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September 2008
2557308Shadowrun Random EncountersThings to do in Seattle while you're waiting for Mr. Johnson.Shadowrun, Random Encounter Table2008-09-13 6 
November 2008
3033261Random Space Encounters!All manner of encounters for a space campaign.space encounters2008-11-22 2 
3045912Real Life Random Encounters/tg/ steps out of fantasy for a moment and reflects on encounters neckbeards have had in the real world. Unsurprisingly, none of them involve women.random, encounter, real, life2008-11-23 14 
3050285Real Life Random Encounter as the title saysrandom, encounter, real, life2008-11-24 10 
December 2010
13309241Random EncountersA collection of proposed random encounters. Some creepy, some funny, all decidedly randomRandom Encounter, DM Ideas2010-12-28 5 
January 2011
13583921Non-Combat EncountersA list of random non-combat encounters and creatures that are suited to this.D&D, encounters, ideas2011-01-20 3 
13660782Random EncountersA gathering of gentlemen telling stories of random and crazy shit they has happened to them, including muggings, hit and runs, and strange hobos.Random, Encounters, Awesome, stories2011-01-26 12 
13675950More Random EncountersContinuation of Random Encounters thread with things posters have inflicted on others.Random, Encounters, Awesome, stories2011-01-27 8 
February 2011
13748932Real Life Random Encounters IIIYet more Random Encounters both encountered and caused, also plague doctors.Random, Encounters, Awesome, Stories2011-02-02 11 
14058013Real-life random encounters againThe denizens of /tg/ shares their real-life random encounters again, ranging from Swedish musketeers to the usual hobos.awesome, real life, random encounters2011-02-27 10 
March 2011
14341016Random Encounter turned Insane StoriesWhat started as a normal random encounter thread is quickly derailed when a poster begins talking about his girlfriend, who is apparently both ex-Mossad and extremely angry. Entertainment is had by all, along with discussion of whether one beatdown was justifiablestorytime, Sister of Battle, random encounter, crazy woman2011-03-24 8 
April 2011
14557758Real Life Random EncountersEvents from daily lives. Random encounters aren't only happening in tabletop gamesrandom encounter2011-04-12 17 
September 2011
16364474Real Life Random Encounters/tg/ share stories of random encounters meet in real life.random, encounter, real, life, stories2011-09-21 11 
October 2011
16588974Random Encounters/tg/ discusses random encounters before morphing into /x/ of old.creepy, random, encounters, weird2011-10-11 13 
November 2011
16949853Yet more IRL random encountersDruids, Larpers, Hobos, /tg/ recalls it's strangest moments.Random encounter, real life, IRL, druids2011-11-18 11 
December 2011
17123534Atlantasia presents: Making a random encounter.After Spider, Dwarf of Steel's messy demise, OP reseurects him for an easier random encouner. Making the required NPC then takes 3 hours.Atlantasia, fail, game design, random encounter2011-12-07 10 
17266503Real life random encountersHolding hands inside a cow rectum, weapon collecting girlfriends and other insanity from the daily lives of fa/tg/uys.Random encounter, real life2011-12-19 13 
January 2012
17598005So this one time..IRL shenanigans. Encounters and such. Ýncludes a guard tackling a thief in a medieval fair and getting promoted...Guard, IRL, Random Encounter, Story, STOP RÝGHT THERE CRÝMÝNAL SCUM!, Larp2012-01-19 5 
August 2012
20193487Real Life Random Encounters (With /tg/ as NPCs)/tg/ exchanges stories of odd things which have occured to them, and wonder what greater design these events were part ofreal life random encounters, funny2012-08-07 6 
September 2012
20625140Random Encounter Thread with coyote druidShenanigans are discussed, then a story of a COYOTE PIZZA DRUIDrandom, encounter, coyote, pizza, druid2012-09-07 11 
