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May 2010
9972391Walk like an EgyptianWorld building thread, with the main nation based on Ancient Egypt, just starting to explore it's surroundings in a strange and hostile world. A low-fantasy, low-tech, rare-magic setting in the works.Setting, World Building, Low fantasy2010-05-22 0 
December 2013
29089977Fantasy Prison Quest 1You were known as one of the Orkh'un. A warrior. A mercenary. Now, you are just a murderer and slave. For the crime of killing a noble's son, you have been sent to labor for life on a remote island prison. Your future is bleak, but nothing worth having is ever given easily; and in your new home, you have no choice but to fight for everything.Fantasy Prison Quest, Faateh Dhvann'kur, Orc, Orkh'un, Low Fantasy, Criminals, Prison Gangs, Collective Game2013-12-26 13 
29107743Fantasy Prison Quest 2You see what they do to new arrivals. You hear of a mutiny and betrayal. As you lose the Lizard, you realize once more that you are truly alone here. But you are Orkh'un, and to be Orkh'un is to persevere, to survive. You find an abode to rest, but even the house speaks of the twisted nature of this place.Fantasy Prison Quest, Faateh Dhvann'kur, Orc, Orkh'un, Low Fantasy, Criminals, Prison Gangs, Collective Game2013-12-27 12 
29145695Fantasy Prison Quest 3Convict or not, it is time to take a stand. You feel unease after meeting the two Orkh'un, Sangha and Rakshirr, but Bathoot's open insults tell you that the other Orkh'un are certainly not on your side. A Lizard you later come across suffers your fury. And the Elves, perhaps unwittingly, unravel secrets unknown to you, about the island.Fantasy Prison Quest, Faateh Dhvann'kur, Orc, Orkh'un, Low Fantasy, Criminals, Prison Gangs, Collective Game2013-12-29 10 
29189350Fantasy Prison Quest 4Just what is this prison? You realize that you know little about what goes on in here. You manage to procure food from Artem, the Elven chieftain, but it seems you've signed a deal with the devil. Then there is Jortuum. And the miners. And the those who attacked you in the night. And that face.Fantasy Prison Quest, Faateh Dhvann'kur, Orc, Orkh'un, Low Fantasy, Criminals, Prison Gangs, Collective Game2013-12-31 11 
February 2015
38336140Homeless Veteran Quest We sign up for some kinda dungeon-diving then get beaten up by an old man.Homeless Veteran Quest, Collective Game, Low fantasy2015-02-27 6 
July 2015
41352599LowDesert punk Trucker Quest part 1It seems you are awake and heading for Bastardo with not-so-precious cargoDesert Punk, Low Fantasy, Trucker, Collective Game2015-07-21 2 
41436802LowDesertpunk Trucker Quest part 2It seems yo arrived at Retiro del Bandido and delivered your supplies...Desert Punk Quest, Desert punk, Low Fantasy, Trucker, Collective Game2015-07-27 2 
August 2015
41591184LowDesertpunk Trucker Quest part 2It seems you've reached JotaSeta and did some spiritual searchingDesert Punk Quest, Desert punk, Low Fantasy, Trucker, Collective Game2015-08-01 1 
41733189LowDesertpunk Trucker Quest part 4It seems that you are now stuck in a serious predicamentDesert Punk Quest, Desert punk, Low Fantasy, Trucker, Collective Game2015-08-10 1 
41894662LowDesertpunk Trucker Quest part 5It seems you have sacrificed something to get out of your predicamentDesert Punk Quest, Desert punk, Low Fantasy, Trucker, Collective Game2015-08-18 0 
42033192LowDesertpunk Trucker Quest part 6It seems Mikel is having some headaches...Desert Punk Quest, Desert punk, Low Fantasy, Trucker, Collective Game2015-08-24 1 
June 2016
180410Judgement's CryAn attempt of a low fantasy quest with gothic elements...maybe.Gothic, Judgement's, Cry, Judgement's Cry, Quest, Dark Fantasy, Low Fantasy2016-06-04 1 
September 2016
529049Medieval Mercenary QuestYou are Griffith of the Golden Lion, a mercenary band leader in the war-torn medieval land of Kivan. Medieval Mercenary Quest, Quest, Low Fantasy, Medieval Fantasy, Dark Fantasy2016-09-09 1 
November 2016
842771Low-Fantasy Warlord Quest 1Our (anti-)hero carefully considers his first steps into the world of killing and pillaging.warlord, low fantasy, durwin, outlaws, medieval2016-11-19 5 
859045 Low-Fantasy Warlord Quest # 2You are Sir Durwin, Bandit Chief of the south-lands of Entor. ready to do intelligent banditry and get your dick wet. ignoble king, low fantasy, medieval, banditry, smut,2016-11-27 4 
873645 Low-Fantasy Warlord Quest # 3You are Sir Durwin, Bandit Chief of the south-lands of Entor. time to figure out what to do with all that loot.ignoble king, low fantasy, medieval, banditry,2016-11-27 4 
February 2017
1171348Antimage Quest IIIn which we deal with the consequences of biting off more than we could chew.antimage, quest, violent, grimdark, low fantasy2017-02-25 4 
August 2018
2731869Wandering Swordsman Quest #1Escartes Ihagen is looking for his missing teacher and juniorWandering Swordsman Quest, SwordieQM, Low Fantasy2018-08-01 2 
November 2018
63012315Anabasis: The vast plainsanon designs his low fantasy desert-steppe-mountain campaign world inspired by mongolian, Himalayan, and other eastern culture low fantasy, detting, anabasis2018-11-14 2 
March 2019
3345097The Brass Companions #1Kanard, the son of a horse-breeder from a small village in the country Logiti, sets out to joined a famed mercenary company. TheCompanionMercs, Mercenary, Low Fantasy, OC2019-03-23 5 
April 2019
3403803Brass Companions #2: Into the Goblin’s den Kanard delves into a nest of goblins, kills a few, find one big and nasty hobgoblin and kills him too. He saves a few innocents on the way.TheCompanionMercs, Mercenary, Low Fantasy, OC2019-04-13 5 
3436558The Brass Companions #3 Explorig Gabriel’s RestAfter waking up in the surgeon’s wing, Kanard gets a few days rest and relaxation around the city of Gabriel’s Rest.TheCompanionMercs, Mercenary, Low Fantasy, OC2019-04-27 5 
February 2021
4592630American ArcanaIt is 1979. Atticus Hart is a junior at Southeil Preparatory School. A girl has committed suicide. The QM tragically flakes.american arcana, low fantasy, disco elysium, atticus hart, mystery, RIP2021-02-03 0 
October 2022
5439476Another BS Isekai QuestA Salary Man is reincarnated in a low fantasy world with a rather dubious cheat power.Collective Game, isekai, low fantasy2022-10-28 6 
December 2022
5476475Shitty Isekai QuestA not very interesting adolescent MC who occasionally goes to church trips and fucking dies, then gets isekai'd into low fantasy. Shitty Isekai Quest, Sh QM, Sh, Isekai, Low Fantasy2022-12-26 0 
January 2023
5511746Another BS Isekai Quest 2In true anime fashion the MC fails to get laid.Collective Game, isekai, low fantasy2023-01-25 5 
February 2024
5899427Another BS Isekai Quest 3Nero fights a Mid Boss.Collective Game, isekai, low fantasy2024-02-28 3 
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