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[#] FATAL & Friends Repost: In Dark Alleys, Part 15
05:35pm EST - 1/01/2016
In Dark Alleys


And now we're into Quest Hook Territory. This is where we're going to be relentlessly pounded with badly-designed NPC's that the PC's are supposed to empathize with or fight.

Fulfillment Dynamics

Imagine a Scientology that is capable of using high-tech devices to selectively deleting parts of people's brains until they're mindless servants. Pretty much the same, masquerades as therapy/religion, actually has some techniques that could be useful if used well, but actually just works to make a profit and dominate people. Their SECRET DEVICE That allows them to do the brain deletion was designed by the founder after getting high and having drug-fuelled occult orgies for a month.

Founder is somehow a theist despite actively believing God is just a metaphor.

The Dog King of LA

A super-intelligent dog is behind a loan shark business, he has robot hands and likes fucking female dogs. This is all because he secretly has a HUMAN SOUL. He uses his MIND POWERS to get people he doesn't like mauled by dogs.


Oooooh if you go into a spoooooky supernatural men's room one of the stalls will teleport you to another dimension! Oooooooh! Also you might get shivved by crack addicts hanging around there, ooooooooh!

The Devil Boys

Vietnamese gang hires an Animist to do his weird wizard stuff for them. This works out pretty well and now they're powerful. Like pretty much every other "evil" NPC, we're told how much he digs drugs and getting laid. And like every "ethnic" NPC so far, their shaman freaks out whenever he has to interact with people of other ethnicities.

The Blue Bus and The Lake Creature

The Blue Bus is basically public transit for another dimension. Really, the supernatural in IDA sucks shit at keeping hidden, since people who get on the wrong bus literally get driven to some horrid otherworldly place called The Citadel.

The Lake Creature is a huge, five-limbed, headless "humanoid." It lives in a lake until people near the lake are really depressed/angry, then it crawls out and looks at them with the ghosts in its stomach and they go catatonic forever. It's basically a Soul Janitor.

The Invisible

Another layer of reality which is full of life-sustaining jelly and all the public servants of reality live. Reapers, Storks, Rumblers, etc. etc. Also pretty much everything bad in the world is caused by them, including psychological problems, natural disasters and so forth. I guess this also means that meteorology and tectonics are SCIENCE LIES since THE INVISIBLE controls earthquakes and hurricanes!


If you stand still for too long, one of these things latch on and cause some of the following miseries. Medicine can deal with the systems but never the cause, since the cause is an INVISIBLE GHOST WORM. Despite the fact that there are five Wrigglers to every human on Earth, and 1.5 Wrigglers(on average) attached to every person, only 1 out of 10 diseases are actually caused by these guys. Well, in the West, anyway. We're not told how it is in the ENLIGHTENED FOREIGN REGIONS.


Common: asthma, clumsiness, coughing, cramps, dizziness, fatigue, forgetfulness, headaches, indigestion, infertility, insomnia, nervousness, nightmares, nosebleeds, poor temper, tinnitus.

Rare: anemia, epilepsy, erotomania (an insatiable desire for sex), exhaustion, extreme vertigo, fetishism (inability to have sexual pleasure without some odd element present), hallucinations, sourceless pain, tooth loss, weakness, weight loss.

Very Rare: heart attack, stroke.



Appearance- It looks like a naked human corpse, pale skinned and half rotten, hanging upside down with its legs attached to a wall. Although its mouth doesn’t move it is constantly saying things like “run away, this place is dangerous, get out of here, you’re going to die here.” When it moves it prefers to slide along a wall, although if it must it can leave the walls and float in midair.

Oh man this is just so TOTALLY UNLIKE conventional horror. They would never have scary corpses hanging around. Basically these guys' jobs are to police places where reality is broken and spook people off by mumbling weird shit at them.


Disaster superbugs! Somehow scientists never notice the crazy shit these guys do.


Some sink into the ground and create earthquakes, landslides or volcanic eruptions; others float up into the sky and create hurricanes, floods or ice-storms.

Misc. Weirdos From Beyond

Wolves: Scrap broken or un-needed Invisible entities. Look like manta rays.

Crying Girls: Invisible crying girls that sit around looking miserable in the hope that someone who can see the Invisible will take pity on them. SURPRISE, SUCKERS, if you do that then she is a TRAP and will instakill you by crushing your heart with her ghooooost haaaands.

Starers: The same, except they look like old weirdos who will reach into your brain and give you a stroke.

Bad Talkers: Ghosts who mumble to themselves until you go insane. They have tentacles and shells and ooooo spoooooooky.

