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May 2015
39992979The Beginning (??? Quest)Grizzled, Drunk Old Man has a rather down Wednesday. Enter "The Red Lady"The Beginning, The Red Lady, Tarot, Steven Blum, Collective Game2015-05-17 6 
40097301Muse Quest 2Meet the Muses, Begin to change your fateCollective Game, Muse Quest, The Red Lady, Tarot, Steven "Spike" Bloom, Spike Bloom2015-05-22 6 
40159063Muse Quest 3The Pursuer comes, the end of the Cathedral, and we meet an old friend. Also, jazz-offThe Red Lady, Steven Spike Bloom, Steven Bloom, Collective Game, Muse, Tarot2015-05-25 5 
40245467Muse Quest 4"Welcome to Orre" A Dusty antique store, interesting ancient murals, the blacksmithing twins, summoning awesome tarot powers, and...oh shit, it's The Pursuer.Collective Game, Muse Quest, The Red Lady, Tarot, Steven "Spike" Bloom, Spike Bloom2015-05-29 3 
June 2015
40412866Muse Quest 5The Pursuit- Short ThreadThe Red Lady, Tarot, Muse Quest, Steven "Spike" Bloom, Spike Bloom2015-06-06 3 
40428751Muse Quest 5.5The Pursuit-Part 2 Collective Game, The Red Lady, Tarot, Muse Quest, Steven "Spike" Bloom, Spike Bloom2015-06-07 4 
June 2016
209052Muse Quest #1A down-and-out man has a fateful encounter in a bar. The Quest to save the legendary figures, the Muses, has begun.The Red Lady, Quest, Mythology, Muse Quest, Muse, Tarot2016-06-05 1 
November 2021
5054156INVULTUA PreludeFrom the sun-scarred edge of darkness the LADY Of SORROWS descends, a jewelled dagger transfixed upon the pale throat of the city below. fantasy, witch, intrigue, occult, emperor, city, tarot, collective game,2021-11-16 8 
December 2021
5094509G A L E R N EPRELUDE Beyond the jewelled isles of the Thalassarchy of Galerne, all that separates the conqueror from the vanquished is the Dreamsend Seafantasy, gothic, adventure, sword, gun, witch, magic, tarot, pirate, island, horror, barbarian, monk, collective game, quest2021-12-27 9 
January 2022
5121867GOLGOTHAPRELUDE You dwell not in yourself when the night bleeds in. Through the thousand eyes of the city you see only the abyss.collective game, quest, modern, gothic, tarot, magic, gun, phone, urban, dark fantasy, horror, adventure, vampire, wizard, witch2022-01-16 9 
February 2022
5131732GOLGOTHA: Afterlife (includes Golgotha meta at beginning)Urban dungeon crawl mode to GOLGOTHA story campaign, after the main narrative concluded. The Descent Into The Underworld begins...collective game, quest, modern, gothic, tarot, magic, gun, phone, urban, dark fantasy, horror, vampire, wizard, witch, dungeon, crawl, OSR2022-02-07 6 
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