November 2012
21470115Random Encounters Reverse pickpockets and satan worshippersSatan, random encounter, greentext, murderhobo, 2012-11-07 11 
January 2013
22864314Real Life Random Encounterstitle relatedReal Life, Random Encounters, amusing2013-01-30 14 
April 2013
24483685The Boss's GameAnon tells the tale of how he came to play Dnd with his boss and a bunch of other random staff. Really awesome stroy that inspires jealously.The Boss's Game, Story, roleplay, D&D, storytime, random encounter2013-04-27 10 
January 2014
29404310Sexual Encounter QuestYou are Miranda Rook, math genius and 26 year old virgin. Your coworkers invite you to go bar hopping and maybe get laid. You decide to buy an army instead. Collective Game, Sexual Encounter Quest, Mercenaries2014-01-10 39 
29546162Sexual Encounter Quest 2You are Miranda Rook, math genius and 26 year old virgin. You contact a lawyer for his services, and get prettied up in preparation for a meeting.Collective Game, Sexual Encounter Quest, Mercenaries2014-01-16 37 
29671473Sexual Encounter Quest 3You are Miranda Rook, math genius and 26 year old virgin. You perform some identity theft on a colleague and get a fancy new suit.Collective Game, Sexual Encounter Quest, Mercenaries2014-01-21 24 
29913013Sexual Encounter Quest 4You are Miranda Rook, math genius and 26 year old virgin. You kick a mugger in the dick, pick up a sharp new suit (OOHHH BARACUDAAAA) and ask your boss for a raise.Collective Game, Sexual Encounter Quest, Mercenaries2014-01-31 26 
February 2014
29961570Sexual Encounter Quest 5You are Miranda Rook, math genius and 26 year old virgin. You finally get to meet Captain Koojimans and discuss the acquisition of Peregrine Immediate, get to know the good Captain a little bit more and pick up a tail.Collective Game, Sexual Encounter Quest, Mercenaries2014-02-02 25 
July 2015
41519516Real Life Random Encounters ThreadAs title describes.Encounter, IRL, Random, Real, Life, Stories, Story2015-07-31 8 
August 2015
41729483Of Folklore Monsters and Other TalesIn which /tg/ discusses the existence, knowledge and lore of various monsters, fae, night creatures, boogeymen and other urban story beings.Encounter, Fluff, Folklore, IRL, Random, Spooky, Stories, Story2015-08-19 5 
April 2017
52513662Space Encounters and Adventure Hooks/tg/ invents plot hooks for scifi games.worldbuilding, space, starship, scifi, plot hooks, encounters, adventure hooks,2017-04-11 6 
June 2017
53354051Scifi Encounters and Adventure HooksOriginal encounters and adventure hooks for scifi settings and games.Encounters, Plot Hooks, Adventure Hooks, Scifi,2017-06-04 2 
October 2018
2980021Encounter quest V2.0 Follow the adventures/misadventures of an arcane scholar who must entertain death herself.Encounter Quest, Arcane Scholar, Collective Game, Death Goddess, Zaz2018-10-28 1 
November 2018
2999009Encounter quest V2.0 2In which Gunhild has fulfilled her vengeance Encounter Quest, Arcane Scholar, Collective Game, Death Goddess, Zaz2018-11-05 1 
3013597Encounter quest V2.1 3 You gained a new companion to aid you along your journey Encounter Quest, Arcane Scholar, Collective Game, Death Goddess, Zaz2018-11-11 1 
62957707Abandoned Space Station Adventure HooksPlothooks for scifi PCs boarding derelict spacecrafts.abandoned, space station, encounters, plothooks, scifi, space hulk, alien, event horizon,2018-11-25 5 
October 2020
75300357Nechronica Thread: Hair Metal Horror EditionMetalhead updated. Work on homebrew classes & shooting rebalance. Building enemies & encounters. Reskinning parts to fit character concepts.Nechronica, class, update, classes, custom, advice, encounter, reskin, rebalancing, homebrew, shooting, ranged, enemies2020-10-12 1 
75368818Song-based encountersYOU: Post music ANOTHER ANON: Design an encounter around it.Music, Encounters, Brainstorming2020-10-13 0 
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