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December 2010
13165220Blam! the RPGAnon comes, bearing gifts. Nice rules, quality pdfs.Blame!, Blam!, blame, blam, homebrew, rules, manga, tsutomu, nihei2010-12-16 12 
13203350Blam! rpg discussion part 2Second discussion of the Blam! rpg with commentary on architectural art and some playtest examples. Blame!, blam!, blame, manga, homebrew, nihei, megastructures2010-12-20 3 
March 2011
14374990Magical BurstOP said... "So, the guy that translated Maid RPG watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica, liked it, and used it as inspiration for an RPG, Magical Burst." And as it was written, it was done.puella magi madoka magica, loli, magical girl, mahou shoujo, despair, horror, magic, wishes, dark, maid rpg, anime, manga, weeaboo2011-03-29 1 
July 2012
20085862Magic: the Gathering Manga DiscussedAnon starts a thread about a Magic: the Gathering manga. /tg/ takes the ball and runs with it, turning it into over-the-top shounen with dramatic Commander summoning, Eldrazi BBEGs, and other Yugioh-esque shenanigans.Magic: the Gathering, manga, anime, EDH, quotes, awesome2012-07-29 6 
September 2012
20911420Ariel the EyesOP asked about something /tg/ ignored,, focusing on THOSE EYESmanga, derp, eyes, those eyes2012-09-29 22 
January 2013
22667993Marine Quest 5The Captain and his crew continue their hunt for the criminal Jeremiah Crowe on the explosive island of Failsafe. Disguises are donned, teeth are punched in, pirates are wrestled, and okama are appeased.Marine Quest, Collective Game, One Piece, Pirates, Marines, Anime, Manga, Roleplay2013-01-19 23 
July 2013
26222942Soul Eater Hombrew Brainstorm IBaby steps of the Soul Eater Hombrew.Homebrew, Soul Eater, Anime, Manga, Maka2013-07-25 0 
26296933Soul Eater Homebrew: Take 2Less shame. More game.Soul Eater, Homebrew, Anime, Manga2013-07-29 5 
26339959Soul Eater Hombrew: third time's the charmMeisters, Weapons and Magic.Soul Eater, Homebrew, Anime, Manga2013-07-31 4 
August 2013
26458499Soul Eater HomeBREW: The Phantom SystemSEHB starts back up again. Will it killed by the eventual Soul Eater Quest? Will they ever agree on game mechanics?Soul Eater, Homebrew, Anime, Manga2013-08-06 2 
26568388Soul Eater HomeBREW: The Samefag WarsThe SEHB attempts to live in a post final chapter of Soul Eater and the beginning of the Soul Eater Quest world. Will it survive or is it just another flash in the pan?Soul Eater, Homebrew, Anime, Manga2013-08-12 -2 
August 2014
33997921Chevalier Quest 1 (pilot)A fully illustrates shonen manga themed quest, as the OP put it. In this thread, we create our character, who ends up being a 13-year-old female knight with slutty armor and mind control magic.Chevalier Quest, Shounen Manga Quest, Character Generation, Lily Aegis, Collective Game, drawquest2014-08-09 1 
April 2019
3444459Comiket Question: Episode #1Ouji Kaiji, a retired doujin artist, goes to Comiket, but is drawn into a series of ridiculous events he could've never predicted.anime, manga, Comiket Quest, comiket, collective game, Japan, otaku, ridiculous, short2019-04-28 2 
May 2019
3474118Comiket Quest: Episode #2Ouji Kaiji finally gets the doujins of his waifu that he so desires and his feud with Higeki Enno heats up.anime, manga, Comiket Quest, comiket, collective game, Japan, otaku, ridiculous, short 2019-05-17 1 
June 2019
3512313Comiket Quest: Episode #3Day two of Comiket begins and Enno launches another diabolical scheme. anime, manga, Comiket Quest, comiket, collective game, Japan, otaku, ridiculous2019-06-06 1 
3564644Comiket Quest: Episode #4Ouji Kaiji gets to the root of Enno's plans, fights in a "shadow duel", and tracks down Navine.anime, manga, Comiket Quest, comiket, collective game, Japan, otaku, ridiculous, QMWalrus2019-06-27 1 
July 2019
3611868Comiket Quest: Episode #5The battle between our main character and Enno's cult comes to a close and he debuts on television. anime, manga, Comiket Quest, comiket, collective game, Japan, otaku, ridiculous, QMWalrus2019-07-12 1 
3651822Comiket Quest: Episode #6Kaiji enjoys the third day of Comiket, meets his favorite manga artist, and the story comes to a close. anime, manga, Comiket Quest, comiket, collective game, Japan, otaku, ridiculous, short, QMWalrus2019-07-23 1 
July 2022
85293565Made in Abyss as a TRPG setting/tg/ examines the series and its titular Abyss as a setting. Two sets of D&D homebrew, a CoC campaign recap and general discussion included.anime, Call of Cthulhu, DnD, D&D, homebrew, horror, Made in Abyss, manga, setting2022-07-20 -22 
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