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April 2008
1496010On Modern Physics and 40k.What started as simple RP turned into a discussion of modern mathematics, theoretical particle physics, brane cosmology, Eldrad as a Neutronium Golem, and the Warp as a remnant of another universe.Eldrad, Physics, the Warp, epic2008-04-09 4 
May 2009
4476957The Warp knows You...But do YOU know the Warp?Warp, Psyker, 40k, Philosophy, Philosophers2009-05-06 2 
August 2009
5456402Roll for warp drive mishap 2/tg/ creates another Warp Drive Mishap Table. This time with extra Slaanesh.40k, homebrew, warp drive mishap2009-08-15 0 
December 2009
7296545Chewy Quest IIChewy manages to escape Kharn, and finally arrives at the center of Slaanesh's palace.tyranid, quest, Doomlictor, Chewy, Kharn, Slaanesh, warp2009-12-27 6 
7349671Chewy Quest IVChewy is sent to Medrengard to RIP'N'TEAR by Slaanesh, on his quest to return to the Materium.Doomlictor, tyranid, quest, Chewy, Lictor, warp, medrengard, daemons2009-12-31 1 
March 2011
14355984Warpuppets are back...And just how many Tau are on the ceiling, anyway?warpuppets, win, creed, horo2011-03-25 4 
January 2012
17547932Kamen Rider WARP CORE BREACHIn what starts as another request for a nonexistent toku RPG, a fa/tg/uy gives a short storytiem about being sent into orbit and then Rule of Cooling back to earth. kamen, rider, warp core breach, henshin, justice, teleporting is for wimps and children2012-01-15 7 
17661099Chapter Quest VI - The Enemy WithinAfter Iridonia and clearing out Cruiser Nix Mirius Chapter Master notices something strange about his behaviour... And it seems that the worst suspicions are becoming true.Collective Game, Quest, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Space Marines, daemon, mindfuck, deception, artifact, warp, brilliant players2012-01-25 9 
17723250Chapter Quest IX - Storm Within the StormRising Sons decide to rush to help their vassal-world Nordgrim that is about to be locked within a warp storm, but when they get there, things are even worse than expected.Chapter Quest, Quest, Chapter, Collective Game, Rising Sons, Adeptus Astartes. zombies, Chapter Master, Space Marines, Warp, storm, Nurgle, Witchhunters, feudal2012-01-30 12 
August 2012
20115334Chapter Quest XXIVChapter Master fights Men of Iron AI inside Reaver Titan 'Imperator Invictus'.heinous warp entity Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, Power Garrot, Strategic Girth, Men of Iron, DAoT, Invasion, Grand Strategy2012-08-01 5 
March 2013
23649973Damned Marines I/tg/ continues to attempt to make a corrupted loyalist, xeno-tech-usin' offshoot of the Ultrasmurfs.custom chapter, chapter creation, emperor, space marines, warp, chaos, eldar, slaanesh2013-03-13 6 
23664154Damned Marines IIIThird thread dedicated to creating the most fucked over chapter in the Imperium. Decided on name, colors, heraldry, etc.Custom Chapter, Chaos, Warp, Space Marines, Heresy2013-03-14 2 
May 2013
24641278Captured Chaos CruiserA GM asks /tg/ if the imperium can use a captured chaos ship. /tg/ produces the Reluctant Machine Spirit.Rogue Trader, 40k, Machine Spirit, Event Horizon, Warp, Chaos, Spaceship, Reluctant2013-05-05 7 
June 2013
25339427You are a member of an X task forceThe Gellar fields finally fail. /tg/ goes mad.Insanity, Gellar Field, the Warp, Madness, funny2013-06-09 80 
July 2013
26284975The Warp Riders/tg/ creates a Chaos faction based on outlaw biker culture and fiction. Crunch and fluff gets developed.Chaos Marines, homebrew, Warp Riders, writefaggotry2013-07-28 3 
October 2013
27780470Space Marine QuestWe create the Warp Slayers chapter and begin our questSpace Marine, Quest, Warp Slayers, Chaos, Daemons2013-10-17 8 
May 2014
32110981In The Utter Darkness of the 56th Millennium, There is nothingAnon's Rogue Trader campaign is caught in a Warp eddie and thrown forward in time to the 56th Millennium to find that the entire galaxy is dead. Discussion, possible causes, Battlestar Galacticas and backstabbing result. Lots of backstabbing.Rogue Trader, Warp, Time Travel, Future, Rock Falls Everybody Dies, Backstabbing2014-05-14 9 
November 2014
