-02-12 3 
January 2017
1064484Ogre civOgres of the swamp, the strongest and proudest family on the plainsOgre civ, Civ quest, Coup, Slaves, Zonir, Juice Magic, Big Guy Culture, Walrus, Sea Ogres, Discouraged QM2017-01-24 1 
January 2018
2167930Animal Tribes Evo 1Animal Tribes Evo begins off to a high pace start from the spring to fall seasons.Civs, Zookeeper, Discord, Evo, Animals, Rats, Dogs, Sheep, Raccoon Jews2018-01-06 4 
November 2019
3899969Discount Space Mercenaries QuestBrett Kesel begins his new life as mercenary pilot.DSMQ, Discount Space Mercenaries Quest, Space Mercenaries2019-11-23 2 
December 2019
3941872Discount Space Mercenaries Quest Part 2The assassination mission turns disastrous and Brett goes from the frying pan and into the fire.DSMQ, Discount Space Mercenaries Quest, Space Mercenaries 2019-12-16 1 
3966505Bad Art QuestThomas wishes to spread the word of Classic Italian Disco but it goes beary wrong.Bear, disco, art, bad, bad art, Thomas, corn, Conopolis2019-12-19 0 
January 2020
4036610Track One: No Man Is An IslandA Disco Elysium style game of self discovery comes to an abrupt and rather unexpected end.FortunaQM, Science Fiction, Disco Elysium, Collective Game2020-01-22 3 
February 2021
4592630American ArcanaIt is 1979. Atticus Hart is a junior at Southeil Preparatory School. A girl has committed suicide. The QM tragically flakes.american arcana, low fantasy, disco elysium, atticus hart, mystery, RIP2021-02-03 0 
June 2022
5272525Mutant Moshers: Disco Division!The funky tale of uniquely-gifted individuals fighting against the mainstream trends. A Multiplayer Skirmish Quest. Fae Smelter, Skirmish, Riptail, Bard, Palewalker, Dance, Hex, Mutant, Mosh, Moshers, Disco, Division, Tango, Polka, Skirmjam, Skirm, Jam2022-06-06 0 
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