Storks: Bring souls to babies. Horses, cats and dogs are apparently the only non-human species who get to have souls.

Please note that 90% of these things just hang around and fuck shit up for EVERYONE. There are so many around that the PC's can't really deal with them, and if the PC's can't see the Invisible at all they can't even stop them locally. Only the Storks(who bring souls) have an even vaguely useful-to-humanity function. And if you get into a fight with these things, most of them can basically instakill you.

Servants of the Powers From Beyond

Grey Men

So these guys can edit history and mind control people. They can, at will, alter any written or otherwise-recorded data. So good luck ever having evidence of ANYTHING if they don't like you, or they can scramble the data on your PC, smartphone, whatever to fuck up your equipment. Made a map? LOLSCRAMBLED. But maybe the PC's can take them in a fair fight!


-Can instantly read and comprehend anything on any storage medium (books, papers, punch cards, film, magnetic tape, CDs, hard drives, etc.) within 20 ft. (6 m.).

-Can instantly change any aspect of the physical world except human anatomy. Takes 1 to 10 rounds depending on the severity of the change.

-Can change human anatomy with a roll of 1d20 vs. 10 (humans get moderate difficulty opposed will roll).

-Can command humans to do, believe or remember anything at 1d20 vs. 10 (humans get moderate difficulty opposed WIL roll).

-Can pass through walls.

-Can know what humans are thinking within 20 ft. (6 m.).

-Can browse through human memories (the humans experience spontaneous recall of those memories).

Or no, they can't, because their lungs are now full of sarin gas and their legs have come off. Or maybe their clothes caught fire or the floor is literally lava. Their "typical attack" is to pelt you with instantly-created bullets of poisonous diamond. Oh and they're superhumanly intelligent and since they can read your thoughts good luck ever fucking hiding from them.


These guys can unlock any blockage just by touching it, cannot be captured on film and can make you pass out just by looking at you. Then they haul you into a pocket dimension and use you for medical experimentation until they get bored.


Pass messages to the mortal servants of the Powers From Beyond and are the ones prodding Rumblers into action when a city needs to be consumed by magma or something similar. This is their entire purpose. Also if they dislike someone specifically they just glow very brightly until the person is roasted to death.



These are beings that the powers-from-beyond have allowed to run free in this world, usually in human form, hunting, torturing and killing humans. They are allowed to torture and kill as much as they want so long as they don’t leave any evidence that they are supernatural. Once they start breaking that rule the powers-from-beyond or the powers-that-be hunt them down and destroy them. The powers-from-beyond may occasionally call on them to kill a specific human.

The torturers all have some sort of grudge against humanity. They like toying with humans and proving that they are superior to humans.

But why? What fucking sense does this make? They can just use angels and Gray Men to incinerate/delete people they have trouble with and have less risk of these crazy murder-bugs cluing people in to the existence of the supernatural! Shit, isn't one of their conspiracies convincing everyone that the Abrahamic religions are real? Then DIVINE INCINERATION from angels should be COMPLETELY IN LINE with their fucking goals.

Anyway these guys are shapeshifting deathspiders that are allergic to silver. The example Torturer has a really shitty sense of humour, like HK-47 with Down's, and just hunts humans to help its poor self esteem because it's actually afraid of us and wants to convince itself that the mean old humans can't harm it any longer.

The Red Sun

We used to have another sun, THE RED SUN, which was intelligent and tyrannical, so the Powers From Beyond flung it into space and gave us a stupid, less-troublesome yellow sun. Now THE RED SUN wishes to return and resume its dominance! Luckily, despite being a literally star-sized mind with FTL travel capabilities, it's too stupid to remember where we were.

Thankfully while it has lots of dumb, down-on-their-luck people convinced that they will become GOD KINGS OF EARTH when it returns, so far all the Astronomers it's contacted in their dreams have apparently decided not to help it, or dismissed its contact as just dreams. Its servants become immune to fire and can make people burn just by concentrating on it really hard for a minute or so. Considering that there's no obvious sign of them being the source of the burning, there's really no way the PC's could ever defeat an even slightly intelligent servant of the Red Sun.

The Red Sun also doesn't need any wacky ritual to summon it, it literally just needs a really good astronomer to think about exactly where in the Milky Way Earth is, then it'll travel here at WARP SPEED, beat up our Yellow Sun behind the school and rule us once more. So it's kind of a... if these guys are succeeding enough to be noticable, we'll have noticed it because we're already fucked. The only PC's who'd ever know about these guys or wrangle with them would really be if one of them was an astronomer they were trying to kidnap, or the PC's were a team of Professionals.




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