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January 2011
13659440Physical Stat Casting/tg/ discusses the possibility of spellcasting using the three physical stats. Hilarity ensues.flex sorcery, muscle wizard2011-01-26 7 
July 2011
15525924Sword and Sorcery 40,000OP wonders what 40k would be like if it was an SnS setting. Turns out it already is.Sword, Sorcery, Sword and Sorcery, 40k, Warhammer, Awesome, Conan, Corny, Epic2011-07-10 11 
August 2014
34095152Raksasha Quest 1Raksasha Quest! WE're sold into slavery to Drow and sent to be a bodyguard. Fun yet?Raksasha Quest, Collective Game, Raksasha, Sorcery, Halfling Punting2014-08-13 0 
February 2018
57761266Sword and sorcery threadAnons make a sword and sorcery settingSword and sorcery, worldbuilding2018-02-06 7 
May 2018
2532496Sword and Sorcery Quest #1Alexandros an idealistic young adventurer leaves home, meets a cyclopes and help solve a mysteryAlexandros, Sword, Sorcery, Adventure, Iron age, Bronze age2018-05-08 2 
2576336Sword and Sorcery quest #2Alexandros is on a mission from the sun god to get help for the besieged town. He meets new companions on the way.Alexandros, Sword, Sorcery, Adventure, Iron age, Bronze age2018-05-25 1 
June 2018
2613914Sword and Sorcery quest #3Alexandros and his companions join the march on the lich's tomb, and encounter fey and undead. Alexandros embraces his inner wrestler.Alexandros, Sword, Sorcery, Adventure, Iron age, Bronze age2018-06-08 2 
2654388Sword and Sorcery quest #4Alexandros duels an ancient undead warrior, gains a magical item and his party faces down the lich to end the undead threat.Alexandros, Sword, Sorcery, Adventure, Iron age, Bronze age2018-06-21 1 
July 2019
3607224Dark Lord Civ QuestThe evil Sorcerer-Lord of the Crumbling Palace begins his quest for immortality and conquest of the material world.Collective Game, Sword & Sorcery, Dark Lord, Civ2019-07-07 39 
3636849Dark Lord Civ Quest, #2The evil Sorcerer-Lord of the Crumbling Palace sires a herculean paragon of martial prowess and continues his studies into golem-craftCollective Game, Sword & Sorcery, Dark Lord, Civ2019-07-16 27 
August 2019
3687090Dark Lord Civ Quest, #3The evil Sorcerer-Lord of the Crumbling Palace runs away from a slug and consumes the soul of his firstborn son.Collective Game, Sword & Sorcery, Dark Lord, Civ2019-08-06 17 
3717085GenesisFortunaQM tries a bit of purple prose and is struck by QM bad luck in the form of an illness. An attempt at emulating Sumero-Akkadian epics.Sumer, Abzu, Collective Game, Cut Short, QM Curse, Mythic, Female Protagonist, Sorcery2019-08-09 1 
September 2022
5391397The LIGHTNING SEAPRELUDE: Life is the stag pierced by arrows Made into wounded wings.collective game, quest, cyberpunk, gilgamesh, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, horror, spaceship, sword, sorcery, guns, poem, poetry, dystopia2022-09-02 0 
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