35923989The All Guardsmen Party Buys a ShipThe All Guardsmen Party goes to help purchase a used starship. Nothing could possibly go wrong.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Buy, Ship, Occurrence, Border, Nubby, Warp, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2014-11-03 177 
May 2015
40127070Reality Warper Quest 1We acquire a battle-ax and a new job.Collective Game, reality warper quest2015-05-23 4 
July 2015
41353334Reality Abuser Quest 1: Origin storyEmily Smiles' life of staying shut indoors changes when she's unwillingly given reality-warping powers.Collective Game, Reality Abuser Quest, Headmaster, Reality Warper, Supervillain, Super Villain2015-07-21 7 
41396768Reality Abuser Quest 2: Modifier Issue 1Emily and Moriarty encounter The Ragtags, a group of low rung super villains living in an old train yard. Early ArchiveCollective Game, Reality Abuser Quest, The Headmaster, Reality Warper, Supervillain, Super Villain,2015-07-22 6 
August 2015
41609050Reality Abuser Quest 3: Modifier Issue 2Emily gets to know her new friend, Amazonia (Marcia Esteban-Wallace) and continues making reality her bitch. Early archiveCollective Game, Reality Abuser Quest, The Headmaster, Reality Warper, Supervillain, Super Villain,2015-08-02 7 
41832677Reality Abuser Quest 4: Modifier Issue 3Something strange is out at sea. Early archiveCollective Game, Reality Abuser Quest, The Headmaster, Reality Warper, Supervillain, Super Villain,2015-08-13 6 
42034670Reality Abuser Quest 5: Wonderland issue 1The beginnings of a wonderland? Maybe, but it's certainly the beginning of something? early archiveCollective Game, Reality Abuser Quest, The Headmaster, Reality Warper, Supervillain, Super Villain,2015-08-23 6 
42204030The All Guardsmen Party Interlude: DewarpA short look into how much of a bitch it is to transport a live Zoanthrope across the galaxy.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Mechanicus, Tech-priest, Zoanthrope, Dewarp, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-08-31 114 
September 2015
42255939Reality Abuser Quest 6: Wonderland issue 2After a disastrous reunion with her mother, and the trouncing of a freshly started villain, Emily tries to take a day to enjoy herself. But what will fate have in mind for our godling, dear reader? Buy this issue and find out the shocking truth. Early archiveCollective Game, Reality Abuser Quest, The Headmaster, Reality Warper, Supervillain, Super Villain,2015-09-02 6 
42441007Reality Abuser Quest 7: Wonderland issue 3The newest and shiniest member of the team moves into the bunker, and Emily gets an invitation of sorts. Early archiveCollective Game, Reality Abuser Quest, The Headmaster, Reality Warper, Supervillain, Super Villain,2015-09-11 6 
42669908Reality Abuser Quest 8: Wonderland issue 3This issue, Wonderland and friends begin to run out of cash. Luckily however, Moriarty has a plan to fix this little problem right up, but will anyone else like his idea. Early archive.Collective Game, Reality Abuser Quest, The Headmaster, Reality Warper, Supervillain, Super Villain,2015-09-22 6 
December 2016
50572576Sisters of Battle as Daemons of the Emperor/tg/ writes a new backstory for Living Saints and other warp-spawned manifestations of Imperial faith. An army of Imperial Daemons results.worldbuilding, daemons, sisters of battle, imperial cult, ecclesiarchy, chaos, warp,2016-12-09 15 
June 2019
66941215I accidentally turned off the Gellar Fields.The Warp claims an Imperial ship.warhammer 40000, warhammer 40k, imperial navy, gellar field, warp, roleplaying2019-06-28 5 
December 2019
3961955Reality Warper QuestWe become a goddess, grant superpowers, make anime real, and still get nervous talking to a cute catboy.Reality Warper Quest, Goddess, Anime, Catboys, Collective Game2019-12-29 1 
May 2020
4196857Warpath: Conquest #1Private Alyce Zarina fights alien invaders from hyperspace aboard a experimental spacecraft.scifi, space, aliens, spacetravel, bodyhorror, warpath, conquest, warpath:conquest2020-05-03 2 
72679969The Battle of IgnotiusChaos cults stage an uprising on an Imperial world and all hell breaks loose as various factions advance hidden agendas. 40k, Warpfuckery, IG, Lamenters. Writefaggotry, Chaos, Eldar, Necrons, Tyranids, Orks, Imperium2020-05-27 3 
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